There is barely any professional astrologer around the world who has the required information in order to reckon the character of any individual, or the outcome of any happening, or even to predict the future, etc. As a matter of fact the information and the basic knowledge respectively, that the astrologers always referring to, in terms of their calculations, etc., aren’t reliable anymore, because these information are based on star constellations that were observable from Earth around 2,000 years ago. But in the meantime the position of Earth has changed profoundly, hence the observable constellations have changed significantly as well, which means, that nowadays the basic knowledge of astrology is antiquated and therefore no longer accurate at all. As a result of this fact unfortunately all astrological calculations that are based on these antiquated information aren’t accurate and reliable these days as well.

With regard to the stars and its constellations, there is no astrological influence or impact to human beings, that control or even dictate either the thoughts, the feelings and deeds or even the destiny of any human being. Astrology is basically the teaching of the central sun – which is located in the very centre of our galaxy – and its galactic radiation and waves, which have an “influential” range as far as the edge of our galaxy and even beyond it, which means that the central sun sends its radiations and waves through the galaxy. And depending on the position of any solar system, and of its particular sun and planets, these radiations and waves are not only deflected or diffracted by the positions of any sun and its planets but are also mingled with the individual radiations and waves of the sun and each planet. Furthermore there is also an amalgamation with the cosmic radiation that eventually leads to a mixture of the radiations and waves of the central sun, the particular solar systems with their suns, planets and moons as well as the cosmic radiation itself. And depending on how the positions of the suns and their planets and moons of any solar system precisely are, this mixture of radiations and waves differ – as the result of the different deflections, diffractions and compounds – not only in its strength but in its consistency as well.

Well, this mixture of radiations and waves is constantly being absorbed by any living form. And regarding Earth and its living forms it is also being absorbed by any human being, but always in a neutral way, which means that this mixture of radiations and waves doesn’t affect any single human being in a controlling or even compulsory way. These radiations and waves only have a kind of “moving on” effect and a kind of a slight “animation” effect respectively on any living form and thus on any human being as well. Due to fact that these mixture of radiations and waves are disseminated around and through the entire galaxy and are absorbed by all living forms in a neutral and unconstrained way, it is therefore up to any living form, whether it wants to use the effect of the these radiations and waves either positively or negatively, hence these radiations and waves don’t affect the free will of any human being at all.

Based on the law of cause and effect, it’s always based on the responsibility of one’s own thoughts and feelings, as THE cause, whether any human being is happy or unhappy, and therefore it’s always the cause of their own thoughts, feelings, deeds and behaviour that form their own destiny in a good or bad way. Hence there are no natural influences in the entire universe that could force any healthy human being to anything that he or she doesn’t want to. It’s always lying in one’s own thoughts and feelings that determine, whether a human being either deals with influences positively, hence he or she can use them for his or her own benefit, or whether he or she lets any kind of influences affect him or her negatively. According to this fact there is no astrological power at all, that determines the destiny of humankind, and whether or not any human being is happy, wins in lotto, has a good relationship to his or her relatives, or whether there are good or bad happenings in his or her life, etc.

It’s always the sole responsibility of any human being and of his or her own thoughts, feelings, deeds, attitudes and behaviour that determine the destiny of life, and whether or not any human being is happy, copes with any problems in a positive and constructive way and keeps walking on the right path of life. The preconditions of any behaviour patterns of the personality and its character of any human being are based on genetic origins, as well as on good or ill-breeding by parents or legal guardians, as well as by a good and honest self-discipline and “self-education” respectively. Hence every human being is the smith of his or her own destiny and fortune. Of course there is a kind of “destiny”, in the form of many influences, given by the environment, which affects any human being, but it’s always relying on one’s own responsibility and on one’s own thoughts and feelings, whether any human being copes with and utilizes this “external” destiny negatively or positively.


From Billy Meier, August 2014, translated by Patric Chenaux

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  • Not everyone here uses, thinks about Astrology. Yet it always ends up either here, or there……
    Very few people within my extended family are interested in it, to some degree or another, far less than those concerned with ‘other things’. What I don’t really get is the associated virtues, values shown in a way towards that which may someday be of great use? As so many things in life, one must continue within their own zeil, no matter what anyone may say. So as much as I know very little about ‘astrology’, it is as many things, mainly apparently misunderstood and actually someday will hold great power? I for one, as with all those whom find themselves within the surrounding thought empowering crutches of the beliefs or many, cannot but find a way to confront the issues with understanding, knowledge, wisdom, love, (deep seeded)feelings for others. With as much as some just don’t see us neutral folk on the matter having to go through this same old distinction, for never ending years… I for one am happy any sector of society uses Billy’s information, found freely everywhere within life, the spiritual teachings! Be it at church, work, at the park, on a walk, within ‘Astrology’, etc, etc…
    MH has over many years, stood by as people word spar over astrology. Only at the end to be dragged into it by the hands of know it all’s, complainers, nelly naggers, getting caught up in the same old negative bs.
    Changing, learning, creating as we all may strife to be in peace, here on planet earth…..

    • That includes me….. and beyond!
      Has been hard enough for me in this life to see those things that bring true peace, love, harmony, wisdom, freedom, real respect, deep seeded feelings for others… A lot of words, like many others, that have lost much meaning on our chaotic world, with many ‘humans’. Neutral positive thinking, feeling, acting…. Living. Almost impossible as it would be to reach other levels whilst trying in our own way to move things along, on our world. One small step at a time………

  • Am I understanding this right in the future the descents of the old gods will make themselves known.
    in the left corner select space view, under options and select center on sun. the comet goes through the heart of leo and into lyra or pyramid. The week of nov 5 2013 is realy neat to watch. I will bet this not on a horoscope chart. Peace Billy Wilson

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