UPDATE: Methane

The  information in a recent blog pertaining to the dangers of methane is augmented by this still inconclusive but highly troubling report and this article, which also links to this scientific report from Stockholm University.

Again, please read the information from Billy Meier in the 494th Contact, first published on May 11, 2010.

Perhaps sharing this information with any scientists, universities, environmental groups, media contacts, etc., would be timely.

Thanks to Derrick Lee and Chris Lock.

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  1. That ‘”centers on the U.S. securing control over all of north Eurasia” to bolster “its position against China”‘ apparently reveals why Russia has moved thousands of troops next to the border of Finland ready to protect/invade northern Europe just as prophesied in the Henoch prophecies.

  2. Another recent Corroboration of Meier’s information…..

    “Our Solar System Coalesced From Giant Dust Cloud, Scientists Say”


    I cannot find any information by Meier with a specific date about this, but this information has been on the Internet for quite some time.


  3. The links provided only highlight methane as a greenhouse gas. None of them mention methane as a gas, which has an ability to decompose ozone (thinning the ozone layer, so to speak). So I say: “Hell with climatologists ! Hell with them all !!!”

  4. Michael did you send me an email via pr@theyfly.com about a certain NY link to ‘end of ufos?’
    If so did you receive it via an update from your subscription to that site or was it via any of my email accounts?
    I never sent you the link via my email account so if you received it from me I think your account or mine is compromised.
    If so please under no circumstances should you open any email attachments from anyone except from those you trust with absolute certainty.
    Please let me know before any misunderstanding comes about.

        1. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/08/end-of-ufos.html
          As I started reading that article I thought wow they are going to talk about Billy Meier and by the time I got to the end I thought what a bunch of bullshit. Steven Bassett receiving an honour that should have been the biggest moocher of all time award instead. It was just a tad deceiving since not one mention of Billy Meier but thankfully Michael’s on board filling them in on what they missed. Love it!

  5. I know methane is a flamable gas that is a byproduct of decomposition in landfills and today we don’t burn it to produce power . How stupid . We can take a informal university study from Canada with toungue in cheek where three students powered their vehicles with clean burning power . Brace yourself here parents . Beer cans , draino and water to produce hydrogen power . Kids were driving for very cheep , minus brain cells of course . Lastly , Billy always told us of the ways power was going to be discovered and inexpensive and in conjunction volcanoes would be found to be controlled . Here is how . Pressure is what causes eruptions . Have a tactful point of exit for the heat into a turbine which spins from an upward draft generating power . Have a robot go down below the fabricated opening / generation plant / escape route , to bore into the volcanoes edge . Robot , expendable , repeatable . Takes away the dangers of the volcano while producing relief via energy transfer . Done , oh let me patent it so I can keep it from the populous and continue the nuclear death march ; )

  6. Natural Gas which is fracked from the earth is comprised of between 80% to 90% methane which is the lightest gas. The other 10% to 20% is comprised of the heaviest gas which is propane and in the middle is ethane which is manufactured into plastics and other ane gases like butane etc.

  7. The heavier gas is used in warfare because it lingers on and a little above the ground just enough height to surround any creature that walks, crawls or flies. The safety from this chemical impregnated gas in an attack would be to climb on a roof or tall building if there are no trees to climb.

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