Yet Another Daffy, Delusional UFO Cult?

Just after seemingly wrapping up the last of my griping about UFOCI profiteers, and also noting the tail-between-his-legs disappearance of Antonio Paris, who feigned interest in reevaluating his misinformed position on the Billy Meier UFO case, it seems like there’s a new UFO cult trying to emerge, one that I briefly touched on before. So here’s a little update for those who follow the Saviors-from-the-Skies soap opera.

You Too Can Contact Extraterrestrials!

Daniel Sheehan, who had a stellar 45-year career as a constitutional lawyer, has not only long been interested in the so-called UFO cover-up and government disinformation but has apparently now jumped to being a…“UFO expert”. Sheehan worked with loose canons such as John Mack, and Stephen Greer, and now also subscribes to a nice, made-for-TV-movie concept of how SETI will be involved with “first contact”, “translating the message”, etc., along with the Vatican’s pragmatic “find ‘em-convert ‘em-to-religious-insanity” approach to extraterrestrials.

Sheehan and Kosta Gus Makreas are part of the UFOContact group and it’s “reach out to extraterrestrials” and “establish direct contact with these beings” nonsense, and have taken the leap to promoting the idea, as well as the means and methodologies they’ve apparently concocted, so that there are all sorts of people already believing they are in contact with extraterrestrials.

Of course, while Sheehan doesn’t have any proven contact with extraterrestrials himself, it hasn’t stopped him from taking the leap from being a constitutional lawyer and “UFO researcher” to joining the rest of the lot of phonies instructing people how to contact beings – for who no official scientific recognition exists. Placing himself into a field that has virtually no credible scientific standards seems disturbingly comfortable for the Harvard educated, former candidate for the Jesuit Priesthood.

The Rules Don’t Apply

If I tell you that growing numbers of people, including me, are making contact with the inhabitants of Inner Mongolia on a regular basis, and that I can teach you how to do it too, should I get offended if I’m asked to…substantiate that claim? Well my requests to Makreas for him to substantiate his far more extraordinary claims about all the people who are “making contact with extraterrestrials” weren’t well received, as you can read here.

Why Bother?

Right, this is the kind of stuff that would and should normally have been relegated to the tabloids, and the people involved in this burgeoning cult would be lovingly cared for in loony bins, so…why bother? After all, the world we live in is decaying ever more into a violent, desperate battle for scarce resources and strategic military advantage, in preparation for yet more war. Consider that in long foreknowledge of these very times, the Plejaren and Billy Meier have worked tirelessly to provide the necessary information for the human beings of Earth to awaken and make significant, positive course corrections so that we can avoid much grief and assure our own very threatened future survival.

The UFO controversy was provoked by them so as to get people’s attention, to draw them towards the prophecies and predictions and, having thereby determined the authenticity of the Meier material for themselves, to ultimately study the spiritual teaching, recommendations and advice that we could implement to make the necessary corrections…and evolve our consciousness significantly above the level of mere, mindless consumerism, mind-enslaving religions and politics.

However, the perceived threat to the governmental, religious, economic and political powers that be led them to resort to producing and promoting any and all kinds of disinformation through the intelligence agencies to confuse, disinform and effectively obliterate the truth. This was and is then disseminated by the media, entertainment industries and through the ongoing complicity of the UFOCI.

In other words, the most important true story in all of science and human history was so suppressed, trivialized and effectively turned into entertainment that it could be neutralized and humanity kept in the dark.

Since there’s no shortage of poseurs, frauds, charlatans, etc., looking for an easy road to fame and fortune, such as it may be in what’s been turned into a fringe – but for some very lucrative – field they flocked to it, targeting and attracting the gullible, savior-seeking, labile, unscientific, illogical hordes who seek escape from the realities of life. In this way the UFOCI sucks up all the oxygen in the room when anyone seeking the truth searches for information on UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc. In fact, many people who finally find their way to the Meier material had to do so by getting through the well funded maze of distraction and disinformation, as well as the mind-numbingly inane content that passes for some kind of news today.

