UPDATE: New Report Confirms Billy Meier’s BP Disaster Information

The unsurprising recent “news” regarding the damage from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which of course was already long ago told to, and reported by, Billy Meier in the 495th* Contact Report of June 14th, 2010, may be soon overshadowed by even more human stupidity.


BP Illustrated BP Illustrated


It apparently isn’t bad enough that the true extent of the still ongoing, unimaginably life-threatening consequences of the Fukushima disaster remains still largely unknown to the public. And just because we don’t have our eyes on the problems pertaining to the release of methane gas, which is also a consequence of global warming, etc., prevents its compounding the challenges faced, all of which of course are a result of overpopulation.

In fact, there’s no reason for other countries to not continue to exacerbate international tensions too, just to make sure that all bases are properly covered in order for “the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada”, in case that one hasn’t already been…iced.

It all boils down to us having completely lost all common sense. And while it may not do much good to try to bring this to most people’s attention, perhaps every now and then someone will actually stop and consider the information and incorporate it into their understanding and how they proceed with their own life. Maybe they will be among those who decide to do something small, like reach out to others they know, or don’t know, with real, genuine concern as to how to live in harmony with nature and the laws of Creation.

Maybe they will come to these realizations when the breakdown and collapse of the world around them is no longer deniable, nor easy to navigate. And then they will turn to such things as the spiritual teaching, unlikely as the title may seem for such material concerns, to begin to purge themselves of all the useless beliefs and social conditioning that occupy the space from which truth, knowledge, reason and love, etc., were previously evicted.

*Here is the text:

Then I would like to ask another question regarding the plague of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
Florena told me that the BP corporation, that is to say, the “British Petroleum Corporation”, has spread unbelievable untruths in regard to the actual discharge of crude oil into the gulf and in regard to the entire terrible matter.
That is right, because, already, from the beginning, more than 8.6 million litres of crude oil flowed into the gulf, whereas the present amount is around 14.5 million litres per day.
However, in the course of time, this amount can quickly further increase due to a greater pressure from the depths.
This would depend on the corresponding subterranean conditions.
Natural gas and the warmth of the Earth play an important role in that.
And this can happen if effective measures are not able to prevent – in a decisive amount of time – this even more terrible thing.
But what there is to say at present in regard to that is that it is questionable whether the BP corporation can effect the necessary measures in an appropriate amount of time in order to bring everything under control.
And, should it not succeed in stopping the flow of oil, then the entire thing can therefore, under certain circumstances, mean that the crude oil further contaminates the gulf and thereby ultimately also the Gulf Stream to a great extent which can then lead to a worldwide climatic catastrophe, which then far exceeds everything so far in regard to climatic transformation.
Already, because of the discharged crude oil, new climatic changes are resulting which are already noticeable but is a fact which is kept quiet, as is also the fact that the monstrous amounts of crude oil secrete poisonous gas and particles which reach the troposphere and atmosphere and are driven by the wind around the globe and are rained down.
If, ultimately, the poisonous crude oil drifts with the Gulf Stream into the north and contaminates the Atlantic, then monstrous climatic alterations emerge against which all that which has already come about would only be a weak prelude.
Aside from that, the crude oil’s toxic substances are secreted in the form of poisonous gasses and poisonous particles which have an illness-inducing effect on human beings and animals and on all creatures, as these toxic substances, however, also disperse in the ocean water itself and store themselves on the ocean floor whereby further contaminations come about, a fact which is likewise kept silent by the responsible authorities and by the scientists.
The crude oil, which is shooting upward, not only floats on the water and contaminates the surface as well as the land which is effected by it, rather it also drifts under water as oil agglomerations.
Not exactly pleasant.
But do you have data about what quantity of crude oil is used on the Earth every day?
According to our investigations, it is about 14 billion litres per day.
It really is.

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  1. The idea that this is going on uncovered by media firstly tells of the illegal activity that is being paid to keep quiet . There is no media mainstream that can be trusted , hence you have to find the truth yourself as it has always been , yet now it is emphasized with a disaster scenario . How unappropriate , yet how appropriate because it discloses the resistance to the truth . Many just do not want to know how bad it really is .

