More International Support for MUFON Investigation of Billy Meier UFO Case!

Alexandra Bruce just sent the email below to her extensive, international network in support of the cooperative effort between MUFON and me to investigate the Billy Meier UFO contact case.

There has been total rejection and complete enmity between the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which has chapters throughout the US and in the world vs. the worldwide community which supports the work of Billy Meier, the one-armed Swiss farmer and lifelong contactee, starting in 1942 and ongoing with members of an advanced off- planetary civilization whom he refers to as the “Plejaren,” often mistakenly referred to as “Pleiadians,” which Meier forcefully denies.

This stand-off between the groups existed for decades, until about a month ago, when a subscriber who happens to head up a local MUFON chapter in the US saw the film, And Did They Listen? which I’ve been offering for rent or sale, as a Video-on-Demand.

Impressed with the film, he contacted me and I put him in touch with Billy Meier’s US Representative, Michael Horn. Michael has now written an Open Invitation to all MUFON Members & UFO Enthusiasts.

I invite any FKTV readers who are interested, to click on the link, above and to feel completely free to challenge whatever they think is BS about the Billy Meier story or any questions, whatsoever that you may have, to be punctually and fully addressed, as it is Michael’s intent to prove that the Billy Meier contact case is the most important story of our times.

Alexandra Bruce
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Our thanks to Alexandra for her support.

Jan Harzan, MUFON’s Executive Director, and I both discovered the Meier case decades ago and have long shared an interest in it.

So we created this important historical alliance in the hope of helping to determine the truth of the matter through the open exploration of  questions, challenges, and concerns, etc., from people worldwide. We hope that you will participate and contribute to this exciting project with us.

Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts



8 Replies to “More International Support for MUFON Investigation of Billy Meier UFO Case!”

  1. And the ball keeps on rolling! Good job Michael! Hopefully their questions and challenges will be met with satisfaction and they will read more of Meier’s information.

  2. Great job Michael, it looks like things are getting more and more interesting from here on. I think the case is starting to get the much needed attention it deserves.

  3. I truly don’t know how to stop myself from contributing in some way!
    How can the truth be treated in such a way for so long!
    It gives way to feelings all to often felt on our world.
    The truth stands so close at hand yet so far away for so many. It does seem the world of ‘beliefs’ has over complicated many simple things within our world of thoughts.
    As I have independently researched Billy’s contacts with the Plejaren for some ten years, it has none the less been a journey of personal self realization. Nothing is perfect, but it does seem in the end none of Billy’s information from the Plejaren really has to do with the obvious…. ET/UFO’s, really even Billy for that matter! It does truly contain more about ourselves as individuals, what we are going to do to become the true humans we are destine to be. Change the many errors we have succumb to and created because of our worlds human thinking ‘beliefs’…
    My path to come to realize Billy’s case meant many years also wading through ‘ufology’, staring at lights in the sky, abductions with little if any evidence, mutilations, and scant reports of this and that, as this truly unscientific, unknowing, belief driven group has come to be known most notably for.
    All the while the most important, ongoing, truly ‘unbreakable case’ sits in its own class. Not wanting to be touched until it was truly ripe enough for us to appreciate its cosmic natural truth. It seems it has been nothing but perfect to not have this utterly daunting amount of information and debate within Billy’s 72+ year contact with the Plejaren be associated with any of this other stuff. Though it has been twisted and turned to make up a large part of the fantastic crap within ‘ufology’s’ utter lies…
    Billy’s ‘case’ deserves its own spot as the one and only true contact of our time from highly advanced humans from the depths of the cosmos. They are by far not the only ones out there! Just the only ones at this time giving us the truth of our existence.
    It’s awesome to see that some of those at the helm of MUFON see what is obvious to see. No beliefs…. just the truth. And one doesn’t obviously have to believe me:)
    It is all amongst us for ourselves, if we want to see!

