Razzle Dazzle with Zazzle!

Here’s a little break in the action to let you know that we’ve got a ton of new designs on our Zazzle shop, thanks to the efforts of David Valdez.

You will find not only great, wearable full-color photos of the UFOs  taken by Billy Meier but also many of the beautiful symbols from the spiritual teaching…and they’re also available on a whole lot of different items.

So, for anyone who wears clothes, eats, drinks, gives gifts…breathes – or is considering adding these activities to their lives – you’re gonna love what we have for you!

Available now!

P.S. It’s an inexpensive way to support the work and look good at the same time.

11 Replies to “Razzle Dazzle with Zazzle!”

  1. Yes yes and yes, Thank you for your untiring efforts Michael, to allow me to wear these beautiful shirts as a reminder of what we all embrace and love.

  2. Michael,

    I’m loving the new look on the site! I want to ask you have you ever seen the “Documentary” Mermaid The Body Found? If so what do you think about it? It looked like darn good CGI effects to me. Has Billy ever said anything about humanoid aquatic creatures seeing that Quetzal took him into the deep?

    I’ve always been curious about the existence of creatures such as “Mermaids” and “Bigfoot” because of all the history surrounding the tales.

    1. Thanks, J., I am too and I have Nathanael Mallow to thank for it. Meier’s never mentioned seeing any humanoid aquatic creatures on that journey. However, he has said of course that Bigfoot/Sasquatch, etc., is real.

  3. Nice was wondering about this! As everyone here knows this is far from turning into how earth things always do…. consumerism, wealth, and materialistic purposes. My brother is always wearing conspiracy loving, ‘god will help us all’, money hungry Alex Jones paraphernalia. He is a walking bill board for the guy!!! All I can do is shake my head…. As he sees truth in what Billy is saying, might have to get him a shirt or two, to do some ‘worthy’ advertising as I would see it. Though he might be reading this:) Hey Jim if you are will get you a shirt.. don’t you worry.
    Now just have to come up with some of those increasingly worthless petrodollar’s.

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