The Ability to Reason

All that is required is the openness of the eight year-old’s mind 

While we’re going to focus less on the evidence in the case, the corroboration of the prophecies, etc., and more on our own thinking and the thought processes by which we create all areas of our lives, we won’t abandon all interest in these other areas. So let’s look at what kind of thinking some people apply to the evidence in making their own determinations about its authenticity.

It certainly seems that a huge number of people today are incapable of actual, rational thought. They may be able to line facts up, do internet searches, etc., but their ability to reason is gone or non-existent. They can’t think in accordance with reality, only with a linear process that doesn’t take into account how things work (and don’t work) in real life.

Once again , the WCUFO

For example, it should be sufficient for any truly rational, intelligent, logical, realistic person to put the nighttime WCUFO photo into PhotoShop and – seeing their OWN results – immediately grasp that not only are the photo and the case real but that all factors eliminate the possibility of any kind of hoax.

But many people who are being “educated” to regurgitate information, to perform like trained seals in order to attain degrees, credentials, etc., are now too often so deficient in reasoning abilities that they would have to…debunk their own results rather than allow themselves to grasp the reality of the evidence that they just revealed to themselves.

When we look at the WCUFO photo, we are presented at the same time with a boat load of accompanying facts and information. The photo has appeared, for some 33 years, to be only some “model” against a “black curtain”. This photo, one of 64, were taken by Billy Meier with a 35mm film camera. The man who took these photos never drew attention to the proof hidden in plain sight – plain sight not being so plain until decades later when the technology was invented that allowed even a child to reveal and see the hidden truth.

Real Life Factors

When the known and established circumstances of the photographer’s life are factored into the equation – which already is the problem since the modern crop of so-called scientists, skeptics, etc., haven’t been taught to actually think like real investigators, detectives and such – then the reality is all the more staggering.

Instead of learning how to think comprehensively and realistically we have some people who pursue their “specialized” aims, credentials and status while being functionally useless. Further, they are laden with usually unconscious beliefs and assumptions that a “real UFO case” would be conducted flawlessly, by super-human beings, immune from mistakes, oversights and problems. Because these aspiring specialists have no practical training in the realities of how life actually works, how messy even the best of plans and procedures can become when numbers of real, live human beings, of different abilities, backgrounds, intentions, personalities, knowledge, etc., are involved in something, they hold up a sterile template as the measure of how things are supposed to be if they are real.

They leave out other important, real life factors including the weather, financial and technological resources, adversaries within and without, all of which are among the classic but highly relevant “means, motive and opportunity” that would need to be considered in determining if someone was trying to “hoax” something.

So with only superficial and false criteria, unrealistic expectations and assumptions, they actually don’t investigate, weigh and evaluate all the components of a situation. Instead, they lie in wait – on their computers since actually going to investigate in person is too inconvenient – for the first seeming inconsistency that is based upon their own below conscious level skepticism, beliefs, etc.

They simply gloss over facts such as that as far back as 1964, hundreds of people witnessed the craft that Meier photographed in India. And, since we filmed the cross in the sky photo while we made The Silent Revolution of Truth – and I was two inches away from this obviously not faked photo taken with a 1940s Kodak bellows type camera – I can personally attest to its existence and authenticity. Having had such a camera in my family years ago, I would have to laugh in the face of anyone who would try to suggest that any “special effects” could have been performed with it and in a remote part of India at the time. Of course, if they were genuine researchers and investigators, the know-it-alls would go and investigate it for themselves.

A Child’s Mind

The point of all of this is that unless and until people learn how to think and reason, they will rely only on their technologies, i.e. computers, etc., to try to solve problems that the human mind must reason its way through. Of course, in deference to the children of today (who are capable of using technologies unavailble to any of the great scientists of the past) all that is required is the openness of the eight year-old’s mind to perceive the results that it obtains and to grasp the inescapable conclusions that are simply too clear and logical for many so-called scientists and other skeptics.

This is probably a terrifying prospect for those who’ve invested considerably in their own “education”, as well as in the now ubiquitous technology that reveals the truth that, unlike a child, they may not be functionally intelligent enough to comprehend.

See also: Analysis of the WCUFO Photographs



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    …It could be a nice “tool/widget” that could be usefull at the end of each blog, where people could practice their actions, I personally have much practice if I want to have a better control over my internet actions. I often push way too fast on any buttons, and I should consider this more as real actions with consequences then just pushing a “virtual switch” to figure out after what will happen after. That means for me, performing a better “thinking” before spontaneously clicking posting or pressing enter.

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    1. Hi there Max,

      I think what you’ve stumbled upon is some stuff that’s not actually functioning on the blog, samples of some widgets or whatevers that my web guy never got around to doing anything with. We hadn’t counted on too many people actually getting that far and pushing buttons to nowhere but there may be some value to it…or maybe not.

