The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

NOTE: Please see update posted at end of article below.*

It’s been many years since numerous scientific experts authenticated Billy Meier’s UFO photographs, films, sound recordings and metal samples. Nonetheless, many people have neither understood, nor accepted, the validity and significance of these findings.

Their skeptical cry for access to now long gone negatives, etc., has been used to try to cast doubt on the evidence, as well as the honesty and character of Meier and all concerned. Such accusations and demands were part of the subterfuge employed, usually by the most technically incompetent people, who were essentially claiming that if they themselves hadn’t personally analyzed the evidence it must be hoaxed. Of course this attitude invalidates accepting as true most of…human history, since none of us have personally witnessed, observed, or tested more than 99% of it.

This skeptical tactic has been parroted and echoed by every online armchair expert for whom the reality of the Meier case is simply too threatening to their belief systems.

Quite recently, Rhal Zahi provided new authentication of 63 of Meier’s most controversial photographs and five-minute video of the WCUFO, from 1981, using state-of-the-art technology. He also authenticated Meier’s first 8mm film of the so-called “Pendulum UFO”, from 1975, which reveals two instances of the craft “jumping”, i.e. actually appearing in two separate places within one frame of film!

Many people who’ve taken the time to examine and think through the evidence also realized for themselves that Meier’s 8mm film of the Hasenböl UFO with two lights flashing in broad daylight, from 1976, was certainly no clever, remote controlled model. Similarly, a film interview of Meier, by NTV (Nippon TV), showing Meier and the film director walking up to the tree immortalized in the famous “Sunlight UFO” photographs also taken at Hasenböl, easily settled the authenticity of that photographic evidence. Add to the amazing photographs the one of the cross in the sky, taken in India in 1964 with an old Kodak bellows camera, as well as UFO photos taken by other witnesses, including a Swiss skeptic, and mountains of other information and one may just recognize the genuineness and authenticity of the Meier case.

However, Rhal Zahi authenticated another one of the WCUFO photos that skeptics long accused of being just a model against a black curtain. Remembering that Meier took these 35mm photos in 1981, long before home computers, digital effects, PhotoShop, etc., and that he never drew any attention to them himself, this one simple result is not only amazing in itself but it can easily be duplicated by anyone, by…you, right at your own computer. No longer will the disingenuous cries for negatives of the original photos carry even the slightest weight or concern. After all, even if negatives were presented at this time, only a relatively few people would have the technical ability to authenticate them themselves, so once again we’d have to rely on outside expert analysis and opinion.

Now, in keeping with the theme of self-responsibility at the core of the Meier case, any and all of us who want to see the truth come alive before our very eyes, the truth that was hidden in plain sight for over 32 years, only have to do what Zahi himself did – put the photo (which you can grab off of this page) into PhotoShop and increase the brightness and contrast*. You will find yourself looking down from above the WCUFO at a road next to a grassy path, etc.:

WCUFO extended cupola
WCUFO extended cupola

(See more about the extended cupola here.)

WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio
WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio
WCUFO with Halo
WCUFO with Halo


Only the most desperate, intellectually dishonest skeptics (am I repeating myself?) would be dwelling so deeply in denial as to not consider and admit that there is absolutely no likelihood that Meier somehow figured out, more than three decades ago, how to “trick” 21st century technology, that hadn’t been invented yet, into revealing that which wasn’t apparent on a 35mm  film photograph.

While I maintain that the even “higher standard of proof” is in Meier’s voluminous, prophetically accurate, scientific information (of which you’ll find plenty on this blog as well as here) being able to authenticate Meier’s WCUFO photos yourself should be sufficient to end any doubts about their authenticity and Meier’s truthfulness, once and for all.

Of course, now that you know the truth about the most important true story in all of science and human history…what will you do about it?

UPDATE: The following is from a new translation of questions to, and answers by, Billy Meier courtesy of Bruce Lulla.

