As the weekend arrives, here are some updates.

Regarding concerns about the dreadful Ebola situation, Billy Meier also clearly, specifically warned about it, many many other things, in the Henoch Prophecies 1987:

Quetzal: “You are untiring; so I will point out a few more important facts of the prophecies. As of now, new epidemics have spread among the people of Earth; however, as Henoch prophesied, quite a number of further epidemics will follow. Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called “mad cow disease”, i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium. Also, an epidemic known as Ebola will cause many deaths, as well as other unknown epidemics and diseases which will sporadically arise in epidemic proportions and will be new to the human being, causing great concern.”

The Coming San Francisco Earthquake and the Billy Meier Photos

The following information was posted by Kenneth, on the FIGU Forum, Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – 01:43 pm:

Regarding the Contact Report 106, 1978; Billy Meier’s time travel with the Plejaren to the future San Francisco earthquake and the similar looking painting that was published in Geo magazine:


51. However, under the circumstances it is likely better, if I take the photographs, as well as also the negatives of the film, in order to protect you from further attacks.

There are several things going on here:

1. Billy Meier had taken 11 actual photos of the future San Francisco earthquake. The fact that Billy had these pictures which was made semi public; meant that certain factions would do anything to get them.

2. Real first generation pictures could very well identify the exact date of the earthquake with detailed examination of the photographs.

3. The Plejaren took the photos away from Billy because something in those photos identified the exact date of occurrence.

4. The Plejaren will not reveal future events because this in itself can have a cause-&-affect that is not to the benefit of humankind.

5. The Plejaren allowed the painting of the SF earthquake through impulses because it will not show all the details identifying the date of occurrence, but reinforces the fact.

6. Aside from the automobiles without side mirrors and very high windshields up into the near mid roof section is only one small indicator.

The company of my employment has a department that can perform reverse engineering on almost anything including photographs, which would revolve around the events in a photo.

For instance, let’s take the SF photos; shadows, among other indicators determine the month of the year. If the moon, other planets, stars etc., are evident, it will determine the year of the photo. The City of SF and other future business project development plans now depicted and completed in the future photo can also identify the exact year and the month when the photo was taken, which provides a cross check analysis; other details will identify events to within days, maybe hours of when that photo was taken.

This doesn’t cover other items such as newspapers with dates; documents in office buildings with dates; dates on license plates and plate renewal stickers; wardrobe designs based on today‚s plans for the future; etc, etc. . . . If the painting is any indication; those photos were a wealth of information.

Weather Weapons

Dyson Devine made us aware of this new translation about weather weapons, which augments Meier’s information about this testament to our perfection of other nature destroying, suicidal technological accomplishments.


And thanks to Mark Leaver for letting me know about an absolutely great cartoon that everyone (especially every Israeli, Palestinian, etc.) should watch until it sinks through their/our thick heads.

Direct from…Star System HQ

And while we’re in the mood for dark humor, it’s reassuring to know that some of the nice folks in the UFOCI, like Don Ware, not only have “always known” that the Billy Meier UFO case was real but also are themselves in contact with…well, anything but reality.

Here’s the latest exchange between me and Delirious Don, beginning with his request to to remove him from an email exchange pertaining to the singular authenticity of the Meier case:



Please take my name off your list too.  I have always known the Meier case is real, but your denial of other real cases is repulsive. Too many important things to read now.

Don Ware



Sure. BTW, as a parting gesture, please feel free to inform me of the “other real cases” the denial of which by me seem to cause repulsivication.



Too many to count.  I am excited.  ETs already have already helped our 4th-grade students build vehicles that use zero-point energy to travel faster than light.

I have a foot in both worlds.

Peace and Joy, Don


Well Don,

No need to count.  How’s about just one or two, three if the mood strikes you?

Since you said, “I have always known the Meier case is real…” then you certainly must have known that Meier has said that there aren’t ANY other comparable cases.

And my, my, just what will those wild and wacky ETs help your…5th grade students build, time-travel vehicles?

Looking forward to just a couple of cases.




I accept Meyer’s statement.  But, you and I apparently differ in interpretation of “comparable.”

The 5th-grade class takes place at Jerusem, on our Star System HQ.




Possibly we disagree but feel free to give me a few cases based on…your interpretation.

And where is Jerusem, is that like Jerusalem?



Add the el (God) and you get the word Jerusalem.  Read the UB, the 5th epochal revelation, for the first answer.  You might learn something useful for human progress.



I see. So there aren’t any “other real cases” when we come right down to it, just some 4th-graders who’re now zipping around faster than the speed of light…which can present some disciplinary problems, etc.




I don’t give you specifics, because you are so obnoxious about details and fail to see the bigger picture.  I hope you can figure out why that is.




In a world where people’s reputations – and often their lives – depend on troubling little things like details, as you should know as a former military man, I am willing to risk being obnoxious in pursuit of the truth.

Of course your fourth-graders (who are now going invisible and certainly giving their parents major headaches in the process) must have had to deal with icky little “details” so they could do all this now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t stuff, including getting back to school before they actually left on their physics defying journeys.

So, work with me, Don, what “other real cases” are we talking about…by any definition you’d like?




Lastly, the MUFON Q & A   feature regarding the new investigation into the Billy Meier case is already getting a lot of activity.

23 Replies to “Interlude”

    1. So … 4th graders working on military grade 0-P-E projects. Isn’t that technically against child labor considering Jerusalem is in up state New York? Or is there some deficiency in the argument where it should really be D-0-P-E ?