    The fraquing is forcing toxic byproduct which is in additional , radioactive . This kills huge aquifors of pure under ground water . They have released a discover of underwater troves that are ijmmersed in troves of rock . But this is propoganda . We kill , yet we found life . Almost a yeah its bad , but we have this… I told of this ongoing BP disaster from the chemicals that were used , the dispersants , they take the oil below the surface and lull the press into thinking its taken care of . We still harvest the food from the gulf and continue to kill our people by doing so , yet alone from the death below the seas . The Pacific shows the same from FUCKUSHIMA . Dead masses of life on the bottomfloor .Thats were the truth is . Death on the bottom of the seas that is a gut wrencher and actually so alarming you should be sick in advance . Knowing about it . If you do not know about it your sick by design . These people are so outragrageously insane , think about it . How do the Plejaran even handle it themselves watching this knowing ALL from afar ! My only question is how do we as intelligent human beings congregate to STOP this insanity ? Michael Horns films are so honest and over the top exploiting this insanity it is the root of this ongoing insanity . WE have to stop this . How do we unite and STOP this tragedy from ongoing further ?

    It seems we need an organization . One that with numbers will become stronger than the insanity . Are you willing to do this , join ? I am and I have a fire under my life that is so ready willing and able that it is now something I personally cannot ignore . Work with me here . The system is not broke , ITS FIXED . We organize here for sure , so I am open to suggestions to launch this effort , thanks to you all on this blog and of course Michael , we have to figure this out . David

    1. In my opinion you could put all your eggs in one basket:
      If a spirit along with it’s consciousness enters the material universe at the 21st day and starts to form one’s life, I think that one would be much more successful if one were in the vacinity of humans who are conscious of and following the Spirit Teaching.
      With a reduced population we could weed out those, their thoughts and their inventions that lead us to the brink of the abyss of no return.
      Love, peace, freedom and harmony to all…
      ‘Til then,
      Andrew Grimshaw.

      1. Andrew, How about weeding out those politicians, governments and coporations such as BP,Microsoft, Momsanto, all those warmongering fosil fuel,nuclear power industries and who refuse to give us intelligent human beings the very truth and facts strait out who want nothing more than wars, and dirty air and water and unhealthy foods and environments to begin with? I`ll bet that is what the Plejarens could help us here with to weed out those bad unhealthy and unhelpful ones who reuse to give up their power and self righteous prophecy fulling agenda who won`t take Billy Meier`s warnigs very seriously.

        1. Before anyone blames another, they should take responsibility for their own actions. These politicians are in power because of human apathy, and obedience. What is happening is happening because people go along with it.

          I don’t mean this in poor spirit, but in all honesty, do most people here apply these ideas in their own lives, or is it a case of agreeing on the internet while forgetting in real life? Can we really say that most people here have engaged the political process, so as to resist the power of mad politicians, or boycotting corporations so as to limit corporate economic power? Are people here refusing to pay tax, or are they still funding the government through aquiescence with awful tax laws? Are people here really advising their own children not to have more children, or is it a case of “depopulation for thee, but not for me”?

          Imo the best (and perhaps only) place to look is to yourself.

          1. Well your questions are good ones that each person can choose to answer of themselves. But let’s also remember that some people can make more of a difference by NOT ending up in jail for tax evasion, etc.

            And it must be stated, since you ask if “people here apply these ideas in their own lives” perhaps you could apply another “idea” that Meier endorses…using your real name. That may for you be at least as courageous as it would be for people to become tax evaders.

          2. Michael, it is irrational and myopic to interpret the phrase “not paying tax” as exclusively meaning “tax evasion”.

            Governments and corporations are mostly run by psychopaths. These lunatic men and women are responsible for steering the world towards war, ignorance, irrationality, moral erosion etc and hence, are largely seed the thoughts of the general population.

            It is only logical to conclude that, if a small group of people within a heirarchical apparatus are responsible for most of the worlds ills, and that their ability to do that relies on participation within, and funding of, that apparatus, then withdrawal of participation is appropriate. Withdrawal of participation is not evasion.

            It is not the chain of command that is important. It is the chain of obedience.

            A few thousand people studying contact notes or creational teachings is ineffective in changing the momentum of the world, which means that much of FIGU will likely be carried along in societal momentum. However, seeding societal change through the thoughtful, targeted creation of alternative systems such as barter societies or other means of distribution, outside of the present system, hence legally denying it of tax through selective commercial interaction, are different to what has been done, and will have an effect.

