This information forwarded by Shaban seems to indicate that while some people may not think of Spain as being part of Europe, and hence a target for the “fanatics of Islam”, they are now reminding us of it…and the Henoch Prophecies.

Okay, pick a quote, any quote from this recent article, like this one:

“Germany’s interior minister said Wednesday that fighters returning back to Europe from Syria are no longer an ‘abstract threat’ but a ‘deadly danger.’”

Then simply refer to this below from the Henoch Prophecies, published by Billy Meier in 1987:

“And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.”

You can file it under Previews of Things We Really Don’t Want to See Happen.

Anyone still doubting that the prophecies are authentic…and accurate?

If it sounds like doom and gloom it’s because for too long we’ve been deceiving ourselves with other couplings like religion and politics, sports and entertainment, instead of understanding the immutable, impersonal laws of…cause and effect. Prophecies are warnings of things that will occur if we don’t make positive changes in our thoughts, feelings and actions, in the…causes we create that lead to the effects we experience in our personal and collective lives.

We can’t pray away our self-created troubles to imaginary gods, saints and saviors, or continue to surrender our responsibility to the all too willing, power hungry politicians and false leaders without bringing down utter destruction on ourselves. We, humanity, have made this mess ourselves by failing to take – and to teach – complete self-responsibility for our own lives.

For millennia there have been those who can foresee the outcomes of our choices and actions long before they’ve been made manifest. They tell us, they give us a view and a warning of what we are creating, unless we make much more conscious, positive, responsible choices.

As the time fulfills, as the prophecies unfold relentlessly, take a look at all the other things from the Henoch Prophecies that we don’t want to occur…including right here in America. Cause and effect; which one do we want to be in our own lives?

Ultimately, inescapably we create both.

Coming next week: Skeptics admit they were wrong; update on developments with MUFON


Thanks to Shaban for the sending the article.



57 comments on ““And the fanatics and warriors of Islam…”

  • Gees sometimes I wonder when we do focus on these negative aspects of Billy’s information whether we are helping it to come true through the might of our thoughts and feeling.
    I do disproportionately focus more on the negatives because there is so much of it in our society that you just can’t help it but not only that how else could you possibly improve upon something if you don’t know what the problem is.
    Nothing comes about by burying our heads in sand wishing that everything was a dream and not do anything about it.
    Having said that I am at a point now where I think its selfish of us to avoid punishment for our collective crimes and I have to regrettably say that we do need to suffer as a collective for them via a war.
    I say lets have a war and let the rot just die away for we have been too stupid, too selfish, too wicked, too decadent, too egotistical, too self interested, too evil, too self centered, too nasty, too delusional and outright bad.
    It may be against the spiritual principle to say this but who here doesn’t think we deserve it because we have brought it upon ourselves and for those that say no to this, you don’t have a conscience!

    • There is a light to the end of the tunnel as the P’s and Billy suggested something that is completely natural solution to all of our problems. That being Earth Humanity to become more responsible in the day to day running of the planet than mere consumers, producers, etc. Nothing really gets that across and raises goose bumps in people than the population discussion. You can feel the doom and gloom mood seep in because this discussion is always circled around by the conspiracy folks and other know-it-alls that don’t back up what they say with any tangible facts, just fancy English wordings and phrases. Being concerned is OK, then taking responsible action is best working with your neighbors, etc.

      Surely there must be a logical basis to population as folks know we cannot infinitely support an infinite amount of folks. That being said, whilst I understand you cannot just take someone’s word for it, or alleged extraterrestrials, there is a logical basis in the argument but that has to be done scientifically. Lo and behold, someone took the effort to do JUST THAT with regards to population trends and families that show A logical basis for spreading out population and having people live healthier and longer lives. So I highlight the work of Hans Rosling:

      Washing Machine:

      The River of Myths:

      Religion and Babies:

      Debunking third world myths:


      I’m no genius, just a regular guy doing his part so I would share what I find that would show just what a responsible world could be like if we continue the trend. I hope I added the ‘makes sense’ part of spreading out when children are born and that you can actually fit MORE people as people live LONGER lives as everything is spread out rather than clumped together in a small 20 to 30 year life span.


