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Friday, September 17, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

An Open Letter to All MUFON Members (Part 2)

Below I’ve posted a response from a MUFON member to my open letter to the organization and its members. I think you’ll understand right away that Craig is representative of the many good people who do want to know the truth but who know little or nothing about the Billy Meier UFO case, certainly due in large part to MUFON’s very deliberate suppression of it.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your note.
I am aware of many different beliefs and conclusions on the Billy Meier case. although I do not follow the Meier case all that closely, myself, I still find it to be intriguing. I am familiar with your views on it, and consider yours to be one of several possible viewpoints on this fascinating case.

As a member of the MUFON Abduction Research Team, and a state director for MUFON, I don’t feel that your disparaging comments regarding MUFON are warranted. We are an organization made up of every-day human beings who are doing the best we can. We pretty much all have regular day jobs and other commitments. Furthermore I sincerely doubt that we are at the core of any conspiracy to cover up the truth about UFOs. On the contrary, I believe we have done far more to bring out the truth than you state in your note.

I believe that all aspects of the UFO mystery deserve serious study. This includes contacts, abduction, distant encounters (including lights in the sky), etc. Furthermore (although I know you take exception to this), I believe the Meier case is just one of many potential cases deserving of investigation. I also believe a number of other researchers have looked into the Meier case with a range of conclusions about it. As a result, a whole spectrum of possible evidence and conclusions on this case need to be considered (including your own).

Thanks again for your note.
Your comments are insightful as always.
-Craig Lang
Hi Craig,

Thanks for writing and expressing your viewpoint.

Out of respect for both of our time – and intelligence – I will be quite plain speaking, with no intention of being offensive. First, I don’t deal in any beliefs, so they simply don’t interest me.

MUFON’s existence was foretold in 1953, by Asket, Meier’s second contact person/mentor. Of course you don’t need to believe it, though history has proven her to be painfully correct.

Since the Meier case is the only one with such an abundance of authenticated evidence, which has been sent – by me and others – to MUFON for years, and since your own director acknowledges that it’s true, pardon me if I don’t let them off the stick. That game is O-V-E-R.

Concerning MUFON’s knowledge of the Meier case, here’s my email to Clifford Clift…from September 2010:

Dear Clifford,

I am the representative for the Billy Meier case in the U.S. and I thought I’d introduce myself…and somethings for you to consider about the case itself. So you’ll know what my intention is, allow me to state what would normally be the conclusion to this message first:

I invite you and MUFON to embark on a rigorous examination of the Meier case and to take a firm stand based on your conclusions. After all, it’s either the biggest, most impenetrable hoax…or the most important story in human history. I will be more than glad to assist in this process by answering questions, challenges, referring to evidence, etc.

Now, I’ll “back up” a bit and lay some groundwork. You may be aware that Meier’s UFO evidence remains the most abundant, best and clearest of all and is still irreproducible. His first photos were taken in India, in 1964, and a major witness to those events, Phobol Cheng, is a highly credible retired UN diplomat.

I suggest that if extraterrestrials are indeed visiting the Earth in UFOs, then there has to be a reason for it. And I am quite sure that the reason isn’t to give people lights in the sky to chase after…nor to provide “careers” for speakers, myself included.

Actually, the reason is to help the human beings of Earth to assure our own future survival by warning us of specific dangers that we face…and how to avoid them. Meier first began publishing this information in 1951, then in 1958. As you can see, a significant number of forewarned events have already occurred, unfortunately.

If the field of UFO study is to evolve into something truly relevant then we will have to understand that the real cover-up is about the Meier case. Outrageous as this may seem to many in the “UFO community”, plain reason tells us that there will never be anything of significance revealed about Roswell, or any of the other crashes/retrievals and, in truth, the so-called “government” actually knows little about them.

But we don’t need the government or any “experts” to easily determine both the authenticity and importance of the Meier case for ourselves. One read through this ever-expanding compilation of corroboration for Meier’s scientific and other information will convince the objective, scientifically minded thinker of it immediately.

We are truly at a major crossroads in our world – environmentally, politically, etc. The old ways of doing things must yield to the new, and hopefully better, way. Likewise, the pursuit of the truth regarding the UFO matter must now turn to that stubborn “elephant in the room” and to a very long overdue examination of it.

So I reiterate my invitation to you and MUFON:

I invite you and MUFON to embark on a rigorous examination of the Meier case and to take a firm stand based on your conclusions. After all, it’s either the biggest, most impenetrable hoax…or the most important story in human history. I will be more than glad to assist in this process by answering questions, challenges, referring to evidence, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and I look forward to updating my listeners of our progress on my new radio show.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

And allow me to share with you one of Susan Swiatek’s lovely emails concerning my previous attempts to get MUFON to stop suppressing the Meier case. Oh, this was sent to Victor Martinez and is from December 2011:


Michael Horn is a complete asshole and the Meier case is moronic. Not only does Horn keep pushing a case only a village idiot can love — he also has to assail ALL OTHER CASES AS FALSE. He doesn’t even have the courtesy to at least use the weasel words of “You may have your own truth in your case. But the Meier case is the best.” No, Horn can’t even bring himself to say that much. It’s HIS case or the highway. No other cases or UFO contacts need apply.

