We have just received, and are authorized by FIGU to share, this  new information from Billy Meier regarding the world situation that is creating new dangers of a possible World War III.

People who are involved in the study of the Billy Meier information may wish to pay particular attention to the following from Meier and the Plejaren. You may wish to view it as a call to action, to upgrade prioritizing your preparations for coming together and developing your communities, study groups, etc. Of course this also goes for all those people who have eyes to see and ears to hear and who wish to prepare themselves for the coming times:

According to new information regarding the Ukraine crisis, Ptaah explained to Meier that it is mainly the fault of the EU (European Union) that started the crisis, because of its having the megalomaniacal intention to annex Ukraine like a few other countries, such as Georgia, etc., in order to become bigger and bigger. And to achieve this goal the EU – as one of the first steps – has been striving for an agreement with Ukraine to a so-called association treaty for a very long time, which was eventually successful after the EU provoked a kind of coup d’état.

Now there is the very unfortunate and very violent situation between Western Ukraine, with its officially elected government, which is supported mainly by the EU, and East Ukraine, which is supported by Russia. This crisis is a threat not only for Europe but also for the entire world because it could lead to new international war, and even to WW III eventually, if the leaders in charge of both sides don’t find a comprehensive and reasonable solution for all parties.

There is a similar situation in Israel and in Palestine, where Hamas receives their “rocket weapons” from Syria. Both sides, and therefore the Israelis AND the Palestinians, are acting in a very primitive and unreasonable way, which could unfortunately easily lead to WW III, as well. Meier said that in both crises – as well as in other similar crises such as in Syria and Iraq – the responsible people are acting with a more primitive behaviour than the real primitive tribes that live in the jungles, etc. would act, in the same or similar situation.

Regarding the so called “BRICS-States”, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (with a total population of at least 3 billion people) and the treaties they signed in July 2014, it is to say that it could and probably would be the beginning of a new world economy “order”, with especially China as the new world superpower.

The BRICS-States, as well as Argentina and Kazakhstan, both of which recently applied to become a part of this “alliance”, will probably become the new economic powerhouse in the world within the next 30 years by outperforming the Western civilizations, especially Europe and the USA. The irony of this progress is that it’s precisely the United States of America and the European Union that have mainly, but unintentionally, been initiating this ongoing process by neglecting these emerging states with the typical arrogant, bigheaded and egomaniacal attitudes of the Western civilisations against the emerging economies, especially regarding the disadvantages these states have to cope with because of being treated by the BRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in the same dishonourable and unfair manner.

Due to this fact, on 15 July 2014 in Brazil, the BRICS-States therefore founded their own BRD or “World Bank” which is named as the “New Development Bank” (NDB) with the headquarters in Shanghai, China, with the purpose of acting as a counterbalance to the BRD and the IMF. This crucial foundation and other further actions in the near future will provide and support the BRICS-States and other emerging and aspiring countries to probably become the new economic and political powerhouse of the world.

318 comments on “New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III

  • @ Thusday the 5th of August 2014 @ 12:47 (EDT) – Heure à Québec. WWIII has not yet broken! Those orrifing things DO NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. s**t Tony Vasquez I don’t want you in my team if you wish a World War. I wish peace, and that comes from my Heart beating on Earth.

    • oups I as not actually sure if I wanted to post that one here, cause I said yesterday my final words and it was aimed for the new blog/duscussion. I might say something on “The Sky Is falling! The Sky Is falling!” more recent blog, this one have more then enough abusive comments.

    • Max,

      I don’t wish for a world war, I just know one will come if these current wars continue, which it looks like they will.

  • To Tony Vasquez,
    In the comments for this article you try to argue several times that no thoughts in the world could stop the San Francisco quake. You fail to understand that the coming quake is an effect of our actions, which stem from our thoughts. You argue that nothing can change it, as if it proves your point. Well it doesn’t, it does the opposite. What you are you trying to say is that the stars make us drill oil and gas which in reality is the true cause of the effect of the coming quake. Law of causality. Our is it law of astrology? You did quote Semjase but failed to recognize it clearly says we are influenced by the aforementioned powers. Influenced.! You have chosen to believe your astrology, and chosen to disregard the truth for your own ego. Cause if the stars determine our future, we are powerless meaning we don’t have to do anything, since all thoughts and actions would be pointless.. I have studied the spiritual teachings for almost ten years, and what I have learned makes your statements sound devoid of logic.