So taking the time to pull back the curtain on the stupid, cynical charlatans and profiteers In the UFOCI, such as all those referred to above, is my attempt to try to clear the path for those people who are sincerely looking for the truth and probably don’t want to get shanghaied or fleeced along the way, not knowing how full of sharks the waters may be. And of course I’ll promptly apologize and retract my labeling of people such as Sheehan and Makreas (an the others in the UFOCI field) as cynical profiteering phonies, or even just delusional ones, should they provide credible, scientific evidence substantiating their claims of contact with extraterrestrial beings.


I am inviting donations for press releases specifically targeting the mainstream media, radio TV, etc. These kinds of releases are expensive and I can use your help. If you’d like more information, please email me.


100 Replies to “Yet Another Daffy, Delusional UFO Cult?”

  1. It may be wise to refrain from ridiculing every single instance of claimed contact outside of the Plejaren. This is highly illogical. The Plejaren themselves have produced enough plausible deniability to go around for everyone who understands this case and there is probably good reason for this in their minds, afterall they are only Human. They have their own reasons for doing or not doing something, although it’s most assuredly anchored in logic, nonetheless these inconsistencies exist. It seems to stem from their concern over our ability to properly deal with “others” who are shall we say more forth right in their approaches when it comes to making contact with us, and they would be well within their bounds in thinking this as many here would most likely attach some “Godly” attribute to such an occurrence. Not all terrestrial Humans are so limited though and they know this as well, as do others. Some are watching ever diligently to see what those in power will do next. Just because evidence exists displaying the Plejaren, does not negate the existance of others and we would be wise to be cognizant of this while of course maintaining a clear head and utilizing logic. Many things change and we must not limit our understanding of the world to one specific facet of the unknown.

    1. I for one have no problem with any verified contact. However, we must still realize that contact with an extraterrestrial race would be considered off the charts in historical significance. So the casual climbs of such require the strictest examination of evidence to see if it met standards such as Meier’s.

      1. Indeed, they do. It still does not negate the possiblility of others. I am not attempting to garner attention in any way, but only to say that certain things will change and the Plejaren will not be a part of it, at least not directly. I’m still of a mind that Billy’s case is the only one with physical evidence for the world to see and this is indeed important, yet other things do exist. This is all I will say on the matter because I do not intend to detract from the core issue here, but I suggest that we remain open minded in our world and prepare for things we may not understand. Certain things are difficult to explain in a sane way.

        1. I take that further and state that Mieer is also the only one with a body of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information AND the spiritual teaching.

          So the idea of keeping our “minds open” should be carefully examined in itself. Just what are keeping our minds open to, more phenomenon, or something of equal or greater importance to humanity? At this point other contacts are irrelevant in terms of the meaning , the reason any advanced race would contact us. It’s been done. And instead of worrying about keeping our minds open to some vague maybe situation, why don’t we really open our minds to the treasure that we’ve been given.

          More certainly isn’t better,when we’ve yet to appreciate the totality of what we now have.

          1. My friend, you may have erred in some of your conclusions, yet far be it for me to argue these things, lest of course I may know different personally. You may have misunderstood my words, but that is really irrelevant anyway. We must be careful not to feel too sure about one single thing, while excluding all others. This is dangerous to our psyches. I know your passion for this case and I share it as well, but you must know that these Humans are just one of MANY. We should not blindly believe every tid bit of information they offer, this is contray to Human logic. I’m on your side, trust me, truely I am. But we must never pigeon hole ourselves into one degree of thinking. I think you know the meaning of my words without me having to say it, nor will I. I appreciate your efforts as do many and they will bear fruit eventually, for certain. Sometimes though, we must just get on with our lives. We have no control over the world. People will not listen, yet.

            1. I think it’s quite simple. By any and all measures, the strictest of standards, we know that the Meier case is authentic. The magnitude of that reality needs not to be compared with theoretical possibilities for which no credible evidence exists.

              If and when comparable evidence exists then we have another situation. I don’t take any of this personally. It’s just that we wouldn’t apply what amounts to wishful thinking about the existence of something in the face of that thing already existing and setting the standard for evidence, etc. If another whatever it may be qualifies then so be it.

              But again, in this situation, we are effectively glossing over the huge significance of what has been proven…as if it’s somehow not enough on every imaginable level.

