Yesterday’s request for Stuart Robbins, and others, to look through the proverbial telescope and test the nighttime WCUFO photo had a brief mention about helping to prevent WW III. While we haven’t yet heard from Stuart, let’s start connecting the dots while he hopefully agrees to participate.

Regarding the unfolding events in Gaza, this letter from Dr. Mads Gilbert speaks for itself and for all those who aren’t being heard, or who now can’t speak for themselves.

The origins of this conflict are ancient. In accordance with the laws of cause and effect, unless human beings come to their senses the result will be the obliteration of…Israel, as well as many people in the other countries in the region. And possibility of a third world war is also thereby increased.

Long ago these times were specifically foretold, along with the unvarnished truth about what would ultimately cause the conflict and resulting destructive end for the belligerent brothers…centuries later.

Certainly this information about Israel – and this disturbing citing of a specific prophecy of how Israel will be destroyed – is almost as incendiary as is its policies and actions are today. Hopefully the objective reader will refer to this article, from 2007, pertaining to the unambiguously firm position that Billy Meier and FIGU take against anti-Semitism*.

And Meier also spells out with equal clarity the major contributory roles of radical, fanatical Islamic extremists and the USA in bringing about the danger of a third world war, reminding us again of all that was warned about in the Henoch Prophecies. Of course George Bush went on to ignorantly perpetuate the very policies that inevitably will bring the manifestation of the foretold events to our own country.

So, Stuart Robbins, please join another NASA veteran (and other scientific experts) who long ago actually did look through the telescope, and another NASA expert and who recently has also had the courage to step forward to support the authenticity of the Meier case. Of course you may not agree with their conclusions and – expert – points of view. But would you too please have the courage to…test the nighttime photo of the WCUFO and at least tell us your point of view?

Then, for those who may not yet have connected the dots and seen the…big picture, I will put the pieces all together.



I also suggest reading the following articles and noting when they were first published:

November 2005 Newsletter

Knowledge and Wisdom Spell the End to Anti-Semitism (2007)

The translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel referred to in the newsletter is from the earlier editions of the book. It is not the most recent, corrected translation from the new German edition because there is no official English translation as yet. So certain inaccuracies, terms, etc., that were corrected in the new German translation may not be present in the previous version and in its reproduction in my earlier articles, etc.






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  • Its 2;10 in the morning here …i think i may have to fly to that nest of yours outside Michael and get some sleep for me brain !!!!!!!

  • So once again the $64k question ‘where’s Stuart Robbins’?
    Also where are all these skeptics hiding or have escaped to or gone AWOL?
    Where’s API ?
    How’s MUFON doing with BEAM Q&A section?
    Was Terry the wolf caught with his sheeppants down ‘I am so righteous’ MUFON executive right when he said that they aren’t investigating the Meier case?

        • Well remember, we can always ask him why he didn’t, should that turn out to be the case, which it may not be.

          My guess is that he’ll try to be curt and dismissive, claim that “Michael Horn is just trying to get attention” (which of course is what he tries to do with his blogs). And certainly, I confess to trying to get attention for the most important story in all of human history and one that should interest a NASA scientist, don’t y’all think?

          • This case is defintely designed with ‘the hard slog factor’ that inevitably curtails progress for the proverbial ‘preservation of sanctity of sound consciousness lest it drives people crazy’ reasons therefore in the grand scheme of things the thing about Stuart Robbins would represent a mere blip on radar that’ll eventually recede into oblivion.
            So he is nothing worth the truth needing his endorsement to be legitimate.

          • Oh, let’s see just what may come of it. Check out today’s new blog and feel free to ask Stu how he feels about my…speaking for him.

  • When we were kids back in 1975-76, me and my younger brother played with my multi-band radio, and my radio had the Karaoke feature on it with microphone. We would place the microphone to our foreheads and mentally swear without speaking. The speaker would faintly pick up the swear word and we could actually hear it.

  • Check out my post down below on the Thread “MUFON now finds the BIlly Meires cold case suddenly HOT ” For a quality real life review of MUFONS symposium results from the week ending 7-20 and an opinion on their overall operation and website . Enjoy , David

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