      • Han Rosling is a delusional idiot who identified some time ago that Western Europeans had missed SOME data about family sizes in the third world, but, who then jumped on that like an overactive child in the playground taunting other children with, “I know something you don’t know” and gained lecture invites from this insignificant data to go around the world hypnotising people with fancy graphics to promote his liberalist wet-dream about how there is NO problem with population because it will all level out as we are living longer and are better educated (Puff, puff, pass). In my view this kind of approach is cowardly, irresponsible, blind and dumb and fails to address the already well established data concerning dwindling fresh water resources, animals, deforestation, air/soil/water pollution, etc., which Rosling had no fancy multicoloured graphics to highlight and HE missed the obvious relationship between resources and OUR SURVIVAL. Just another stupid so-called professor saying nothing in my view who has done some serious harm to our collective dealing with the real problem of overpopulation.

        • I spent 7 years in American universities – University of Michigan, UCLA, and Berkeley – and I only met one “professor’ who knew what was actually going in the world.

          How could ANYONE say that the world is not over-populated?

          Approximately 25,000 people die every day due to hunger or hunger-related causes. Which rationalization could anyone put forth to justify that horrible fact. And that is just one horrible thing, among hundreds, directly related to over-population.

        • Is this the same Hans Rosling I linked? Quite literally the last video I linked talks about Ending population growth.

        • It is still in the so-called “developing countries” that this population explosion is happening. The white race is not increasing as exponentially as the other races (in fact, it has levelled off). The increase in populations in the western countries is occurring due to massive immigration from these “developing countries”. . . .

    • Hello Matt,

      I have been thinking about how to respond to your post for a few days now… once again:) Seems this same thought always comes to the surface now and again(think there is a blog or two here where it all has been spelled out within other peoples thoughts, amongst elsewhere). Though I do agree immensely with what you are saying it does however not completely align in the end with my own personal conscientiousness, thoughts, feelings/emotions, actions.
      I logically can not say I have done everything under the might of my thoughts to help stop this train wreck from occurring! Under that flag, you have got me!!! My children and the earth for that matter however have done nothing to live in a world which aligns with what this ‘war’ would created on our world. Though will we learn anything once again after the 4th WW? Have the other 3 taught us anything, though this one would most likely be the war of all wars! Have we ever found any peace, logic, respect, freedom, equality, happiness, clean water/air, etc, within war? Will we really learn anything from it!!!!!! I highly doubt it! The only thing we will learn is more degradation, degenerative thoughts/actions, and how to once again learn how to drive a ‘horse and buggy’. Non the less we will most likely repopulate right on cue as has always been the case! Seems steps backwards are never going to leap us ahead…cause and effect.
      I by no means do not see the writing on the wall. It seems at this point in history the only thing left for a half descent outcome would be a civil war in the USA and the same old path of war that has thus far -helped- stop us from being the true logical thinking creatures we are.
      As much as it might err in many ways… I have more focused on the effect of the situation rather than the cause. Which is as most earth humans do. We logically see our path and do nothing but push ourselves to its conclusion based on its path. Mainly brought about as it seems by what you have spelled out above. Though most don’t give two shits about what is happening on our earth, the main problem.
      Yet, there does seem to be no hope with what the thinking creatures of our world have done. And the slithering deceit within lies that we have helped shape in any form. Stuck between a rock and a hard place as people that see logic… truth in what the Plejaren are telling Billy Meier. Yet, we are the change we must be… If they wont listen we have to be what we are trying to tell! Maybe with enough islands of logic eventually over life times things will turn from islands to great body’s of earth.
      I wont say it any different anymore, I have never wanted what awaits us! I want to live! I want to be free and see the joy that is life. Yet, my head is not buried in the sand as well! We are going to end up exactly where we are going. When I am 4 feet underground utterly crushed by humanities continued lies, what will be left other than the might of my own thoughts. Sometimes knowing where we are going to end up helps us know where we must not go! I don’t want to digress into my bunker and have failed to do ANYTHING to stop this from happening in any form. There is still time and we must learn and use the logic that has been generously given to us.. Well, only a small few at this time.
      I feel kind of silly even saying this but do you by chance to the peace meditation? I only say it as I don’t yet. Many times I have been at FIGU’s web page starring at the pyramid’s. I don’t know what stops me!! Though I often find myself saying it, multiple times a day sometimes it does truly seem. “Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona”!