          2. I understand, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just know Michael, there are things you do not know on a personal level. It is unwise to disparage others of their knowing. Be careful not to bury yourself beneath a cause while ignoring the truth of others. Having said that, I agree with you my friend and I do consider you a friend.

            1. No. It’s not disparaging anyone to say: Present your evidence to substantiate your claims.

              There could be 15 people in in contact with some group. Fine. But the burden of proof is on them, not on me.

              Having had to conform to the strictest standards of legal and scientific proof in presenting the Meier case – and still having the stupid skeptics, including those in the UFOCI ignore, dismiss, attack the evidence – I certainly won’t settle for anything less than that which meets the highest standards of proof. Otherwise we’re doing exactly what the lame brains in the UFOCI do, i.e. we trivialize the real thing for foolish reasons.

              Personal and subjective levels are just that until they meet objective criteria. It’s cut and dry when it comes to facts. Either a thing for which certain specific claims are made is verifiable or it’s, at the least, not relevant.

          3. You have been at this far too long but I understand, truely. You have a very difficult task and I understand that people will not understand. I’ll let it be. Thanks for all your efforts. You’re a good man, one of only a few that still exist here. You obviously have a true role in this case that may have stemmed from years ago, it’s simply hard to say. Just know that there exists people that have knowing outside this case, I assure you. Search your own experiences and you too will find this.

          4. Michael,

            Exactly! Nothing more needs to be said after this. Wasting time worrying about other contacts doesn’t even make sense at this point. People always want more instead of looking at what they already have.

    2. Hi Tony, I totally agree with you that there are other ET races here on the planet earth, however like Michael says, they have not attempted to “go public” the way the Plejarans have done through Billy. The sad fact remains that no one of importance seems to have taken Billy at all seriously, at least not in the long term. There may be people incarnating on the earth from the Plejaran and other races of ETs. I for one think that my previous existence was not on the earth. In my own memory of my soul life, the last time I “remember” living on the earth was in the time of Plato. . . . that’s my only reference point. As far as everything which has transpired since Plato’s time, I really had to learn about it from scratch as it were. Most earth people I know have really experienced earth history, and have hidden memories of horrible earth events which I personally don’t connect with (because I wasn’t here). So we should start with 1) believing that what Billy Meier tells us is most likely true (although there may be omissions) and 2) accept the Plejarans warnings about our collective future. I have no worries for myself. . . when I die (if death it be) I won’t be reincarnating here. . . .

      1. And if you think about this rationally folks, based on Billy’s testimony, there’s no need for any Plejarans to “die”. Really, when they get tired of living in their old bodies, they can simply be dematerialized and not rematerialized, so their souls can go somewhere else. Really, very painless and nothing to worry about.

        1. Carolyn,

          You do seem to have a number of odd beliefs that you somehow, quite erroneously, try to tie in to what Billy said. Nowhere in the information is there anything about the dematerializing theories and the imaginary souls going “somewhere else”.

          1. If they can dematerialize from their ships and rematerialize somewhere else, it follows that it is entirely possible to dematerialize and not rematerialize. . . . that is a logical and rational deduction. Yes, and I speak from my own memories and experiences also, which right you should not deny me.

            1. To not dematerialize would be to die. Your premise the their “souls go somewhere else” is not supported in the information. Of course you’re entitled to your own memories and subjective experiences. It’s another thing entirely to state that they are objectively true and accurate. This is the leap that creates more beliefs, belief systems, etc.

              It’s not necessary to prove your beliefs and experiences to anyone else. But when you take the leap and presume that your beliefs are real and true, and how reality outside of you actually operates, then it gets pointed out that you haven’t established any basis in fact for that.