  2. Since the topic of the blog entry is ability to reason, lets see if what I propose has any meaning for all, or some of You? Is it reasonable or not? All Upper Case letters with the exception of “BEING” are my change to emphasize them.

    Contact Report 11

    75 “The human being himself is a very multi-layered being, and his VARIOUS SHROUDS conceal other parts of his real personality”

    79 “The human-material intellect can only move in a VICIOUS CIRCLE of possibilities”

    99 “When a human being breaks through the VEIL SURROUNDING HIS SELF and REMOVES THE SHROUDS OF MATERIAL URGE that restrict and cover it, he instantly acquires – in the physical body – the determination of his BEING.”

    Based on my experience which I wrote about in post “Andrew J. August 17, 2014 at 3:21 am”
    my deduction is that Semiase using word SHROUD or VAIL is talking about the energy field which resides in every human (maybe except very young children) which I called thought/feeling field. Since these are thoughts and feelings which source is only based on our lived experiences and all thinking about them – that energy field has to be limited, hence her point from verse 79 should be valid. If what we hold inside the body are just thoughts connected with feelings (are they emotions?) and in memory banks are our memories which are free of that connection with feeling, or not (and are stored outside of our body?), then to accomplish self-realization (look at verse 99) we only need to remove old garbage that we hold inside. I call it garbage because for me any part of it that is left will probably block that realization, why hold it then?
    What are the “material urges” that Semiase is talking about in verse 99? In my opinion these are our specific desires, which are nothing else than old thoughts and feelings concentrated in that energy field. Billie indicated that spirit resides in the middle brain, if I recall correctly, than according to my experience (look at post August 17, 2014 at 3:21 am) energy of thoughts and feelings that “covers” the brain and fills the body, if removed consciously, should yield the determination of BEING (self-realization which indicates having constant joy, harmony and peace) I also recall Billie saying once (do not remember where was it) the need to balance the brain hemispheres. Would removing “vails/shrouds” or as I call it thought/feeling field, by itself not accomplish that task?

    Do we all need to learn German now to read all material from Billy to get to that goal (if I am correct in my assumption)? I do not think so. What is available in English is sufficient. After getting to our goal we can learn the language and proceed with further learning, and somehow I have a feeling that that after self-realization that part of our life will be more effortless and joyful.

    1. Andrew,

      The passages you mentioned, 75, 79, 99, speaks of the egoic self, in my opinion. It is the ego that is keeping one from BEING. The ego is the “veil” and uses the “ability to reason” in a “vicious circle of possibilities” and not allowing the intuitive self to come through. It is the ego that has these “material urges” — as the basis of these urges is fundamentally tied to material form’s survival. Line 86 clarifies that this is indeed the case. One of the contemporary teachers today is Eckhart Tolle. His two books, “The Power of Now,” and “A New Earth,” helped a lot of people with their own “veils” by expanding self-awareness. You may find it helpful as well. On this note, I would like to hear from students that have progressed far along with materials such as the Goblet of Truth, AND other spirit teaching books by Billy, who may have also read these two books by Eckhart to comment if they have found them complimentary to one another like I do.

      Your identification of the “energy field” is unique. Since I have not heard of other experiences as you have reported, I cannot comment, except there is a possibility you have identified with what Eckhart calls the “pain body” in his books. Hopefully someone with greater understanding of Billy’s works can shed additional light with follow-up references.

      1. Hi Rob,

        Good to hear from You. Thanks for recommending Eckhart. I know Eckhart Tolle’s work and also agree with You that what I describe as “thought/feeling field” is what he calls “pain body”. I know the pain really well, as I have been “battling with it” it for 3.5 years, maybe I should say around 3 years, as for the first half of the year, I had no clue what I was doing and it all seemed like walking on a “minefield”. Fear was overwhelming sometimes and I was afraid that by pulling something “inside”, that I should have not touched, would finish my earthly existence as Andrew J. 🙂 Now it is like child’s play and there is no fear coming anymore, with the exception of the “old residue” which everyday I remove from my body. Pain is good, as it points the way to garbage, but when at times is overwhelming becomes an “unwelcomed companion”.
        My goal in starting to post on Michael’s blog, was also to somehow compare, categorize knowledge I gained from other sources like Eckhart Tolle, Lester Levenson, Nisargaddata Maharaj or Jiddu Krishnamurti and make it for me “in line” with what Billy teaches, by talking to others. I trust Billie’s work to be “scientific” so to say, and info from other sources that I mentioned “tainted” but still valuable, as coming from people that realized their BEING – which is my primary and only goal now.

        Now analysis: What is EGO self?

        In v 99 I think she means a true self. When you write that ego self is the veil and shroud then we agree, but what is it specifically? Are these physical body’s urges? I think not. Are these psychological needs? YES. But lets look further.