            If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten. Billy and FIGU have been preaching population control and following creational teachings for decades. The population has increased in that time by some 3 billion people, while the power and momentum of the lunatics has only increased.

            If things continue as they are, then all I see happening is a bunch of FIGU members saying “I knew that was going to happen” while it actually happens, without stopping it from happening.

            As for the use of my name online, I would rather not. The mafia corporate government records everything on the internet, and uses the data in meta analysis. I would rather not blindly allow them to do that, and so regularly change internet handle. Besides, names mean little as compared to ideas.

            1. “Tax evasion” is the term that those who will apply the force of government agains people use. If one chooses to not pay their taxes they should be mightily aware that there are consequences to it. Then it’s up to them as to what they do.

              BTW, you are careful to point out that “it is irrational and myopic” to not carefully distinguish between those two terms. You also say, “Besides, names mean little as compared to ideas.” So one can see that names, as let’s say the legal system applies them, can mean a whole lot…including jail time.

              And it would seem that the emphasis placed by Meier on using one’s real name actually means a whole lot. While we can be influenced strongly by ideas, if we’re going to effectively be standing up for them, we may as well stand up as ourselves. Since you encourage not paying taxes, an act that is loaded with consequences, why not simply stand up for who you are when discussing things?

              To encourage people anonymously to not pay taxes, and to possibly influence them to take actions with such severe consequences, is not courageous, in fact it’s irresponsible. If you want to come forward with your real name and publicly and state that you don’t pay taxes, that’s another matter.

              Of course you can also come forward publicly and espouse your points of view without incriminating yourself. If you’re really too afraid of the mafia corporate government to do that, well, then they’ve already won and you in fact surrendered…and they didn’t even have to waste any effort on “defeating” you. That would make it seem like you willingly gave up all your personal power (which not paying taxes doesn’t necessarily increase at all, as it ties you up fighting with the very system you’re trying to minimize your exposure to).

        2. G’Day Terry,
          You speak of punishment (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Punishment_Must_Be) I feel. I do so agree with you that what you have suggested would be a prudent thing to do. I also think of Jmmanuel and his knowledge of what would happen to his teachings and yet he continued on for another 80ish years, and Billy’s rejection of the Plejaren’s offer to take him with them to Erra. We all learn from our errors, maybe we here on Earth need to make a few more errors in the areas that you have covered above and then some, before the lesson is learnt. Maybe the vast majority are deep down inside knowing that the overpopulation is what is the biggest problem here, but simply go along with the status quo in spite of said knowledge because they have this thinking that their offspring will be the “one” to fix their own problems for them. Maybe this here planet needs to go through a reduction of population via a world war that will also reduce the horrendous amounts of concrete, steel, glass, asphalt etc. that smother this sphere. It just might level the playing field ;-> and allow the Spirit Teaching to gain the upper hand. I am well aware of how callous these statements are, I too am here in this same boat.
          Love, peace, freedom and harmony to all…
          “Til then,
          Andrew Grimshaw.

        3. Michael, I don’t know why you’re being so defensive. I was stating a point of view, not starting an argument. I shall clarify:

          I did not use the words “irrational” and “myopic together so as to obfuscate. I used them because they were independently appropriate.

          This is the second time you have missed my point about tax avoidance, and non participation, choosing again to categorize my statements as advising people to engage in “tax evasion”. Your focus is very narrow – hence my use of the word ‘myopic’.

          As for the word “irrational”, well, that should now make sense. Intellectual myopia impedes the discovery of truth, and of the execution of proper action. This is irrational.

          Later in your reply, you stated that names matter in the legal system. It isn’t clear to me why that point had to be made, since it is, for one, obvious, and second, part of your earlier view that avoidance is evasion.

          Next, you suggested that because there are consequences that come with not paying tax (even though there aren’t when you simply avoid participating in the tax collection apparatus) that I use my real name. I do not see why one neccessitates the other.

          You also said that I was “making a stand”. I am not making a stand. What I do regarding taxes are, for one, perfectly legal, and second, not a stand. It is a conscious decision motivated by my desire to not fund the insanity of the political class.

          My desire for anonymity is not motivated by fear. It is a strategy. Nor is it giving up personal power, when I am achieving my intended goal, since the two are mutually exclusive. Governments spend billions on deceptive propaganda. Corporations spend more billions on deceptive marketing. Neither work on me, and so I am acting as I am so as to not trigger outcomes that are not in my favour.

