The Ability to Reason

All that is required is the openness of the eight year-old’s mind 

While we’re going to focus less on the evidence in the case, the corroboration of the prophecies, etc., and more on our own thinking and the thought processes by which we create all areas of our lives, we won’t abandon all interest in these other areas. So let’s look at what kind of thinking some people apply to the evidence in making their own determinations about its authenticity.

It certainly seems that a huge number of people today are incapable of actual, rational thought. They may be able to line facts up, do internet searches, etc., but their ability to reason is gone or non-existent. They can’t think in accordance with reality, only with a linear process that doesn’t take into account how things work (and don’t work) in real life.

Once again , the WCUFO

For example, it should be sufficient for any truly rational, intelligent, logical, realistic person to put the nighttime WCUFO photo into PhotoShop and – seeing their OWN results – immediately grasp that not only are the photo and the case real but that all factors eliminate the possibility of any kind of hoax.

But many people who are being “educated” to regurgitate information, to perform like trained seals in order to attain degrees, credentials, etc., are now too often so deficient in reasoning abilities that they would have to…debunk their own results rather than allow themselves to grasp the reality of the evidence that they just revealed to themselves.

When we look at the WCUFO photo, we are presented at the same time with a boat load of accompanying facts and information. The photo has appeared, for some 33 years, to be only some “model” against a “black curtain”. This photo, one of 64, were taken by Billy Meier with a 35mm film camera. The man who took these photos never drew attention to the proof hidden in plain sight – plain sight not being so plain until decades later when the technology was invented that allowed even a child to reveal and see the hidden truth.

Real Life Factors

When the known and established circumstances of the photographer’s life are factored into the equation – which already is the problem since the modern crop of so-called scientists, skeptics, etc., haven’t been taught to actually think like real investigators, detectives and such – then the reality is all the more staggering.

Instead of learning how to think comprehensively and realistically we have some people who pursue their “specialized” aims, credentials and status while being functionally useless. Further, they are laden with usually unconscious beliefs and assumptions that a “real UFO case” would be conducted flawlessly, by super-human beings, immune from mistakes, oversights and problems. Because these aspiring specialists have no practical training in the realities of how life actually works, how messy even the best of plans and procedures can become when numbers of real, live human beings, of different abilities, backgrounds, intentions, personalities, knowledge, etc., are involved in something, they hold up a sterile template as the measure of how things are supposed to be if they are real.

They leave out other important, real life factors including the weather, financial and technological resources, adversaries within and without, all of which are among the classic but highly relevant “means, motive and opportunity” that would need to be considered in determining if someone was trying to “hoax” something.

So with only superficial and false criteria, unrealistic expectations and assumptions, they actually don’t investigate, weigh and evaluate all the components of a situation. Instead, they lie in wait – on their computers since actually going to investigate in person is too inconvenient – for the first seeming inconsistency that is based upon their own below conscious level skepticism, beliefs, etc.

They simply gloss over facts such as that as far back as 1964, hundreds of people witnessed the craft that Meier photographed in India. And, since we filmed the cross in the sky photo while we made The Silent Revolution of Truth – and I was two inches away from this obviously not faked photo taken with a 1940s Kodak bellows type camera – I can personally attest to its existence and authenticity. Having had such a camera in my family years ago, I would have to laugh in the face of anyone who would try to suggest that any “special effects” could have been performed with it and in a remote part of India at the time. Of course, if they were genuine researchers and investigators, the know-it-alls would go and investigate it for themselves.

A Child’s Mind

The point of all of this is that unless and until people learn how to think and reason, they will rely only on their technologies, i.e. computers, etc., to try to solve problems that the human mind must reason its way through. Of course, in deference to the children of today (who are capable of using technologies unavailble to any of the great scientists of the past) all that is required is the openness of the eight year-old’s mind to perceive the results that it obtains and to grasp the inescapable conclusions that are simply too clear and logical for many so-called scientists and other skeptics.

This is probably a terrifying prospect for those who’ve invested considerably in their own “education”, as well as in the now ubiquitous technology that reveals the truth that, unlike a child, they may not be functionally intelligent enough to comprehend.