        She says in CT 11:
        94. “On the objective side, nothing can touch the observant, subjective self.”
        98. “The spirit, this universal self, is confused with EMPIRICAL self as a result of mental impurities.”

        She mentions 2 selves, (1) universal (spiritual oneness or observant from line 94) and (2) empirical – each human has it. Lets look closer.
        (1) universal self is obvious. What is (2) empirical self? Part of material consciousness and not a body. Why not the body? Because after self-realization false self disappears so body and its natural urges (craving for food, sex) cannot be it.
        What empirical mean? My take it is experiential. What is experience in material world? I may unintentionally hit a wall with my head (fact) and have a painful bump for a while, but it will heal in time. What I am left for much longer than bump on forehead is what thoughts/feelings I had AFTER that fact happened in the NOW. The thoughts are not fact but “opinions” about real fact that happened. Lets say I was angry after the fact and later I was grieving and had pity on poor “me” and I do not want to repeat that experience in the future. What happened to those thoughts and feelings? Did they disappear from the field of NOW right away into oblivion? I think we collect them in the body. But i think that collection starts from the point in time that little “I thought” starts in a child. Does material consciousness take the body for the self from the time body is born? I think not. Why? Look at kids that answer in the beginning in 3 person to a question like “Are you hungry?” – answer “John is not hungry”. Lets say later in time John becomes “I” as everyone else points at the body and calls it John. When “I am body thought” is born – child consciousness takes it as true – the answer to question becomes “I am not hungry”. False separation starts with that thought and based on it, all other thoughts are accumulated on top of it. “I am pretty or ugly”. “I need ….. (fill in with anything material) to be happy”. I need many things, or people to make me happy because I do not feel happy (as I am separated from real self). Based on experiences we build the image of likes and dislikes, from which we want to comeback to likes but avoid dislikes – which become our desires (psychological needs). What are those? Thoughts of course. So to summarize, starting with that “I am a body thought” each one of us collects his/hers custom group of thoughts, which forms a false, often contradictory image that we collect in the body. Since these are thoughts, we know from Meier information that thoughts are always connected with feelings, so that thought image that we gather in the body has to be thought/feeling image.

        So to answer main question, we can say that, by EMPIRICAL SELF, Semiase means identification with “MENTAL IMPURITIES” – which are thoughts and feelings – so EMPIRICAL SELF – IS those thoughts and feelings – which we call EGO SELF. So TREU SELF is confused with thoughts/feelings and to end that confusion we just need to remove them. So the question is then how to end that confusion and remove those “mental impurities” to comeback to our natural state? But I will leave that for later.

        1. Andrew,

          There are too many points to address in your writing, but suffice it to say at some point each will be addressed. The replies will have to be slowly deliberated and composed.

          During the course of re-reading CR11 on the FOM website (the BS version), line #94 got my attention, then I realized that the WS version skipped the entire spirit teaching discussion in CR11. I then went back and checked the TD version and sure enough his has the missing translation — this might be of interest to Dyson or other translators — compare:

          94. On the objective side, nothing can touch the observant, subjective self. (BS)

          87. On the external or objective side of reality nothing can touch the spiritual self. (TD)

          The line #’s are off but they are from the same German source:

          “Auf der objektiven Seite kann nichts das beobachtende subjektive Selbst berühren.”

          So which is the best version? Anyone? Just for fun, google translate says:

          “On the objective side can not touch anything, the observed subjective self.”

          On the surface, it would appear that the one from TD offers a better understanding.

          I think it is very important that the contents of CR10 and CR11 be correctly translated, as they have the highest probability of being read and assimilated by the general public.

          P.S. It may be harsh but consistent with the spirit teaching that “mental impurities” are due mostly to the lack of “knowledge” and “truth” in a normally functioning human being. 🙂

          1. Rob,

            Can I propose my take on “mental impurities”?

            My guess is that every thought at its base is a neutral “PICTURE” so to say. For the sake of visual understanding lets say it is a point (number 0) at the line where to the left are negatives and to the right positive numbers. Neutral thought by itself is right in the center of that line.

            Then comes feelings. Lets take 9 basic ones just for the sake of argument (apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, courageousness, acceptance or peace). Each feeling we can compare to a keyboard in the piano – from the heavy apathy on left … up to “lighter” peace on the right. Each has a specific “feeling” or “vibration” that we may perceive in the body.