      • Lyrian sounds a lot like J.R.R. Tolkien’s “elvish” language. . . I wonder whether he was in touch with the Plejarans when he wrote The Lord of the Rings? Uurda<Erde (German). . . .

        • Aren’t we all ‘in touch’ with the Plejaren in a thoughtful way, through the information, if we wish as free individuals? I guess from there it is as what only earth humans do. If so, he really got it wrong:) A Mythology none the less, first mistake of many.

          • You know, Billy Meier reminds me a bit of Tom Bombadil (for those of you who are familiar with the story) and Goldberry could be Asket???

      • Sorry Philip for the much belated reply as from time to time posts do get lost.
        People still go about their meaningless, braindead, entertainment absorbed, distraction filled, egoistic, uncreational and sheer much ado about nothing lives as if everything is going fine and there is nothing wrong even whilst in the back of their minds they are acutely aware of this incongruent sense that indeed the whole world is going down the drain.
        One of them ask me as I pointed out the woes, ills and problems we humanity is facing “what can you do and what’s the point of complaining”.
        As disappointing as this proverbial response was although I didn’t expect any better, that question is indicative still of the mindset of the vast majority of people who feel powerless and have learned to be helpless.
        As Billy and Ptaah indicated we will learn the hard way after much disaster and only when we are directly effected.
        To your question I started the peace meditation back in 2005-2006 but after the birth of my son I haven’t participated.

  • I know first hand the type of mind that we are up against, as I have explained to Michael before I have 2 sister in laws that are “Very Christian” and huge believers in the word. Whenever I attempt to try and use any kind of logic with them concerning religion and its affect on us all they want to crucify me, no pun intended. It gets to the point to almost becoming violent, it’s ridiculous, you cannot reason with these people. Mind you they grew and lived through war between the Christians and Muslims in Lebanon. They is a lot of hatred there.

  • I have thought since 1988, that the Henoch Prophecies were 99% going to happen. Just being realistic, and understanding exactly what is going on in the world. Humanity gets worse every year, rejecting truth, and becoming more degenerate from top to bottom.

    Very few people are learning and changing, despite great efforts by many to teach them, to inform them of the truth. As I have said, I think something really huge must happen before people start to wake up, probably the huge Earth changes, where millions will lose their lives, that have been predicted.

    • Tony,

      Sometimes I say the same thing..People have been like this for a very long time we don’t listen until we have to learn the hard way and then it’s too late because the tables have already turned.

      • It’s true, the vast majority of mankind are living lives based on lies, fantasy, and incorrect traditions. But the Aquarian Age is coming upon the Earth. In it, the truth about every subject will be revealed. Nothing will stop that.

        • Hoping and wishing and $7 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I’m a realist. I observe and see things clearly and realistically. This present day “civilization” is on it’s way out, and the Aquarian Age is coming in. The question is, how is going to go out – peacefully and intelligently, or through death and destruction, as the Henoch Prophecies clearly state. Right now, it clearly looks as if it will be the latter.

          As I have said many times, something, or someone big and global, must happen, or Humanity will not change. Many good and knowledgeable people have been trying for many years to change the world to the better, with little to no positive results. The world, mainly because of the governments and religions, becomes a worse place, a more dangerous place, every year. That’s my opinion, if you disagree, spend a few hours on CNN Breaking News, Drudge Report, etc. Of course, all mainstream media is censored, but you will still be able to get a good idea of what’s going on in our world. It’s not a healthy or pretty picture, or a positive one full of hope.

          I’m not a pessimist, nor an optimist, both of those are flawed, I’m a realist. And the reality of today’s world is that the Henoch Prophecies are manifesting before our eyes. Very few people are changing, nothing is working to change them. Whether you like that or not, whether you agree with that statement or not, makes no difference to me. We are at the brink of total destruction, and the light at the end of the tunnel is an on coming train. We’ll see what happens, but I say, prepare for the worst.

    • The outcome can always be changed for the better. We should not despair about the future; if we despair the negative outcome is re-enforced. Only by thinking hopefully can we influence the future in a positive way!

      • That’s more like it. BTW, to all concerned, if you’re going to comment on a particular blog/topic, please try to put as many relevant thoughts together in the same post submission. Thanks.