Reader’s question
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like to put the question to you, if Mr. Meier still has contact with the extraterrestrials, why he takes no pictures of the spaceships in this day and age? His recordings come from the 1970s and 1980s. Just one question.
A. Winkler, Switzerland

The photographs made by me in the 1970s and 1980s of Plejaren beamships was allowed and I could make them only with explicit mandate and absolutely only with the permission of the Plejaren. Thus I was assigned by them, to make plenty of photos as evidence regarding the existence of the Plejaren and their beam ships, which for me was not only a difficult task with respect to my photographic ignorance but also regarding the varied and sometimes difficult-to-reach places for the photographic work.

Now then, during the years when I had to produce the photos in a task of the Plejaren, there were still no privately-owned computers with which the recordings made by me could have been constructed and manipulated, that is to say, faked. In foresight or through a future-look and so forth, of the Plejaren, they knew however, that computer services for residential folks would come up and boom in the course of the 1980′s, therefore they were keen still, that photographic-evidence be produced before this technology begin to take hold. As a result it should be avoided, that I could be accused of falsifying the photos through computer manipulations. Unfortunately, the Plejaren, however, did not expect the malicious earthlings in the form of know-it-alls, the envious and adversaries, which nevertheless maliciously accused me of trickery and forgery and still do to this day. And ever since the second half of the 1980′s, computers can be privately bought and used by any human being, if this is wanted, thus since then UFO photos can be prepared in any number of ways and presented, and these days these can be made so perfect that a forgery as such, can no longer be recognized or hardly at all.

That I can make no more photos of Plejaren beamships in the present time, that is simply because the Plejaren no longer allow this and consequently also no longer visibly position themselves for recordings. On the one hand they have themselves felt very affected by the malignancy of the know-it-alls, slanderers and adversaries of all kinds, which accuse me of fraud, forgery and charlatanry, etc., and on the other hand, leads the Plejaren to the fact that the photographic-evidence I created is more than enough, in order to prove, for reasonable human beings of the earth, the existence of the Plejaren and that of their beamships. More is probably not to be explained in addition to that.


* Guy Guilbert has suggested that, not surprisingly, I got it wrong about PhotoShop, “Increasing both the brightness and the Contrast by sliding them to the right keeps the background black and makes the cake brighter. Contrast must go the the left-decreasing the black and letting whatever else is there appear. To the right INCREASES lights AND darks. It works best if you run it through twice.”












31 Replies to “The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself”

  1. Verification in some cases can still be established without the root. You would also assume with Semjase would have already known this with the ability to already manipulate time forwards and backwards; and that perhaps some kind of current anecdotal proof would eventually be required. Looking forward to some kind of considered and measured response. Sheila?

    1. This particular blog gave info on how someone can prove the case to/for themselves. If one does the test and gestate same basic result as everyone else,then a skeptic will have to debunk themselves.

      As for the hai, it’s really neither necessary or important. While we focused on the physical evidence for some time, with the latest analyses down by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock, we’re long past the point of really needing more “proof” in this for.

      A person can examine all of the corroborations for the prophetically accurate scientific information and reason their way into a state of awe that this too is part of the evidence of the case. Skeptics have a hard time and try to concoct all sorts of “gotchas” to try to debunk the case. But they can’t ever produce/substantiate the actual means, motive and opportunity necessary in each case to show that Meier hazed…anything.

      I’ll be writing more about this later, including addressing the so-called plagiarism charges by Andy and Mahesh, as well as their issues about the space photos. Tellingly, they NEVER have even tried to debunk any of Meier’s 1,200 UFO photos, since they know they…can’t.

      So they focus on attacks, distractions, etc. The real question is…WHY?

