The Prophecies Fulfill…Again

Iraq has become “an unbelievable disaster”, especially for all the poor people living there, as Meier undeniably foretold – 56 years ago

Billy Meier reported today’s news – 56 years ago – when he stated:

“…in Iraq a war will be led through the United States of America, through their country’s president, however this will be without success, for which reason one of his sons, who will likewise be the U.S.A’s head of power, will, in the third millennium, unleash a second war in Iraq which will ultimately lead to an unbelievable disaster and to torturing as well as to mass murder through U.S. armed forces and the rebellious. “

As I’ve previously stated, while we have plenty of verifiable, copyrighted documentation that Meier published his prophetic information before the long foretold events, or so-called “official discovery”, it is confirmation such as the preceding from Meier – verifiably published well before this ever-unfolding disaster began – that will ultimately establish the ironclad authenticity of his prophetic information…unfortunately.

Rest assured though that the deniers, religious believers and skeptics, all of the shortsighted ones for whom profit, possessions and worldly distractions trump the urgent recognition of the truth, will continue to blindly ignore that which doesn’t seem to concern them, that which hasn’t yet exploded in…their home.

The truth of the matter though is that what foretold as long as 63 years ago has indeed been exploding in all our homes, though for most it hasn’t yet taken on the undeniable proportions and inflicted the inescapable damage which, if Meier was correct (and anyone still poses common sense) is fast approaching. However, despite our rapidly evaporating attention spans for anything other than watching people throw or kick a ball around, for some who’ve been paying attention and personally witnessing, certain manifestations of our abuse of nature have indeed “become ever more violent and destructive.” Indeed, what else can they now say but, “I can’t believe it!”?

More apparent Corroboration of Meier’s Information – note the similarity of the descriptions:

From the Times of India:

“A massive reservoir of water three times the size of Earth’s oceans have for the first time been located hundreds of miles underneath the surface of the planet. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico provided the first ever evidence for potentially oceans worth of water deep beneath the United States.”

From CR 540 from May 12, 2012 

“An disturbing influence takes place, e.g., with regard to the movements of the earths petroleum lakes located in the interior of the planet, as enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth, will however move in equal measure, which would bedeck the whole earth kilometers-high, would they penetrate to the outside.”

And Did They Listen?” – the first award-winning film to be banned at a major university in more than 20 years – just won its first award in a film festival, the Award of Merit at the Accolade Film Festival. Unfortunately though, the answer to the film’s title is become ever clearer.

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The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

Thanks to Bruce, Chris, Shaban and others for information updates.




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J. Smith

“And Did They Listen?”. Or should we say And Will They Listen.

Chris L

It is also undeniable that the cold and brutal “mass murder” prophesied here is indeed occurring at the hands of ISIS. Even Al Qaeda disassociates from ISIS.


It appears we have indeed become Universal monsters once again. I wonder how many decades or even years it will take us to poison our neighboring celestial bodies again? If the Earth ever needed a multinational peacekeeping force it would be now. Children and innocents alike being slaughtered or worse all in the name of religion and power mongering. It’s as if the entire world has probably gone insane.


Hello Michael,
I am not sure if this is where to post this, but I came across this article pertaining to Artificial Intelligence gaining on humanity with references to the Terminator movies. I believe this is yet another of Billy’s warnings coming true? Worrisome…

Carolyn Milke

Human < humus < earth

Chris martin

I ment by the blog’s from …anywhere there is a reply space.