  1. Michael, you should have been an investigative detective, you leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of truth, unfortunately you can’t bring the heat of bright lights of the interrogation room on Don, so he can hide from you, or ignore your queries. I always enjoy your witty banter and relentless search for truth and the unmasking of fiction. that’s what keeps me tied to this blog, despite my skepticism.

    1. Ron,

      Thanks, I try to do my best in that pursuit.

      I also appreciate your critical thinking and truly welcome your expressing those things about which you may be most skeptical. Again, such things as that actually help us all to better understand and address the evidence and the case.

  2. ”I see. So there aren’t any “other real cases” when we come right down to it, just some 4th-graders who’re now zipping around faster than the speed of light…which can present some disciplinary problems, etc.”

    LOL. I had to turn away from the screen to stop laughing. I avoided “disaster”, but was very close to sending you a bill for a laundry service :).

    Keep it up Michael.

  3. I have always thought that Parkinsons disease as well as Multiple Sclerosis and similar diseases have the same root cause as Creutzfeld-Jacob. I thought years ago that I shouldn’t eat any meat for exactly that reason, and gave up all meat at about the age of 25 years (in the ‘eighties). I wonder what Billy would say about that? I notice that he doesn’t actually say that consuming flesh leads to an early death, but I have long suspected that it does. This also led me to give up cow’s milk and eggs (except at church dinners when there’s nothing else for me to eat. . . . ). I don’t think we should be polluting our bodies with the flesh and blood of other (lesser) creatures. To be truly human and in our right minds, we should avoid the consumption of animal fluids and flesh. FYI. I’m surprised the Plejaran haven’t insisted on this as a lifestyle change which is necessary, if we are to live as rational and healthy earthlings!

    1. Then you will be surprised that Meier and the Plejaren strongly advise against vegetarianism (they consider it worse than…smoking). They consider that animal protein is essential to us at our stage of development. Meier was the first to present information on the growing or culturing of meat in the laboratory as a solution to nutritional as well as ethical problems. This direction is now underway.

      The fact that we have, largely due to overpopulation, inferior, polluted food sources, both animal and vegetable, as well as extremely cruel animal food production, is very unfortunate. We are advised to try to obtain the animal proteins from the best quality, most humanely treated sources.

      Eggs are often referred to as the “perfect protein” and highly recommended.

      The absence of sufficient animal protein is said to result also in…illogical thinking, as well as physical problems,e tc.

      1. I eat an ocational chicken and I love eggs and can`t live without eggs especially hard boiled eggs. I just love develed eggs which are my very favorite thing to eat but I only eat them very ocationally since develed eggs are very fatning

      2. Strange. . . . I actually found that when I quit eating meat my general health improved and my thinking got better. I used to be prone to mood swings, from highs to extreme lows, and that all went away after I quit the meat. Also other health problems that I had been experiencing went quite away (such as menstrual pain, agonizing headaches, etc, etc). I’d never go back to eating meat ever again!

  4. Thanks, Michael, for drawing attention to my new translation about the Weather Wars, but I think that this info about the Sun’s chromosphere –

    – is actually much more important – in fact I think it’s SO much more important (read: “dangerous and terrifying”) – that normal people “can’t go there” at all, even if they can cope with the idea of weather weapons. But … and here’s the good news … in the same way that the weather weapons, alluded to above, can largely save us all from the man-made (well, women wouldn’t be killing Mother Earth!) climate-catastrophe-related, extreme weather events, the “black shelf” technology that Billy hints at to do with the scalar feedback loop between the Earth and the Sun, could, in theory anyway, protect us from the Sun’s energetic outbursts, and I suspect it already did in 2012.

    BTW, in a strictly technical sense, I don’t think any of these things – including the “black shelf, false-flag, “9/11”, “Star Wars”, DEW’s (“Directed Energy Weapons”)*- has anything to do with “HAARP”.


    1. I don’t feel it has anything to do with HAARP either even though I don’t know that for sure. Many conspiracy theorist and the one’s that believe them are sure about HAARP being the biggest threat for weather manipulation. I remember Meier talking about it being detrimental in many ways, but not to control the weather.

  5. Meanwhile the Truth is being ever more corroborated while people are still believing in “Their truth”. I’m so happy that I found this case when I did. I’m seeing people coming here talking about debunker’s this and debunker’s that when in fact those debunker’s have nothing of importance to offer to anyone. We’re free to do what we want, but if you’ve already found the Truth and its proving itself over and over to be just that, why turn away from it?

    1. We definitely won’t be seeing any doubters or skeptics on this particular blog just way too much Truth for them to be skeptical about.

      1. Michael, I just herd on Coast the George Noory is putting a team together starting Monday August 4rth on Coast to Coast am. He says he will just hound congress to get congress to authorize money to get the grid to protect all our electrical,computer radio and television and other electrical systems sheled from the harmful solar rays. Maby we should all join in too so we can all get this idea moving too.

  6. Hi Dyson,
    Re: chromosphere.
    In the citation there Billy is clearly talking about the earth only with the other elements mentioned. So it seems very out of place for “chromosphere” to not be about the earth. You are quite right, however, that the word is used in an astronomical sense only for our sun — and other stars. Since the word is made of “chromo” and “sphere” where “chromo” means “color”, I tend to think chromosphere in this context relates to some as yet unknown or unmentioned slight color sphere that surrounds our planet. In what way, I have no idea since no definition is given. It is an interesting inclusion among the mentioned bands surrounding our earth.

    1. Please let us know form where, etc. George Green put up a falsified version. And the last official version was also found to have many errors. So there’s a new German language translation out form FIGU.

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