      1. MH I’m a 72 yr old black man. I mention it only to let you know some of us hear you. When I was 10 yrs old my younger brother and I went to see a movie. In those days they would show a news clip as part of the entertainment. This night they reported 9 “flying saucers seen over Washington DC”. Since that night I have had a romance with the idea that there are beings from places other than earth. During the years since, I have read every article I could find on the subject. I found Coast to Coast AM years ago and listened to countless interviews but there were never any credible pictures or videos. I remember browsing somewhere on the internet and seeing a picture of Billy Meier standing in front of the wedding cake ship. Without stopping to investigate, I thought here is another attempt to baffle the public with BS. Shortly after that I did another drive by and decided to go back and investigate. After seeing the pictures and movies I wanted to know more and I found your documentation. I have several of your cd’s and I am currently spending hours listening to the contact tapes from Randolph Winters. I am convinced that everything being proclaimed is fact. I live with someone who is reluctant to read anything because it seems cultish to her. Also she has asked me not to discuss any of this with her politician members of the Dem club. I did once and of course I received the polite stares and an abrupt change of topic. Even though I haven’t listened to the complete tape set yet I feel more intuitive and therefore bolder to discuss some of the topics with anyone willing to engage. Of course I will point out where this information can be found. I attended catholic schools from 1st grade through high school. I grew up in a household with a staunch catholic mother and a self confessed atheist. It was a good balance because psychologically it gave me the inner courage to look for the truth. When I accepted what the Plejarans told Billy Meier about creation and what happens after we die I was freed of the occasional guilt trip I took. Where can I find all of the parts for the meditation pyramid? I live in the Los Angeles area and I’m sure that I need to shield out the negative influences from all of the troubled human beings in the area.

        1. Hi Paul,

          Thanks for joining us here. I certainly understand your journey and I think a whole lot of other people can relate to it as well.

          Randy was a very good presenter but unfortunately he included things that really aren’t accurate or part of the information. You can find a whole of the Contact Reports about which he speaks here:

          Go to: regarding the pyramid,, unless someone here chimes in to answer that for you.

          Sadly, our world is submerged in political and religious nonsense that never solves the problems that both create. It’s tough to have to deal with it, especially with those closest to us, but that’s a fact that is only going to become inescapably clearer, day by day.

          By any chance, do you live anywhere near Philip’s Barbecue? I really miss that place!

    2. For DNA testing the root must be attached. You don’t need the root if you’re only testing for chemicals. Test your own so called hybrids first, then get back to me about what you think Semjase should have/would have/could have done.

    3. It’s understandable to a point why you may need “current times” evidence… but after providing over a thousand photos, videos, metal samples, sound recordings that have already been scientifically tested- copyright proof… Geez man, why would any more evidence be needed? Do you really think more would be enough?

      You have to understand something… something I feel a lot of the skeptics fail to realize… They (Billy Meier / Plejaren) are not here to convince you. They care not if you accept the evidence. They provided what they felt was enough, and that’s it. Take it or leave it…regardless- the truth stands above it all. You can do what you like with it, it doesn’t matter to them. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this is not something that’s going to be forced down your throat. Weather you take the evidence, digest the results when they were scientifically tested, think it through and accept it as truth or not, it doesn’t matter. If it’s not for you then move on. Chase the lights in the sky, or pray to god… It doesn’t matter… This material is obviously not for you. And that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not here pounding my chest thinking I’m better than any sceptic… On the contrary… I’m really happy and extremely grateful that I’ve found what I know I’ve always been looking for. The spiritual teaching has made me a better person. It’s crossed all the t’s and dotted all my i’s. And that just makes me so damn happy. I knew something wasn’t right with the religion I believed in… But I knew no other way. And plus, for the cherry on top, not worrying about what is to come after I die is by far one of the more rewarding things that has come out of this material… I’m not going to hell. That’s a really big relief from someone that was really worried about that!

  2. Thanks for your response Michael. I have now accessed Sheila’s responses which now appear on your website via the link provided and her comments appear to resonate in a non magnanimous manner, but thanks anyway as it was more information than what was requested or needed. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. So no DNA test has ever been conducted on the hair sample. And neither Semjase, Ptaah or Mr Meier foresaw that it would be useful in establishing credibility with so many skeptics trying to debunk their experiences. BTW, Merlin is the name of my dog and I am not a skeptic. I am a Guardian. There are many Truths that reside on planet Terra that are interwoven into a complex cosmological heritage that permeates many realities. There is no single and absolute truth for everybody and I believe that Mr Meier already accepts this. Safe travels on your journey.

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