I think it’s safe to say that the “official discovery” of other intelligent life in the universe would be the single most important event in human history. If and when we “officially” make contact with those beings would certainly equal, and perhaps exceed, that primary event in significance.

But such discoveries could also pose huge problems for our world, especially for those rather primitive elements like our religions and belief systems. Additionally, worldwide recognition of such realities would also be the cause of colossal concern for the traditional power structures such as governments, economic, military and political establishments. After all, the reality that far more advanced and powerful beings exist that can freely operate outside of any terrestrial constraints would be viewed as dangerously destabilizing to all power and control structures. Such fears are completely understandable, if not actually fully warranted. Certainly to be approached by an outside race that would logically also have some pretty tremendous weaponry and technological power, etc., would arise primal fear in many people. Of course such fear would be all the more understandable in light of how we human beings of Earth would quickly assume that the approaching visitors were similarly motivated, i.e. were at least as irrationally violent, barbaric, bloodthirsty, brutal and aggressive as we are.

The Disinformation Agenda

Officially, there are no other intelligent life forms in the universe, friendly or otherwise. However, unofficially at least some of our governments have known about the existence of extraterrestrials since…1915. There have been various events since that time, even before the crash and recovery of androids at Roswell, about which Billy Meier and the Plejaren know infinitely more than any so-called “UFO experts”.

As part of the disinformation programs by the US and other governments, various groups were/are either formed, or assisted, by the respective intelligence agencies, as were/are certain individuals used to further the disinformation agenda. The parties themselves may be unaware of any existing covert connections and of course some groups and individuals may arise without any such assistance, solely through their own enthusiasm and, quite often, extreme delusions. Characterizing virtually all of the aforementioned groups and individuals is a delightfully blithe disregard for serious science and logical thinking, etc.

This isn’t to say that all sorts of bluster and lip service aren’t given to describing their concerns, theories and “investigations” into the UFO phenomenon. But since their so-called scientific standards are so abysmally low, and they have zero actual evidence of anything verifiably of extraterrestrial manufacture, resorting to pseudoscientific smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show “disclosure hearings”, “field investigators, etc.”, are substituted. All of this helps to marginalize the whole topic and, still, for the most part relegate it to, and regard it as worthy of, tabloid and fringe discussions. And it makes a bunch of people feel important.

Helping to keep things as stagnant as possible organizations such as the stupidly name Exopolitics group feature prominently, with a surprising number of international affiliates comprised of people who may have been convinced that they’re doing something of historical importance by babbling about concocted nonsense regarding non-existing “aliens”.  Exopolitics, therefore, has functioned as a prominent, attention grabbing disinformation entity, which like MUFON, has as a large part of its purpose distracting the public away from the contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, ongoing for more than 72 years.

The Exopolitics group has so far, with the backing of people like Canadian philanthropist Tom Clearwater, managed to keep perpetuating the disinformation about the imaginary “alien” this and that. In fact the rumor is that Clearwater is the person who supposedly put up the $600,000 for the Washington hearings fiasco, wherein six US congressmen were reportedly paid (something like $20,000 each) to attend, give lip service to, and carry on for a while about all the completely unsubstantiated “alien presence”. Of course no mention at all was made of the Meier case at the dog and pony show. And in my brief online contact with Clearwater he made it clear he didn’t have the slightest interest in knowing anything about Meier.  Why would a very wealthy and seemingly intelligent person put up almost two-thirds of a million dollars to support a third rate hack like Bassett, who’s known for saying absolutely nothing of substance and even getting quite hysterical while doing it? (Doncha love my linking to a site that also attacks me?)

So, is Clearwater a well intentioned but extremely gullible, New Agey, UFO aficionado who wants to make a name for himself in UFOlogy…and is willing to shell out big bucks to do it? He’s also been associated in some way with Stephen Greer, who seems to actually have discovered perpetual motion and free energy, i.e. he’s perpetually hustling money from people to free himself from such trifling matters as substantiating all of his various claims, about free energy, “alien contact”, etc.

A Break in the Ranks

One member of Exopolitics, Mark Snider, has now quietly and unceremoniously broken ranks with Exopolitics, declaring:

“After reading many Exopolitics books and much UFO literature I am a little disappointed. Compared to the wealth of information in the Meier material these other texts just don’t have nearly as much to offer. There is a tremendous amount of useful data in the Meier writings and I want to concentrate my efforts in this area.”

