Response from MUFON NC Public Relations Director!

Remove me from you list. Your e-mails are ridiculous and offensive. We are all volunteers. If anyone is financing MUFON it is news to me. We have never received any funding for the investigations that we have done in NC.  I have to pay for all my expenses.

Israel Curiel

MUFON NC Public Relations Director



Glad to remove you from the list. A few questions though.

As a Public Relations Director for MUFON –  maybe you can tell me why the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case (more than 72 years) isn’t the top priority of MUFON? Why haven’t MUFON and you been using your PR department to announce to the world that the most important true story in all of human history, ongoing contact with an extraterrestrial human race, is occurring?

Is there something else that you’re waiting for, or that’s more important, in all of MUFON’s 45 years history?

While I won’t hold my breath waiting for answers, I consider no answers to be clear answers as well.

Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

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Interesting that he has published an article “The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity.” What sort of science is he studying? How has his study benefited humanity?

Tony Vasquez - Astrologer

Israel Curiel,

You are a deceived dupe. If you would like to know the truth concerning MUFON, read:

J. Smith


I can’t wait to read his response to your questions if there is one. I just visited his website and the “30 Latest Cases” as posted on his site all have to do with exactly what you’ve been saying all along, “Lights in the Sky” B.S. I’m hoping he doesn’t expect people to believe him when he says he’s not being funded because I don’t. How can you “volunteer” to absolutely nothing of importance? That’s a slap in the face to you Michael and the people who’ve volunteered years of service to the Meier case. I think these people are brainwashed to the point of no return; either that or the money is just too good.

Bob Wiegand

Jesse Ventura, whom Michael and I have spoken with, and, Michael asked him to investigate UFO’s while Pete “The Pirate” and I talked old times with Jesse, and Jesse responded “Holy Jesus, I have my hands full investigation the government and you want me to investigate UFO’s? Okay, I will watch you video” and Michael handed Jesse The Silent Revolution of Truth. So, move forward Jesse makes SKINWALKERS, Season 3 Episode 5, which used to be easily found on YouTube but I could not find it today there. In that video Jesse uncovers from a MUFON member that Robert Bigelow gave 760k to MUFON and then took over the archiving of reports and then nothing of significance has been reported since, or maybe ever but surely since. I also heard LA Chapter of MUFON a member just left to start a new group called USARPS because I was told NO INFORMATION IS BEING DISTRIBUTED FROM MUFON HQ. And it goes on, so ISRAEL decides to duck and cover his head, like an Ostrich, to protect his sensitive mind from being polluted by any controversy. Why can’t he just refute claims and get to the facts of what is going on up the food chain in MUFON and educate us, or, is it that he does not know much at all and is having a grand time standing for ovations in the MUFON click chasing lights at night while the real stuff is poo pooed and passed up, with NO thought, other than get me the HECK out of here, haha.


Not sure how Israel is somehow capable of “The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity.” if anyone financing MUFON is news to him.

Clueless is as clueless does.


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Skinwalkers

JV: …I’m meeting somebody who works with MUFON, the group that reports UFO sightings around the world.
Elaine Douglass, UFO Investigator: MUFON’s job is to be absolutely transparent and make all the information available to the public. Robert Bigelow seems to have a different agenda.
JV: Robert Bigelow does.
ED: Yes. His agenda seems to be to get the information for himself and his, quote, unseen backers.
Narrator: Robert Bigelow bought into MUFON in 2009. He took everything they’d learned and clamped down on all of the records, so the general public wouldn’t know the truth.
ED: Unseen backers is what Mr. Bigelow told the MUFON board he had, when he offered them $760,000 for a one year contract. When all this started happening, MUFON suddenly jumped up and said these investigations are secret. Although in the whole history of MUFON we’ve always been completely open about it.
Narrator: Douglass says Bigelow made sure everything stayed secret. He replaced the MUFON investigators with his minions. Paid experts, on call, 24/7, to follow-up on UFO sightings, recover the craft, before anyone else gets to it.
JV: Do they gather evidence? Or are they there to suppress evidence?
ED: The question, whether they would bring it back because now they where all sworn to secrecy.
JV: Any evidence that aliens have made contact has been locked away. The only ones who have access are Bigelow and his cronies. You’ve spoke about Mr. Bigelow and these secret backers of his. Correct?
ED: I did.
JV: Is there a possibility that these secret backers could be extraterrestrials?
ED: (No response).


You nailed it Helen, good job.

