Requested Photos for MUFON Director

The following blog is in response to an email from a MUFON State Section Director, who inquired if there were photos that Billy Meier took of the extraterrestrials. Please note that the photos of Alena were taken in 1976.

Good morning XXXXX,

Actually there are partial photos of one of the extraterrestrials and of course there’s much controversy about the photos and the object she is holding:



Meier took several photos, indoors and out (see below), of Alena holding a laser weapon, more about which can be seen here. The remnants of the tree with the oval hole are still at the center in Switzerland. The weapon was said to be a 600 year-old “antique”, as their technology had advanced significantly since that weapon was first made.

It’s important to remember that the Plejaren and their associates (I think Alena is a Lyran) are human beings, just like we are. They don’t want their faces seen for several reasons, including that it proves nothing to show them since they are human and it could be said that they are just some Earth people posing as ETs.


Here’s a close-up of the damage done to some branches as the laser beam passed through the tree into the woods:

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You may know that there’s also a controversy about the Asket and Nera photographs, which is explained here. If you want to be a good detective you’ll see that not only are the photos of Asket and the dancer different, it’s also well explained how Meier couldn’t have taken a photo off a TV screen, etc.

Central to all this, one must understand that the whole “alien” thing, with the bug-eyed Grays, etc., is part of the disinformation campaign that keeps people focused on utter nonsense…and away from the Meier case.

The last thing that the powers that be want us to realize is that there are far more advanced human beings in the universe who have long ago become peaceful space travelers. Of course not everyone is peaceful, as the universe has both the positive and negative in all things. So reality dictates that even the peaceful races have weaponry to use in self-defense, if necessary.

Add to that the…seven-fingered hand prints explained here along with these photographs:



I arranged this interview and photo opportunity with Meier, over nine years ago. Linda Moulton-Howe saw the photos and asked if she could bring scientists to examine the prints (which actually have appeared on several cars) and Meier said yes, so long as they didn’t destroy the cars. For some unexplained reason LM-H never arranged for the examination, perhaps she was busy chasing abducted cows.

Now, when one compares the “evidence” that exists for “Roswell” – and every single other so-called “UFO case” – with what exist in the Meier case, one may come to the reasonable conclusion that there’s absolutely no comparison.

Of course my claim that the Billy Meier UFO case is what the cover-up is really all about may just start to make some sense…and make a lot of nice people very angry that they’ve been chasing lights in the sky for so long.

All the best,

Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts



And Did They Listen?


as the time fulfills



The Silent Revolution of Truth


18 Replies to “Requested Photos for MUFON Director”

  1. It’s cool getting the play-by-play regarding this attempted MUFON detente/d’approachment … keep us informed Mr Horn

    1. I’m glad to have this opportunity and will keep these dental updates going! How else can we…bridge the gap and fill in the cavities?

  2. I think the P’s and Billy could’ve taken pictures that were so revealing there would be no doubt of the P’s existence, but it seems like the P’s wanted to make us think. Lets hope MUFON does just that, this time.

  3. Hi Michael. Great to see this moving forward with some interest.
    Have you been in contact with Christian or Billy and got any feedback. Im sure they are as interested as the rest of us where this might go.


  4. MH, keep up the good work!

    If you do get one or two people from Mufon to see the Meier case is real, what are the chances they will convince the others in Mufon to see the case is real?

    I thought Mufon was a deliberate part of the disinformation campaign and there are people in there who know the Meier case is real and it’s their job to make out like the case is fake.

    1. Thanks Phil. Well, time will tell but there’s no doubt in my mind that there are many people in MUFON who really would like to know the truth. I am getting emails here and there from them.

      At this point, my communications with Jan Harzen have been very good. I spoke with him again earlier today and he said that they’re working on getting something up on their site as per our agreement. It’s a matter of their getting a new we master that has delayed things but he said it should be up in a couple of days.