          2. Hey Michael, how the hell would you know what happens and does not happen? Oh wait, it’s based on these “people” who have somehow given these instructions to one man to then disseminate to the world. These ideas have become so second nature to YOU, that any deviation away from it seems to cause you great vexation. You’re subsequent blog posts are beginning to look quite like something on a yahoo chat channel at times, sorry to say. Just because you have these images and movies does not negate from the reality of others here. It’s almost as if you refuse to come to certain logical conclusions based only upon your personal outlooks. I like you alot and consider you a very thorough investigator, but your methods to date have become slightly unsound as have your personal crticisms. You may indeed have to succumb to the fact that certain things may actually occur outside your rigid wall of acceptance. I am not speaking specifically of the Meier case right now, but only of us who know logic and rationality when it comes to things we cannot explain. What are you to tell the countless people who have experiences outside the tight bounderies of this case? That they are most likely crazy, or somewhat dilluted in their consciousness? And if so, who made you the deciding intermediary? I’m truely concerned that you may have missed certain pertinent aspects that are also worth mentioning that have very little to do with the Plejaren, although even I know they form a very major basis of comparison. We must be careful not to accept everything they say as an absolute concerning anything, simple logic would didcate this, whould you not agree? People will eventually see that this case IS real, there is no doubt in my mind at all. But other truths exist as well. Those who are aware of this truth are too afraid to speak out for obvious reasons. I never claimed the contact that Billy had, but I assure you, these contacts exist and they are not of the Plejaren and furthermore, proof on my part is not a requirement in making such a statement, regardless how you may FEEL about it. You seem to attack others the same way others attack you on your claims, which gives a rather unsettling appearance. It’s fairly certain you will never sway from the notes and that is well within your preogative, but it is also unwise. The Plejaren do not know all there is to know, only the data and interpretations they’ve gained for themselves. Believe it or not, part of your mission here is to keep an open mind. If you insist on insinuating that any contact experience outside the Plejaren in any form is somehow dillusional, you my friend have missed the train.

            1. Well, Tony, nice to see that you’re letting a little more emotion come out. Let me give you a little background. I’ve come to my own conclusions during/after 35 years of investigation. Had I found anything even remotely as compelling and valuable as the Meier case I would have included it in my field of interest.

              While I could say more, even about my own experiences, I have to again say that after a promising start here, you just reverted back to the same, non-specific vagaries that really give us nothing to consider, discuss, etc.

              At least I claimed that I could fly.

              So consider working up a good head of steam and…spitting it out, let us know just what the heck you have in mind so that we can at least have the opportunity to think through, evaluate, consider, it etc., too. Right now that show is only playing on one screen and we don’t even have any popcorn.

      2. A few comments here.

        1. Unless you have evidence of “other ET races here on the planet” it’s merely a…belief. WE have enough beliefs to rid ourselves of, why add new ones?

        2. The information in the case states that there care literally millions of spirits of extraterrestrial origin involved in the incarnation cycle here. Where one’s spirit form originally came from is irrelevant at best and fantasizing about it useless and time wasting at worst.

        3. You can’t have a “memory of my soul life” since the “soul”, i.e. the psyche, the personality, etc., dies and completely dissolves after death. There is no “soul life”, no group souls, no soul travel…nothing. The soul is a term that mainly deals with the area of the…solar plexus, where the psyche is mainly located in the simplest terms.

        4. Most “past life memories” that adults have simply…aren’t. The various components of our consciousness are complex and we very often create false memories, as science knows. Even too little sleep will do it:

        5. No, we shouldn’t be “believing that what Billy Meier tells us is most likely true”. We should think things through, read, research, investigate, reason and come to our own conclusions.

        6. If we determine that the warnings from Meier and the Plejaren are accurate we shouldn’t just “accept” them. We should determine for ourselves how we can contribute, through our thoughts, feelings and actions, with making positive course corrections…in time.

        7. When you (and everyone else) dies, and death it certainly is/will be, you will indeed be reincarnating here, at least for the foreseeable future until we are a space traveling race and move on to inhabit other planets, etc.

          1. Carolyn,

            Sorry to tell you this but its people like yourself that corrupt the truth. You need to comprehend the information as it is and not try to turn it into what you want it to be. You’re not Billy Meier you have not experienced or had the level of teaching he has had. That doesn’t make him special in my eyes either because he himself said hat he’s just a regular human being and doesn’t put himself on a pedestal. I don’t know where you get most of the stuff you say here from at all.

          2. Does not quite work that way as clearly no one, including Billy, actually uses “memory” of their past lives which you don’t have at birth and no one else does either. It would be best to understand from the Meier material what happens to the spirit between lives which will hopefully clear up any things which may seem at first hard to grasp. Then you should come to your own conclusions why certain things make sense on the Meier material and just how inadequate our own language is used to convey the wrong meanings and understandings of things.