    • Bader,

      You are incorrect. There is both freewill and destiny. Destiny is not determined by thoughts, nor can it changed by thoughts. You don’t know what you are talking about, you’re disrespectful and rude. Don’t write me again. Don’t waste my time. Have a good day.

  • This new information from Billy concerning WW3 is very important. From my astrological perspective, these wars will escalate and continue (maybe with a few pauses), which, as Billy said, will lead to WW3. Those of you who think the power of thought is the most powerful force, try to stop these wars with your thoughts. LOL, you’re fooling yourselves. Go ahead and try, we’ll see how that works out. And while your at it, try to stop the Moon from orbiting the Earth with your thoughts. It amounts to the same thing. Foolish ignorant humans. LOL

    • Tony,

      Unfortunately, you are entirely incorrect regarding the spiritual teaching, especially the might of the thoughts. After all, hasn’t it occurred to you that it’s the negatively applied might of the thoughts that has led to these situations, not merely astrological influences that can be redirected, surmounted, etc., and also that’s why we have…prophecies, based on the laws of cause and effect, to awaken us?

      The further problem is that you effectively identify and indict yourself with your obvious, complete unfamiliarity with the actual, specific teaching as contained in Meier’s work and pointedly in The Might of the Thoughts. Do you truly not see the difference between a planetary body in a consistent, barely changing orbit and the flux and flow of human behavior…all of which is rooted in our thoughts?

      I think you have grossly overstepped and overstated your own abilities, qualifications and even credibility here. I would ask you to check your own thoughts, the ones that gave rise to certain feelings, which in turn birthed other thoughts that compelled you to take this action. You may wish to look into your own mental-emotional constructs, into your own psyche as well, to see what anxieties, insecurities, needs, etc., etc., you are attempting to silence or satisfy outwardly that need to be dealt with inwardly.

      Disagree? Well, then from where did your own words spring, did someone else author them, did the moon in Sagittarius shoot those words out from a quiver, unobserved by you?

      Tony, while the accuracy of your predictions will be in evidence before the year is out, it’s not too soon by any means to get Meier’s brilliant book and actually acquaint yourself with the spiritual teaching that you have given lip service to – let alone effectively mocked in this post – and of which many of us are now students as well.

      P.S> Billy also said “could” not that it has to lead to WW III.

      • I disagree with your speech, it’s illogical. Billy said these wars could easily lead to WW3 – meaning that if they continue, they will do that. WELL, THEY WILL CONTINUE. NO AMOUNT OF THOUGHT POWER WILL STOP THEM. Ok, we will see who is correct, won’t we? Do you think any amount of thought power could stop the Aquarian Age from coming in? NO, it’s the same thing. That which is destined cannot be changed by thought. You didn’t answer my question as to what creates destiny. I guess you don’t know.

        • http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/05/world/europe/ukraine-crisis/index.html?hpt=wo_c2

          “Donetsk, Ukraine (CNN) — A new buildup of Russian troops along the Ukraine border raised concerns Tuesday that Moscow might be contemplating another intervention like the one that annexed Crimea earlier this year.

          According to a NATO official, Russia now has about 20,000 troops stationed “in an area along the entire border with eastern Ukraine.” The buildup nearly doubled the troop deployment in the last week by adding 8,000 more forces to 12,000 already there, the official said.”

          • As far as I’m concerned they can have the Ukraine. Nobody else should get involved in this conflict! Until 1989 or thereabouts the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, so these strong ties remain, also economic ties which are necessary for both the Ukraine and Russia. Tying the Ukraine to the European Union might be good for Europe in the short term (since it is struggling to keep itself together due to the enormous monetary problems in Greece and Spain). . . . but in the long term it won’t work out, unless Russia joins that economic union too. . . . Sorry if I’m repeating myself and making unnecessary stupid comments in this blog. . . . Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. . . . .

          • I must say Michael, that has to be a mistranslation. Destiny is not created by human minds. Perhaps the definition of “destiny” is not agreed upon. Here is the dictionary definition of destiny, and mine: 1. The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one’s lot.

