UFO Persona Au Gratin, That’s Me

Sometimes people ask if I’m going to be at a particular event and I also routinely suggest that I speak at upcoming UFO conferences. In that light I recently had a contentious exchange (I know, big surprise) with Paola Harris, who’s apparently an organizer of the Starworksusa UFO Symposium. Although I’m actually not too interested in appearing at most of those venues anymore there are a couple of upcoming events that I am scheduled for, however, and more about that later.

I’ve had previous interactions with Ms. Harris, going back to at least 2005, which I also updated in 2009. So it may not be surprising that she didn’t respond to my twice-sent request to present updated information on the Billy Meier UFO contacts at the symposium.

But a friend of mine who had also written her to suggest me as a speaker did receive, and forwarded to me, her response:

“*** There will be no Michael Horn as I consider  Wendelle Steven to be the Chief Investigator there, The Billy Meier Case to be real since I Have been to his  House in Switzerland and have researched the case. Tead AND STILL THEY FLY by Guido Moosebruger”

The Dead-End Circus

Leaving all other issues aside, the thing that stood out for me the most in her email was, “I consider…The Billy Meier Case to be real.” That admission actually speaks volumes about what a pathetic, self-promoting, dead-end circus the UFO community/industry (UFOCI) has become. As I’ve pointed out before, this field has become a kind of refuge for the least scientifically minded, most unqualified, illogical people in which to stake out some territory and present themselves as “researchers”, “experts”, etc. And because of the focused efforts of the intelligence agencies to disseminate disinformation in order to block awareness of the singular authenticity of the Meier case, any and everything “alien” and nonsensical quickly finds its way into the media and becomes easily accessible, with the help of various willing dupes. Hence our recent success with MUFON is a rarity in terms of the Meier case coming to, being allowed to, attain any mainstream exposure.

The Obvious Solution

While Ms. Harris and others may recoil at the idea of my presenting the Meier material at one of their events, the real evidence of their cynical profiteering at worst, and utter incompetence and lack of serious professionalism at best, is the fact that it hadn’t occurred to Ms. Harris – or apparently anyone else in the UFOCI – that this isn’t just “Michael Horn’s case and we don’t like him”…it’s a gift to humanity. And if there were any people in this so-called field of study with integrity and self-honesty they’d do the right – and very obvious – thing. They would collapse the tent on the UFO circus and put together conferences, symposiums, etc., focused entirely on the Meier case. After all, since Ms. Harris admits that she’s found the mother lode, and MUFON has basically authenticated the case as well, what could possibly be the point of holding conferences focused on old, dead-end and/or simply speculative, unsubstantiated “UFO cases”, along with various psychics, channellers, etc. – other than to milk the cash cow?

We’re speaking about the most important true story in all of human history and that should certainly supersede carnivals and quackery for any truly serious researcher, scientist, etc. There is enough freely available information on the Meier case which, if simply presented without embellishment, alteration or celebrity seeking, would provide hours of vitally important information evidence, background, research, etc., for the attendees to consider. Any and all of the self-proclaimed UFO researchers, including those listed here, could participate in presenting the information. I mean they really are only interested in the truth, right?

Taking Delusions to New Levels

The same holds true for events like the retreat being sponsored by UFOContact. I also wrote to them despite the unlikelihood that they’d invite me to come and speak at their event. (You’ll notice that they have the eminent disinformation specialist Stephen Bassett from the idiotic Exopolitics group, and also Daniel Sheehan, who for reasons unknown has suddenly decided that he’s a UFO expert too.)

While it seems like the owner of the site is a nice lady, all one has to do is peruse the information there to realize how invested in utterly delusional disinformation and escapist nonsense they appear to be. When I heard from her about their limited budget, etc., I suggested that they contact someone from the Canadian FIGU group to present the sobering Meier material…to which I have of course received no response, nor have they apparently contacted the Canadian group to invite them to dispel all the illusions about “contacting extraterrestrials”, etc.

Yet another bunch of New Age fantasy, designed to mislead people into following more fake contactees, saviors-from-outer-space, UFO-religion, etc.,  resulting in the equivalent of self-administered lobotomies.

Groucho Marx Said It Best

Indeed, as Groucho Marx, the quip-ready master comedian of yesteryear is quoted as having said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” So I’m glad to remain unwelcome at these events, while calling the bluff of the self-proclaimed “UFO researchers” and “experts”, etc. I call on them to show us that they’re desirous of being more than hucksters and peddlers of irrelevant entertainment oriented nonsense and disinformation. I, along with many others, have already done a lot of work to which they could have access for presentation at their events.

Two Events

As I mentioned earlier, there are two events that I am participating in. Information on the first one, an online event upcoming on July 26, can be found here. I decided that my presentation should be as interactive as possible, so I’ll focus on addressing questions and challenges from the audience about the Meier case rather than simply making a formal, scripted presentation.

The other event is still a bit in the future and, if the California land mass is still relatively intact, I should be there as scheduled.


P.S. If you want to gag over what another cynical, stone cold profiteer is selling to the gullible, here it is.


20 Replies to “UFO Persona Au Gratin, That’s Me”

  1. Michael,

    Will that event be broadcast live online or will they release a video of the event after? It always occurred to me that those people in the “UFO Community” seem to not respect your 30+ years of research into this case. By the way Michael what in the world are those other 4 people coming to present? And why do they still refer to the Plejaren as the Pleiadians? For the people that haven’t found out about this case its going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack with all the nonsense that’s out there.

    1. It will be broadcast live. Yeah, it’s a funny thing about the “UFO researchers”, they all know better and of course still use the outdated term.

  2. Looking forward to it, Michael, but I don’t think the hosts know what they are in for. Portal to Ascension looks like New Age mumbo jumbo nonsense of the worst kind…Starseed Summit…SIL.

  3. Still nothing on that LA earthquake. The window is from July to sometime in September? I’m not one to put stock into things I cannot personally verify. But still, always curious.

      1. Michael,

        How can it be September of this year if those cars with no side mirrors aren’t currently street legal? I thought it would occur when many people were driving around in those new type of vehicles. That’s what I’ve been waiting to see before I speculated on when it would occur.

  4. MH, are you saying that the BIG SF earthquake could take place sometime this year between September 14 – 30?

    1. No, just that there’s all this talk about a big CA quake during that time period.

      Interestingly, a quake was predicted for L.A. on or about the 11th and one hit Fukushima, 6.8, on that day. It’s all shaking and baking so…who knows?

  5. Hello Michael i’m really glad things are paying off for you and your hard work and others alike that are putting the truth out there thank you very much it really means a lot to me what your doing…

    1. Ah yes, you noticed. Of course it’s a golden cheese, hence the AU before gratin. Maybe our friends in the UFOCI will be glad too for the opportunity to actually contribute something meaningful to the dissemination of the truth.

  6. So strange the man that gave you the contact notes turned out to be…well, whatever he is.

    As an aside, I was in Sedona recently. Man, how gorgeous. Of course I had to have a lunch at the ET-themed diner. And, as expected, there was an unattributed Meier picture on the wall — well, actually not a photograph, but one of those paintings someone did with Semjase and the beamship.

    Seems surreal to me sometimes how the truth has been hiding under our collective nose for so long, hidden in plain sight, etc. Cheers to Michael Horn for helping remedy this.

  7. The big mo regarding the case is building and it will sooner or later be unstoppable like a giant snowball careening down a swiss mountain-side rolling over the kal korffs, stuart know-it-all robbins and all the other pretenders and phonies out there.

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