22 comments on “Michael Horn: Live Q & A, Saturday July 26

  • In one of the books you reference I remember reading that after two blind could see, they were told they use their free will to move mountains to the sea, surely humans can look-up from their sleep and try. The changes on the planet seems to be changing its song so much so that you have been shown prove of UFO’s and still no change. This prove is so strong you work for free and still no change. Just more fear…

    • I’m not sure what books you are referring to. There indeed is change, perhaps not as great as we’d all like but the truth is spreading.

  • With technical advancements being to the level that has come, has the negatives of the 1970’s has the chemical make-up or digital scan would show any if any masking was made just one frame would do? In the seventies graphic art classes were being taught in high school. But even the best newspaper or magazine could not have hidden the human factor (the human eye is only so good) from today’s high resolution scanners.

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