            So what makes a neutral thought – there is no intention to own it, or make it personal coming from separated false “I”. True “I” is always ONE and EVERYTHING – so there is no separation and psychological desire. Example: “a red car” is neutral – just a observation of a fact. As soon as we add an emotion depended on intention to own or use it it becomes “mental impurity”. “I want this red car to be mine” . Someone rents it before you and what comes? “This S of B just took MY car” … etc. Any though no matter if it is spiritual or not by added emotions will become “impure” – which means locked in the body and burden on “psyche”. If we add negative emotions – example anger – (to the left of neutral 0) or positive one – “courageousness” – then it makes it trapped in “material realm”. It is like a bird with wings, which length depends on intensity of the added emotion {lets say we added -10 ( read minus 10) inches of it with anger , or – 20 (read minus 20) inches with hate. If thought has emotional “wings” it will not bet able to “travel” through to always neutral, spiritual side and it is stuck on the material, body side. Only neutral thought can travel there and be processed. This way we accumulate garbage on material side and loose awareness of spiritual side (true “I”)
            How to change the impure thoughts to neutral? Add the equal measure in opposite polarity to the existing positively or negatively charged thought.

            Food for thought only 🙂

          2. Sorry, I posted to quickly. Substitute “feeling” wherever I used “emotion” in post from
            Andrew J.
            August 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm

          3. Andrew,

            That is a “fascinating” explanation, as Mr. Spock might have said. 🙂 A fictional character whose half-human/half-Vulcan struggles to be all Vulcan and “emotionless.” Knowing the Meier material we can probably say he is all human, just half-Earthling and half-Vulcan.

            Your explanations is logical, but I don’t think that is what Semjase was referring to in context. It would appear that the Plejarens are living out of balance if we apply the example you gave, that neutrality is 0, a negative value is to the left and positive value to the right of the scale, when their own emphasis is to live neutral-positively. If I were to take the last sentence literally, adding the opposite polarity to neutralize, to stay mentally pure, then when I’m in a “happy” state I should do something to make myself sad (or the whatever is the opposite of happy) to neutralize that state to stay mentally pure … ?

            Understand … that from a cause-and-effect perspective what you wrote makes perfect sense. Now, if we are to assume that the physical dimension is just a transitory stage of evolution, then moving higher up the ladder perhaps does mean PERFECT neutrality — no more emotions, and there are NDE cases that actually support this explanation. Then, for Plejarens to move up on the evolutionary ladder, they would have to abandon neutral-positive and go all neutral. Possible? Food for thought.

            Actually, it would be simpler and more direct for Semjase to have said “emotional imbalance” instead of “mental impurities.” It probably would have more clear on my part if I had written “unknowingness/ignorance” and “untruths” instead in my last reply to you. In the interest of congruence in Semjase’s spirit teaching exposition that started in CR10, I chose to say “knowledge” and “truth.” I think the ego (the opposit of awareness), coupled with unknowningness/ignorance and the emphasis on untruths (for example, someone blindly following religion “ecstatically”), is largely responsible for the mental impurity. The line spoken after “mental impurities” suggest this may be what she was talking about.

            Like you, I’m just giving it my shot. Perhaps this is a good question for Billy, since it originated from his contact and is related to spirit teaching. Ask him … I sure would like to know the definition of “mental impurities” in that context with certainty. (I have a long list already so please do …)

          4. Rob,

            ”Actually, it would be simpler and more direct for Semjase to have said “emotional imbalance” instead of “mental impurities.”

            But She did not want to be direct! That the reason and I concur with her. We have to do our work to make sense of it. That is way I am not even registered on FIGU forum, and will not ask Billy questions … probably until I will be past my real goal – self realization. Why do you think Billy gives very little to almost any question? Because it may mean something for the person asking it and may give him/her a direction to follow, to find out what he/her is interested in, by working for it. It is not always the case, as with some question we get “whole enchilada”. If you want to ask Billy if what I wrote is true, feel free to do it. I will stay on my path. I get some of the clues in dreams – by seeing symbols – it helps me to learn, but I have to decipher it myself. Symbols show me what will happen in the near future (next day or two), or further in time and after the fact I have to guess what it meant. Some of them are obvious and for some it takes time to get it. Some, I never get right. I will stay on my path, as I was shown that I will reach my real goal. I thought only that it would be faster 🙂 But that was only impatience in me.

             “It would appear that the Plejarens are living out of balance” … “then when I’m in a “happy” state I should do something to make myself sad”

            Why would you want to leave a state of constant happiness, joy, and harmony to feel sadness?
            If I remember correctly it was one of their directives to not to use emotions, until Billy advised them to not be totally strict with them. Why because in a longer time span it would mean going back to identify only with body and lose spiritual connection. Only we have that problem because most of us think we are bodies. I think that none of their kids experienced false Self – Ego or Egoism. Their parents do not live with it, so kids are not programed that way. Only here we absorb stupidity from parents at get go. But that is the way of evolution. It will change in time. In my opinion they use thoughts only for communication in neutral-positive way, by stating the facts. They always “live in reality” and not in “appearance”. The use “appearance” to learn from it, but identify only with spirit – everyones true home. For this to happen, we also do not have to wait it can happen to any of us NOW, if we work for it.