            2. A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control: “Marriage and hanging go by destiny”.

            3. The power or agency thought to predetermine events: Destiny brought them together.

        • That which is destined is based upon strong factors of influence (Including thoughts) which guide us from the most unconscious areas of existence. In order to change future events, we first need to change and alter the thoughts that we generate, maintain and entertain in our own minds.. Surely You can see this Tony??? Michael is correct, you need to read “The Power Of Thoughts” by Billy in order to gain further insights which you don`t seem to have gained yet.

          • You don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about. Human thoughts do not create destiny, or can affect it one iota. Human thoughts can create some of the future, but not destiny. Destiny is created by the All-Powerful Creational cosmic astrological forces. This is a Creational law that everything and everyone comes under. Read what Semjase said concerning the Aquarian Age coming on Earth. If you disagree with this premise, don’t write me again. Thank you.

  • The fix is not in… there is always a choice. Counter forces to so much madness in the world are also in action… and perhaps will grow???

    Sahra Wagenknecht about the EU Crisis and the civil war in Ukraine –


    “This woman speaks for everyone, not just Germany or Europe. Her speech is stunning. Take 13 minutes and watch it. It is wonderful to be reminded that there are still eloquent, sane people out there.” –youtube comment from John Hummel

  • I wish the Plejaren would state that entities like the IMF and World Bank only do harm because they only give “loans” which put a nation in debt. Where do they get this “money”? Well they print it out of thin air or get it from entities who print it out of thin air like the Federal Reserve. Would it not be better for the countries of the world to join together and create an entity that issues interest free currency? Or just create their own interest free notes as Lincoln did with the Greenbacks? See the documentary “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still for more on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

    Debt, especially massive debt, only leads to a form of slavery. And the IMF has a nasty little habit of loaning money to countries who cannot pay it back and then conveniently swoops in and starts demanding assets/resources as collateral payment. There’s no need for any this if countries just print their own interest free currency.

    But then maybe they would place Meier in greater physical danger if they divulged all this openly since you’ll see in that documentary assassination attempts usually result when someone challenges this system?

  • Mainstream media has largely ignored reporting facts related to the Billy Meier case. And yet the information has been made available to verify and think about.

    Here is an article that illustrates a similar “media blackout” pattern with a significant recent development in Ukraine and Russia. Why the media blackout on this subject???

    American media refuse to meet with Ukrainian servicemen who asked for asylum in Russia –


  • Wow Tony. It’s quite clear to me that you only read the prophesies of Billy. It’s evident you haven’t even gone into the spiritual teachings which teaches you how to think in a logical manner about everything, including your own words, actions, and even thoughts. Since you don’t think properly you fail to understand the true reason for all these prophetic warnings, which is for us to get to the spiritual teachings and start to learn them so that in our million coming reincarnated lives we don’t have to live in a gigantic dump for a planet. The stars and planetary movements have nothing to do with our manmade effects. If you want me and others to leave you alone, then don’t post things that have nothing to do with the mission and are completely contradictory to what Billy himself teaches in the spiritual teachings. Truly contradictory. You look like a fraud trying to save your profession from being exposed as all other fortune tellers in the world have been exposed through Billys writings.

    • Bader,

      You are incorrect, very ignorant, and very foolish. And you, nor anyone else on this blog, will tell me what to post. Those of you who attack me based on my astrological work, or explanations, are way out of line, because YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF ASTROLOGY OR DESTINY. SAVE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY, DO NOT WRITE ME, YOU ALL ARE RIDICULOUS.

      • Keep up the good work Tony. . . we are all making Mihael’s life a little more difficult when we disagree with anything he says. . . . Healthy argument and a sincere attitude of questioning what we are told is good for our souls. . . . .I adhere to Socrates’ philosophy: Question everything!

  • You Tony V. You like the rest of us on this blog have very much to learn and you seem to be struggling with certain aspects of the spirit teaching. The words of the prophet as not wrong and should be listened to very carefully. I am not criticising or judging you,how can I when I realise I must take the beam out of my own eye before I take the splinter out of yours, and I understand that whilst years ago I had very strong opinions on almost everyone and everything e.g he’s wrong,she an idiot etc but now it’s different and would you believe that our own Dyson was a tremendous help to me and then Michael and the other contributors on here that have all in one way assisted me,so Tony my advise to you is to try and understand that the only “destiny” is in oneself.
    Best wishes

    • Dave,

      If you speak to me, I’ll speak to you. You are incorrect as well. I’m not struggling with any teachings. I know what I know is the truth. If we disagree, that’s ok. Go forward in your own spiritual education. According to what you wrote, you can’t give me any good advice. Good luck to you.

