New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III

We have just received, and are authorized by FIGU to share, this  new information from Billy Meier regarding the world situation that is creating new dangers of a possible World War III.

People who are involved in the study of the Billy Meier information may wish to pay particular attention to the following from Meier and the Plejaren. You may wish to view it as a call to action, to upgrade prioritizing your preparations for coming together and developing your communities, study groups, etc. Of course this also goes for all those people who have eyes to see and ears to hear and who wish to prepare themselves for the coming times:

According to new information regarding the Ukraine crisis, Ptaah explained to Meier that it is mainly the fault of the EU (European Union) that started the crisis, because of its having the megalomaniacal intention to annex Ukraine like a few other countries, such as Georgia, etc., in order to become bigger and bigger. And to achieve this goal the EU – as one of the first steps – has been striving for an agreement with Ukraine to a so-called association treaty for a very long time, which was eventually successful after the EU provoked a kind of coup d’état.

Now there is the very unfortunate and very violent situation between Western Ukraine, with its officially elected government, which is supported mainly by the EU, and East Ukraine, which is supported by Russia. This crisis is a threat not only for Europe but also for the entire world because it could lead to new international war, and even to WW III eventually, if the leaders in charge of both sides don’t find a comprehensive and reasonable solution for all parties.

There is a similar situation in Israel and in Palestine, where Hamas receives their “rocket weapons” from Syria. Both sides, and therefore the Israelis AND the Palestinians, are acting in a very primitive and unreasonable way, which could unfortunately easily lead to WW III, as well. Meier said that in both crises – as well as in other similar crises such as in Syria and Iraq – the responsible people are acting with a more primitive behaviour than the real primitive tribes that live in the jungles, etc. would act, in the same or similar situation.

Regarding the so called “BRICS-States”, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (with a total population of at least 3 billion people) and the treaties they signed in July 2014, it is to say that it could and probably would be the beginning of a new world economy “order”, with especially China as the new world superpower.

The BRICS-States, as well as Argentina and Kazakhstan, both of which recently applied to become a part of this “alliance”, will probably become the new economic powerhouse in the world within the next 30 years by outperforming the Western civilizations, especially Europe and the USA. The irony of this progress is that it’s precisely the United States of America and the European Union that have mainly, but unintentionally, been initiating this ongoing process by neglecting these emerging states with the typical arrogant, bigheaded and egomaniacal attitudes of the Western civilisations against the emerging economies, especially regarding the disadvantages these states have to cope with because of being treated by the BRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in the same dishonourable and unfair manner.

Due to this fact, on 15 July 2014 in Brazil, the BRICS-States therefore founded their own BRD or “World Bank” which is named as the “New Development Bank” (NDB) with the headquarters in Shanghai, China, with the purpose of acting as a counterbalance to the BRD and the IMF. This crucial foundation and other further actions in the near future will provide and support the BRICS-States and other emerging and aspiring countries to probably become the new economic and political powerhouse of the world.

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  1. Whatever the Plejarans showed Billy as future events most likely cannot be altered. That’s why they took the pictures away from him. . . .

        1. I’m quite happy to offer a clue in this area AC. Dont live on a beach, any beach, low land, flooding, tsunamis, dont live on a fault line, earthquakes, unless you have an earthquake dampener on the foundations or some scuba gear, Dont join the army or any service unless your sure you will be placed in an area that is not at war, and unlikely to be ever, be careful of things like illnesses, learn about cures and preventatives, take care of your body by keeping it active and healthy, which is most important advice because your going to need the energy and flexibility to move safely around an overpopulated world. They say (historical prophecies) that newyork and therefore the eastcoast will also be destroyed.

          If you want to be really safe in America, its the rocky mountains, in an isolated capacity, if the worlds financial industry ever collapsed due to new york being swept away, you’d want to be in an isolated area for that, as people would go nuts, even though they were hundreds of miles away. So a nice little self sufficient farm, and then you have other things to worry about, like your naturally occurring death for example.