            My explanation with the line, piano keys and “wings” was just to start a conversation – it is not to be correct scientifically – as thought/feeling is in reality magnetism and not 2D image. It applys to all other examples in other posts also.

          5. Hi Andrew,

            Each of us have our paths. We are converged and separated for the same reasons.

            What I wrote was in response to your proposal. It was on the notion of “mental impurities” (that MOST of us have, by virtue of being born, educated, and primarily interacting socially with others on planet Earth).

            In the last few sentences, you concluded that to “Add the equal measure in opposite polarity to the existing positively or negatively charged thought.” This is what I referred to, if taken literally. Who would not want to have “mental purity” all the time, if attainable? If so, the struggle then would be to always apply what your hypothesized consciously, in awareness.

            I understand that your reference to a “scale” was a visual attempt of an explanation.

            I agree with you that Billy offers little in response most of the time to questions posed to him, unless it is related to spirit teaching … which this one is … However little value derived from his immediate answers, though, each will walk away with something to reflect on. Lately people seem to be quick to pass judgement on others asking questions that, in their opinion, serves little/no evolutionary purpose to them. That, in an of itself, is worth reflecting. There is a good reason why those questions made it and not others.

            That is not a coincidence.

          6. Hi Rob,
            “Each of us have our paths. We are converged and separated for the same reasons.”

            Exactly!! There are no superior or inferior people. We learn from each other, as parts of others a reflection of our own interior – which just have to find what is it – and for that we have to be in meditative state (attention/observation). What I posted on the blog also comes from clues that I got from reading or listening to others (see the names of realized people that I listen in one of the posts). I just try to put “the best picture” out of the puzzle which is life. Getting “free” in itself will be a reword which will mean something to me.

            So, getting to the business, I will put forward another way how to neutralize an imbalanced thoughts. Since every unbalanced thought is based on an intention/idea coming from a false identity, to drop the garbage totally, we just have to drop the intention and whole structure of imbalance will fall.

            Example: A woman wants to have a child. After a year of two of “hard work” nothing happens. She goes to the doctors to seek help. She spends thousands of dollars on in-vitro.. etc. and after next several years of up and downs – no results. Doctors finally say “We can not do anything more for you”. She gives up the original intention and starts thinking of an adoption, and in a month or two … she gets pregnant. Why? Emotional ups and downs crated the barrier on material side, which prevented her from getting what she really wanted. When “the wall” collapsed she got “the prize”.

            To compare thoughts to nature, we can say that each thought is like a tree. Roots are intention/idea. If we cut the roots, the upper structure will wither away. So the forest will be an analogy to all our thoughts that are in different stage of development.

            On that note it would be good to look at what Atlant Bieri wrote in “How To Study Billy Texts”

            In a day or two I will write about my way of removing garbage from inside and provide references. It may help some people like it helped me.

    2. Andrew,

      I roughly agree with Rob in that “veil” refers to something like the ego, which is something less than the real true self and which is concealing deeper, more fundamental, parts of the “I”. Meier discusses the inner self and the inner innermost self — and I am not sure I know what either are exactly.

      But what you refer to as the thought/feeling field may be what Meier refers to as the “mental fluidal forces”, which some on the FIGU forum — and perhaps myself included — think is likely something akin to what is referred to as “chi” in the East and “prana” in the Vedas.

      The experiences you relayed in your previous post were interesting. Whether you are really working with fluidal forces/chi/prana and the sensations felt were actually real and reality based and not self-generated or falsely perceived/imagined — who knows; I think the former is a possibility. Perhaps you could briefly describe the technique and sensations and ask Meier’s thoughts on the matter in the “Questions to Billy” section of the forum; I am sure the answer would be of interest to many.

      But if you are getting results, then good for you, sounds like it has merit whatever is happening.

      All the best.

      1. Hi Andy,

        In my opinion Inner Self is the “I” self which is consciousness (so it is material) but Innermost Self would mean our BEING in which there is no “I” anymore – which would be beyond consciousness – so only spirit (immaterial BEING) without visible (consciousness part) of it exists. Inner Self (“I”) gets to be rebuild every lifetime, so it appears at birth and disappears at death of the body. Am I right in thinking like that? I am not 100% sure. That is why we need to discuss it here to end confusion in ourselves.

        I agree with you that “mental fluidal forces” are in a way an energy of our thoughs/feelings, but that energy is embedded in parts of the body (bones and flesh) that are left after spirit drops the body and all material things that Human was close with (house, clothes … etc).

