I am glad to announce that I am in discussion with the leadership of MUFON about the Billy Meier UFO case. I have informed them that there are at least three more highly credible professionals in the fields of science and technology, who are now endorsing the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence. These people wish to stay in the background for now but may be willing to participate in a public presentation with MUFON regarding the authenticity of the case.

SInce my contacts at MUFON have assured me that there is no willful complicity at this time with any parties to hide or suppress the Meier case, they also agree that this is indeed the most propitious time to make a definitive assessment and publicly express their position. I have asked that should MUFON disagree that the case is authentic, they present credible evidence that supports an opposing position and substantiates any claims against the authenticity of Meier’s evidence.

I should also make it clear that it is not necessary for any of the parties to agree with, or promote, the Meier case and its information, only that the matter of its authenticity be settled for the expressed purpose of…letting the public determine the truth, validity and value of the information, prophecies, predictions, spiritual teaching, etc., for themselves.


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  • MH nice! Maybe this can turn a negative into a positive, by opening more people’s minds to the authenticity of the Meier case, in MUFON directly or in their audiences and networks of people. Either way, having MUFON on your side MH could open a lot of doors for you and your work. MUFON comments on this blog? If you asked me last week if this would have been possible I would have said “never”, but now?!? Positive shock is my reaction. Maybe, this is in some small way an example of Billy tries to teach when he says humans are capable of being a true human being if they choose it (in their thoughts and want it bad enough). I liked what MH posted about getting the truth out there so the public can decide for themselves if it is the truth. Salome/Peace/dauerhafte Frieden

    • I agree. I too am surprised about the sudden turn-around in MUFON. . . could it be some kind of spiritual intervention???? Maybe some people are starting to take this all seriously. . . . about time!

  • das ist eine gute Nachricht … well done, sir MH … and well done MUFON representatives for using your creation-given intellect, developed further and further through thy own efforts, in openness, with Logik und Vernunft and the cajones to represent this to the whole world

  • That’s fantastic news Michael,
    Let’s hope something good comes of this, and your persistent and tireless efforts bear some fruit with these folks.

  • I would venture to say there exists many observant and objective people within MUFON who are interested in investigating this case. The smart one’s will realize that if they pass up this oppurtunity to analyze the physical evidence, someone else will come along and do it before they do.

  • Its amazing how Billy’s case sits right out in the open… for anyone with a true yearning within their personal ‘might of the thoughts’ to find! It hinges on so many truths not found within our world that most don’t take another look, or reject it out of sheer earth created nonsense/lies. Seems this especially includes mufon, the ones whom should have been looking at all this decades ago! More suppression as has always been the case, if they know it or not. The truth will make it’s way to the surface eventually!
    I hope this new avenue opens up a chance for more people to have a rational and intelligent look at this very truthful case!
    Its ramifications as far as I can personally see are beyond life changing… they are but the truth!
    Somehow within myself, the might of my thoughts, the being of what makes me human yearns to help push the truth forward and to give others a chance to see as well if they

  • I’m guessing if the PJ don’t intervene here like they did with the karl korff set up there has to something positive to come.

    Nice work Michael. Keep on grinding!!


  • Well done Micheal but personally I have a feeling it will get nowhere. By that I mean that I don’t think MUFON will ever be promoting the validity of the Meier case.

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