          In europe its a similar picture, live on a mountain. They also say britany in france is safe, but I am skeptical of that actually, getting one particle of radiation in your lung will kill you quick enough, and britany is not in a special glass dome or anything, and its coast will disappear when newyork does at the same time if not slightly before.

          The truth is AC, you can be safe pretty much anywhere on the planet, if you’ve ever watched the film “Edge of tommorrow” you’d know there are plenty of combinations available to you providing your keep your body and mind healthy and peaceful. Its how you use your tools, your brain, and your consciousness, how you develop your personality and expand your ideas, and how you use your community to support you and vice versa, the people real people around you, maintaining each others health through peaceful interactions, which is an age old premise.


    What are five important aspects regarding Earth religions?
    1. Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb.
    2. When Man indulges in his religions, i.e. malevolent, erroneous doctrines, his consciousness wastes away more and more and ultimately leads to a bottomless abyss.[1]
    3. Earth is the only planet within the Milky Way galaxy that has religions of our form. Our religions control people’s lives and the welfare of the whole planet retarding our world by thousands of years in spiritual development. [2]
    4. Every aspect of spiritual evolution is blocked by these religions, making any genuine progress impossible.[3]
    5. Our religions still contain some real worth, but this becomes so overshadowed that only a few people are able to see any effective truth in them.[4]

  3. I certainly agree with this assessment. This is a western back NATO coup. Did anyone else but me notice that 48 hours into this event all of the gold was stolen and moved out of the country by daddy Bush and his 5 star trust cronies.

    It’s seems that quite a few of the prophecies spelled out by Henoch are coming true such as Ebola,the muslim uprisings occurring in France and England and East rising up against West, drones, robotics, etc.

    My real question is what about the items that seem to run contrary?

    China and Russia are not fighting, nor is India and China. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
    Iran seems to be moving towards them as well. We are also on the last pope, presumedly, but the name was not correct. If you are reading the future, how can these things change? I’m confused on this point?

    Let’s just hope he is wrong about 2 civil wars in the USA. Unfortunately, I think that this will probably come true as well, and within the next 2-3 years, at max.

    What does Billy have to say about these items that run contrary to the stated propecies?

    1. Prophecies are changeable, predictions are not. Also, there are no dates given for most major events. So we can’t yet say that the prophecies are right or wrong yet in a number of cases.

        1. Well….your privacy is a thing of the past. Those who could snoop on you – the government – already do. It’s already irrelevant if you use your real name here or not. Plus we’re actually pretty big on courage here, being and standing up for who we are.

          1. First, It doesn’t really take much courage to post on a blog. It doesn’t really take much of anything but a computer.

            Second, if your bloggers really needed courage to post here, you wouldn’t allow any post on your site unless they had their full name. This would remove about half of your courageous posters.

            Third, it was a simple request that any truly enlightened individual would respect. Basic courtesy.

            But, that is fine MH. You have a nice day. Be courageous.

            1. If you really want me to remove your last name I’ll do it but you also seem to say it doesn’t matter in effect.

              I only wish all the posters would use their full names. It’s a good, reasonable exercise in a world that no longer remembers what putting oneself forward openly and honestly, is all about.

              So sure, I’ll remove your last name but really why is it even a matter of courtesy to “respect” such foolishness? My real feeling is that if one doesn’t want to stand up for their comments, etc., why bother making them?

