NOTE: Should Stuart have dropped the image of the WCUFO into PhotoShop, fiddled with increasing the brightness and decreasing the contrast and yet failed to see the craft hovering over a gravel road, next to a grassy area with a fence post and shadow, and upon further fiddling should he have not perceived the so-called “halo” around the craft, then Stuart is asked to promptly inform us so that we can locate appropriate technical support (eight years-old and above). Otherwise, we welcome Stuart and his endorsement and any opposing voices should speak up now or forever hold your confections. 

Stuart Robbins offering up his versions of the WCUFO

Stuart Robbins offering up his versions of the WCUFO

Since I think that Stuart Robbins is just being coy – as well as exemplifying that old adage, “No answer is also an answer” – and wanting us to guess what his conclusion is about the authenticity of the WCUFO photo (and thereby the entirety of the Billy Meier UFO case is) I’m going to go ahead and state it for him.

Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

Sure, I could have titled this blog: Take Me to the Dentist – Or: Why is getting Stuart Robbins to walk his talk like pulling teeth? …but since I know that in his dear little heart of hearts Stuart is just struggling with how to reconcile his role with NASA with the factual reality of the Meier case, I’ll just express the words that he’s having difficulty forming:

Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

It’s not the first time that Stuart uttered his silent cries for help. With his quest for popularity, for becoming some sort of a pop, scientific celebrity, we can appreciate that Stuart again finds himself in the quandary expressed in the very quote he posted on his blog, “An inconvenient truth is always going to get less popularity than a reassuring lie.” So let me help Stuart to liberate the truth from being rendered mute, seductively ensnared by the allure of the lie and let the search engines take note:

Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

Now in that alternate title of mine, I asked, “Why is getting Stuart Robbins to walk his talk like pulling teeth?” So let me point out that Stuart has had what one may call a passionate investment – spanning over four years – not in dealing with that “inconvenient truth” but in proving the Billy Meier UFO case to be a hoax. Showing his readiness to pounce on a perceived opportunity to discredit the case, Stuart refers to an issue pertaining to one of Meier’s photographs of the “light ship” that PhotoShop expert David Biedney erroneously concluded was a hoax. “Not once did Horn directly address Biedny’s demonstrable claims of pointing out flaws in the photo that show it to have been forged.” So since he’s interested in UFO photographs, long familiar with PhotoShop, and also concerned that, “There’s no new evidence, and what evidence there is, leaves much to be desired,” it’s only natural that Stuart wouldn’t want to wait another four and one-half years only to have people say, “Not once did Robbins directly address Zahi’s demonstrable claims of pointing out the authenticity of the WCUFO photo that show it to have not been forged.” Hence:

Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

And what better way to redeem his previous missteps? In his hunger to climb the ladder of success, Stuart Robbins has tried to use the Meier case as a rung to grind his boot into. Lacking the integrity and intellectual honesty one would expect from a bona fide scientist, he has gone so far as to exclude clear evidence that his theories were wrong, such is his fear of the truth of the Meier case eclipsing his own personal ambitions. So let’s welcome the atonement of our wayward and, hopefully only temporarily, misguided friend, as we joyously announce that, one of NASA’s own:

Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

  Stuart’s blog is also the perfect place to contact him, ask questions, pose challenges and see how many he actually allows to be posted…and answers.

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24 comments on “Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

  • Just waiting for Stuart to give account for this article if he has bothered to follow the link to this blog that I’ve provided under the reply section of his blog.

    • Ooooops! Somebody didn’t read too carefully…John:

      “Since I think that Stuart Robbins is just being coy – as well as exemplifying that old adage, “No answer is also an answer” – and wanting us to guess what his conclusion is about the authenticity of the WCUFO photo (and thereby the entirety of the Billy Meier UFO case is) I’m going to go ahead and state it for him.

      Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real”

      Sometimes ya gotta just coax the little fella to…do the right thing.