        Some of the things that I do “inside” are easy and simple to explain, my kids can do it and they did not need special training, they are just not interested in it when there is no pain in the body. As soon as pain comes they “come to daddy” 🙂 Especially my doughter (12), as my son (9) is more independent. But I will explain it in another post for those of You that might want to hear about it, as it will be longer. Do I need to ask Billy about it? I do not thinks so. He mentioned swinging waves somewhere – and this is what I got to experience, so I know what he . What I need to clarify is the proper naming of what I feel inside according to his teachings, and I think we all can do it and it should be more valuable for all of us if we get it that way – by working on it together.

      2. Andy,

        If there is a discussion about the Chinese concept of Chi in reference to the fluidal force by FIGU/Billy, please post reference. I’m interested.

        1. Hey Rob,

          I remember seeing a discussion about such on the FIGU forum while back — you should have luck by putting the appropriate terms into the search function at that site.

          1. Andy,

            I will try, though I would comment on the mediocre filtering capabilities of the FIGU forum, as much as this blogsite. The few times I tried to use it it either returned too many hits or too little hits as to be rather tedious. Since I do not know enough about each software engine I am not in a position to suggest something better, but I suspect newer, better versions of both are available by now.

          1. Anurag,

            Thank you … I was unaware of site-specific search capabilities that can be specified that way on the search bar. This will help in different ways. Trying something like “chi” came up with all kinds of languages — if we could only narrow it down english only. 🙂

  3. Exellent discussion, a lot of food for thought, I will definitely read Eckhart Tolle, I had his book, but after I’ve found Billy I didn’t wanted anymore confusion, so I left it behind, since have kissed so many frogs in the past you know 🙁

    1. Silvana,

      Yes, a few others have expressed the same as you about not wanting further confusion from other sources. While the concern is valid, confusion can be alleviated if one ALWAYS try to correlate back to the spirit teaching of BEAM if one is studying the works of other teachers speaking on similar subjects. For example, when I read the work of others, I try to think in context of what BEAM has already said. Now, that is not always possible, but it is important to keep the door of knowledge ajar — so you can welcome “new” knowledge as well, for we know that NO ONE has all the answers. In cases where it’s possible to correlate, then you may have just found a “different” way of communicating a concept that was not totally clear to you.

      In CR10, line 74, “The sense and function of the spiritual teachings are to spread truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.”

      As students of the of the spirit teaching, it behooves us to find ways to help spread the teaching “effectively” as well as correctly. 🙂

  4. Rob,
    I overlooked true meaning of Your statement, so here is my expanded response. Disregard the previous one.

    Quote from Rob’s August 20, 2014 at 2:35 am post:
    ” If I were to take the last sentence literally, adding the opposite polarity to neutralize, to stay mentally pure, then when I’m in a “happy” state I should do something to make myself sad (or the whatever is the opposite of happy) to neutralize that state to stay mentally pure … ?”

    Here we come into a “gray area”, as to answer properly one needs really good knowledge of spiritual terminology and facts, as in all FIGU literature and I do not posses it. So I will do it my way, as before – by just speculating 🙂 If at the beginning of thought coming into existence, feeling follows it – it means that feeling charges a thought with a specific “vibration”. What is that vibration for? It should be a guide for a limited material consciousness (limited by thoughts and experience), which needs to decide on specific course of action. Thought – as just an idea (what action we are planning) shows the way we plan to follow with action. Then feelings is a “early warning system” what that action, based on a thought that just have appeared, will bring. Who makes that warning possible? Spiritual side, which is always NOW. In that NOW simultaneously exist PAST (things that happened), PRESENT (all that is happening at present moment, influenced by past actions) FUTURE (things that will or might happen in the future according to decisions that we made in the past and influenced by action followed in the present). Since Spiritual side is Omnipresent, Supreme Intelligence and All Knowing, then all possibilities are calculated and the most probable outcome is signaled to us – by feeling. We then have a choice to make corrections in the thinking, to get to what we want, or accept consequences of thinking. Christian Frener said, in one video from FIGU Canada, that feeling should change within 3 to 4 seconds after a new thought is introduced. In my understanding it is valid only when body is empty of any emotional baggage. Is that lag of 3s to 4s needed for that calculation? Is that calculation done on spiritual side or is it programed already into consciousness? What do You think? This is not only directed at Rob, but an invitation to all reading it.

    To answer your question:
    For the sake of visual explanation lets say that “normal average lasting thought” – is charged like a AAA battery 1.5 v. So to answer your question we can say that in the case of a thought that brought happiness, one “normal average lasting thought” (1.5v) of opposite polarity would be enough to cancel both of them out. Would you need to feel sadness? You would only need to feel it for a few seconds. But i doubt that we really need to do it that way. I think that when you get a feeling of coming sadness into awareness, you may just say “out” to the thought that you kept in mind for just 3s-4s and it is done. Any of you can say that to any thought that you have in the mind now. Say “Get OUT” with intention and it will be out instantly. Try it.

