Psychosis in Action

As a follow up to my recent blog about the New Age nonsense event, I was contacted by one of the speakers, Rob, who sent me a friendly message on Facebook.

I decided to look into his information and got a bit of his personal story, which included his family’s heavily religious background and some of his life experiences, etc. (Be sure to catch the little “Introduction from Treb” audio clip on this page, it’s a real gem.)

This led me to watch a little of a video in which (at about 30 some minutes or so) he, well, kind of rents out space to a…”Reptilian” extraterrestrial who shares its (strangely accented) words of wisdom, perhaps while simultaneously eating flies on its own world.

Changing Channels

It brought me back to those halcyon days of New Age bliss, back in 1986, when the channeling trend was just in its seminal stages. Rob’s particular bit of mumbo-jumbological astro-babble is highly derivative of the “Bashar” channeling by a person named Darryl Anka. (Think of Rob’s version as the equivalent of a rock and roll tribute band playing not quite competent covers of songs that you didn’t want to hear anyway.) Well, they say that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

It should also be noted that the ironically named Tom Clearwater (an oil company executive), who was involved in both Stephen Greer’s film and Stephen Bassett’s disclosure hearing fiasco, also credits himself with being the executive producer of the Bashar documentary. My, what strange bedfellows.

I honestly thought this channeling stuff was passé but it looks like it’s been picked up by a new (de)generation of lost and confused refugees from religions and dysfunctional families, etc. And guys like Rob are enjoying riding the new, entrepreneurial wave of “How You Too Can Turn Mental Illness into Fun and Profit!”

Billy Meier covered the topic of channeling quite well, in 1995, and was of course also accurate when he said that these self-induced schizophrenics will “pop out of the ground like poisonous mushrooms.”

Look Both Ways before Crossing

I decided to write about this because I actually couldn’t think of a meaningful direct response to Rob, to whom I am also sending it. I know that he’s already very invested in maximizing all the profits he can juice from the fruits of his subnoxious mind, so I figured that reasoning with, or giving unsolicited advice to, him wouldn’t be productive.

As we watch Rob do his impression of the Geico lizard on steroids, the “everybody has their own truth” crowd that chided silly old me for being so impertinent as to call for evidence for people’s wacky claims, now has some serious thinking, if not explaining, to do.

Let’s just hope that Treb Bor (roB berT?) doesn’t have the misfortune of trying to cross any dark highways at night when the infamous Susan Swiatek is behind the wheel.


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  1. Wow, yet again you debunk the debunkers with your blog links. Any serious person when asking for proof, would laugh at you pointing out your own blog as cited proof. I suppose I will have to laugh for the world. I am starting to agree with Douglas. Starting to look as if people refuse to look at all evidence they are a bit brainwashed. That is what a cult is. I watched all of his links and made a huge doubt in the Meier case now for me.

    1. Well, Jason, has it not dawned on you that you’re on the…internet, as is information but good and bad, right and wrong? Do you think that it’s even remotely possible that someone could link accurate, as well as inaccurate information? That it’s actually fair and proper to point out when someone – Phil Langdon – has not only failed to duplicate, let alone debunk Meier’s evidence but has also published absolutely terrible defamatory attacks against him?

      Also, did you know that…I assisted and encouraged Langdon, since 2009, to take his best shot at duplicating the photos and films and that I had to point out to him that his version of the”Pendulum UFO” was obviously flawed since he didn’t have the ship hang motionless, off to the left, at and angle in the beginning? So Langdon had to go and attach yet another line to the side of the model so that he could pull it to the left and stop its motion, etc., etc., etc.

      I had no problem encouraging him to take his best shot at “duplicating” the evidence. After all…it’s impossible, since Meier’s is real and Langdon’s relied on models and enough fishing line to reel in Jaws.

      Do you really think after looking at the close up details in these photos:

      …that Langdon did – or could – duplicate the mating, settings of the jewel-like objects, etc.?

      So, speaking of being brainwashed, if you’re “starting to agree with Douglas” maybe you should open the lid on the washer and stop the machine before it takes to all the way to spin dry, fluff and…fold.

      1. Nicely said ones again Michael…
        Seems Jason has not done his homework… Probably didn’t even leave your site to look for other pro- information. Not to say that A LOT is not linked here!
        Oh another religious feller finding only that which resides within the religious cults the world over.
        Jason: ‘I am starting to agree with Douglas. Starting to look as if people refuse to look at all evidence they are a bit brainwashed’. Do you even read English? Like one looks right at the words and creates some alternative ‘meaning’, post belief. Oh boy, seems Michaels blog is filled with many peoples whom have a altering view of these irrelevantly wrong beliefs there Jason.
        Hope you have fun out there in the ‘world’.