            Good luck!

      1. It is the responsibility of every human being to search for and find the truth. The truth remains the same for all times regardless of what any human being believes.

      2. Hope, Billy and his teachings are actually what bring us all together here on MH’s site to share with like minded individuals. There is no other case like it and no other spiritual teaching even comparable. All of us have done our own investigations into the material as you should too. I see you’ve arrived from the BMUFOR site (hope you purchased a return ticket?), here to make grand pronouncements full of delusion and other crap. I see Phil Langdon just got busted for using a 1996+ model of a garbage can lid LOL. Phil Langdon’s YouTube videos were produced under the assumption that Billy used garbage can lids as models. But guess what? Phil has absolutely no proof from Harcostar that the lid he used was even available in 1980 when Billy filmed the WCUFO. Phil “Busted” Langdon.
        Excellent work Taro!

  2. Agreed Michael , we “must” focus on what we already have ..Until such time that “other ”
    cases show the same validity to coincide along with the Meier case .But until then ……………..
    the Meier case is all we have .
    Salome .Wayno

    1. I understand. This blog has become far too militant for the general public. You will never gain the attention you are looking for in this fashion. I too have been guilty of this, but the spiritual teachings do not instruct us to tell others how stupid or unknowing they are. I find it difficult that Billy would approve of such methods, although I could assume he probably did not give his blessing nor does he care. It may be a good idea to simply have the your original site and let things lie where they are. Michael, I’m sorry but you have grown beyond what is logical thinking in many respects. I’m not attacking you, but you have surpassed the very limit you claim to defend. It may be wise to reevaluate why exactly you are doing this blog. I understand that you deserve to make a living, as we all do, but that is between you and your contract with FIGU, not the broad general public and quite frankly your views are becoming way too one sided. I know you will see this as an attack, but you may want to look at the criticism nonetheless. I understand you are doing your job by providing the neccessary proof to the world, but you err greatly when you demean others when they speak of things outside of this subject matter. Not everything is as you think it is, regardless of whether or not others can offer you physical proof. I would think you of all people would know better. These matters are serious, not something to be mishandled. Sorry if this comes off mean.

      1. Tony, I think that you are pretty much unaware of the real harshness and severity expressed by Meier and the Plejaren. I encourage you to go and read the Contact Reports thoroughly. It’s stated many times that the human beings of Earth are now simply too soft to be able to deal with the harsh truth and that truth cannot be expressed with flowery words.

        Letting “things lie”, not rocking the boat not…telling people their house is on fire when it is, is not the truthful or…loving way to do things. If you look at our several recent exchanges I never told you you were stupid. I tried, from a few different directions to point out that you were the one being illogical, too “hopeful” and even a bit fantasy prone, which isn’t grounded or based in reality.

        What are the “many respects” in which I’ve “grown beyond what is logical thinking”? Be specific.

        You say that I “demean others when they speak of things outside of this subject matter” but I think you mean when I don’t give credence to vague, unsubstantiated hopes that amount to wishful thinking that there are some “others” who are having the kind of experiences that Meier has been having for 72 years. I was as clear as I could be in saying that all they needed to do was to provide the substantiated evidence. How is that “demeaning”? What subject matter are you referring to? Is it UFOs, the Meier case, the spiritual teaching and just what should I “know better” about? Please, be specific. I get the feeling that you have ideas, beliefs, etc., in your mins that you don’t plainly express.

        Try this. Just who do you think is having contacts with extraterrestrials and what evidence are you aware of?

        When you say that I deserve to make a living, which I agree with, how do you correlate it to this blog, which only has a link to my site with no promotion of products other than one blog about my new film, and no ads, including none for my products? What’s the connection between presenting my point of view and hosting a platform – at my expense – for others to express theirs and making a living? Perhaps you think that my “contract with FIGU” is some sort of financial one. It isn’t. As I said, I do my work at my own expense, voluntarily, for free, gratis, etc. People are certainly free to donate and support it but this isn’t a financial venture.

        1. Michael, you really should return to your real calling, which is to be a medical doctor. . . . your talents are being wasted on these people!