  • People who strongly follows Abrahamic religions without any question are the most difficult ones to reason with. Good times they praised God and become more extreme. Bad times they blames the none believers for all their woes and hell bent to impose extreme religious rulings to ward off ‘evil’. Good times are God blessing. Bad things are God testing. Hopeless reasoning.

  • Sadly domestic abuse at the hands of Islamists in Western countries entails sending in a muslim cop who determines that the abuser did nothing wrong and no charges are ever laid.

  • Matt Lee,

    Don’t worry, there will be more then enough multi-generational suffering as a direct result of our overpopulation, we don’t want to experience the horror of a global conflagration. Just the following nuclear winter, which could claim the lives of millions of people, (not to mention the millions, if not billions that would perish with the initial atomic explosions), not to mention the decimation of the entire northern hemisphere, should be a bad enough conceptualization for everyone. We do not want to experience the horror, let’s avoid it!

    • I believe that the ET groups who are visiting the earth (besides the Plejarans) have the capability to prevent all out nuclear war, if they so desire. . . . .As I have said previously, many of our earth-related problems originally came from elsewhere, and the people who brought us here and left us here, in our misery, are also responsible for helping us into a better future. That’s just an opinion, but I believe this very strongly! The Plejarans have admitted that in the past, they too had horrible wars. Most likely some people fled to the earth in search of refuge from those wars (as Billy has indicated). The ETs (all of them) are not without responsibility in what events have transpired on this planet. I hold them accountable for their actions.

      • We are so far down the road created by human beings on Earth that it’s pointless to try to look for outside saviors, rationalize why someone else should save us from ourselves, etc. It won’t happen. The people were were. And did they listen?

        • Well Michael, “someone out there” has given us all this new technology which has come in the past 100 or so years.. . . . we are definitely getting “help” from some outside source. . . .

          • While some impulsations have been directed to our scientists, etc., as Ptaah told Billy, we are far too quick to credit extraterrestrials for progress, great discoveries and inventions, etc., than the true source, i.e. the very capable human beings of planet Earth. Looking outside of ourselves, thinning that some magical, superior outside force is responsible for,w attaching over, rescuing us, etc., is a huge part of the problem and one that the religions are to blame for.

      • Carolyn,

        What REAL truth do you know about these other ET groups? And what are your sources?

  • Corey I’ll have to regrettably say that we have been warned enough but through our own extreme and vile stupidity and willful donkey stubborn egotism we have brought everything that is evil and degenerated upon our own idiotic heads.
    We don’t send people to prison for no reason and certainly the punishment fits the crime whenever and wherever it is committed
    So the only way that we seem to learn is always through the hard way.
    The easiest way for people to get out of this mess is to simply stop doing what they are doing now that is bringing so much trouble and problem upon themselves.
    Just recently I quit smoking for good just like that and thank goodness for that.
    What I failed to see all this time was the fact that if I knew smoking was bad for one’s health why I stubbornly refused to quit I’ll never know.
    So in the same way, the mass’s denial will be the genesis of so much collective suffering it’s only when they choose to wake up and face reality that problems can be solved.
    Its so easy yet people make it unnecessarily difficult for others and for themselves.
    If war or other calamities break out there isn’t a shadow of doubt that indeed we have brought it upon ourselves and we have only ourselves to blame for the mess.

  • Matt Lee,

    What you say is true, if war or other calamities break out, we will have brought it upon ourselves (at least, the antiLOGOS [the 666] will have brought it to fruition). How can we be so stupid not to formulate the multi-national peacekeeping troop, so simple and logical, yet currently so unattainable… Billy writes in the intro to the Goblet of the Truth that due to our evil actions, society itself could collapse, and set us all back to living in the stone age, horrible. It probably will, the more that I think about it.

    Hundreds of thousands, and millions of people will lose their lives due to environmental catastrophes, we will most likely collectively have to learn the difficult and hard way before we collectively change for the positive.

    • Yes Corey, you said:

      “Billy writes in the intro to the Goblet of the Truth that due to our evil actions, society itself could collapse, and set us all back to living in the stone age, horrible.”

      That is what I was referring to in my post above. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like that statement, or disagrees with it, to me, that is a real possibility. The next 6 years will tell the story, by 2021 society could collapse, in my opinion. AND I DON’T SEE ANYTHING STOPPING IT. ONLY THE TRUTH, THAT IS BEING REJECTED IN EVERY QUARTER, CAN SAVE US.

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