          2. Michael, do not go with this thought – to be able to tell somebody when they cannot remove their own name by their own freedom of self-determination. it is the opposite of freedom.

            it may be so that there are spys – government agents or more or less – but if there is no freedom in our own circles of truth-seekers, to determine whether or not to be able to put into hiding again some information that could be a potential threat to ourselves to have given it out, then it is not any better than the big crowd of people who do not seek to find the truth at all.

            it is true that it is not possible to take back the fact that some people have seen something once it is posted – but it can still be determined whether or not more people are exposed to that same information.

            and it is good to have courage, yes – but if it is forced and not the choice to have it, then it is not true freedom of self-determination at all.

            true freedom is also having the freedom to step down, when it feels like somebody has spoken so much that it can be a risk to themselves. it is having the freedom to also take a step down and not reveal oneself, or to conceal oneself again.

            the way that it is also freedom for the other person, this way, is because they also have the freedom not to respond unless the other party identifies themselves. and they have the freedom to insist that other parties identify themselves – but never the ability to control the self-determination factor of another, if true freedom is to be spoken of.

            it is true that it can be no good thing to always identify oneself carelessly on the Internet – because we are not many of us such moving forces on the planet that we are “famous ones” more or less – so some have to be conscious of the fact that they are to go with the spiritual teaching in a different capacity than somebody who feels it is their purpose to be a loud and outspoken spokesperson on behalf of the truth, because it could bring harm to themselves to speak on its behalf without being able to protect themselves in the same manner as somebody who has a great following of many people who will be on the diligent watch for them.

            1. First, to be realistic, the particular comment(s) are in no way revolutionary, risk-taking, etc., hence I didn’t want to waste my time with the anonymity thing. In fact, I regularly receive emails containing far more radical, incendiary, controversial – publicly available information. It’s to be found all over the internet. Also, the poster stated not one unknown fact or major, dangerous supposition, assumption, etc.

              Many people are/have been growing up in this idiotically spineless, cowardly environment where people use screen names – but sldo fail to hide their IP addresses, etc. And, again, they forget that the powers that be ALREADY know more about them than they’ll learn on this blog, etc.

              Frankly, there’s very little weight behind the absolute majority of posts by anonymous people. If you’re Edward Snowden it may be one thing…and even he came out publicly and has taken the heat for some really significant revelations.

              So if people think it’s makes them more “free” to call themselves anything but their real names, good luck. You may want to instead look into:


              …and contemplate how and why one is already so afraid and, thereby, defeated, enslaved, etc.

          3. Thank you for removing my last name.

            You are correct, nothing I stated was revolutionary. I never claimed it to be. I merely wanted to comment on the post and ask a question regarding the Henoch Prophecies. If I would have known that posts had to be earth shattering revelations, I wouldn’t have wasted your or my time.

            Ultimately, you have chosen to bring forth this story of Billy Meier. This is your crusade and your can scream from the rooftop…I AM MICHAEL HORN! I respect your right to do this. I simply wanted to ask a question in anonymity. If that makes me spineless and cowardly, so be it. I have my own charities and causes that I thrust myself to the forefront of and take on all challengers.

            And if this was really about not wasting your time, you would have just deleted it when I first asked, instead of volleying back and forth for an hour.

            Tyler you made a very enlightened post. It’s important to respect the freewill of others and not try to impose your beliefs. I think I read that somewhere in the Billy Meier material.

            May the spirit enlighten us all.

            1. It isn’t my intention to scream my name from the rooftops. It is my intention to put for the information, state my and other’s opinions, etc. I’m not saying that you’re cowardly. I doubt that it was your intention but I also don’t doubt that you accept the “alrightness” of even trying to have anonymity for very non earth shattering information.

              I also don’t fault Tyler of course for his point of view, criticism, etc. We’re here to exchange ideas, opinions, etc., with each other. And – preferably – to do it standing strong in our own true identity.Think about possible “end games” where people will have to know who’s who, who to trust, etc. Do we really want to wade through, “Well I was CelestialWarrior on that one blog, aka as TruthSlinger on another, etc., etc.”?

  4. Hello there, I’m back.

    I thinK:|
    People should really use their real name(s) in the right sequence.

    It would be much easier to communicate our true thoughts and do it so in an honest way and straight-forward to the point. I personally have very little to hide, and I’m proud of that. I am proud of myself, and my mother is also proud of me. Also is my father and my sister.