Mark’s efforts are now focused primarily on disseminating information about the Meier case on his radio show. I couldn’t be happier of course because I’ve long been an advocate of bringing the entire, abysmal Exopolitics charade to an end and perhaps now more of the wide-eyed, misinformed and misdirected members will awaken to…reality.

The Main Shills

As I stated in this recent interview, to be clear, I am definitely calling Exopolitics, MUFON, OpenMinds, the Disclosure Project and people like Bassett, Greer and Michael Salla, etc., peddlers of gross, cynical disinformation. They are free to challenge me any time they want to but…I won’t hold my breath.

Going back to the beginning of the article, I mentioned that actual proof of extraterrestrial life, let alone its making contact with us on Earth, would be the most important and potentially disruptive events in all of human history. This is at the core of all disinformation and one of the most obvious tactics with disinformation is to surround the truth with lies. In terms of the various UFO organizations, the objective is to thoroughly drown and smother the truth; to so confuse, cover, cloud, obfuscate and corrupt it that those people who actually do want to know the truth will also most likely find, or be found, by these groups and get caught up in their dead-end, chase your own tail charades.

What the UFO Cover-up Is really all About

MUFON, Exopolitics, the Disclosure Project, etc., all do the same meaningless, cynical never-can-find-the-evidence dance, just as SETI and Seth Shostak do for the mainstream, so-called scientific community, media, etc. And all of this is effectively maintained to conceal and cover up the truth that actual contact with an extraterrestrial human race has not only occurred but has been ongoing for over 72 years. The Billy Meier UFO contact case is what the UFO cover-up is really all about. And, as one can discover for themselves, the irony is that it isn’t so much the so-called government that is the only, or main, suppressor and opponent of the truth but rather the UFO community/industry, which hides its cynical machinations and agenda in plain sight. It does so more and more by providing lots of…entertainment and illusions, relying on the ever-deteriorating consciousness and discernment that Billy Meier himself had foretold (number 127) in 1958.

In truth, the Meier case isn’t so much about UFOs and extraterrestrials. It’s about helping us to assure our own future survival. Its abundant information, spiritual teaching, prophetically accurate prophecies and predictions, etc., contain the means to accomplishing this. And it is exactly this real, selfless gift to humanity that these enemies of the truth – and humanity itself – seek to conceal from us at all costs…and we’re soon to realize just how high those costs really are.


109 comments on “Concealing Contact at all Costs

  • Ones again there is not much more to be said. Though it all needs to be said over and over and over!!
    This so called ‘field’ of ‘ufology’ is exactly what it only truthfully is. Yet, with so many other subjects awash in the same illogical garbage, it obviously shares the same ‘traditional’ fate. Degenerative stagnant illogical garbage, with most of our hands dirtied within its filth.
    I spent years wading through the garbage knowing that is exactly what 98% of it was…. looking for the truth if it was available. Something pushed me to look as it always seemed to be right beyond my grasp. When I found Billy’s case it was as if I had found exactly what I new always existed.
    And it obviously does!!!!
    It is a good thing to keep Billy’s work far away from this ‘ufology’, as it seems a large percentage of it is nothing more than humans illogical ‘spin-offs’ of Billy’s case. Looking for the truth every where other than where it is… out right lies with a lot of suppression, amongst other things. Most like with religion, suck up every last drop without a thought or care in the world. Who cares, someone else will take care of it… no need to be or do anything, including think. Keep your collar on and don’t get to close to the fence or you might get shocked! Most it seems don’t even look at the fence, let alone go anywhere near it! Lost on the inside and out… how could it be any different when our logic has been created around diseased mental lies that spread like wildfires over our scorched earth.

  • Michael, what meditative position and methods would you recommend? I’m interested in getting into meditation.

  • Many times when I mention the Henoch Prophecies, people will say “they are only prophecies and prophecies can change and they can be avoided”, true enough, but as it is mentioned below, Humanity must change dramatically to avoid these prophecies. In my judgment, Humanity is NOT changing one iota towards the CHANGE that is needed to avoid the HP.


    “162. So listen, then:
    163. If the human being of Earth continues to live in the same way as he has done up to now—forming his thoughts and feelings in the same manner, indulging in the same actions as he has hitherto—then the words of the prophecies of Henoch could not be any clearer.

    200. However, the great war will hardly be avoidable because the human beings of Earth will probably not accept the directions towards the better, therewith towards true love, true freedom and real peace, striving instead only towards wealth, pleasure and riches and for all manner of material values and unrestricted power.