Horn is the supreme arbiter in all things ufological. He alone can decide that NO CASE HAS ANY MERIT BUT MEIER.


Susan Swiatek
MUFON – Virginia State Director

So this infantile, completely unscientific mentality about “whose case” and having one’s “own truth” supercedes the importance of the claim itself? And most of MUFON doesn’t even know anything about hte Meier case? Why, who’s been keeping what from all these”investigators”?

If the Meier case is authentic, and singularly so, then it’s simply the most important true story in all of science…and human history. And MUFON is concerned with…what?

Now, I noticed that you, Craig, made no mention whatsoever of this:

Do we just live on different planets with different criteria for the truth, where a man takes 63 photos and a five-minute video of a UFO – from as close as 20′! – and even you don’t even mention it?

But you do mention that you’re a member of the MUFON Abduction Research Team. Are you at all aware that the so-called abduction phenomenon is primarily military (when not completely imaginary) in nature and not extraterrestrial?


441st contact report

Alien Abductions: Delusional Disinformation

The reason you may want to consider the information therein is because the source of it has been impeccably accurate…and there is zero credible, scientific evidence that any “aliens” are abducting anyone (or mutilating animals). Sorry, unless and until such evidence is presented the plain fact is that you have a job that is, well, basically…imaginary. MUFON has never presented proof that “aliens” exist, let alone that they’re “abducting” anyone.

So no, MUFON has not only not done anything to reveal the real truth, which is about the Meier case – it has actively, knowingly, willfully suppressed it.

And when you say that, “I believe the Meier case is just one of many potential cases deserving of investigation.” do you really not know how bizarre that is? Can you name one other case, drawing freely on MUFON’s 45 years of “research”, that is even remotely in the same league?

If you are the sincere, intelligent person that I think you are, then I also have to say that my open letter to MUFON is spot on. You’re among the good people who’ve been taken for a big, bad, distracting ride, who’ve been encouraged to participate in the least scientific, last credible approach to dealing with the most important question – and answer – in human history. MUFON, along with the disgusting profiteers at Exopolitics, OpenMInds, etc., are all complicit in concealing the truth.

Truly, I welcome substantiated rebuttal to my position. Of course the first step requires that you, all of you at MUFON, have the courage and self-honesty to shake my letter in MUFON’s face and demand answers…truthful answers. Of course, since MUFON’s part of the disinformation and cover-up – well, if what I’m saying is true and your organization has been around since 1969, what other conclusion can you draw? – then don’t hold your breath.

But do consider going into a meaningful line of work.

Since you did have the courage to respnd to the email, which was openly sent to numerous MUFON members, etc., I’m including them and also letting everyone know that I’ve also posted the orignal letter on my blog, to which all are free to respond there as well.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

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Blog Member
June 10, 2014 11:14 pm

To cut things short…

MUFON is simply an organization that deals only in investigating plausible cases.

That’s it. Only investigating. No beyond more.

Deal with it.

Blog Member
Reply to  MH
June 12, 2014 11:46 pm

Thats what I mean. MUFON is only for investigating cases that suits them.
Stop pushing against a wall you cant move. Let them on their own.
Their roots are too deep for you to unroot.
Thats why im trying to cut the entire babble shorter.
Cause it wont go anywhere.
And we have to deal with it.


…and now it is clear i have to learn more about sarcasm…

Blog Member
Reply to  Rose
June 11, 2014 12:47 am

Right, as Michael said. I just want to spell it out a little more. It absolutely is the case that MUFON is actively deceiving — and covering up the greatest informational treasure trove on the planet, no less.

Let the fact be stated clearly:

PREMISE 1: As evidenced by the comments by the director to Michael, the higher ups at MUFON KNOW THE MEIER CASE IS REAL (if this wasn’t already obvious for other reasons, e.g., they refuse to officially take a stance on Meier despite it being light years ahead of everything else in terms of authentication and content, while yet claiming to be investigating the truth of the matter on ET’s).

PREMISE 2: MUFON, as the self-styled experts on all things ET, attract many people looking for information on the subject.

PREMISE 3: When seekers come to MUFON, they are pointed at countless lights in the sky, purely anecdotal and almost surely fantastical 10 foot lizards, alien hybrid babies, and all other manner of nonsense or otherwise likely secret military intrigue (e.g., cattle mutilation, etc)…anything but the Meier case.