    If this is really the “END OF THE WORLD” as the willing people likes to “believe” here on this blog and everywhere arround the globe including me on some particuliar harsh days -(seemingly having very very little hope) or wrongfully wishing that our own monstruous predictions turn out to be true, so that we could all suffer together to prove one person was right.. it’s insane…

    There is always more places for MORE horiffing things to happen. Is it really what people wish – more disastrous and horrifing catastrophies – …then it will be!

    Remember we are also responsible for the increasing natural disasters for the most part. (volcanos, earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, ice melting etc. etc. etc.)

    Well well. let say… if it is REALLY the end of the world… or the “end of the world as we know it” or let say the WWIII broke lose… why not tell everyone, the whole world, your true identity befor getting killed.

    I dunno… instead of arguing.. just talk about your “sins” in an open manner, or don’t speak of them if you don’t want to. You really are free/ libre(fr) of doing so.

    You are free of killing someone if that is your true intend. But you will suffer your own judgment. Hey! I can go kill someone if I want… who will stop me really? nha nah na… think a little instead.

    Why not develope a way of discussing taboo subjects, because nothing should be taboo to anyone at the present time. Why not discuss these things under your real name before we all annihilate eachother… everyone that is old enough as commited a crime at least once in his life. Come on! I’ve onced stolen a web-cam in a Walmart and got caught, when I was 20 or 21years old – about 7 or 8 years ago – and I had many many concequences thereafter. And until now I sometime hold the fear when I enter a supermarket and I can feel the cameras spying on me. I have to live with this. I have never stolen any physical objects after that, but I still hold a little fear inside of me. It’s not always easy to live with this. And I also have to live with the fact that I have “pirated”/stolen” numeric material such as sofwares, movies, music, films, numeric books etc etc. even recently… with internet, and that’s a thing I will NEVER do again. But hey! I did it. Shame on me.

    oooook, back to the name calling and true identity:| Why not use your real name, seriously! what do you have to lose or to hide? I personally have much more to gain from using my real name, I must not really feal that much “shame on me” or I would probably be hiding somewhere in a cave or organising or orchestring some secrets operations.

    look… before we ALL are no longer able to communicate one-another. because let say… all our communication systems get destroyed in the near futur… It would make things much much easier – RIGHT NOW – if we could use our true names and only one identity, istead of multiple false identities. If you don’t want your whole name to appear… i dunno… use your initials at least, if you fear that much for your life.

    Their is over a billion people on the internet right now, it’s already way too much for this earth, imagine if each one of them was using a multitude of identites, it makes things even more complicate and mind boggeling to me.

    If we could move all allong together and go straight foward in HELPING the cause instead of destroying each other with various unnecessary arguments, waste of time, never ending wars… heeeen shhhght….

    If we would all work together instead of working one against the other – that is – BILLIONS of people… just imagine, we could literally move montains in days if not hours, or try to build some pyramids… or I dunno some positive great walls that would save millions of lifes instead of trapping people to their death.

    I imagine building something great on the west coast that could save millions of innocent Americans… innocents. don’t you think it’s possible?

    oh finally, about “name callings”, please grow a little and put asside your “pedegree” or “Titles” or “diplomas” or your “stature”… Lose your job if it’s necessary! But please help us.

    You can call me “Max” or “Burger” or “Le Québecois” or “French Canadian” or “square head” even.
    I enjoy those nicknames. 🙂
    I am a good person.
    Just like you.