      • Well I’m about to be number 4…..but I don’t want him to think we’re Jehova’s Witnesses knocking at his door at 6:00 in the morning to spread the “Good Word”, so I’m a little skeptical about this idea!

        • Well just bring some cookies, or unblock them, or something. Stu’s blog ins’t exactly teeming with posts as far as I can tell so perhaps he’ll enjoy having a few people with different opinions to liven the place up.

          Then again he may just offer some colorful confections…

          • Maybe I’ll try a more covert tactic and see if I can get a reply from the guy. Then I’ll ask him about the Meier case!!!!!! Lets see if he’s watching/deleting as you guys said.

  • They’ll all come around one of these days. The truth first has to go true the mythological fire of hell before it is recognized for what it is. Even if they know now and still continue to play the fool or ignore the case just to be egotistical, belief driven or either just don’t care I have a strong feeling somethings going to make all the skeptics and egomaniacs wake-up.

    One thing I realized about life is no matter what whenever you don’t listen you always learn the hard way. I just want to see the look on all their faces when they have to step forward and acknowledge the reality and truth of this case in-front of all their peers. Kodak moment for sure!

  • Michael, do you think he’ll take the bait? This is what I posted.

    Very nice post Mr. Robbins! Lets talk about publicity because you’ve been receiving a lot of it on the current blogs that Michael Horn has written, I’m sure you’ve heard of the guy. Now I’m not here to bash you or coerce you into anything I just want to know what you think about verified evidence and if it means anything in the world of Ufology? Certainly if “Aliens” as you call them do truly exist I’m sure you would jump to the idea of finding out all about it.

    Now about some very confusing points in your blog that I don’t quite get. First Ken Ham who seems to be deep down in religious delusions with his claims that “space exploration is silly because it’s a search for aliens who don’t exist and would be damned anyway because of Jesus’ Love™”. Obviously he’s too entrenched in the “Good Book” to even have a logical conversation about reality. And yet you say “Even if he’s right that there’s no alien life out there”, this is where the confusion sets in. “Even” thinking that he can possibly be right and turning around calling him “stupid” is very confusing on your part.

    Can you clarify your position for me?

    • Very interesting, let’s see what Stu has to say.

      Btw, I’m quite serious in terms of including him among those who’ve endorsed the authenticity of the case. He’s publicly stated that there was no new evidence, that he respected avery wrong headed conclusion about one of Meier’s photos and now, with the democratization of proof available to all, truly, no answer is also an answer.

      So if Stu agrees by default that’s fine. Actually I’m not in the least interested in shaming him for being outspokenly wrong for over four years. While I tease him about it the fact is that if he’s really a scientist he has to evaluate the evidence and put his prejudices aside. If he does that he’s left with the inescapable reality of the case. It’s as simple as that. And unless and until I learn otherwise, it’s quite fair to say that he admits the WCUFO photo is authentic, of a real, unknown object, etc.

  • Ha! You enjoy making enemies, huh Michael. Love it.
    Damn. This page doesn’t come up on first page of google after searching his name. See if I can help it along:

    Stuart Robbins Stuart Robbins NASA Stuart Robbins Stuart Robbins Billy Meier Billy Meier Stuart Robbins NASA – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Billy Meier – theyflyblog theflyblog theyflyblog

    Stuart Robbins of NASA Admits Billy Meier UFO Case is Authentic – Stuart Robbins of NASA Admits Billy Meier Case is Authentic – Stuart Robbins of NASA Admits Billy Meier Case is Authentic – Stuart Robbins of NASA Admits Billy Meier Case is Authentic – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real – Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real …Stewy Stewy .. wherefore art thou Stewy.

    I don’t know if that works at all, but it was fun for me to do for some reason.

    • While it may not seem like it, it’s really about making friends cause, after all, like it or not…we’re all in this together.