          People can ignore reality as much as they like, but they can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. It is simple cause and effect.

          There are near on 8 billion people on the planet, most of whom have never heard of Billy Meier, let alone follow any of his teachings. If things continue on their present trajectory, then all of this talk and work will go for naught. The main determinants of this trajectory are the thoughts of people, which themselves stem from their afferent stimulii, which in turn are caused through the mafia government corporate vehicle funded by the people themselves. It is a self reinforcing, negative loop, that I think has not been adequately adressed.

          Being a responsible person also means taking responsibility for changing the plan when neccessary (which isn’t working anyway) without being told to by Billy or ETs.

          Personally I think that if people don’t snap out of it quicksmart, their dreams of depopulation are going to happen, and will not require a birth stop.

          1. We all have to pick our battles carefully. I know a number of people who have focused on the tax issue. I observed that it took a tremendous amount of time and effort, and also expense to do so.

            Some people who overly concern themselves (in my opinion) neither had a lot of income on which to pay taxes anyway. If it was a matter of principle to them, great. But in the greater scheme of things at this point, even as per your depopulation rem,ark, in my opinion if they/we don’t focus on actually more immediately important things, well, taxes won’t be much of an issue either.

            So I would consider it to be more myopic, and perhaps irrational, to focus on those things that drain energy even more than the taxes may drain wealth, etc. Those who make a lot of money usually don’t worry about taxes; they tend to have very good accountants. And rather than spend their time and resources in the courts, etc. – they go on vacations…and write them off.

            I have found that the best way to “protest” most things is to…support the things I prefer. The governmental-tax system is something that may also be on a suicide watch. All problems notwithstanding, it also goes to reason that should the government become sooooo all powerful, it could at any minute target those who have “escaped” format he tax system and ripped the other shoe on them.

            So, whatever the case, I consider it highly rational and farsighted to choose the preferred, attainable, best outcomes and pursue them, limiting my “protests” to things that may be a strong matter of conscience about things that I can realistically contribute to changing.

            For me, taxes aren’t on that list.

          2. P.S. Some,

            I wasn’t intending to be “defensive”, I simply like to explore different points of view, as well as contribute things from my own experiences, which does include knowing people who’ve chosen to step outside of the tax situation, become some kind of free “citizens” in legal terms, etc. All well and good and maybe that whole thing will be moved along by the coming anarchy on the country (unless we change that projection).

            I just thing that because of the situations we see that we need to decide how and where we shall focus our thoughts, time, energy and resources in order to best navigate the rising waters.

  2. This one is for all the skeptics:

    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

  3. The Negative Effects of Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal energy uses the heat found beneath Earth’s surface as an energy resource. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the amount of heat that flows from the planet into the atmosphere every year is equivalent to ten times the annual energy consumption of the United States. Although the heat itself is renewable, the process of accessing it and converting it to usable energy can negatively impact the environment.

    Seismic Activity

    Seismic activity increases near each new geothermal power plant that is built, according to Dave Oppenheimer, a seismologist who works at the U.S. Geological Survey. The chance of earthquakes is increased when power plants inject water below Earth’s surface in order to keep the pressure of the steam up. According to an article in “Scientific American,” geologists at Geysers geothermal steam-field in Napa Valley, California, estimate that there have been 40 percent more earthquakes since they started injecting water into the ground.


    According to the University of Wisconsin, water released from geothermal cooling towers may contain dissolved toxic compounds and substances such as boron, arsenic and mercury. These can pollute streams, rivers and lakes. Geothermal cooling towers also release carbon dioxide although the rate of release is less than 10 percent of the amount released by an equivalent fossil-fuel-based power plant. According to the Defenders of Wildlife website, emissions can be reduced into a sludge that is high in sulphur and heavy metals, resulting in problems with disposal.

    National Heritage

    Many geothermal areas have become major tourist attractions, producing employment opportunities and bringing money into local communities. With the arrival of a power plant, the heat and fluid extracted from geothermal sources can deplete the efficiency and volume of geysers and surface hot springs. According to the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College, geothermal development of land 8 kilometers away from the boundary of Yellowstone National Park nevertheless reduced the flow of the LaDuke hot spring.