  • This particuliar blog is much less popular then the previous one, when yesterday the sky was falling…

    “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”. (over 69 response)

    I’m wondering why? Maybe that’s what people really wish…
    Most of them have already give up hope. With there heads in the sands just next to the line. Waiting for it to happen or even running directly into the fire. Or desesperately “praying” somehow. Or simply being exterminate.

    Or some others seems to hope that their insane predictions fullfils so people, could go hey you were right…. but hey… no ones left to acknowledge it, because most of us are dead now. Hey you know… you were right…SF EarthQuake did occur but why havent we done anything to prevent the worst? hen?

    Prophecies DO NOT have to be fulfilled. So why people does not give much effort to take positive actions. Instead spreading hate and fear. What can we do, within our power, to save millions of lifes on the West Coast.. if it’s as nearly as in 2015 like some intelligent people predict…. what can we do now in August 2014? Think about that instead of spreading fear. And perhaps share this blog, as you shared the one about New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III. (over 264 response)

    Go people! We can change this planet. Yes we…. caaaan… afff
    at least I have done my part I guess, I will feel less guilty when all of this suffering will actually occur.

    But I like to say: “We are guilty all the same”. [L.P.]

    • Maxime,

      People keep saying we have to “save” these people. While I agree, I think the truth is they have to “save themselves.”

      Consider this:

      * S.F. Photos were taken back by P’s. One can postulate all kinds of reasons but my guess is Quetzel was “educated” by their scientist after that contact of the “effect” of leaving those 11 photos as proof and that is partly why he was “angry” and the photos were not returned.
      * Asket was careful to state that some events must come to pass. One can say those are only single or few individuals in terms of lives, but the fact is those individuals shaped the landscape of politics and help to open eyes to the underlying “truth” to those with “eyes to see.” With the SF quake that is expected to kill many, if you subscribe to the idea everything in the photo is as it must be at the “future time,” then perhaps we should also consider the possibility that some of those that would die on that event may have needed to die and the survival would have altered the history as well?
      * By “saving” millions without them being evolutionarily having learned for themselves the need to take self-responsibility, of being able to discern “information,” and of being able to respecting nature, similar experience will repeat itself in their future incarnations. Free-will is the dominant force that determines the direction of evolution.

      I relocated my family away from CA mainly because it is simply UNWISE to live in a zone that has already been repeatedly warned by several prophets/seers and scientists alike along with verifiable facts. Most refuse to relocate for all kinds of “reasons” regardless of information provided. It is hard to say if those 11 photos would have changed the outcome in my case, but I sure wouldn’t want to defer anyone’s lesson if they insist (free-will) on learning it.

      Just out of curiosity, has anyone here noticed an elevated “lack of tolerance/patience” in people lately? Perhaps it is just me.

      • One of the things I try to keep in mind is that the majority of the world knows nothing about the various warnings, prophecies, etc., certainly not the Meier material.

        So, as for:

        *We can guess all we want about why the photos were taken back. I think that Kenneth’s thoughts were also very insightful. But the fact remains that the event is foretold in the Meier information. Had the Plejaren intended that no warning take place…they could have done a little bit of memory erasing, no?

        *While we can consider “that some of those that would die on that event may have needed to die” not only would we logically consider “that some of those that would die on that event may not have needed to die”, what if…you just happened to be one of those people who didn’t “need to die” but you ended up in a situation where the information that you could have used to alert yourself to a danger wasn’t made available to you, by someone who could have taken the initiative to do so?

        *And what of those who may not fit into the category of, in this specific case, “evolutionarily having learned for themselves the need to take self-responsibility”, such as…infants and children, such as people who’ve moved to the area from a foreign country, such as any number of other legitimate possibilities concerning otherwise very self-responsible people? Do you not even knock on the door when you notice a house on fire just because you assume that no self-responsible person wouldn’t notice that their house was on fire?

        Let’s consider for a moment that the prophecies and predictions were given to warn people, to give them the option to choose to do or not do something in response to them. Let’s also consider that a singularly unique, creative opportunity exists because of the one very outstanding feature in the photos – the side absence of side view mirrors – that’s an absolutely IN YOUR FACE realization of the beginning of this revolutionarily NEW development in automobiles.

