UFO, IFO, Beamship or…Groundhog Day?

This blog is in response to John’s very excellent points in his question below:

Q: Michael, you have done an incredible job bringing the Meier material to the public. I want to thank you for all your efforts and please continue holding their feet to the fire.

I just wanted to pass along a thought. To me….the Meier photos, videos, audio are like comparing apples and oranges. To clarify….Billy Meier’s photos, etc., are not UFOs at all. They are IFO’s, Identified Flying Objects (the apples) as opposed to UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects (the oranges). They are identified as beamships of various classes that are piloted by known extra-terrestrials. After all, if the pilot and the flying craft are ‘Identified’, how can they be classed as ‘Unidentifed’ ? It is just a thought….

That difference seems clear to me when I see very clear photos taken by Billy of SEMJASE’s beamship in bright daylight, etc. The ship is Identified and even the pilot is known…whether it is SFATH, PTAAH, ASKET, SEMJASE, QUETZAL, PLEIJA, MENARA, ALENA, or anyone else that has made contact with Billy. In my opinion, an Identified Flying Object with known occupants is FAR superior to ‘chasing lights in the sky’. Maybe that is the real reason the Meier material should be separated from the UFO wingnuts. Just a thought. Keep up the outstanding work.

Actually I think most of us agree with you. The problem is that the overall topic of UFOs is marginalized, often deservedly, as being fringe, tabloid, crackpot, etc., thanks to both the efforts of the intelligence agencies and the disinformation apparatus and the largely idiotic UFO community and industry (UFOCI).


A: John, We certainly should have arrived by now at the point where we can speak of the Meier case and the craft therein as IFOs, or just Beamships, and it may be time to hold everyone’s feet to the fire in expressing it that way. It’s possible though that for many it’s still too big of a leap, since they haven’t yet allowed the idea of actual extraterrestrial life and their craft to enter as a possibility in their minds.

Then we come back to the fact that proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life and their craft would be the biggest, most important discovery/story in all of science…and human history. And when we look around we notice that there’ve been no announcements of such a historical event.

But we already know that the Meier case has more than enough solid evidence, which meets both scientific and legal standards of proof, to prove the entire matter…if only people will look through the telescope.

UFO or IFO…we live in a world of denial, arrogance and ignorance. The mass of humanity defaults, abrogates personal responsibility and seemingly prefers to have all hell rain down upon us, while watching it all on TV and the internet and praying to their imaginary gods and saviors, than to trouble themselves to think, reason and confront the real truth about almost anything.

It would be lovely to live in a world in which we would have already long been speaking of those nice helpful folks flying around in their…Beamships, instead of still slogging through the resistance, fear and denial, watching the prophecies fulfill as if we’re stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day”.


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  1. Interesting conversation.

    UFO – Unofficial Flying Object, instead? We have indentified them , but the “authorities” have not officially accept them.

    1. Rhal Zahi…..based on the ‘authorities’ maybe they should be called
      ‘Unaccepted Flying Objects’. And, BTW, your research regarding the WCUFO was excellent and very much appreciated.

      1. Uninsured Flying Operator!

        I would hate to see what a highway officer would have to write up a ticket for ET flying without a license because they have their rear lamps out.


  2. From my going back and forth with people about the existence of extraterrestrial life it seems like most people have the idea that “We’re special and there can’t be no other life out there better than us or like us”. And then from that idea that’s where they come in with the ridiculous ideas of extraterrestrials trying to take us over for whatever crazy reasons lay in their minds.

    Its been a breath of fresh air finding this case the way I found it and not having to be convinced, but making my own conclusions of what it is. I remember reading where one of the Plejaren (I can’t remember who) said it would basically be naive of us to question their knowledge. And its absolutely true because they’ve proven themselves time and time again to be giving us correct information. I guess we’re “Just to good” to pay attention and admit we don’t know any better.

  3. Rhal has a good point; UFO – Unofficial Flying Object. All of us in the know understand that these crafts are IFO’s as John pointed out. Currently working in an industry where pilots, astronauts and many others down the organizational chart are aware of the Unofficial Flying Objects; who are also forbidden to discuss this sensitive information due to potential loss of contracts and or jobs, etc.

    When this UFO subject is brought up with some friends, they immediately reflect on War of the Worlds 1 & 2; Independence Day; the movie series Alien, Aliens, Aliens 3 and Alien Resurrection; Predators and Predators versus Aliens etc, etc. The disinformation campaign has done a pretty good job; the majority of humanity is currently, still not ready for this. But we must keep pushing forward and get the information out there. Thanks Michael.

  4. When I don’t think for myself, when I believe that we’re not equals (falsely thinking that I am better then any other, or that I am better than anyone who lived many centuries before me, or live(s) ‘out there’ in the universe; or that I am less than another), I am still evolving.

    However, it was sooner (rather than later) that I took that ‘leap’ and began to study the spiritual teaching. The laws and recommendations of Creation are for all – any one, any where, at any time.

  5. The negative words used in the English language is common due to people not comprehending what was taught in 5th grade English. This is not an attack,but a correction. We have to start using correct grammar is we want clarity and closure. Currently our languages are written in adverb-verb, adverb-adjective-pronouns. Meaning nouns are used as verbs which is a jaren-noun, pronouns used as adjectives and so forth. So to start lets correct the basic terms used in this field.

    UFO- Unidentified Flying Object

    Un=’NO'(prefix) identifi-ed, were ed=pastime. No NOW-TIME jurisdiction.


    Ob=”NO”(prefix), ject=trow away/out.

    The famous word “Disclosure”

    Dis=”NO”(prefix), closure= to reveal/ know.

    I’m sorry if that doesn’t jive with most but its facts. And since this community is supposed to be scientific based and factually based then its only correct to have the grammar in correctness as per the math-interface set by the prefixes, suffixes and root-words.

    Lets be correct at all times. And since the BEAM case is based in science then lets do it correct by having the correct grammar. 🙂

  6. It could be better to change “UFO” by “IFO”… Somes say: ” for thousand years, human beings are calling their ignorances GOD(s)”.

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