    207. The entire planet will become an arena of unparalleled suffering, which will never have existed before on Earth up to that time.

    208. The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilization to collapse.

    217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

    277. America’s largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery.

    292. Finally, the words of Henoch may be specifically mentioned, which include that mankind of Earth, in pursuit of technology for mass destruction and greed for power, hatred, vengeance and riches, will ignore all values of Creation and will trample upon all values of love, wisdom, freedom and peace, as ancestors of the Henoch lineage have done before, to plunge the world into screaming misery, death, destruction and annihilation and into the most severe catastrophes mankind of Earth will ever have experienced.”

    • We already discussed this recently, but because you have an incredible ability to detach yourself from reality, I will remind you Billy recently stated WW III does not appear to be on the horizon (in part, I understand, because of the wise politics of Barack Obama, who you so ignorantly malign).

      Not that there is not still an urgency to make positive and progressive change, but to say there has not been one iota of such change is an overstatement and is disrespectful to, for one, the blog host here, whose efforts surely have produced a measure of change. He helped “convert” me, for one, away from my lingering religious delusions and inspired me to take greater self-responsibility. Many have said the same. His readership continues to increase, as well as does Meier’s. This is at least an iota.

      Finally, take note that the blog host here has also on a couple occasion expressed his general disapproval of long quoted material, which happens to be your hallmark (in addition to your childish terse “you are 100% incorrect” broken record speak).

      • What are you talking about? You haven’t changed. You still act like an idiot. I was referring to the actions of HUMANITY. How could you not understand that?

        • Well, considering you have not checked in, like you said you would, regarding warning the world of the events you ‘predicted’ in September with contacting responsible authorities and making a website. If you need some helping music to get you motivated, here’s a gem of a classic:

  • Ooohh, my mistake. I didn’t realize that me and all the lives Michael and Billy/FIGU have influenced (150,000 Goblet of Truth downloads!) are not a part of humanity.

    Also, because your judgement continually proves to be completely erroneous, I’ll place my bets with Billy:

    “At the moment another WW is not in the foreground. Of course everything depends on the actions of people, but it can be expected that the persons in the specific/leading positions will be careful not to start another WW.”

    Of course, as Billy points out too, it is not so much up to “humanity” at large whether war begins anyway, but a handful of specific people.

    Will you come down from your high horse when your September quakes do not come to pass? When all your predicted deaths and other specific predictions don’t come to pass in the coming months? Given your super-power to self-deceive, I actually doubt it.

    And given that virtually the entirety of your online presence is on this blog, good luck ever getting a client to unquestionably believe you again. (I still can’t believe you said that. Unbelievable. And you claim to be a Meier student! Disgusting.)

    You dug yourself a hole with your lies and plagiarism and failed predictions, and now you throw the dirt over yourself with your continued childish and misguided insults to virtually everyone who has engaged you here.

    I may be an idiot compared to many many folks (but, I am pretty comfortable where I sit in relation to you). I’m far from perfect. But at least my slip ups won’t sting as much, given that I haven’t shaped my entire presence on this blog to give the impression that I am superior to all.

      • Tony, just a suggestion of course but maybe if you’re gonna ignore people you…don’t need to keep telling them?

          • Thanks for justifying my criticism for the new-comers Tony by continuing — as someone who claims to have been a professional since before I was born, no less — to act about as mature as my 8 year old niece.

            Here is an idea — if you really want to salvage your rep, if you want to be taken serious about anything around here ever again, how about you do the sensible and long over due thing, and apologize for your unjustified belittling of those here and your extremely exaggerated claims of predictive accuracy? That way you can then jump on board with the rest of us — I know you abhor the idea — an act simply according to what you are, a typical, non-highly-special person. That way too you can have a real go at implementing the teaching, by acknowledging your mistakes, fessing up to them (and apologizing for them where need be), and attempt to learn from them.

            It’s the only way forward for you at this point. Or…you can continue to double down on your mistakes, your infantile “dialogue”, your god-complex. I know it will be painful to do the former, but I will, and I am sure others will likewise, happily lay off the criticism when you take that step. And, I bet it will be more freeing than painful.

            In any case, in the meantime I’ll try to lay off, at least until I find you blatantly, actively misleading again, or until you speak again with that hallmark contempt for others which has become your signature style …but something tells me that won’t be long.