  5. Well, to make a long story short…. I hope that we are soon at the part called free at last…. and mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord….. it says that at that time ….nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom….then there will be signs in the heavens….the oceans will be roaring….. that He will make a new heaven and a new earth….and there will be no injustice there! For along time there has been a lot of false peace…(the Bible calls it)….a peace that wants every one to smile and be quiet while there are tremendous problems going on….. pray if you want me to share more,to get back to this site. Today I wrote a letter to Michael Horn on his email dated 9/11/14….hope he can maybe share it as I have limited time to share right now…. email me if anyone very much wants to talk about the ….truth re many things…all public information….but it just needs to be thought about…… It may not be a popular thought…..but I think the planet IS supposed to have war…..because!! there are things worse than death going on to people…a very sad and dangerous world that we live in. God didn’t make it that way. * It was an interesting article that said was this present ‘war’ illegal that Obama was going to presently start….. did Congress not approve it and it’s funding? More later perhaps…… sincerely, Rachel Mary Benjamin p.s. I have had dreams and sensed very much the last couple of years Revelation chpt 11…..and the book of Revelation mentions war in the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls of wrath….they are actually allowed to come forth by and with Gods Holy Angels…. as in Gog and Magog and Armegeddon….. when there was more truth on the earth….these things were more talked about years ago…… whereas now there is more fantasy.

    1. Hi,

      I am posting your comment in accordance with my “one delusional religious comment” policy.

      We are already long past the imaginary “God”, angels, bible, etc., stuff. No offense is meant by that, it’s just that we focus here on that which we ourselves can think through and draw our own conclusions about. All religions rest on the illogical, childish and inadmissible premise that, “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true.”

      So if you do wish to participate and discuss the Meier material you are indeed more than welcome. In that context we do discuss elements of religion and religions…but we dedicate very little time and space to it unless it’s in a context of relevance.

      1. Well….. maybe we can talk more later if the floods etc subside…..and if not….then lets talk about an ark….. as in the days of noah….. Sincerely, Rachel Mary Banjamin p.s. I see that my name is attached to your websight….. when one types in Rachel Mary Benjamin White, BuffaloNewsletter the Meier websight comes up….. well, I do hope that that helps the right people to find my truth letter… but I have also shared that it seems a lot of people try to connect with me only to use me……this has happened a lot……. I find that unappealing…..and in a way very strange……

    2. P.S. Comments may take some time to appear, depending on the time of day and other circumstances pertaining to my availability to moderate this blog/forum.

  6. Greetings…have not written for quite awhile. Just a few quick comments….. I have tried to share a few spiritual thoughts with many different people-s….. and some who have not believed in God at all have appreciated it. Actually ‘false religious’ have had the hardest time with what I have had to say at times. * When people realize that God has so much to do with Justice…. it helps a lot! Most people are upset I said about either a small or large amount of……injustice!!!! It almost always comes down to that. It even says it the book of Revelation… long oh Lord before you judge what has happened to us….. and that could actually apply to so many different kinds of people….. and they did not even know that God cared! Also a lot of people are turned off not by real religion….but by a false or many false religious people that they have encountered. Example: That is why M. Ghandi said he would be a Christian if it were not for the….Christians! * Just because someone goes to a Church-building does not mean they are a Christian… Well I truly believe we are at the book of Revelation…..and one day a new heaven and a new earth with no injustice there. …. Because! there is so many terrible things going on these days and most of it is not even talked about on a regular basis! * I have visited other religions too just to say hello in the past also. * The only Mosque I visited was the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem years ago. * By the way I believe the God of the Prophets (and MLK Jr. used that expression too!) is dealing with Israel too…. that is historical and Biblical. And that in itself is a long subject. Well….take care….. again…just a few thoughts…… and I see this is on the website in google….and I hope it might help me to find any past friends ….and especially looking, searching for my birth parents and maybe by a miracle they will find this! * Re….when I write Rachel Mary B. White Buffalo Newsletter this site comes up. I hope to soon get my own website….. but I just got access to a computer again…. * p.s. in Revelation chp 18 it speaks of people only caring about money and not Justice! It also even mentions human trafficking…..which I have cried out about and against. *** Take Care……

    1. HI Rachel,

      I allow one way off-topic, religiously delusional post. If you trouble yourself to read the information on this blog you’ll better understand that this is a generous gesture.

      If you do have any interest in the information, questions, challenges, etc., and you can resist the temptation to offer “God said” kinds of comments in response, etc., you’re most welcome to do so.

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