    1. Philip Brandel, I arrived at the Meier case quite different from you (quite a number years ago when I was heavily religious). The difference was I somehow felt that there must be a connection with the stories in the bible and the ancient astronaut theories which had been going for some quite time. I always drew the connection between some of the descriptions that was mentioned in the bible that surely were some form of spaceship. Obviously when the bible was written people back then probably couldn’t differentiate extraterrestrial visitors to Angels and got that confused. Well we all know time travel and travelling through hyperspace pre-existed any Earth timeline (or any religious one). Thank goodness I left the Church because the Meier case and the Plejaren made sense and I never looked back. It was much more fulfilling to me as I arrived at this “truth” because I found it for myself and did not had to rely on anyone for that. What drew me in was not so much of the UFO’s and the Plejaren (although interesting and my deep connection with it) was the spiritual teachings and our future survival on Earth. This is far more important than chasing “lights in the sky”. I mean the universe is so immensely huge and ancient that it is just common sense that civilizations have already come and gone with the highest perfection in technology. The truth in Billy Meier and our cousins the Plejaren is about getting back to the basics, that is we don’t need fictitious Gods or Idols to truly understand our potential as human beings and the reliance on them. Its all about getting to know ourselves again and that we are all just part of the bigger of the picture in this universe contributing to its development and evolution.

      1. Jeff,

        This is so true, extraterrestrial existence is written all over many ancient civilizations and that’s one of the realizations that got me into researching their existence and how people back then knew so much about our SOL System and the Universe. Religion plays so many parts in the disinformation of the existence of outer world civilizations and one of the biggest problems is the false “Book of Enoch”. This book which describes extraterrestrials as being “Nephilim demons”. So anytime religious people hear about extraterrestrials they automatically think they’re evil and coming to lead them away from their “Gods”.

        I realize that getting the “UFO community” and MUFON to realize the truth in the Meier case is a big step, but getting religious people to realize the truth will be like climbing the largest mountain in the world with your bare hands. The battle between the truth and religious beliefs will be the biggest fight, I think MUFON is just a bump in the road.

      2. Hello Jeff, is nice to meet you.
        Yes very different beginnings, but with the ever lasting same basic outcome.

        I was never ‘religious’, for whom and what ever it is meant to mean… my entire life was a realization far from that which ‘religion’ and later beliefs could offer. Though as a earth human… it is dam near impossible to escape these realizations we are all stuck within. Time to face them, up right, with eyes wide open. The bigger picture…

        Phil B.
        Minnesota USA

        1. Hi J.Smith and Phillip nice to meet you too. It is quite interesting that we come from different backgrounds but at the same time arrive at the same conclusion and have a mutual agreement that the Meier case is authentic. Going back to the people who are still very much religious they are in deep in denial and sometimes have no clue (oblivious) that they have been fed lies for many many years. It is also to do with the irresponsible power groups (selfish and have no compassion for their fellow human being) who want to continue spread lies as to ensure their positions in society remain. Arriving at the “truth”, it will be very hard on the individual as they will need to rethink and evaluate their fixated mindsets and point of viewers and possibly drive them to further insanity. It is very hard to let go of things that you were taught that were right since from a very young age. But there are obviously those who have a rational intellect that will question everything and be able to fight for the truth at the expense of losing friends etc in the process (which I had to personally endure). I rather “stand alone in truth than with a company of lies”. I was bitter for many years as the truth hurts and in coming to terms with it has made my journey in this incarnation more fulfilling and with no regrets.

  4. The timing of this is actually very interesting . Georgio Tsoukalus who is the creator of ancient aliens has had a good vision of a soft introduction into society . I have seen every episode and now MUFON is involve with their own program on the same channel called Hanger 1 or something like that . It makes sense that you just cannot come out and dump this on societys plate . Its human nature and its a nature in which is quite dodgey.
    I think it was a plan to get from point a to point b , but in the interem it accomplished to things for georgie and his boys . First was establish a client base , establish a tolerance , establish a revenue flow and now we can arrange an end game . The end game is Meiers story . Its extensive and can take lifetimes to introduce . So perhaps the history channel and georgio were no that stupid , just some latency involved . The truth is that the actual content is so immediate in its urgency to be made aware of anything but a person screaming on the top of their lungs from atop their home is pale in comparison . WE NEED HELP NOW . The only way for help to occur is with the spreading of the truth and the message and I think here we have an example of Michael finally gaining some traction and our own efforts to fan the flames . Salome everyone !

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