          1. Carolyn I don’t want to be rude but you should likewise return to your real calling and actually read some of what Billy has written cos I cannot in a thousand years after having read your numerous posts come to the conclusion that you know anything about the case beyond the cursory

      2. Tony not militant enough as far as what the BS cutting sword of knowledge and the no holds bar truth is concerned.

    2. Stupid human beings we are.
      We have a penchant for making things unnecessarily complicated.
      Halfwits who are more interested in propping up their bruised and fragile egos and of course money than they are for the truth.
      Why do people make it so bloody complicated when all these they have to do is to prove it just as Billy Meier did.
      Bloody substantiate your claims for friggin sakes with evidence and proof material that proves beyond a shadow of doubt if in indeed you have had contact with ETs just like Billy Meier.
      Its that simple.
      So what should we be open minded to, more fraud?, more lies?, more unsubstantiated drivel?, more false promises?, more misinformation?, more disinformation?, more charlartanry?, more profiteering?, more strawmen?, more boogeymen?, more baby eating Eisenhower meeting anal probing Reptilian Federation of Light emissary Greys with Starchild seedbank?, the 1 billionth ET abductions case?, what??????????????

        1. We shouldn’t tolerate it any other way.
          Gosh these softies
          When will they stop being offended by the sword of knowledge of truth and actually DEAL with the truth as it was meant to be dealt with and accepted.

  3. In the words of Kosta Makreas “My Spiritual Guidance later informed me that “they” (from many locations on-planet and off-planet) showed up in that picture to impress upon me that I am never alone. They suggested I carry the picture in my pocket and look at it whenever I felt alone and/or depressed – as a reminder they are always near me.”
    So apparently Kosta thinks he’s special and has his own personal guides. Obviously has suffered depression and who knows what kind of meds he’s taking to keep that under control. If he was so damn special how come his guides haven’t steered him towards the Meier material? After the correspondence with Michael, how come his spiritual guides never mentioned to look into that further? That makes me think he’s not looking to do anything other than fatten his wallet.

    1. I had not dug deeper into that site but from his own words it would seem that he too (like Sheehan) came from a very religious background and, since he hasn’t yet discovered the idea of self-responsibility, is now promoting codependence on imaginary extraterrestrial beings. More New Age religion, great.

  4. Hi Tony_dev, the damage to our psyches will be produced by not standing up for the truth. And if you ever get a chance to do it, please do. The knowing outside of the Meier material is fraught with illusions of grandeur. Are you part of that thinking that you have had contact, which makes you more special than everyone else? Seriously I would be quite concerned if that were to happen to me as Plejaran impulses are silent and there’s no back and forth conversation and you wouldn’t even know it happened. Any other contact, I might think it was from the earth aliens who aren’t much farther ahead of us humans and so I would wonder what they could say to me, that I didn’t already know.

          1. Hi Michael and Sheila, I took a picture July 20 2014 of a juvenile deer mouse my cat captured alive. It caught my attention because it has a genetic deformed tail and feet/tail is extremely long and feet are extremely big. Plutonium from Fukishima is most likely cause of these effects.

        1. Hi Tony_dev, I’m sorry if you think I was being mean to you. It’s just human nature to want to be special, to be singled out as being highly evolved and making contact. If there are any special humans who deserve a contact, don’t you think it would be the C49 group? But none of them have unless they happened to see them while visiting Billy. So for any of us mere mortals to assume contact, what can these aliens tell you? If they aren’t steering you towards Billy, what is the purpose other than to mess with your head? This is not religious, I’m in a business where people often tell me more than I want to hear (I have a good listening ear) and I have only ever come across one abduction and it was traced back to an Ashtar Sheran contact. It took a few years and questions to Billy (thank you for relaying the question Michael) before I found a suitable explanation. So excuse me for thinking all abductions are fake and all the telepathic messages are Ashtar Sheran because that’s the conclusion both the abductee and myself came to. Hey I’m positive I saw a hyperborean when I was at Mt. Shasta in 1988 but what does it mean? Absolutely dick chan. Heck even I have a few pictures of alien (or not) craft, a few videos of alien (or not) craft that travel from west to east and are gone in 3 minutes, a picture of bigfoot, pictures of a local crop circle, I investigated 3 horse and 1 cow mutilation (thanks to the tards in the military industrial complex), I even have a daughter who I thought was saved by the Plejaran until I realized that I’m nobody and they don’t interfere in our business. Billy said my daughter was saved by her consciousness with it’s memory. So if anyone needs any proof that it’s up to us to save ourselves, there it is. It is my understanding that if you do get impulses, you will not even know it. So please provide proof of your contact there Tony.
          Hey Darcy, that sounds like one funky little mouse. And you are probably right about the source of it. Can you bring that picture next time? My son told me everything here is contaminated with cesium 137 and I too have noticed a few mutations.