PREMISE 4: If it is authenticate (it is), the Meier case — through offering voluminous practical and literally world saving information and advice, and a spiritual teaching from a source thousands of years more evolved than us — represents the greatest informational treasure on Earth.

PREMISE 5: There is nothing else on the planet as for as I can tell, and MUFON points to nothing indicating the contrary, of genuine ET nature with any valuable content.

CONCLUSION: MUFON as the self-styled authority on all matter ET, stands in front of the Meier case, back towards it, and actively and knowingly directs people away from the very thing they come looking for, genuine and valuable ET-related information. And, again, this thing they come looking for also happens to represent world saving information and the most spiritually enriching thing on the planet — the greatest treasure on the planet.

If you think this is represents innocent, “only investigating”…you’re dreaming.

This may well be ONE OF THE GREATEST CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN HISTORY. And, now that you are well clear on the facts of the matter, should you continue to support MUFON…

I hope you can find a way to sleep at night.

Along side religion, MUFON represents one of the greatest bait-and-switches, greatest active misleadings away from the truth on the planet. MUFON is perhaps even worse than religion, because they cater to people that are often actively looking for truth, opposed to the hopeless, completely religiously deluded.

That’s it. No beyond more.


Blog Member
Reply to  Rose
June 11, 2014 2:44 am

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose … a flower by any other name would smell as sweet … no need to muck it all up with cement-headed obtuseness and utter stupidity, not to mention outright lying

Matt Lee
Matt Lee
Blog Member
Reply to  Rose
June 11, 2014 5:42 am

Well Rose you’ve come to the right place
Why not get your a** moving and start now
Its never too late

Blog Member
June 11, 2014 12:51 am

PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I am wrong, otherwise I will assume you have admitted knowingly supporting one of the most wicked organizations on the planet.

Matt Lee
Matt Lee
Blog Member
June 11, 2014 5:35 am

Hi All

Do any of you members think that maybe this all has to do with factional wars going on between the ‘Dark Order’ group within a group that according to Billy is playing off against each other?
I think that Dr Greer, MUFON and other lackeys in the UFOLOGY circles are just dupes being pawns to these powerful shadowy groups.
How else could a country doctor from North Carolina has access to so much when even presidents of USA could not.
I think its all a ruse where if one factional group have lost out to another for the control over these special access program black budget projects to do with ARVs or UFOs I would think that they would try to put a spanner in the works by blowing the whistle on it through various means.
Therefore even MUFON would not be spared.
Can you believe that of all organisations out their people must report to Bigelow’s organisation in terms of anything remotely to do with UFO sightings and what not.
So essentially the whole UFOLOGY industry as a whole is controlled from top to bottom by these shadowy groups and not by the government per se.

Blog Member
Reply to  Matt Lee
June 11, 2014 3:20 pm

Well, if we want to go even further, *if* there was so much resistance in the US, how can anyone UFAILOGY group manage gain a profit on their work, much less feed, cloth, and house themselves while they spend their essentially dedicated free time which can only be an hour or two a day? I still do not quite *believe* the ‘complete story’ of a “country” Doctor (or is it Director?) managing ER wing if I recall correctly. That alone would probably entail a lot of stress but rewarded with a lot of money logically, drop what he is doing and do the “UFO” circuit when he has himself, 3 kids, and a wife to feed, cloth, and house while ALSO (the key folks seem to miss) having something away for his retirement, pay for college, and all the other things you would generally want the everyday person in the US to want to succeed with or plan their lives around? After all, we do generally on average would like our neighbors and ourselves to succeed together in life, not be dragged down in the dumps. And yes, I have heard Greer himself postulate the similar above on the remarkable nature of his rise, though in all honest opinion, do the folks out there honestly believe it’s that EASY to obtain and audience of the President and CIA, as Greer claims, because he’s particularly “special”? After all, he makes a heavy linkage of his life somewhat being guided to do the things he does in a very religiously oriented manner (even if he claims he does not).

But, one must ask a bit more harder questions as if it sounds too easy to be done, then you are not really getting the whole story (and won’t). I doubt these are Franciscan Monks, that take an oath of poverty, working the UFO field that only rely on food, shelter, and prayers to get their work done while risking their lives and general wealth to cover a fantastic subject that is also entertaining at times. All and all, it’s clear Billy isn’t living high on the hog (or Mike for that matter), yet I don’t see a similar amount of friction they remotely get other than deserved comments about the silly stories they peddle.

Blog Member
Reply to  Duke
June 11, 2014 3:30 pm

Hi Mike, if you can edit, the “they” of course in the last part is the UFOLLY Folks that seem to not have the same problems in essence. Not sure if it was clear enough. Thanks!