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And thanks for writing, I’m glad to converse with you about this.

I think if we’re going to be a bit scientific about it, the question would be reversed, i.e. where is the evidence that all the stuff about the Grays is true?

For there to be any consideration of so-called “alien abductions”, wouldn’t we agree that we first have to establish the existence of so-called…”aliens”? It’s hardly an established fact, certainly as far as science is concerned. So far as I am aware, outside of the Meier case we have no existing tangible evidence whatsoever of so-called aliens, though I’m sure that many of us accept the likelihood of their existence based on many things.

“Alien” is itself a term that’s a product of the disinformation and entertainment industries that have, in many cases, merged into one. (One blatant example would be OpenMinds.) So let’s get away from the very contaminated term itself and use the word extraterrestrials for our purposes. Now I think it’s pretty easy to come to the conclusion that Billy Meier has been meeting with extraterrestrials, a term I prefer, for a long time (over 72 years). But that’s not the focus of your question.

Let’s definitely agree that there is ample artistic evidence, going back to pre-history, that seems to portray beings and craft that sure appear to match the descriptions and images of UFOs and even of various knds of presumed extraterrestrials, etc. We’re not in disagreement about the high likelihood of extraterrestrial visitors to our planet dating back millennia.

In fact, all one has to do is to start reading Contact 251, and all of the information in the Meier case connected to such topics as the Giza Intelligences, etc. But I still have to refer to that information as speculative, since I don’t have any hard science to back it up and prove it.

And so far, despite all the huffing and puffing in the UFOCI, there isn’t one piece of indisputable evidence that all these people who think they’re being “abducted by aliens” really are. Now it doesn’t mean that some very few people haven’t indeed been taken aboard a UFO and “examined”. If we maintain and apply the same standards about speculative information in the Meier case to so-called abductions we still have to call them speculative too.

Then of course we have already referred to information from the Meier case that paints an even bigger picture regarding the nature, origins, etc., of UFOs, so-called abductions, etc., which indicates that in cases where people really are abducted the absolute majority of them are by secret military groups and not extraterrestrials. Meier and the Plejaren make it clear that there indeed have been an extremely small number of so-called “contact examinations” by non-malevolent extraterrestrials for scientific purposes.

But the virtual epidemic of reported cases are easily explained as sleep paralysis, mass hysteria, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, self-induced fantasies, escapism, etc. If we use logic alone to consider the hypothesis that extraterrestrials are abducting people, we have a number of things to consider concerning the purported reasons for such claims:

1. They want and/or need our genetics: Well sure, an advanced space traveling race which, by necessity, evolution and definition must already have much longer life spans than ours, greater intelligence and are also most probably unified as a people on their planet (far more than we are) needs our genetics? Why, so they can attain…shorter lifespans, degenerative diseases, hereditary physical and mental illnesses and our insane propensity for killing everything and everyone with or without the least provocation? Do they simply miss the good old days when they were primitive, stupid, short-lived, violent and, well…just like us?

2. They need to regain emotions like ours: All the crazy stuff we do is usully accompanied by equally over the top, mindless fear, anger, aggression, etc. What race wouldn’t jump at the chance to be at the whim of unpredictable, uncontrolled, irrational outbursts instead of spending its time traversing the cosmos, studying and experiencing awe at the magnificence and mystery of the universe?

3. They’re dying out and need to create an “alien-human hybrid race”: Right, that sure would be a match made in some sort of heaven…part advanced, peaceful, long-lived, highly intelligent and part knuckle-dragging, barbaric, genocidal maniacs. The sheer excitement of not knowing which part was dominant from moment to moment would make such an experiment irresistible and make going extinct seem like a really good idea.

4. We may as well also include those people who claim to be contactees. Please notice that none of them are being harassed, hounded, threatened, vilified, attacked – like with real guns, knives, etc. – and they all seem to have something else in common. None of them were important enough to be “contacted” and mentored by the president, vice-president, a congressperson, senator, Supreme Court judge, governor, mayor, city clerk, dog catcher, etc. In other words, none of them have demonstrated any significant abilities or accomplishments that would suddenly catapult them to galactic levels of importance and hence to be qualified to speak to, or on behalf of, much more evolved intelligences.

Naturally the question would arise as to what makes Billy Meier so “special” as to qualify for such a thankless job as a real contactee, let alone prophet, etc.? Let that hang for a minute and let’s look at it from the other end.

If Meier was a fraud and hoaxer, as so many uninformed and envious people have claimed, possessing such undeniably masterful, amazing abilities in a multitude of diverse disciplines, wouldn’t he be the most likely candidate to be a contactee? I mean the guy supposedly fabricated…everything – with one hand yet – and did it all without any proven financial, technical or collaborative resources, long before home computers and the internet, while raising a family with three kids, working as a nightwatchman and renovating a farm house that didn’t have electricity or running water, etc., etc. Wow, he could do anything, let’s talk to…him.

It may be hard in this day and age of online armchair experts who think that searching google’s in any way’s equivalent to actually personally gathering, weighing, evaluating and thinking through decades of several varieties of still irreproducible evidence, including reconciling it with Meier’s non-promotional, almost hermetic personal life.

Let’s pause for a moment and wonder how all this stuff got going. Weren’t we just going to talk about…”alien abductions” by those big-eyed Grays? Perhaps we can see now why I say that the Billy Meier UFO contact case is what the UFO cover-up is really all about.

Doesn’t the simplistic, cartoonish, hysterical “alien” anything topic – and chasing lights in the sky – pale in comparison to the rich, real-life personal history of a modest man who, for over 72 years, has steadfastly put forward this immense body of documented, authenticated, corroborated evidence and information while weathering the abusive storms not from some “alien” race…but from his fellow human beings?


NOTE: Much of the information below may be very challenging, especially for people who don’t really know the depth and breadth of the Meier case and how much more there is to it than simply the best UFO evidence ever presented. (Some of the links in the articles below may no longer be active.):

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Thanks for sharing. In this (and I’ve heard you mention it many times) you state:

Central to all this, one must understand that the whole “alien” thing, with the bug-eyed Grays, etc., is part of the disinformation campaign that keeps people focused on utter nonsense…and away from the Meier case.

Can you point to any evidence that this is the case? I’m sure some of it likely is, but it’s hard to imagine given all of the reported cases, many with what I would say are credible witnesses, that ALL of these are just disinformation. And that is just current cases. There is also rock art from pre-history times from all over the world that bear a likeness to the Greys (likely more than one species).





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  1. The spirit that is in me says, Yes, Billy’s information is correct. The Plejarans are our “friends” and the first line of defence against a group of ET’s that wishes to do us and our planet in, as the saying goes. We should trust them.

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