          1. Good point Sheila
            Of all people besides Billy of course the core group of 49 would have to be the most compatible and ready people to have contact with ETs should the ETs choose so.

    1. I never, not once made any claim that I am some how more “special” than anyone else. I’m not sure why you would say such a thing. I’ve noticed a potential danger here that exists with certain people where they become so enthralled with this case and Billy, that they often tend to lean towards a rather faith based following. This is dangerous and not what this is about at all. Billy is a simple Human, nothing more and nothing less, as are those who travel the great expanses. To accuse others of illusions of grandeur simply because they voice an experience is somewhat telling of us. If one fails to understand that things do exist outside of this case, one will never truely find truth. That does not detract from this case one bit, it simply compliments it in various ways. We are still very much young in our understanding of things and must use caution in what we percieve to be the absolute truth based soley on what others tell us, even if they stem from sources that lie outside our normal understanding. We must learn to control our ego and approach things in a clear and level headed manner without attacking others, unless of course they deserve it.

      1. Tony, you keep mentioning that “things exit outside of this case”. Well of course they do, just like if you were on a knitting or firearms blog, etc., the same thing could be said.

        But you must have some specific things in mind as a reason for saying that, which somehow are a commentary or rebuttal, or…what to the information. So please be specific so we don’t have to guess what you’re hinting at.

        1. What would you have me say at this point? You would consider anything outside the boundries of this particualr case as being unsound, so logically it would make no sense in expounding upon it. I never meant to be hurtful at all, I just meant to voice certain things that need to be voiced, regardless of whether or not we want to hear them. Every contact notation that is in english, I am fully aware of and I have endeavered to understand them within the confines of my own abilites, as do others I’m sure. These notations are simply pointers though, not always to be taken in their literal form at least in some instances. All I can tell you as there exists others here who are not Plejaren nor are they in most probability even Human, although that may be a faulty assessment as well. This is difficult for people to understand, as it is for me as well. I claim no secret knowledge of any kind, only an open and logical awareness of something that most have not seen nor felt. This, in and of itself means very little in the grand scheme of things, but nonetheless is meaningful to me and that’s all that matters frankly, whether other Humans here wish to believe it or not, it makes no difference to me whatsover. What bothers me is the tendancy for us here to delegitimatize everything that falls outside their own sphere of understanding or observance. My only hope is that we use caution in how we spread truth as it is difficult to do it appropriately in every case. Please accept my apologies if I came off hurtful, that was never my intent. Certain things must remain personal to the individual and it makes no sense to explain them to others in a detailed way.

          1. May I suggest that we’re not…fragile here and I doubt heat anyone feels…hurt.

            Of course I have to ask you to just give us your evidence for claiming “there exists others here who are not Plejaren nor are they in most probability even Human”.

            I think we can…handle it.

          2. Tony,

            You just did the exact same thing the skeptics do. You were asked to give your honest opinion or evidence of a case of e.t contact that you think is as important or more important than this case and you walked right around it assuming Michael wouldn’t care. You’re dodging the question. Be up front and say what you feel.

          3. If people who claim to have met ETs declare publically that they did how else would they expect others to believe them unless they provide tangible proof.
            And if they themselves were told by someone that they too have had contact with ETs then surely the first thing that would come out of their mouths is ‘prove it by substantiating the claim with proof and evidence to back it up’.
            This is only a logical extension from the expectation that the claim has produced.
            So why make this an exception for the hoards of fame seeking and profit hungry whores who boast of having had contact with ETs yet not fail to demand it from so far the only genuine and proven person who did have contact.
            So what silly and imbecilic moron would spout such a stupid nonsense and expect not be called out.
            Bloody halfwit!