    Despite the U.S. Department of Energy’s decision to classify geothermal energy as renewable, sources may eventually cool down, according to “National Geographic.” This can negatively affect the fragile habitats that rely on them at the surface. Species of ferns and club moss can only survive in the heated soil and steam of geothermal habitats, as well as a variety of thermophilic fungi and bacteria.

    If the root problem is overpopulation, says not come up with workarounds that benefits humanity is destroying the flora and fauna and the whole environment.

    When they analyze some source of energy, please go after easy solutions, because everything exists in the two sides of the coin, so research the pros are cons, these workarounds do not.

    1. From what I understand, the type of deep geothermal energy Meier was talking about does not require the injection of water, etc.

  4. Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

    1. Environmental Issues

    There is an abundance of greenhouse gases below the surface of the earth, some of which mitigates towards the surface and into the atmosphere. These emissions tend to be higher near geothermal power plants.

    Geothermal power plants are associated with sulfur dioxide and silica emissions, and the reservoirs can contain traces of toxic heavy metals including mercury, arsenic and boron.

    Regardless of how we look at it, the pollution associated with geothermal power is nowhere near what we see with coal power and fossil fuels.

    2. Surface Instability (Earthquakes)

    Construction of geothermal power plants can affect the stability of land. In fact, geothermal power plants have lead to subsidence (motion of theearth’s surface) in both Germany and New Zealand.

    Earthquakes can be triggered due to hydraulic fracturing, which is an intrinsic part of developing enhanced geothermal system (EGS) power plants.

    3. Expensive

    Commercial geothermal power projects are expensive. The exploration and drilling of new reservoirs come with a steep price tag (typically half the costs). Total costs usually end up somewhere between $2 – 7 million for a geothermal power plant with a capacity of 1 megawatt (MW).

    As previously mentioned, most geothermal resources cannot be utilized in a cost-effective manner, at least not with current technology, level of subsidies and energy prices.

    The upfront costs of geothermal heating and cooling systems are also steep. On the other hand, these systems are likely to save you money years down the line, and should therefore be regarded as long-term investments. Ground source heat pumps typically costs $3,000 – $10,000 and have a payback time of 10 – 20 years.

    4. Location Specific

    Good geothermal reservoirs are hard to come by. Some countries have been blessed with great resources – Iceland and Philippines meets nearly one third of their electricity demand with geothermal energy.

    If geothermal energy is transported long distances by the means of hot water (not electricity), significant energy losses has to be taken into account.

    5. Sustainability Issues

    Rainwater seeps through the earth’s surface and into the geothermal reservoirs over thousands of years. Studies show that the reservoirs can be depleted if the fluid is removed faster than replaced. Efforts can be made to inject fluid back into the geothermal reservoir after the thermal energy has been utilized (the turbine has generated electricity).

    Geothermal power is sustainable if reservoirs are properly managed. This is not an issue for residential geothermal heating and cooling, where geothermal energy is being used differently than in geothermal power plants.

    The bottom line is this: Geothermal energy is generally regarded as environmentally friendly, sustainable and reliable. This makes geothermal energy a no-brainer in some places, but heavy upfront costs stops us from realizing the full potential.

    How much influence geothermal power will have on our energy systems in the future depends on technological advancements, energy prices and politics (subsidies). No one really knows what the situation will look one or two decades down the line.

    Cons of Geothermal Energy

    1.There are some minor environmental issues associated with geothermal power.
    2.Geothermal power plants can in extreme cases cause earthquakes.
    3.There are heavy upfront costs associated with both geothermal power plants and geothermal heating/cooling systems.
    4.Very location specific (most resources are simply not cost-competitive).
    5.Geothermal power is only sustainable (renewable) if the reservoirs are properly managed.

    Search better on the subject, before defending this garbage geothermal energy. Have you researched the pros and cons, energy Tory, if you do not know and have an opinion formed by the people, then throw away that opinion and will search among the pros is cons on energy from Thorium

    1. It’s already an ESTABLISHED fact that the greatest dangers for producing earthquakes and manmade volcanic eruptions are from oil and gas extraction, mining, overbuilding of cities and dams.

      Meier’s information from 1976 doesn’t indicate that the problem is deep geothermal. You can certainly add coal mining to one of the great ills and pollution sources.