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  1. Another correction (Sorry):
    After question “What charges it?” instead of “attention” should be “concentration”

  2. I hope that Micheal will not kick me out of the Blog with these vary long posts 🙂 (Just kidding)

    I am posting this information, as some people seem to be interested in how I have developed my ability to feel energy of thought/feelings as swinging waves, which I described in one of my previous posts: “Andrew J. August 17, 2014 at 3:21 am”

    Michel’s “Standing in Spirit Workshop” is another way of dealing with suppressed thoughts and feelings. I would recommend to anybody considering checking the method I describe below, to also try “Standing in Spirit”, just to see which way feels the best, or possibly combine the two in a way?

    Let me also state that I am not associated with Sedona Associates organization in any way. Never contacted them, do not recommend these products because I will get something for it. I stumbled upon it one day and …it has change my life – like Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings. Sedona Method was the practical way, which for me was missing at that time and perfect addition to Billy’s work. All the references to products are for easy identification only. You have to decide how to obtain them, if you gonna make that decision.

    1. Andrew,

      The subsequent posts are very long because of the description of the Sedona Mehod and I would prefer instead if you would submit a post with the best links to it you have found and then a separate post about your own experience.

      People can then investigate the Sedona Method if they wish and also there’s no risk of any copyright infringement, etc.

  3. Before I started to use the Sedona Method in 2011, I created a mess of my life and health. In 2007 I had colon cancer removed in the hospital. I suffered from huge panic attacks for several years (sometimes sitting in my car around 1-3AM in front of ER, waiting for a hard attack – never came) which I cured without doctor’s help, gallstones (removed natural way in 2010 – took 7 months). As of today, after what I have noticed within my body, I can say that I do not have a doubt in my mind that all of it was the effect of my stupid emotional thinking, where fear, anger and grief were main “ingredients”. All collected in that energy field I uncovered in the body.

    How it all began?

    A night before I found Lester Levenson’s information, I had a dream in which I saw my parents house, where I grew up, which was struck by lightning in a electrical outlet. It got scorched and a wave burning just the electrical line and other outlets proceeded along the walls (all became black) . It stopped after some time. I woke up.

    Next day I found and listen to “Ultimate Goal”. Information that thoughts collect in feelings, felt so familiar, that it encouraged me to try it. Around 1am at night I first time decided to let go of feelings. As soon as I said in my mind that I wanted to let go of fear, my body started shaking. All muscles started twitching and it lasted around 15 min. I was so shocked that I forgot that my wanting to let go of fear started it. Fortunately there was no panic attack.

    After that incident I stopped doing anything for approx. 3 months. Then I resumed my investigation of my body, but fear was a problem and slowed my progress. At first my head was a place where I could feel feelings. Later I realized that any place where there is tightness of muscles, holds trapped energy. I learned to put my attention on that place (for example forearm), by moving the forearm to feel and strengthen that stiffness and by tightening and releasing the muscle, I would let go of that energy. The muscle would shake for a wile and then stop. People that watch you do it, may have a problem with it at the beginning. My wife though I was going “nuts” – so have this in mind. All of it lasted for a few months and then I went deeper with my probing (using attention and developing concentration). It took me approx 2 years of 24/7 work to open my body totally, where I could feel garbage from “tip of my head to toes” – not all the time of course 🙂 The twitching of some muscles, like in my toes/soles of feet (where it leaves the body) and other places where that energy dis-attaches itself from, happens even now on a small scale.

    Why I gave you my personal story?

    Because if any of You is in similar “dump” like I was, I want to encourage you, to not stop trying. Be persistent. Try to overcome the fear (as it is just a felling). It may be a long process, but it is worth to do it. Do not be afraid if you body will shake, but do not wait for it to happen, Do not expect it. Just neutrally observe the body at the beginning. Lester Levenson also went trough it. I learned of it much later. I do not compare myself to him, but it seems that it is possible for some people (probably filled with emotional garbage to the brim) to have those symptoms. I did not have anybody to ask for explanation/help and had to bare it myself, so maybe what I posted here, for some of you will fill that need.

    If people want to know more about the Sedona Method they can check out these links:

    “The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being” which as pdf is included in “Basic Course” audio release, with 13 audio files.

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