  5. I understand perfectly as I too would expect proof. This proof will never be granted, at least not through me, I am just some guy. I know and respect that you need such proof as it may pertain to this case, but you will not recieve it.

    1. Start with evidence and then people can determine for themselves if it constitutes…proof. Otherwise, as I’m sure that you can appreciate, you may as well say that a cow just came through your window, or there was a tree in the supermarket doing some shopping, etc.

      Just give us all a little credit for being able to consider the information that supports your claim.

      1. A truely sad day here. It matters not really though. Many of you limit yourselves to this one particualar case, you have become incapable of seeing other truths, it is rather disturbing. But I fully understand your gravitation towards billy as I too still behold this. There are though, different sides to everything whether you want it or not, try to remeber this in coming days. I think the continuing work of Micael is commendable, but when others come and declare similar recurrences, it may be wise to simply tell them thanks for sharing and move on. You have no idea of the different matters of things and that is perfectly ok. Frankly, much of this movement has become intolerant and illogical simply because you do not have this proof you seek, nor will it be provided. You’ll just have to wonder I suppose at this point or simply release it as the bloviations of a mad man. It’s entirely up to you at this point. Try not to think of everything as being a detraction away from Billy and moreover how other things may also be pertinent, although even for this crowd, it will most assuredly be impossible.

        1. Hi Tony,

          Since apparently all other means of encouraging you to simply say something specific have failed, please allow me to say the following:

          I can fly. I can lift off of the ground, perform aerial acrobatics, stop on a dime, make physics and gravity defying maneuvers and land soundlessly. All unaided by any technology.

          How’s that grab you?

        2. Geesh… can barely see you up so high on your horse there tony_dev.
          Actually it was quite the opposite that has ended my destination within the so called- word with no truthful meaning, ‘ufology’.
          It wasn’t after wading through all the nonsense that I actually ended up here. To this day I am also waiting for something with 1% the scientifically verifiable evidence amongst alllllllllllllllllllllll the other information found within Billy’s ‘case’.
          Where in the belief stricken spiritually degenerative human kind is this other evidence to support the truth of our existence on this rock!?
          We are all waiting Tony_dev??

  6. lol, sorry I had to lol that time, forgive me. I know you see me now as an outsider and I really care less. It feels better actually to voice it here, than in some other venue. I repect your doubt and skepticism, it’s a sign that you are seeking truth. Maybe someday you might find my words to be truthful, but I will never expound upon them here. The experience affords me a single smile at night that few will ever honestly have, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

    1. Tony,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it but, really, it’s true, so I don’t know why you would laugh at it.

      Stop being condescending and delicate, man up, say what’s on your mind. Please, have enough…respect for your fellows here to stop being pretentious.

    2. P.S. It also appears to me the thou want to play the “I’m mysterious, important and – poor me – misunderstood” card, which in itself cancels out any possibility of there being truth and authenticity to your implied claims. For how and why would anyone who indeed had credible evidence even close to the level of authenticity and significance as Meier’s trivialize, withhold and make a low level game out of it?

  7. I enter this comment here as it the ONLY blog with a TAG of JESUIT and because you will find above: “… Sheehan… the Harvard educated, former candidate for the Jesuit Priesthood.”

    If I have in the past claimed that I am the sharpest tool in the shed, then I must recant and point out my own error and condescending self-righteousness ; I had been hoodwinked into thinking that the Jew was the source of the ills of our planet.

    If you were a group of “people” that wanted to control the world, what better way to do it than to do it under the cover of another folk that you yourself set up as a cover and target and the instigators of your own activities? And don’t think that they are NOT operating in Israel, they ARE operating in EVERY nook and cranny, even if they don’t go by their actual name; just like Electrolux owns A LOT of “companies” that you won’t be able to find out about on the latest version of the internet like for example, Westinghouse, Frigidaire, AEG, etc…; the jesuits own the knights of malta, the freemasons, hollywood, fox news, CFR, bezos, alex, the refugees, the boys being abused at your local church that become your local political representative etc…

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    Catholic Cardinals are Enemies of America
    American Intelligence Media

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