  2. btw, this is pretty interesting and may partially explain Rob Gauthier’s a channeling abilities, which actually may be him being able to tap his own storage banks or even the storage banks of others.

    “So, our consciousness has the ability to not only access our own ‘frequency’ of past lives but it can also tune in to another person’s ‘lineage’ by generating a different frequency and thereby can make use of the knowledge and abilities of those previous personalities. ”

    “…. his material-consciousness receives, via his material-subconsciousness, impulses and capablities through somehow accessing the consciousness-block frequencies of deceased personalities. It is possible that some may be from his own consciousness-block lineage, but it is also clear that they cannot all be, as some of the personalities he accesses have lifetimes overlapping with his own, and with each other. ”

    “Regarding what Billy had to say about the film. He said that the channeling and talking to spirits was a bunch of nonsense. (The Gasparetto segment was one within a series entitled UFO’s and Channeling.) However, he said that Gasparetto was not faking what he did and that he actually was accessing the ‘imaginings’ of these previous personalities. He was not able to say how.”

    1. I think that in order to attribute such abilities to Rob, we’d have to see just what uniquely accurate information he brings forth. In my own brief review of some of his online channeling, I found it to be typical of the generalized, feel-good, cliche laden stuff, along with the silly vocal accent, that’s been going on since 1986 (or earlier). If Rob wants to provide or point us to where things of more substance may have flowed through him, he’s certainly invited to do so.

      I should add that recently someone I know enquired about the ability to tap into other people’s storage banks and he received a reply that “according to Billy, it is impossible to tap into the storage banks of other people’s spirit’s.” So further clarification would be great.

      Lastly, since I also worked with Phil as a cameraman on that film, as I recall, I was actually the cameraman for that segment, which for some reason isn’t coming up on the youtube link. And as I also recall, Gasparetto could paint with his hands and feet.

      1. I’m going to have to concur with Mike on this one. I don’t see anything troubling about the events we’re going through as if we can paint a rosy picture and everything is ‘great’. After all, wouldn’t RTEB have a nice warning similar to the HP or 251?

        А Советский медведь на охоте.

  3. Michael, you must stop accusing everyone who disagrees with you as being crazy or psychotic. This is simply unacceptable, even in earthly terms. Anyone who questions you, you automatically attack. Why do you do such things? You know you personally can offer no proof of anything barring what Mr. Meier has stated. Why do you continually act as if you have some knowledge you know you lack?? I understahnd the imperative that exists, but you are only a simple Human with no special first hand knowledge of anything, other than what you’ve read, and possibly seen in part. Many people exist that surpass your knowing, yet you continue to peddle death and doubt. Who exactly are you talking to? You would claim that you address all of Humanity, but I doubt in some way that is your target audience. Many subjects that you raise are prime ground for the crazies to come in here and claim all kinds of things, and you seem to support it. I do not understand the logic behind what you do here. If you want to address a government body, then do so and then forward that correspondence to everyone else here so all can see what the responses were. You simply seem to seek the approval of your ‘regulars’ on a consistant basis. Who exactly are you addressing and what are you attempting to accomplish with this? You’re clearly smart enough to know that this blog will do nothing material in actaully changing the madness of this world, it’s simple logic. I sincerely hope you have not succumbed to mere belief and justify it as fact without sound logical thinking. I know the Meier case is for the most part true, but you still have almost zero evidence of the existence of these Humans and you know it, and the insistence that they do exist without proof reveals at least in part a revalation of belief, sorry to say. Look at the case from new eyes and you will see this this as well. I know it seems like I’m ‘harping’ on you but that is not my intention, but people must see more than your personal interpretations, regardless how accurate you may view them. Things are reaching a precibus and we must handle things with care. If all you can offer Humanity is what Mr. Meier says and some footage, you will garner no support in your efforts, although I wish it was that easy. I would think you would want to forward messages other than death and destruction, but these seem to be the mainstay of your topics.

    1. Obviously, based on your repetitive, non-specific rambling, you have very limited capacities that you continuously exhaust even before you come to try to comment on things about which you have no knowledge.

      As far as this goes “no special first hand knowledge of anything, other than what you’ve read, and possibly seen in part” please simply read my resume/bio for a partial background on me ( I haven’t yet updated it to include how I developed my forbearance for know-it-all fools but you do keep reminding me.

