“I Don‘t Want to Find What I’m Looking For”

I recently wrote about someone in the UFOCI who found the mother lode, who knows the truth but who’s so angry at me for outing them for unashamedly promoting a pathological liar as a “UFO contactee”, that they would rather pursue profit and fame than openly inform others about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case.

The publication of my latest press release elicited another response that seems so bizarre to me that I have to share it.

My release was picked up at a popular website and caught the attention of one Terry Montgomery Groff, a MUFON Deputy Director. It appears that Terry has taken the rather unique approach of joining an organization that looks for evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs…but doesn’t want to actually find what he’s looking for. Beyond that, faced with the information that the organization in which he’s a Deputy Director has now posted information about the Billy Meier case for its members to investigate, challenge and question, Terry had a minor meltdown. Excerpting from two of his posts:

“MUFON is NOT reopening this case and is NOT re-investigating this case and whoever told you that is lying. Yes, the story was posted on the MUFON website but that is all…No one from MUFON is investigating it. It is only there for visitors to read.”

So not only does Terry appear to be calling his Executive Director, Jan Harzan, a liar, he wants to make darn sure that, beyond not investigating and finding what he’s looking for, he doesn’t want anyone else to find what they’re looking for either.

Now this is clearly a hobby for Terry in which he’s somehow risen high up in the ranks while – no longer secretly – trying to make sure that neither he nor anyone else concerned doesn’t succeed with the presumed core purpose of the group. While this is a rather peculiar behavior – one could view it as a twist on the Greek myth about Sisyphus – one has to wonder if Terry represents more than a few of the dabblers and dilettantes in the UFOCI who simply love the distraction, the false significance, the fancy little titles, the cake and coffee socials and the comfort and security that never reaching the actual goal gives them.

After all, if they too find the mother lode, the thing they claim to be looking for, well, what fun will that be? Who wants to have to buckle down and take personal responsibility for everything in their lives, to stop chasing lights in the sky and alternating between seeking saviors, or fearing being abducted by “evil aliens”?

Perhaps Terry will clarify his position, somehow explain all this, or maybe just get…another hobby. Of course I hope it won’t be weaving, lest Terry emulate that clever woman named Penelope who figured out how to not finish a project that she really wasn’t interested in either.







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  1. Deputy probably dreams of being sheriff. Trying to wrangle support, he has no horse to ride and that’s a pity. But dishonesty will not put him in good steed. NOFUN rides again.

  2. Bravo ……. Michael …Bravo !! . In recognition of the fact that many here realize the importance of your/our mission , I cannot help but think you have also been receiving impulse messages from the Plajaren , guiding you/us and others to the facts of life. Actually its quite obvious that this is indeed fact . Without your untiring and adventurous endeavors linked with impulse messages , i think that the 800 years it presumably takes for everything to unfold , would perhaps take thousands of years to unfold , and steered to a different outcome if it wasn’t for you /us collectively .What you , I , and others are doing within this great adventure are all “part” of the plan that has already been put in place. So .i am enjoying the ride ,because armed with truth and knowledge, I myself express my duty as well to due diligence and to correct and steer the “off course” direction So so many people seem to have and are taking. leading Humanity as a whole …………….To the eventual truth.
    Well Done to ALL of us !!!
    Salome …. Wayne Sunter-Smith

    1. That’s actually interesting what you said Wayne because thoughts similar to your crossed my mind before your post was up.
      I mean has anybody ever ask themselves ‘why me of all people in this present, why in this particular incarnation and why not as another one of those detractors, doubtors, objectors, unbelievers, enemies, pseudo skeptic debunkers and ignoramuses.
      What did we have that 99.9999999997% of the rest didn’t?
      More importantly now that we are at it and must help the cause of the truth even more than we did before, where should we go from here other than the path already tread?