        Doesn’t something inside of us stir at the opportunity to put the pieces together, to at least try to, in the chance that a brilliant, influential human being (who also happens to be very interested in space travel) may just have a few (more) light bulbs go on in his head? What if a person like this also put the pieces of the puzzle together…just what kind of an “evolutionary, self-responsible” effect on our world might that have?

        And isn’t it worth the non-price of a stupid Tweet to find out?

        • All very poignant points, Michael.

          Memory erasing can be done, but I suspect with their probability calculation, and the already released artist drawing of the quake event, it might just have balanced out the need for certain actions to be taken to mend the cause. Perhaps they see it as “if you can get past the pendulum UFO video then you can get past the artist drawing reasoning.”

          Of course, I understand in what I have said in the last post would upset quite a few people. I do not see human life any less than people with common sense. At the same time I have to allow room for them to have the free-will.

          “The Big One” that is due in S.F. is old news. Even before I found out about the seers and the prophets, I heard of it. That was even before the “internet age.” As “old news” goes, it is still talked about every time a quake related to San Andreas happens, whether in L.A. or S.F. Everytime. Now, that is quite a few warnings since “google” became available. Those that are concerned enough would have dug themselves to find the facts and decide for themselves and their families. If they are not concerned, you don’t need to worry. They aren’t worried.

          I won’t debate you on the innocence factor of the incapacitated. Deep reflection of all other mass death events, natural or man-made would answer that question. As you have said yourself, don’t worry about dying …

          If it makes any sense, I try to remember we are all here to evolve — first and foremost, self-evolution (through the practice of the spirit teaching), self-knowledge, self-responsibility. Without a balanced, clear-thinking self, I would be of little value to other fellow persons if and when I am needed.


        • Forgot to answer the last question.

          I am 100% for the tweet and doing what we can to alert. If anyone read my post as a “don’t [need] to do anything” message, they are wrong. It was a postulate of mine that things happen the way they do for a reason that may escape our comprehension.

          That is all.

          p.s. MH, remember that message C.F. sent you in email about the quake question a few years back ….

          • Rob,

            If you mean the message in which he said something like, “Well everyone should about the prophecies form Billy, etc.”, I guess I’m the one who has to explain to many people, even in FIGU, that the world doesn’t know about Billy even though we who do know are deeply immersed in the information.

            Let’s keep in mind that the info on the SF quake was made “public” so if we are…self-responsible, caring, creative people, we just may figure out a way to assist that warning to be known to more people…without “missionizing”, etc. The purpose of the contacts and the mission isn’t to keep it a secret either. There’s a balance with a good degree of latitude, which in my opinion simply needs the trial and error people who are willing to be creative problem solvers, etc.

      • I have noticed this intolerance, which I’ve found is common on Blogs like this, where if you don’t tow the party line well enough, they tend to want to kick you off. . . . I was on an Osho-related site once, total fanaticism prevailed. . . .

        • Carolyn,

          Just what is the party line? Is it that most of the people here aren’t blind believers in a now imaginary “God”, based on the maniacal, genocidal terrorist of the Old Testament, the so-called “God of love and mercy”?

          Is that it we don’t subscribe to the nonsensical, childish, completely inadmissible premise that, “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true?”

          Is it that people who perhaps once were victims of the brainwashing forced on them as children by equally brainwashed parents, ad infiinitum, somehow managed to purge themselves of the illegal nonsense and chose to learn how to…think for themselves again?

          Is it that we’ve had enough of institutionalized murder, mayhem and the worst kinds of perversions performed upon innocent children by pederasts who run around all day dressed up like it’s Halloween, mumbling in a long dead language, while they also pick the pockets of the poor, whose overbreeding they encourage in order to fill the coffers of filthy cult temples?

          Is that what we’re “intolerant” of…hopefully?

          • Carolyn knows whose ship the bright light was above Billy’s house so many years ago. They are here too, and the Plejaran know who they are. Don’t “dis” a religion you don’t understand, Michael!

    • But then you don’t mean it sincerely do you.
      Sorry? Really? Why?
      If you mean it then first get rid of any religious inclination in your words, deeds, attitude, speech and thoughts when you engage on this forum pretty please with cherry on top.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’m just trying to find out if there is correlation between Tony’s study and what is happening all around.

      Thank you for participating. 🙂

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