            As I am sure you feel likewise towards me, I am beginning to care less and less about you personally, but I too write for the benefit of the reader. You are increasingly embarrassing to be associated with.

            You can push that day of reckoning back til post-September if you want, or till 2015, but when you come in around 4% again, it will truly be the case as described in the second paragraph above — either fail to come to terms with reality and forever be laughing stock of this blog, or do fess up to your mistakes and become like the rest of us, a fallible but more or less decent and valuable contributing member.

            I am beginning to feel a little childish myself, continually allowing myself to take a dip into this filth. And if this is all a tad over-dramatic, perhaps I did let you get under my skin a bit with your repeated insults. Shame on me.

            I know you’re not in the business of making friends (despite your lip service to the New Agey and silly sounding “spiritual brotherhood”), and that’s fine. But words have consequences. And unless you quickly change your tune, I have a feeling your words are going to be coming back on you as a world of hurt.

  • For me, and I’m sure many others, the info. below is great.


    “Billy: Fantastic, Semjase.


    “61. Surely, but I have not finished, as I want to tell you now another origin, for this fateful comet also brought along your moon, a small planet from a far away solar system.

    62. The Earth’s Moon originated as a little planet 4.5 million years older than the Earth.

    63. It happened millions of years ago.

    64. Deep in unexplored space, in a sun-system near the milky way (ecliptic), a lone star floated far from the normal courses of the sun-circling orbits.

    65. It was a “dark star” empty of life, very dangerous in its erratic course into which it was cast by a huge eruption of its native sun.”

  • Some problem, Michael?. Oh, I do not care. The risk of hearing and make room for these individuals and act as you act is just yours. And if not I, as other occasions proved, you will still have problems with it.

  • Há um excesso de preocupação com grupos ufológicos. Nem sempre todos os ufólogos foram ruins. Dr.Walter Karl Buhler, defensor de Meier, e já falecido, foi um dos mais importantes ufólogos brasileiros. Até hoje a ufologia de meu país o reverencia e respeita, embora não acredite mais nesse caso. Eu não leio mais revistas ufológicas nem o que os ufólogos dizem, nem perco meu tempo com que eles dizem nessa sub-cultura de céticos ainda pior que a sub-cultura da internet ela mesma. Minha última briga com ufólogos foi 15 anos atrás. Eu nada tenho a ver com eles.

    Pouco antes disso, 1999, me encontrei face a face com Mathusalem no micro ônibus que nos levara a um congresso ufológico na capital do meu estado, no sul do hemisfério sul. Alguns anos depois Guido Moosbrugger foi convidado para um evento em minha própria cidade, bastante ambicioso, e embora tenha aceitado o convite, o evento não foi realizado por culpa das instituições locais, falta de estrutura, entendimento, ou outros problemas. Isso iria ocorrer no maior teatro local Cine Teatro Ouro Verde, que na época da construção disseram: “Poderia estar em Nova York”.

    Mais tarde reencontrei o livro de Moosbrugger, muito bem traduzido por Buhler em português, na Biblioteca Pública da minha cidade. Nas livrarias de usados reencontrei também Anos-Luz de Gary Klinder e na internet encontrei o de W.Stevens, que estudou um caso de uma cidade há 200 km da minha, no livro “Abduction at Maringá”.

    Mas não leio mais essas coisas. Elas representaram uma busca legível, hoje não representam mais. A ufologia não tem mais nada a dizer. A ênfase neste blog contra a ufologia eu interpreto como a mais viável solução encontrada por Michael para direcionar um assunto que não teria qualquer respaldo de outra forma, como já testado, seja em instituições oficiais ou populares ou alternativas.

    Outro ponto referido (por que você diz que outros não tem a dizer? eles disseram melhor que você): O movimento New Age partiu de premissas válidas, com raízes mais antigas, e soluções bastante aceitáveis se você pegar pelos melhores intérpretes do movimento e não pelas adaptações populares com termos e práticas religiosas. Um livro que tenho em minha casa se chama “Consciência Cósmica Revisitada”, com todo o histórico disso tudo. E muitos outros podem ser lidos e até mesmo foram comentados positivamente em fases iniciais dos contatos.