  5. Unbelievable, Michael I mean did you really say ‘Well, time will tell but there’s no doubt in my mind that there are many people in MUFON who really would like to know the truth’.
    I mean of all people on earth especially the ones that actually deal with this subject who are purportedly the experts in this field and after some several decades of its organisation’s existence investigating the matter on the truth that they are still stuck on ‘they would like to know the truth?!’
    Ummmm better late than never but it’s many decades too late and overdue don’t you think?

    1. The 3,000 members in the organization are largely (or perhaps entirely) volunteers. Some are new, some participating longer and obviously for the most part they’re all interested in UFOs and also are mainly exposed to what the organization represents, promotes, etc.

      The fact that i’ve not only heard from several who have expressed interest in the Meier case – some admitting that they didn’t know anything about it before – but that Jan Harzen seems quite sincere in also wanting the case to be explored, tells me that the best thing is to remain…neutral-positive and do everything I can to provide answers to the questions and challenges, some of which I’m already getting from MUFON people before we have a presence on their website.

      I take people at their word unless and until I have reason not to. It should also be mentioned that Jan is the new executive director, less than one year in that position and, as mentioned before, he’s known about and had interest in the Meier case for over 25 years.

      Let’s also consider that many people who we interact with on the forum, my blog, etc., either didn’t know about the case before, or had only been exposed to untrue information, etc. So, we proceed to offer what we can to those who express a desire to know more.

      I don’t see a loss in that.

      1. I came to know about the Meier material by accident essentially. I’m interested in history in general and you will not find Meier at all mentioned with the completely modern day trend of Ancient-Conspiracy-Esoteric-Civilizations and what not, just a myriad wall of fanciful English words with totally unreliable information like it was the latest rock album to hit the charts (AC-EC).

        Of course, even when the pseudo-historical-esoteric-researchers make semi-coherently worded links to Aliens and Civilizations, none do as good as Meier who he himself knows a good bit about history without having so much as to receive an elaboration from the alleged P’s for things that take some effort to research. I’m not sure how many folks generally understand some references or intelligent investigations done by a real Professor like Jim Deardorff but I was very happy to read his scholarly work on TJ and appreciate the AMOUNT of research and work it takes to do that work. I also very much appreciate the work of Mike here (and it’s a lot to do essentially SOLO) who did not ask folks to believe and just take the responsibility to make a decision themselves as well as the various contributors who are generally are very much good folks even if we may not exactly agree all the time on things.

        I could go on though I just wanted to highlight that point about the Meier material essentially being avoided with essentially close ZERO mention of Billy unless some folks happen to include and credit the photos (like in the Dan Akryod interview) or you get a blurb from Jim Marrs (that at least gave 7-12 pages of it). In my case, a random hyperlink to Tall Whites or Pleidians that happened to mention Billy when I passed by it.

  6. Whatever it’s worth it is still a positive turn of events towards the money year 2029 and I guess this is one aspect of the link and the road.
    Being the Devil’s advocate I hope has its function and purpose, well at least it avails you to see at times that the glass can also be half empty and needs filling.
    As you said these post of yours are pumped faster than the Saudi oil pump and is going at warp speed so I just hope at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold waiting for you Michael and for the rest of humanity of course

    1. Not to sound cliche but I do subscribe to the idea that the journey is the important thing, not just arriving at some determined destination. In a way the journey itself is the destination, each step a destination-arrival point of its own.

  7. Good one Michael its always a pleasure and a joy to be at the receiving end of your candor, wisdom and your sense of witful humour

  8. Hello Michael, you made mention of Roswell and the way you said it, I took it as maybe it did not happen. We know it did happen but the Info. has been effectively suppressed. I know what you meant but someone new would take it as Roswell did not exist or never happen that is all I am trying to say.
    PS: It is great that MUFON has changed their mind set. Thanks to you.

    1. Hi Meg, no, Roswell happened for sure. Meier and his friends mentioned it and I heard about it in…1958 when I was in high school. The father of a kid I knew was in the Air Force and told his son about a “flying saucer” that had crashed, etc.

      Yes, progress with MUFON and…more to come.

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