UPDATE: Aug. 3, 2014

Questions being posed to Antonio Paris now here. He dodged all attempts to substantiate his claims against the Meier case but now is shucking and jiving about begin a “UFO researcher”. Feel free to chime in.

UPDATE: July 17, 2014:

Hi Antonio,

We took you at your word regarding your willingness to review the Billy Meier information and evidence which, without any actual investigation, research, etc., you had concluded was a hoax. You have also posted Meier’s photos in a section of photos you claim are hoaxed…and which we’ve requested that you remove.

It’s well past the time that you said you’d be following up and getting back to us. More than a few people have raised questions about your failure to keep your word and some have raised concerns that you’re being…”advised” as to what to say or not say.

As you know, MUFON has effectively changed its position of 34 years towards the Meier case and I think we’ll soon be seeing more developments in that direction.

So at this point it is strictly up to you if our original assessment of your own credibility, etc., stands, or if you are ready to stand up and present credible substantiation for your old position.

There is an old saying that often applies as well, “No answer is indeed an answer as well.” We look forward to your answer – now – seeing as you’ve effectively defamed a man with no reason to do so and you’ve certainly had sufficient time to support or recant your position.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts



Since this blog has received an unprecedented response, especially from very uninformed people in the UFO community/industry who are essentially hobbyists, perhaps before attempting to comment on things that they admittedly know nothing about, they would do us all the favor of at least reading this first…and save themselves further embarrassment:

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

As we celebrate Independence Day today, on July 4, it seems like the perfect time to look at what may be an example of how some of the best, government trained personnel are now “serving” the public in this peculiar area of UFOlogy. Knowing that the government ‘s job is essentially to protect and serve the people, who better to protect us from any confusion about what’s really going with UFOs, and to reassure us that any appropriate investigation of the subject is being carried out, than a formerly high-ranking military intelligence professional? Of course one mustn’t try to second-guess just how these people do their jobs. Case in point: Antonio Paris of API. The following blog is a result of what I’d call a mixed message from Mr. Paris. As he had been on my mailing list, I was surprised to receive this email from him, on June 30:

Remove me from this mailing list NOW. I DO NOT want any emails from YOU. I am no longer interested in anything about UFOs.


Thank You.

My request for clarification of this confusing, seemingly inconsistent request wasn’t responded to so, on July 3, I sent this to Antonio and all of the team members listed on his site:

Dear Antonio & Co.,

I noticed the following here:

“API is a worldwide UFO investigations team about the scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as UAPs or UFOs).”

…on a page that mentions “UFO” 32 times, with an insignia that has three UFOs on it.

Since we agree that the entire field of “UFOlogy” is largely unscientific, lacking in credibility, etc., it seems safe to assume that you would be interested in the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (over 72 years) UFO contact case of Billy Meier. (The Meier case also meets the legal standard of proof.)

Since the evidence in the Meier case is not only stunningly clear, still irreproducible but also testable by anyone with PhotoShop (which didn’t exist when Meier took all his photos, etc.) I’m sure you and your team would agree that the need to chase lights in the sky has long since passed.

You now have what you’ve been looking for, freely presented to you on a proverbial…silver disk. So I invite you to respond to my invitation to explore the evidence in the Meier case…as MUFON has now also decided to do.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


Then, this morning, certainly flush with that patriotic spirit, Antonio, er, cleared everything up for me with this reassuringly open, professional response:


First, please email ME only. It is unprofessional to blast everyone an email. If you want me to respond, thats fine. But DO NOT email my team. They are very busy with their lives and they only study UFOs a few times a years. UFOs are NOT their full time job.

API is only interested in about 5 cases per year. Thats it, five. We do NOT investigate historical cases such as the Billy Meier photos. WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS. We all have families and full time careers that have nothing to do with UFOs. API is a small and part time team only. We are not MUFON.



I responded thusly:


I think we need to clear up some communications here. You’re a military man so I’m sure that my cutting straight to the points will be appreciated.

1. Since there are email addresses for the members of your organization in the US and UK, with no qualifiers that they shouldn’t be contacted…why is it “unprofessional”? As a matter of fact, your promo material makes it look like studying UFOs is indeed what they do. I must have missed the “five cases per year” thing. Have you also arranged it with…whom or whatever is being sighted that there will only be five cases per year occurring that are worthy of your time?

BTW, if my email to Cherish had been a modeling or acting opportunity would that have been a problem?

2. You represent yourself and company as a professional, scientifically oriented, serious organization of “trained UFO investigators” that investigates, researches and analyzes aerial phenomenon. So what part of a more than 72 years-long, still ongoing UFO contact case doesn’t qualify?

3. You inform the public that you are a former “US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent.” Is part of your specialty being deliberately non-responsive to the actual questions and points I raise with you?

4. You tell me that you “don’t investigate historical cases such as the Billy Meier photos.” Is there an expiration date on the truth? Is “historical” now being redefined as being synonymous with: irrelevant, unimportant, to be ignored, false, etc. As a self-described COINTEL pro yourself, is this new dismissive and contemptuous approach to “historical” perhaps COINTELPRO to “protect” us from a pesky, inconvenient, thought-provoking, disturbing little thing called the truth…a word that seems to be missing from your mission statement.

