Dear MUFON member,

You’re probably not aware of a number of things that I want to share with you today regarding the truth about…UFOs.

First, please see this endorsement by a NASA aerospace engineer of the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier contacts:

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

…which leads to my continuing to call into question MUFON’s deliberate avoidance of the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case:

MUFON’s Director: “Meier Case Real, just…too Good”

Astronomer Discovered Pluto…but MUFON Can’t Discover the Meier Case?

So to everyone in MUFON, who really is sincere about knowing the truth and not just entertaining themselves with some pointless hobby chasing lights in the sky, why do you put up with MUFON deliberately hiding the truth from…you?

The Billy Meier case is what the UFO cover-up is really all about. So how does it feel to know that you’re part of an organization that does everything in its power to make sure that…you’re the last to know the truth?

Did MUFON point these out to you:
The WCUFO and where It Can Take Us



Don’t you think you should require MUFON to tell all of us just why the Meier case isn’t the only real, singularly authentic UFO contact case?

But for MUFON to mention the Meier case would mean killing the cash cow, i.e. all of you members who support it and give your hard earned money to this abysmal farce.

So, whether you’re mad at MUFON, at yourselves for falling for all this…or at me for having pointed it out to you, please remember:

You don’t need to believe. You need to know…the truth.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts


27 comments on “An Open Letter to All MUFON Members

  • man o man do you have a hard job MH. I have gained great respect for you and your efforts. I hope that soon others can feel the same. More over that they do something about it. Salome, Robert.

    • Thanks Robert. We live in an absolutely upside down world, where people profess to want to know the truth and stuff themselves with lies instead. The stakes are so high and few people can grasp it.

      • Your welcome. Yes sir, the upside down cake of stupid. But to be fair, even the cake can learn something. The stupid, not so sure. They have stuffed them selves like a turkey for thanksgiving. I do not want to sit and eat at that table. You’ll get sick and start barfing everywhere. Witch is how they spread it around. Barf is in high demand around the planet, apparently. The stakes are very high indeed, as well as painful. On a side note, Billy could not have chosen a better rep. But that does not surprise me, at all. You work very hard, Thank you, so much MH. I have gained much from you and of corse Billy, Salome Robert.

  • Not to burst anyone’s bubble but aren’t these organization for those that want to believe. For those that are escaping their own reality, for a so-called better life… on another planet.

    These individuals – those that have given up on self-responsibility – that apparently turn towards this fantasy world, probably already consider their own lives hopeless.

    • I don’t know, I would think there must be some sincere seekers who would love to find the treasure that is the Meier material.

      Am really curious to see what comes of this letter…

      • There’s too much other material available which is more “glitzy” and confusing. An example might be the Mt. Shasta group. . . . or the Sirian-Arcturians. There are a lot of videos on You Tube about these two groups/topics. Billy Meier seems to have kept a lower profile. You really have to look through a lot of stuff before you find him. . . .

        • It’s not that billy kept a lower profile…may people who tried to kill him knew where to find him.

          It’s UFO groups, the CIA, etc., who’ve suppressed the information. Any lower profile comes from their efforts.

  • Awesome. Love it. It would be cool if there was some way to actually get this letter into the inbox of the members.

      • Awesome. Looks like a strike at the jugular! I’ll jump on the praise wagon — great idea, great job, good luck.

        • The way I see it, if you have an international organization dedicated to finding out the truth about UFOs and you somehow just can’t seem to be able to “discover” the Meier case…it’s time to rip the facade off of that pretense.

          • No doubt. And to be able to use that gem of an interaction you had with the director… Man, this gotta bear some fruit.

          • Hi Sheila, yes, the leaders it would seem. But, like I said above, I gotta think there are some sincere seekers there, people that joined because they were looking for something real and substantial…and thanks to Michael, they just might finally get it.

            As much as MUFON is the enemy, on the other hand, the average rank and file member — even despite the organizations leadership trying to get em to look the other direction — is likely in a far better position to accept the validity of the Meier case than the average stars-only-exist-cuz-god-wants-us-to-have-sumthing-purty-to-look-at sectarian.