      Perhaps, if you can first figure out if you’re Tony, tony_dev, or tony_deb, etc., you’ll shed your anonymity and share with us all what qualifies you to speak on the life and experience of another person who you demonstrably know nothing about.

      Oh where is Delirious Don and his Space Cadets when we really need him?

      1. This is my gentle clean response – This babbling idiot must be Anthony, or his compadre. What a load of incorrect nonsensical gibberish. And feel free to attack me with your idiocy, it won’t affect me at all, and I’ll simply ignore your insanity.

      2. I just now realized how much of an egoic Human you truely are. It’s quite evident that the Plejaren have washed their hands of any handling of FIGU policy at this point, at least when it concerns you. You are incapable of accepting criticism without first lashing out at others in return. You are so accustomed to being attacked by naysayers, that you have lost the ability to see true concern and logical critique. I don’t give a damn about your resume, your resume is insignificant compared to what must be done. You are supposed to be a tool, a mechanism of sorts in distributing the truth, not a stage of self value. You are afraid of others’ interpretations if they do not resonate with your concepts of understanding, although at this point, I’m unsure whether this is actaully even genuine anymore. I know the Meier case is real, for the most part, but you talk as if you have some personal knowledge which you clearly do not have. I know you feel you must protect your ego, but this in the end will prove to be a mistake. You are in dire need of a simple lesson in humility. You are a reporter, not a knowledge bringer for you lack the simple perosnality trait of humility. Far more than you have truth in their hearts, yet they remain silent. You must revamp your approach when it concerns your fellow Humans if you wish to actually bring balance back.

        1. Okay, monkey brain, I will immodestly post this, which you can check out at

          A small number of persons are trying really very hard to form a good FIGU group in the USA. So there are also really good people over there who try very hard. If I thereby think solely of Michael Horn, who has already worked for so many years for the teaching and the mission, he and his work cannot be highly enough appraised. Indeed, not all human beings need to be working in his tireless scope, because a lesser commitment is already very valuable, and such a one can be achieved by many in America. However, these correspond only to a minority, but if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them…

          There is nothing there with which to argue, because your words correspond to reality. This, however, changes nothing in our attitude. If, in relation to the human beings and the behaviour of the American people, something changes for the better, for good and right, then we will also change our opinion. But we are very pleased regarding the ongoing efforts for many years by Michael Horn, whereby he has provided extraordinary services, which are of inestimable value. While we also acknowledge the efforts of all those people in the USA who tried for decades to form a FIGU group and also made an effort in terms of learning the spiritual teaching; unfortunately they have not achieved the objectives they claimed they wanted to achieve.

          Now, in case you haven’t noticed it, this blog isn’t about me…though you try to make it about me. It is what I express and others express and comment on. If you wanted to do battle with me, for whatever reason, then coming to a battle of wits half-armed is a poor strategy on your part.

          So, since we are in ever-increasingly intense times wherein the exchange of ideas and the coalescing of like-minded people who retain their individuality is a worthwhile goal, unless you can actually add to that I see no reason to continue to give you rant space that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual topic of any of the blogs that you’ve chosen to infect with your dour, self-righteous blather.

          If you wish to criticize anyone’s opinions, points of view, etc., you’re welcome to do so. But I will no longer host your comments unless they are absolutely pertinent to, one more time, the topic at hand. Certainly you’ve had every opportunity to tell me what you think of me. Now get on with telling us what you actually think about the topics, if anything.

          1. I see. Now you have become both monitor and editor. Well, I suppose if Ptah gave you such wonderful ratings, I suppose I should too eh? You have lost your way and I for one will not be a party to it any longer. You have become angry and disillusioned and I am saddened by this. I hope one day you will see what I was trying to convey. Forgive me if I was hurtful, it was not my intent. Some things are never as they appear my friend, just remember that.

            1. We’re saying goodbye to Tony, at his request. He also is unclear about the fact that yes, this is my blog and I’m the moderator/monitor, otherwise every bit of spam, profanity, etc., that is submitted would also clutter it.

              I do very little editing, except on request. You weren’t “hurtful”, we’re not wimps here. You were simply off-topic, as well as pompous and self-righteous, over and over. If you ever choose to post something relevant to the topics, submit it and we’ll see if it makes it through this oh so tough editing process.

              However, this isn’t a discussion so anything else along these lines that is off-topic won’t see the light of day. I think we all know how you feel about me, how I do my job, etc., so you certainly haven’t been censored.

              Should there be an outpouring of support for your return to continue on your current path…I’ll go into another line of work.

  4. What are you talking about? Considering what is happening in our world, I will get more serious. Besides, I love being serious.

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