    I think You started that question based on your experiences of feeling lasting more than a few seconds. What lasts more? Emotion. Then what is emotion? Is it not a thought that is charged with more than “a normal average lasting thought”? What charges it? Our attention and thinking processes. If we think for a long time on one idea we charge it more and instead of 1.5v it may go to 4.5v 🙂 That charged is retained in the body. So, if on the span of many years, we charge thoughts connected with fear, by thinking about them often and they are stored in the body in our muscles, then what can happen? Maybe a hard attack? What do you think?

    Happy thinking 🙂

    1. Andrew,

      You stated, “Spiritual side is Omnipresent, Supreme Intelligence and All Knowing, then all possibilities are calculated and the most probable outcome is signaled to us – by feeling.” I would further qualify that the possibilities are calculated based on the accumulated truth, knowledge, and wisdom for that spirit/person. It would then be reasonable to say that the best possible outcome derived from the spiritual side, by what is accessed in the storage bank, is communicated back to us via “intuition.” However, since the ego is the “guardian” of the physical form, it will have to pass the gateway of the ego. If a person has a “strong” ego, and does not make way for intuitive feelings to come through, then the ego will use the “limited” and often “tainted by belief” current life-time wisdom, truth, and knowledge alone to select from the more limited ego-calculated best-outcome probabilities. Bruce Lipton, in the “Biology of Belief” mentioned a research showing the conscious mind as having the ability to process 30-40 (decisions?) in the same amount of time, the subconscious mind can process 30-40 million. This may account for your question about the source of the 3-4s delay.

      The energy charge example is better for this type of discussion, since we are dealing with “energy” after all. (For that matter, what “isn’t” engery in life, ultimately?) 🙂

      People who are charged with high-doses of constant “fear” risk wrecking-havoc with their physical form, since these energy properties are transferred to cellular levels. In particular, since I mentioned NDE in a previous post, some may wish to read the book “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani to connect what is discussed here for enhanced understanding.

      1. Rob,

        I like you reasoning and addition of spirit/person explanation. I found a partial fault in my thinking, when I said that spiritual side would manifest to us information by feelings. Since spiritual side is always neutral, and its “feelings center” is Gemut, which sends always and only joy and harmony – it cannot go out of balance – than any appearing feelings, would have to be generated on material side (psyche). Then, since ego may become unbalanced, and for the most part is 🙂 , feelings from material side will be an unreliable guide and your explanation, to the source of the lag is just on target. If what I just wrote is logical, than part of your statement will not work too:

        “If a person has a “strong” ego, and does not make way for intuitive feelings to come through, then the ego will use the “limited” and often “tainted by belief” current life-time wisdom, truth, and knowledge alone to select from the more limited ego-calculated best-outcome probabilities.

        I agree with ego and its “knowledge’, but “Intuitive feelings” will have to come from psyche, as joy is passed directly from gemut and other feelings are made up (?) in psyche .
        Then, if there is other info coming from spiritual side, it has to be instantaneous and without feeling (which is blocked) for a strong ego. Can we say than, that a “guide” for material personality, from spiritual side, should be direct insight/knowing ? I heard Krishnamurti using that description. If by “Intuitive feelings” you meant insight, than it appears to be right – but I would then leave “feeling” out of “Intuition”.

        Then how the personality is to know what is right decision if no “insight” or “intuition” is available? What tells us on material side, what is wrong or right thinking/behavior?

        1. Andrew,

          I see you attach the word “feeling” to what you were discussion when none was actually intended when I used it in conjunction with “intuitive.” Just replace “intuitive feeling” with “intuition” (again). It was an automatic writer’s sub and I was not considering the implications of your interpretation. Personally, I have never had a “intuitive feeling” that is positive or negative, come to think of it. It just is there, neither positive nor negative. The ego may attempt to interpret the intuition as a “good” or “bad” feeling, however.

          When no “insight” is available, it would then be reasonable to consider the person would have to depend on the material-side (largely ego) interpreted truth, knowledge, and experience to make that decision. Whatever the outcome of that decision will ultimately be recorded and referenced in the future in the subconscious/storage bank as either wise or unwise, not right or wrong, as that itself is an ego interpretation. I prefer to explain as much as possible without invoking the use of terms such psyche and gemut, even though it may be the most “scientifically correct way.” Think in terms of explaining the operations of a car, and having to invoke terms like pistons, turning ratios, etc. … 🙂

          1. Rob,

            I agree with your conclusion, as to “no insight” situations.

            I had times where I think I had that insight and like you I do not remember if there was a feeling attached to it. I think it is because it happened in situations were someone was “emotionally” talking to me, trying to convince me to do something, that I did not want to do and that is why I lost my “here and now” attention. I remember a time, years ago, when I had realization that everything is spirit, going down to smallest particle, and when I now think of it, there was no feeling with it, just knowing and some kind of conviction that it is really like that.