  • Michael,

    Why is it that Wendelle Steven’ research wasn’t/isn’t taken serious in this case? I’m sure many of them know about his hands on research of this case. He was a well respect military person, wasn’t he? I know that you’re also hands on when it comes to this case and have been in Switzerland yourself, but why wasn’t Wendelle Steven’ research taken serious? I’m thinking that his research was done before the creation of most of the UFO disinformation groups we have today if not all of them.

    • J.,

      People like Stanton Friedman who were connected with the UFO community knew that the case was real and wanted in on it. Stevens refused them because he – WISELY – didn’t want a bunch of profiteering, delusion people messing it up.

      The CIA knew about Stevens and the involvement of Lee and Brit Elders and in fact maintained an observation base up the hill from Meier’s place. They knew it was real too. And, as per my article, the controlling vested interests viewed it as a threat to all established power structures. So everything was done to make things difficult, especially for Wendelle, including trumped up charges against him, etc.

      However, no matter what the various intelligence services do, the enemies of the truth that are found throughout the UFO community/industry are the ones that people can most easily identify, withdraw and separate themselves from. That would go a long way towards getting the truth out.

      • Wow. Well its good to see that his efforts weren’t wasted and his information wasn’t totally suppressed, so that people like yourself and others could realize the truth about this case and be able to continue researching and spreading the information. You’re right when you say that this is the most suppressed case possibly in the history of mankind; I personally can’t think of another that comes close.

  • Michael,

    I just had a thought and this might be too far of a reach, but do you think someone like Larry King who is a legend as an interviewer will be interested in sitting down with you if you wrote him about the case? Hoping that he reads his own emails of-course which may also be a stretch in thought. It just came to me in thought maybe I’m reaching too far, but its just a thought. I’m guessing that having this case presented on a platform outside the realm of the UFO Community since it has much more to do with life and worldly events than UFO’s, etc., will be more helpful. Or maybe it will backlash and hurt the case, which won’t be good; I don’t know. The thought just came across my mind.

    Maybe you have to be a high-profile person in the media to be on his show I really don’t know. He’s done over 60,000 interviews so if all of those people were all household names then this case might not be welcomed. My mind races Michael, so tell me if I need to slow down!

    • J., Funny you should ask. I actually spoke with Larry King before we had finished The Silent Revolution of Truth. I mentioned that we were working on it and he said for me to get it to him when it was done. So I contacted his producer and sent one or two copies. I still have some of the emails between us. I basically got the runaround.

      However, I found out where he ate breakfast in Beverly Hills and I arrived there before he and some of his cronies. I waited until what looked like the best moment and walked over. I carefully introduced myself, apologized for interrupting them, handed Larry the DVD and left.

      They all looked a bit stunned. Of course he didn’t look like he remembered me and I was aware of how famous people especially don’t like their privacy invaded, etc. So it was as light a touch as possible. I never heard back from his office. Of course when Larry King did UFO shows he always used…Meier’s photos and films in them, without accreditation of course.

      • Michael,

        The reason I asked is because I just watched an interview where he was the interviewee and he seemed to be pretty open to other people’s views. He said in the interview “I never turned down an interview”, and by his facial expression and body language I just felt he was lying. Now I’m reading this from you which proves it.

        • I wouldn’t say he was necessarily lying in my case. I really think he may have been a bit confused by it plus he may not even have seen the film himself. It’s possible because it’s usually the producers who go through everything.

          Sometime this week I’ll be writing about a recent interaction with someone who’s connected to the media.

  • MUFON is like an adult who never got over an adolescent rejection.

    From 1978 and the beginnings of the investigated case:

    Jim Dilettoso: “The UFO clubs were also ravenous that it was a hoax. Security was holding ground. No matter what the debunkers said, there would be no information released to them. This was far too important for amateurs…… And MUFON was pissed, because we didn’t involve them in any of this.”


    A key word from Dilettoso being “amateurs”, still holds to this day regarding MUFON.

  • When know-it-alls get their fame and are considered by others as an “authority” on these kinds of things, UFOs, ETs, etc. Then they do not want to ever leave that place, they don’t want to be mere mortals like the rest.

    That kind of arrogance really blinds a human being, to be idolized I mean.

    Hope MUFON people wake up and stop sending these frauds their money.

    Cheers Michael,


  • Hi Michael,

    Im just dropping you a quick line to let you know that the links in this article are not working correctly.



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