      More information regarding deep geothermal energy is here.

      Also this “garbage geothermal energy” is what the Plejaren told Meier they used after a great catastrophe from atomic power plants that cost something like 43 million lives on their world.

      P.S. Exactly what source of non-polluting energy do you prefer?

  5. You already have a very objective question, to make the Ptaah? Ask him how geothermal energy works without water, because the more detail the better, because the model that we have on earth is totally unsustainable geothermal energy.

    1. Just like all the other ‘unsustainable’ energy we enjoy on a daily basis. Is our existence dependent on our energy source, or the other way around? How the h e double hockey sticks(one from the girlfriend:) is all the other source’s not already irreversibly altered our planet for thousands if not millions of years…. I guess we are no where near done yet! Complain complain and the best you got is thorium. Great, Might as well start heating my house with wood straight from nature, as it is what we are on path to have to do ones more.
      Stupid people of our planet put profit and power above logic and love. What is the cost we are willing to pay for our world? The great big blue (with a tint of grey smog) world we call home.
      I am no expert at Geothermal energy. It just sounds like a way better source of energy than we currently enjoy. Either suppressed or under utilized its potential could be just beyond the right people with the right ideas.

    2. I think that you have answered your own question, “…because the model that we have on earth is totally unsustainable…”
      Think man, think. Creat man, create.
      “INJECTING WATER”… always with the FORCE.
      I understand the idea is to boil water to create steam to drive turbines (a force). Why not use a little old thing known as gravity (a force). Why not recirculate the condensed steam back down under the force of gravity?
      I’m no physicist or engineer by any means.

  6. The quagmier here is that they know when they pull the oil off a tectonic plate two things happen , firstly the weight of the oil is dispersed by water which is much heavier and the dynamic changes . The sinking of a quadrant of a plate introduces a pressure , like pushing your palm down on a detergent dispenser and it squirts out . Now we have one of two things . Most of the time it disperses methane , but other times it disperses crude and radioactivity and bromine gas . So whats clear is drill and have methane eat the ozone and warm the skies or just irradiate with bromine and contact in the seas . Its a sick proposition . Carbon credit taxes have been so hard pressed to get enacted Al Gore is about to have a coniption. He may turn into Hank Paulson and say take it . TAKE IT !!!! you feeble shits . It is the biggest global tax grab immagionable . One that taxes you before you are eliminated . Thats the biggest scam in the world now . Take your money before we kill you . Oh , isn’t that what the Zetas do ? The ones our CIA trained ? Oh yeah thats what taxes actually are . Since their is NO LAW FOR TAX COLLECTION >PERIOD . Woody Harrell , case study via the movie freedom to fascism . Woody won and had 12 jurors and 8 federal IRS investigators on record stop paying taxes and they said in concert , show us the law . It has never been revealed . No law to send Wesley Snipes to Jail over tax evasion . Illegal crooks . Done!

  7. We are starting to have experimental power in the south and one is a psuedo solar experiment that mimics the geothermal model . We have a spread of land with mirrors that points or focuses towards a thermal heat exchange area . Here a situation occurs where an updraft of a heated current of air rises into a fan rotar turbine and spins to generate power . As the premis hot air rises . Its that it just takes a good spread of land thats a negative . The geothermal model that works is tapping into a volcanic caldera ( lava pool along side of an exit ) and setting an updraft turbine that flows and relieves pressure from the volcanic possibility . Here you have a controlled vent that works for you . The only way to do this is build the facility and have a robot bore the final hole inwards because its an expendible piece of machineary . Hence opening the flow of hot updrafted released pressure . The water concept magnifies the potential as does hydraulics but is volitile and a bit greedy considering the free energy already . It also quelches the dangers of the eruption with pyroplastic downflows , molten magma flows and airborne lava particles that destroy aviation by way of jet engine failures . We have seen that world disruption before and Mt. St. Helens is a good visual too . We could save Yosemite from going poof if we do it right . All the roads in the park have melted and the lake is draining because its lifting from below . She is ready to pop . Just my $.02 Or , like I posted somewhere , the parents must leave the room . OK , kids in university in Canada were using aluminum beer cans , draino and water to create hydrogen power in their cars . Byproduct , pure water . So here we could power Los Angeles and supply them water . Duh , stupid humans we are . Beer is good ! 😉

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