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MUFON joins investigation as new “DNA” testing of 1980 photographs yields surprising results – Billy Meier UFO case proved authentic

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In 1980, Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, took 63, clear 35mm film photographs and a five-minute video of an object dubbed the Wedding Cake UFO, or WCUFO. Skeptics immediately pounced on the photos claiming they showed a model made from a garbage can lid and Christmas tree ornaments. With MUFON, the international UFO investigating organization, lacking the technology to determine the authenticity of his UFO photos, and Meier himself not saying anything in his own defense, the matter was perceived as a hoax and became just another UFO “cold case”.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140715/127404

Enter “CSI”

Fast forward to today where – just like in an episode of CSI – independent researcher Prof. Rhal Zahi revives the Meier cold case by taking  a close look at the “DNA” in the WCUFO photos using PhotoShop, professional 3-D computer modeling software and actual scale models. His 74-page report, including his reproducible protocols, conclusively authenticate the photos as large, unknown objects and rules out small models or special effects.

Prof. Zahi then discovered never before seen details in a nighttime WCUFO photo that have been hidden in not so plain sight – for 34 years – revealing that the craft is hovering over a gravel road and that Meier somehow actually took the photo from…above the object.

MUFON Takes Another Look

Armed with Prof. Zahi’s authentication of the WCUFO, Meier’s American representative, Michael Horn, contacted Jan Harzan, the Executive Director of MUFON, who’s known about the Meier case for 25 years and struggled with it being simply “too good”. Harzen and Horn formed a precedent setting alliance and, for the first time in 34 years, MUFON opened the Meier case to its 3,000 members worldwide.

Staggering Implications

According to Horn, “Prof. Zahi’s work vindicates Meier of charges that he hoaxed his evidence. It also makes the SETI program unnecessary because it conclusively shows that the UFOs photographed and filmed by Billy Meier are extraterrestrial in origin. With Meier’s well documented contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials still ongoing for over 72 years – and so rich in scientific information – the implications are truly staggering.

“Now along with NASA aerospace engineers recognizing its significance, modern technology makes it easy enough for an eight year-old child with a computer to prove the most important discovery in all of science and human history for themselves. We are not alone, we’ve been contacted and now it’s up to us to see if we can actually recognize – and handle – the truth.”

See the new, award-winning film on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, “And Did They Listen?

An update on the remarkable, historical developments in the Billy Meier case may be announced at the upcoming MUFON Symposium, July 17 – 20, in Pennsylvania.

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43 comments on “MUFON Finds Billy Meier UFO “Cold Case” Suddenly Very Hot – and Very Real

  • The problem with the article is the mysterious Prof. Rahl Zahi. The only Rahl Zahi that can be found through search Is a self professed Astronomer, painter and writer of fiction and spiritual growth books. Concerned about the future of humanity. There is a great lack of credentials that would make him a suitable candidate for professional photographic analysis.

    You see, if an expert is valid, then there is always a list of their education and accomplishments and where they work included in a written article. Something we don’t see with Zahi

    • Actually you’re completely incorrect.

      This is about the scientific validity of his protocol, which he provides, and which can be applied by anyone interested. My often repeated “any eight year-old child with PhotoShop can prove the authenticity of the photos” is correct.

      In fact, instead of relyig on someone else’s bestowing “credibility” on Prof. Zahi, why don’t you drop the nighttime WCUFO photo into PhotoShop yourself and see what happens. You’ll probably be faced withthe dilemma between accepting the results or…calling yourself a hoaxer.

      Unfortunately, the unscientific dolts in the UFO community, who mistakenly think that they’ve somehow been entrusted with discovering the most important story in all of human history, have functioned as the back-up team for the equally unscientific skeptics. Please don’t be misled by silly, straw man arguments and deliberate obfuscation of the plain truth. Science demands reproducibility of claims, which Zahi provides. Think for yourself and don’t elevate what amounts to a popularity contest above the scientific method.

  • Well I finally visited the MUFON home site from the link to Billy they posted and the talk of investigation . I’m going to shoot straight here .

    Firstly it was a wiki paste and into the chronological order of the page it was on with famous UFO events . Its a start . Now I did take a moment to visit the home portal of MUFON and decided to give it a review in context here because there is alot going on . And to also preface my comments I did so time wise because they are done with the ufo symposium event that Ended on 7-20 . A three day event that garnored perhaps 1500 visitors as they stated and they had some time to digest and report . So it goes like this .

    Others talk , We investigate ! . Seems this showed up alot on the site in terms of banners and on their merchandising . I found that to be a bit vein. Because instead of investigating Billy and even using the Symposium to talk about it , they had other agendas . Roger Marsh is the news editor on the site and he is well actually the only author of the news . And the big news after the symposium …… wait for it ….. an 8 year old girl was asked to report her story from an old Alabama event . WOAH . More , ok …. A grandma yes a grandma said that the Wright Patterson UFO stories are …. wait for it …… TRUE ! There you have it folks , the MUFON report back from a three day symposium .

    So let me tell you whats really going on over their.. Firstly they have made the big time , heck they opened Hanger 1 to television audiences with the new hyped TV series on cable . Yep they have some big audiences to sway now . Sway into wanting to become field reporters at $115 a year with online training , various memberships ranging from $99 a year and all the way up to big benefit memberships for $5000 a year too . All need to be renewed yearly . Hmmm . Also 25 pages of merchandise too ! The big portion Symposium presentations from the rock stars of the organization after each Sypmpsium every year for $ 20 bucks a pop . Hmm . So smart mind thinks TV seasonal . TV takes summer hiatous . Perrrrfect time to lead up to the Symposium . Record some new rock star presentations and get them ready for Christmas . Stocking stuffers and all . Maybe even get a MUFON field researchers kit for $350 under the tree . But come September new season and interest and maybe even new members . Each one has to renew that membership every year . Hmmmm sounds like a nicely planned entertainment organization to me . Others talk , we investigate ? Too busy with the show to even read one of the contact reports . Too busy merchandising ufo keychains and Roswell hats and field investigator kits . I think the kit includes a duffle bag some field specimen bags a magnifying glass and a pair of latex gloves . Of course a hat , a patch , a a T-shirt a badge and a bumper sticker that says I brake for cattle mutilations . Oh probably a roll of yellow caution tape also .

    These folks are full of themselves , it really is comical . BEAM would just be the absolute end of that cash cow . They are gonna milk every last drop out of the teet on this racket . Its like being a kid and spotting that ad in the back of the comic book for your private eye training or the Dick Tracy comic in the bubble gum wrapper . Now they are just older . I am still blown away from that brief 5 minutes I wasted their . SILI

    • Hello David,
      Shows the time we are talking about here…. in retrospect to the changes that must and will take place on our world. Only to get back to the very minimum, bare ‘truth’!
      Good post and was more informative than my own 5 minute ‘look around’ I had there recently. Thought about even going to one of MUFONS local meetings but that seemed to be an even bigger waste, at this time.
      Though I have long since past looked into most of these ‘historical cases’ linked there. As most already entrenched in MUFON have heard of Billy Meier.
      A good start to have it neutrally included for ones!
      The rest is as you have nicely laid out here:)

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