It is interesting, however, that you consider Roswell to have been “proven” to be just what…the government said it was, a weather balloon.

5. Have you ever heard the term “cold case”? Don’t you realize that today’s technology, including PhotoShop, is the digital equivalent of DNA testing? Have you bothered to review the expert analysis of the WCUFO photos using state-of-the-art technology conducted by Prof. Rhal Zahi, the results of which an eight year-old child can duplicate in about five minutes?

6. Returning to point 3., just whose intelligence are you trying to counter? Sorry, soldier, you’re either misrepresenting your qualifications, or you’re using them to be part of the disinformation you profess to want to separate yourselves from. Your failure to be “following the evidence where it leads without jumping to conclusions” leads me to believe that you’re actually prominent among the “convergence of arm-chair UFO investigators, conspiracy theorists, hoaxers” you disdain.

Perhaps though I’m expecting too much based on your own promotional material. I’ll let my readers decide for themselves.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


Naturally, at this point I thought that I should share all this with my readers in part to see if just maybe I’m being too vigilant, even to the point of being suspicious that…things aren’t always as they seem or are claimed to be, etc. I’m reminded of that corny old joke about a man coming home earlier than expected who finds his wife in bed with another man. As he stands there, shocked and confronts the situation, his wife looks up at him indignantly and defiantly says, “There’s nothing going on here! Are you going to believe your own eyes…or me?” Please pay special attention to the way doublespeak is now being used to redefine and equate “historical” with irrelevant. This isn’t the only UFO organization to now be using this tactic. (Watch for how this trend will be – or already has started to be – spread in our so-called “educational system”.) Notice how Antonio’s “trained UFO investigators” are suddenly portrayed as people who “DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS” with “families and full time careers that have nothing to do with UFOs.” Notice how mentioning UFOs 32 times on one page is now the same as his being “no longer interested in anything about UFOs.” The inmates, the asylum, the thrills, the spills! Have a happy holiday…from reality! UPDATE: Here is Mr. Paris’ just received comment on the entire matter, reaffirming my sense that he has more than a nodding familiarity with asylums, inmates, etc.:

You really have no respect for personal emails do you? This is why no one takes you seriously. You need to see a psychiatrist.

189 comments on “API: How UFO Disinformation Works?

  • IIG as we in the know, know, are populated by spineless adult children who derives fun out of having a platform to ridicule the hell out of anything they please like bullied children with inferiority complexes who suddenly realised they found the keys to dad’s cabinet full of semi automatic machine gun and cases full of hollow point bullets.

    Gee I really hope so and good on Jan for being one of those rare people who’ve got the integrity and the guts in risking alot personally to be willing to go this far.
    Its because of these brave souls (everyday lingo) that progress is made on their backs and nothing should be taken away from them as these rare types are the one’s who initially get the stubborn ball rolling.
    I wonder if the MUFON forum is available for everyone to participate?

    • The widget I referred to is the thing that should allow for participation regarding the Meier case. Hopefully that will be resolved next week, after the MUFON symposium in Pennsylvania is over.

      • Gee Michael if you have any advice on insomnia besides reading, exercise, lemon tea and meditation I would appreciate a tip or two

        • I have a few things that usually work for me.

          Breathing and relaxing before trying to fall asleep. While doing relaxing breathing, keep the focus on the feet.

          Calcium-magnesium a couple of hours before bed.

          Magnesium oil (should be available in health food stores there) massaged in and left for 20 – 30 minutes before rinsing off prior to bed time.

          Being barefoot on the earth for about 30 minutes (can be combined with the breathing).

          See if any of those help. If not you may have to proceed with drastic measures, like listening to a political speech, etc.

          • Okay but of course you could also try watching one of our congressional hearings or something similar. Good luck!

          • Hahaha
            Which one dirty Harry, Pelosi or Vietnam in the ditch Mcain or better still O-bum-a?

          • Also, in the spirit teaching they talk about visualizing a color of your choosing before you sleep. A full plethora of light in the color you desire. Mentally visualizing that helps to alleviate stress and also puts your mind at ease before sleeping rather than thinking about thoughts and such. They also recommend brushing your teeth before going to bed which helps with consciousness somehow. I find that works very well too.

            In this spirit teaching called “concentration, meditation, sleep”. http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Concentration,_Meditation,_Sleep

  • Hello michael, it is clear to me form Antonio’s comments that they or his group (API) has never been seeking any Truth. If they had they would have been more open to a Truth. I have seen these type of people before. They are saturated by their false Religious beliefs and they really formed this group to hind or hinder the Truth to protect their false brain washed belief system. Watch them close for you have exposed their True identity. Most of these type people would rather Kill or Die for a Lie than face a Truth. Thanks for exposing them. meg88

  • meg88
    I just read the API web site introduction. You have got to be kidding me. They are educating the Public???? What are they educating them with???? It is clear that they are a put in place group to hinder the Truth and to take people away from the real Truth. This is so obvious it is a sick joke. Possibly Paid to put out Disinformation. It has Federal Government written all over it. If I had the time I could prove it. I have seen so much of this in my life I can spot them every time.

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