        • True friends go beyond like/dislike. Anyone sincerely searching for the truth is a friend. I’m not after popularity.

          • I know, Michael! You are right of course. Ha, but, jeez la weez — just let me get a joke in!

            Woe to the limitations of the written word.

            To be clear, I do not in any way question your humaneness, you’re sincerity, you’re intentions, or you’re ability to make friends!

          • Oh. I get it. I really do. Ha!!! However, all that flattery won’t work, making a contribution to the Michael Horn Wild Life Find is the way to go. Short of that of course, simply putting up a statue in my honor would be swell. Then people will think I have friends, even if I don’t!

          • You’re what, like 5’7? (sorry, I’ve seen a photo — to be sure, you sound much taller).

            Edit: There was a statute in the works, unfortunately, after recent investigation, it turns out you are not a champion of the truth per se, but only a champion of “your truth”, and, as such, you’re simply mean and undeserving of a statute.

            Sorry. May the best truth win. I like mine with pizzas and cherries on top.

  • Why using such a misleading title? It suggests Stuart actually re investigated the WCUFO and concluded it was real and admitted that. ‘No answer is also an answer’, then what answer does that imply? Why wouldn’t it be: ‘Nope, it’s fake’? Or why wouldn’t it simply mean that he moved on and isn’t interested in this anymore? What if someone else posted an article with the title ‘Michael Horn admits God is real’, because someone asked you to disprove God and for obvious reasons you didn’t bother? Wouldn’t you laugh about such an effort? What is the purpose of suggesting that people who never bothered about the Meier case or don’t want to bother anymore are admitting it’s real?

    • We’re dealing with a piece of evidence which, unlike “God”, can be tested, as I’ve said a few times, even by an eight year-old child. I’ve pointedly asked the skeptics – the ones who claim that the case is a hoax, after all – to test the evidence for themselves. Obviously, since anyone can do it, and the opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin of credibility would be a presumedly easy task that any real skeptic would savor, the noticeable absence of any comment, that silence – from every one of them to date – speaks loudly to the “no answer is also an answer” point.

      So, since these are the people who have effectively been defaming Meier for many years, they now get to sit in the front of the class with a little sign that says, “I was wrong, the photos and the case are real.”

      Let’s be very clear here, these are people who did “bother” and, in this world of utter irresponsibility and disregard for the truth and the reputation of others, they now get to wear the sign and either cowardly say nothing about it, or have the courage to come forward and present their opposing evidence. And I’m hardly done at all with this.

      • Hmmm… there are actually people who seem to be convinced that all the evidence points to for example the existence of god, the flood story, 6 day creation etc. And then there is an opposite side who is convinced the evidence points to the contrary. I’ve often seen people proclaiming victory over the other party (everybody knows there is a god, some people just choose to reject him etc.). With regard to the god issue, I’ve been in both ‘camps’, and I just know I used to sincerely believe in God, and now I changed my mind, so in at least in one instance in my life, I was wrong about something important. It’s not that I always thought the same, but never admitted it, I really changed my mind. If people now tell me I still believe in God, but choose to reject him, they are just plain wrong.

        People think what they think, everybody knows what he/she really thinks. What other people say doesn’t change that. So people like Stuart did some investigation in the Meier case, didn’t get convinced and probably moved on. You can proclaim he admits the WCUFO is real, you can even proclaim the whole world admits the Meier case is real, it just doesn’t make it so.

        Are you trying to draw him back in the discussion by writing this article? It would be nice off course if they wanted to discuss with you/us, but if they don’t want to, that’s their choice. I’m just not so sure if this is the right strategy…

  • The truth will prevail! What is only of short duration, is the ignorance of that which is eternal, timeless and without limitation. Even though everything seems to be hopeless, it is at times like these that I begin to wonder. We can absolutely turn this around! The struggle for recognition of the truth is seriously starting to bare fruit. What a great victory in this time of 2014! We have Michael to thank.

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