      1. Hi there Matt ! People of higher intelligence find their way to the truth quicker , i read somewhere in the Cr’s…or maybe in Goblet of Truth. It “does” stand to reason when you think about it !! Example .””Money”” ,Wars , Oil and Mining”” versus ……….growing and nurturing tree’s Rainforests, Crystal clear streams , wildlife, etc

          1. Myself , personally , Didnt have any children because of the …………………Hmmmm make of it what you will , but when and since i had an encounter with a beamship with my Fiancee 24 years ago along the Albany hwy Southwest of Western Australia @1;00 am, been receiving impulse messages “at the time (They wanted contact),……..and since that time. Overpopulation was one of them amongst pages of other messages corroborated from people of whom i know and don’t know.(seeing into the future events and watching them unfold weeks later all of which 100% accurate.
            I “too” have had all the crap thrown at me for being “an intelligent Human !
            .Wayne Sunter-Smith
            13 Wellington ave Parafield Gardens
            Adelaide , South Australia 5014

          2. Hey that stretch of Hwy is actually fantastic to drive and I use to listen to the peace meditation whilst driving from Perth to Adelaide and then back again.
            Kalgoorlie exchange pub for a few coldies too I might add

  3. I would imagine that to a large extent most do not ever get far enough into the actual reading of the contact reports . They fixate on the photographs, the films, rumors and some even the results on the google search page. I have had almost no success getting people to actually even open the web page and take a look . Maybe they think I’m nuts, maybe . But when presented with two outcomes …. The greatest story ever told , or its true . Thats pretty much a win , win . But their seems to be a fear that creates a barrier . People don’t seem to want to have their lives disrupted . I guess their is a large part of the population that has been greatly impacted by world events globally . A loved one lost in tragedy , an already disrupted life from a plethora of things present in this world including job loss and the feeling of a decline of sorts inherently. People seem to be holding on to what they have and not really striving to ask questions or seek the truth. Its like they recorded a sporting event (as an analogy) and your about to tell them the results and they stick their fingers in their ears and say no! LA LA LA LA don’t tell me . Not that in this instance regarding the truth ,that they don’t want the answer because they aren’t done with their own research . It just seems people over all are behaving strangely all around . I’ve become aware of so many external influences , planned and residual that really do disrupt the modern day human . Some from chemicals , foods , pollution , environment , electronic radiation and much of it accumulative . So its not surprising that we come across alot of people whom are just not themselves anymore . I see alot of changes in behaviour in just about everyone . People definately don’t want another load on their plate . So they look at me like I am wearing the tin foil hat ! In the UFO community I can see the realization of Job loss and the end of the chase . But they cannot grasp the vast amount of knowledge to absorb and the amount of time it is going to take to actually do this research . Much is just reading and coming to your own conclusion . When I had the aha moment I was blown away for about two weeks . I did change , for the better . I was gradually wondering why the firm seriousness was present in the writing . It took me some time to understand that . Because as I learned even more of the truth about our global human existence I became more shocked and the seriousness was completely honest and necessary . Realizing they had far more knowledge of events than I ever will , and it became crytsal clear how dangerous man is , not only to the Plejaran and our surrounding celestial community , but the affliction on humankind . Mans brutal positions taken on the entire populous is very shocking and almost unbelievable . So the truth is very harsh . If I were to collectively write a book about all that I know about the history of Humankinds affliction on its own , you would probably have a hard time taking it all in and most likely say it cannot be true . In the same light , humankind will have a hard time absorbing the truth about the Plejarans and our relationship with them . They just get wide eyed and say that cannot be true . So much of the truth has already been hidden and twisted that many believe the lies , the indoctrination and accept it as the normal . If you try to paint a picture that changes that landscape its met with initial rejection . Much the same way a deeply ingrained religion grips humans . The propaganda has been a part of a multipronged training and conditioning that works in conjunction with the all the disruptions I spoke of above . Its a master plan of the global elite . So you have the average human that does not want to hear about Billy , and you have the global elite that already know who Billy is . And you better believe the global elite don’t want you to ever know Billy .

    1. Very true. I did send an email to MUFON explaining how Billy’s explanations of human abductions can ensure that these people aren’t abducted again. Did I hear back from the MUFON tards? Of course not, because they aren’t interested, they only want to promote and prolong the delusion.
      Check out this symposium: http://www.mufon.com/
      Of course they are going to see lights in the sky. I mean the Canadian drones are always out so chances of them not seeing any, are slim to none. But I’ve come to the conclusion that these people must be on some serious drugs so hopefully the Toronto police drug drones will show them what they’ve got…sil.

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