    O outro lado, que é pegar pelas profecias, vai se chocar de um lado contra o ceticismo das instituições, de outro com a cultura popular que já tem essa cultura da profecia, e além do mais, Meier não é o único que fez previsões, mesmo que outros tenham feito de forma menos detalhada, e se vocÊ LER TUDO, verá que parte falhou como outras da época (1980/81 por exemplo). Sim ´profecias podem não ocorrer, mas as deles (PS & BEAMS) falharam como outras daquela época. E recentemente Ptah disse num contato que as pessoas estão melhorando e que por isso alguns eventos podem ser adiados e não ocorrer. Isso é exatamente o que todos aqueles que tem uma melhor interpretação sempre disseram.

    Eu não acredito particularmente que o ser humano de modo geral esteja melhorando no caminho que segue, então me surpreendeu aquela afirmação. Mas também não acredito que a cultura humana como um todo está errada ou que o ser humano de modo geral está perdido e não se pode confiar em ninguém. Nem acho que não haja coisas verdadeiras e verídicas, científicas e lógicas, passadas pelos contatos.

    Eu acredito que uma parte, menor da humanidade, sofreu muito pela busca da verdade, da certeza, da lucidez, da cultura e do conhecimento. E um mínimo de respeito nós temos que ter por isso. Não é coisa que se brinque, então a solução é atacar continuamente os grupos ufológicos e falar daqueles que não aceitam as profecias, de modo geral.

    Mas quem vem discutir com frequência aqui tem compromisso, se não sabe onde está a melhor cultura humana, de pelo menos estudar o caso e se inteirar das coisas, em vez de ficar dizendo besteiras e mais suposições subjetivas a semana inteira. Pois se as pessoas que vem aqui encontram discussões que fazem sentido, não teriam uma visão negativa daqueles que estudam o caso, ou dizem que estudam. Aliás, até mesmo um hobby inteligente pode fortalecer alguém fisicamente ou mentalmente, então não é isso que está em questão. E Michael não teria problemas, como teve em várias fases deste site. Embora vá tê-los sempre, pois faz parte e é um risco que ele corre quando prefere fazer de um jeito ou de outro.

    O que você faz aqui pode ser definido por uma expressão popular “viajar na maionese”. Eu acho, não me leve a mal, que você, além de se inteirar mais do que está dizendo, ter um pouco mais de respeito pela humanidade e a cultura da humanidade do qual você acredita ser um “simples humano”. Alguém usou isso com “H” maiúsculo, e é duvidoso, pois quem não atinge o entendimento básico ou é uma criança ou um humanóide animal que ainda não adquiriu o dom do entendimento. Na melhor das hipóteses, uma criança pouco inteligente e nem um pouco sábia.

    A questão de honra aqui é defender que BEAM é o maior, mais acurado, mais exato, que ninguém disse o que ele disse. Bem, com uma assessoria dessas, acho que até uma criança, um adolescente inteligente não se sairia tão mal, sem qualquer depreciação dele ou de outras pessoas.

    Alguns little pigs and dogs vieram grunhir, xingar aqui, o que mostra a idiotice maior do que medimos inicialmente. Cresçam e aprendam little dogs: o poder de pensamento, consciência, vem de não renunciar a seu livre arbítrio, não entregar na mão de outros e figurar as coisas pelo seu entendimento, aprender, digerir, num processo paciente. Um hobby inteligente pode prepará-los melhor mentalmente (não precisa ser xadre, leitura de b ons textos, que não sejam a sub-cultura dos websites, por exemplo).

    Sugiro a você que antes de opinar tão sumariamente contra as pessoas aqui, que estude mais na biblioteca ou pelo menos se inteire mais das informações deste caso. Ou veja outro modo de solucionar seus sentimentos confusos e mal orientados (que podem existir aqui ou em qualquer parte da internet e do mundo).

    Tenha um bom fim de semana.

    (Quanto a mim: “Hey, sunday sun… let s go walking and we ll talk about some things. I kick my shoew off and we ll dream about some dreams (…) Baby, I can fly … He-hey sunday sun come shine on me, let s go walking etc etc).

  • There is an excess of concern with UFO groups. Not all ufologists were always bad. Dr.Walter Karl Buhler, defender Meier, and now deceased, was one of the most important Brazilian ufologists. Until today ufology of my country reveres and respects, though most do not believe in this case. I do not read most UFO magazines or what ufologists say, not waste my time on what they say in this sub-culture of skeptics even worse than the sub-culture of the internet itself. My last fight with ufologists was 15 years ago. I have nothing to do with them.