Bob Wiegand

Excerpt from the 501st Official Contact Conversation on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010, 2:00pm

For those who want to know why MUFON folks seem to act like Religionists:
That is to be understood. But I would still like to say something regarding the religious and sectarian
beliefs, but what I say also applies to other forms of belief: A religious, sectarian or other belief with
regard to anything can very well be reduced and end if it is approached in such a way that the beliefs are
considered and analyzed consciously and neutrally. This means that if the human being considers and
analyzes his or her beliefs consciously and neutrally, then he or she does nothing to impair his or her
belief. He or she only looks at and analyses it, without a thought in mind that he or she wants to free himor
herself from it. Through the conscious and neutral looking at and analyzing of the beliefs, however,
many things and facts will be recognized, which do not agree with the reality and its truth; consequently, on
the one hand, the reasons for it will be sought, and on the other hand, also the effective truth behind it will
be sought, which is conspicuously recognized as not consistent with the reality and its truth. If this is done
consciously and neutrally, then more facts of the reality and its truth will be steadily gathered, which leads
to the fact that more and more fallibilities in the belief become recognized, resulting in a preponderance of
the facts with regard to the reality and its truth. Thereby these come more and more to the forefront of the
thought-world and feeling-world as well as of the intellect and the rationality, while the belief and its false
content get more and more into the background and slowly ebb away. Thereby the belief ultimately vanishes
completely, and the human being consciously begins to live in the world of the reality and its truth and in
complete freedom from the belief-enslavement.

Matt Lee

This was Jesse’s earlier show called the ‘Conspiracy Theory’

This is Jesse current show

Does anyone know if Michael will appear on Jesse’s show?
Or the Alex Jones show?
Or Jeff Rense show?


I’m pretty certain AJ Show will not talk about the “UFO Subject”, as AJ has said numerous times, and will distance himself from it and stick to what works for his ‘audience’. The strange part is that he has no problem if the language is changed to a more religious mode phraseology that would allow the obviously nutty David Icke to make frequent appearances on the show to provide his “theories” which should have been classified as “UFAILO” as it’s really just his small attempt to spellbound the audience by his use of the English language to believe we’re all holograms and nothing is real; then turn around and say the opposite and argue something else. Some pretty stupid stuff he says that logically does not make sense or add up. All and all, something like the Meier material on the AJ show would de-peg the way he marketed himself as he has a niche audience that actually is discussing a minority of issues with a myoptic world view while also berating his ‘audience’ in the style he wishes to come across as and profit with the day to day activities. It might be too Earth shattering for him as he wants to come across like he did on the late Pieres Morgan show providing a tirade, in the literal sense, as responses to questions.

You never know sometimes though and would not mind to be wrong in this case. I’m not sure if Mike would like all the screaming and yelling that is customary to this type of marketed show. But, Mike seems up for the challenge!


That’s what I don’t get about the coast to coast radio show. On the one hand they’ll have MH on and then some guy who’s into ghosts and then another who thinks jesus was riding unicorns (sarcasm) and so on. Like one of the callers once said, if what MH is talking about is true then they don’t need all those other guests. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

David icke is the biggest load of crapola of them all. At least some people on the fringe make an effort. Like pyramid buffs and others.

Matt Lee

Ha Ha my bad
One of those awkward moments akin to talking about someone to another person whilst they are standing right next to you kinda thing.

Tony Quinn

Michael I would pay good money to see your Mufon stand up routine. 🙂


The process with MUFON is thus, they have an investergator who looks at the material submitted “if you get that far ” by person or person submitting a claim or claims of witnessing “lights in the sky ” or actual visual sightings of UFO’s, the process is lengthy, ie, time, date, day, night, visualbility, drawings ,height, so forth, so the procedure is very lenghty and time consuming, so by the time this information is forwarded to a third party, if are all it gets there? is a mission in it’s self! I am or was a member of MUFON requested to be a interviewe here in NewZealand for the reason of my own
personal encounters and sighting, hopefully to “spread ” the word that they are here and around us, they did not even have the decency to get back to me, this second person or investigator, I wonder, who is he for, the public? I think not! I have had many requests for donations though.


So are you saying the same questionaire has been used since 1952? This one:
and with the same result? That nothing reaches the public’s attention? We keep making the same mistakes over and over again and expect a different result? No matter what MUFON’s summary of the Billy Meier case will be, I still refuse to share any of my photos with them. Bigelow is well aware of all the animals his minions have killed, for shits and giggles and believe me, these humans are sick and disgusting in what they do. Of course they were only experimenting on the animals and have probably moved on to humans by now. Wrap your head around the fact that they are able to elevate 2 ton animals and laser off any part of their body and that was 6 years ago. I guess we should be thankful that the military industrial complex hasn’t started on it’s own citizens yet…
So yes spread the word that the military industrial complex has drones and all sorts of back engineered space craft along with the real sightings of the earth bound extraterrestrials plus add the small true sightings of the outer space extraterrestrials and there you have it, your sighting could have been any one of these three. And back to the question which one? And will you ever find out for sure? Since the sightings back in the 50s were never “resolved” what makes you so sure yours will be?

Brian B

I submitted my sighting info. to MUFON weeks ago and yet if I go to the website I can do a search on sightings from yesterday that are available to read already. My sighting and info, was very different from anything I’ve read about and should be easy to look up. I haven’t received any type of reply at all. I was under the impression that one would receive some sort of response wether they beleive you or not. What should I do? I’m starting to think either what I wrote was too crazy too beleive or too crazy to post publicly. IDK. What to do, what to do?