    Shortly before that, in 1999, I found myself face to face with Mathusalem the minibus will take us to a UFO conference in the capital of my state in the south of the southern hemisphere. Some years later Guido Moosbrugger was invited to an event in my own city, very ambitious, and although he accepted the invitation, the event was not held by the fault of local institutions, lack of structure, understanding, or other problems. This would occur in the largest local theater Cine Teatro Verde Gold, who at the time of construction said: “It could be in New York.”

    Later rediscovered Moosbrugger’s book, well translated by Buhler in Portuguese, in the Public Library in my town. In the used bookstores also rediscovered Light Years Gary Klinder and found the internet to W.Stevens, who studied the case of a city for 200 miles from me, in the book “Abduction at Maringa”.

    But do not read that stuff anymore. They represented a readable search today represent no more. Ufology has nothing more to say. The emphasis in this blog against ufology I interpret as the most feasible solution found for Michael to direct an issue that would have no support otherwise, as we have tested, whether official or popular or alternative institutions.

    Another point that (why do you say that others do not have to say they told you better): The New Age movement was valid assumptions, with older roots, and quite acceptable solutions if you take the best interpreters of the movement and not adjustments to the terms of the popular and religious practices. A book I have in my house is called “Cosmic Consciousness Revisited”, with all the history of it all. And many others can be read and even been commented positively on the early stages of the contacts.

    The other side, which is grabbing the prophecies will collide on one side against the skepticism of institutions, another with popular culture that already has this culture of prophecy, and besides, Meier is not the one who made predictions, even though others have done in less detail, and if you read everything, you see that part failed as the other season (1980/81 for example). Yes prophecies can not occur, but theirs (PS & BEAMS) failed as others of that time. And recently a contact Ptah said that people are getting better and that’s why some events can be delayed and may not occur. That’s exactly what everyone who has ever said a better interpretation.

    I do not particularly believe that human beings in general is improving the way that follows, so that statement struck me. But also do not believe that human culture as a whole is wrong or that humans in general are lost and can not trust anyone. Nor do I think that there is no genuine and truthful, scientific and logical things, past the contacts.

    I believe that part, lowest of mankind, suffered much by the pursuit of truth, certainty, lucidity, culture and knowledge. And at least we have to have respect for it. It’s not something you play, then the solution is continuously attacking UFO groups and talk of those who do not accept the prophecies in general.

    But who comes here has frequently discuss Escrow if you do not know where is the best human culture, at least study the case and become aware of things, instead of getting blathering more subjective assumptions and the whole week. For if the people who come here are discussions that make sense, would not have a negative view of those who study the case or say studying. Indeed, even a smart hobby can strengthen someone physically or mentally, then it is not what is at issue. And Michael would have no problems, as had at various stages of this site. Although it will always have them, as a part and it is a risk he runs when prefers to do one way or another.

    What do you do here can be defined by a popular expression “travel in mayonnaise.” I think, do not get me wrong, you, in addition to learn more than you’re saying, have a little more respect for humanity and human culture which you believe to be a “mere human”. Has anyone used this with uppercase “H”, and it is doubtful, because who does not meet the basic understanding or are a child or an animal humanoid has not yet acquired the gift of understanding. At best, a child unintelligent and not at all wise.

    The question of honor here is advocating that BEAM is the largest, most accurate, exact, no one said what he said. Well, with such advice, I think even a child, a smart teen would not fare so badly, without any depreciation him or other persons.

    Some little pigs and dogs came grunting, swearing here, which shows the greater idiocy than initially measured. Grow up and learn little dogs: the power of thought, conscience, comes not to abandon their free will, not hand in hand other and figure things by their understanding, learn, digest, a patient process. A smart hobby can better prepare them mentally (not to be plaid, reading texts b ons, other than the sub-culture of websites, for example).

    I suggest that before you opine so summarily against people here, to look more at the library or at least inteire more information on this case. Or see another way to solve their confused feelings and misguided (that may exist here or anywhere on the internet and the world).

    Have a good weekend.

    (As for me: “Hey, sunday sun … let’s go walking and we’ll talk about some things I kick off my shoew and we’ll dream about some dreams (…) Baby, I can fly. … He-hey come sunday sun shine on me, let’s go walking etc etc).

    • I am glad that I understood a good bit of the Portuguese that L learned while living for almost six months in Campos do Jordao. However, I’m also glad that the English was posted for all concerned,myself included.

      English is preferable since at present we have too few Portuguese speakers, from what I can tell.

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