            Like you, a also prefer simple terms, explanations and examples, but sometimes it is good to use both, simple description like (spiritual feeling center) and put next to it a description which comes from FIGU (Gemut). But only when one is sure of it. Then the person that is not familiar with that term, can look for meaning of it. Even when the term is used wrongly, it may be an inclination for someone to prove it for himself/herself.

            For now, I am stopping to toss ideas. I better concentrate on cleaning my place or my wife will make sure, that I will end up in “boys’ choir” 🙂

            It was a pleasure to talk to You.

            Andrew J.

          2. Same here.

            Thank you for the conversation. You’ve given me some additional things to look into.

            The search for knowledge is never ending. 🙂

  5. Another correction (Sorry):
    After question “What charges it?” instead of “attention” should be “concentration”

  6. I hope that Micheal will not kick me out of the Blog with these vary long posts 🙂 (Just kidding)

    I am posting this information, as some people seem to be interested in how I have developed my ability to feel energy of thought/feelings as swinging waves, which I described in one of my previous posts: “Andrew J. August 17, 2014 at 3:21 am”

    Michel’s “Standing in Spirit Workshop” is another way of dealing with suppressed thoughts and feelings. I would recommend to anybody considering checking the method I describe below, to also try “Standing in Spirit”, just to see which way feels the best, or possibly combine the two in a way?

    Let me also state that I am not associated with Sedona Associates organization in any way. Never contacted them, do not recommend these products because I will get something for it. I stumbled upon it one day and …it has change my life – like Billy Meier’s Spiritual Teachings. Sedona Method was the practical way, which for me was missing at that time and perfect addition to Billy’s work. All the references to products are for easy identification only. You have to decide how to obtain them, if you gonna make that decision.

    1. Andrew,

      The subsequent posts are very long because of the description of the Sedona Mehod and I would prefer instead if you would submit a post with the best links to it you have found and then a separate post about your own experience.

      People can then investigate the Sedona Method if they wish and also there’s no risk of any copyright infringement, etc.

  7. Before I started to use the Sedona Method in 2011, I created a mess of my life and health. In 2007 I had colon cancer removed in the hospital. I suffered from huge panic attacks for several years (sometimes sitting in my car around 1-3AM in front of ER, waiting for a hard attack – never came) which I cured without doctor’s help, gallstones (removed natural way in 2010 – took 7 months). As of today, after what I have noticed within my body, I can say that I do not have a doubt in my mind that all of it was the effect of my stupid emotional thinking, where fear, anger and grief were main “ingredients”. All collected in that energy field I uncovered in the body.

    How it all began?

    A night before I found Lester Levenson’s information, I had a dream in which I saw my parents house, where I grew up, which was struck by lightning in a electrical outlet. It got scorched and a wave burning just the electrical line and other outlets proceeded along the walls (all became black) . It stopped after some time. I woke up.

    Next day I found and listen to “Ultimate Goal”. Information that thoughts collect in feelings, felt so familiar, that it encouraged me to try it. Around 1am at night I first time decided to let go of feelings. As soon as I said in my mind that I wanted to let go of fear, my body started shaking. All muscles started twitching and it lasted around 15 min. I was so shocked that I forgot that my wanting to let go of fear started it. Fortunately there was no panic attack.

    After that incident I stopped doing anything for approx. 3 months. Then I resumed my investigation of my body, but fear was a problem and slowed my progress. At first my head was a place where I could feel feelings. Later I realized that any place where there is tightness of muscles, holds trapped energy. I learned to put my attention on that place (for example forearm), by moving the forearm to feel and strengthen that stiffness and by tightening and releasing the muscle, I would let go of that energy. The muscle would shake for a wile and then stop. People that watch you do it, may have a problem with it at the beginning. My wife though I was going “nuts” – so have this in mind. All of it lasted for a few months and then I went deeper with my probing (using attention and developing concentration). It took me approx 2 years of 24/7 work to open my body totally, where I could feel garbage from “tip of my head to toes” – not all the time of course 🙂 The twitching of some muscles, like in my toes/soles of feet (where it leaves the body) and other places where that energy dis-attaches itself from, happens even now on a small scale.

    Why I gave you my personal story?

    Because if any of You is in similar “dump” like I was, I want to encourage you, to not stop trying. Be persistent. Try to overcome the fear (as it is just a felling). It may be a long process, but it is worth to do it. Do not be afraid if you body will shake, but do not wait for it to happen, Do not expect it. Just neutrally observe the body at the beginning. Lester Levenson also went trough it. I learned of it much later. I do not compare myself to him, but it seems that it is possible for some people (probably filled with emotional garbage to the brim) to have those symptoms. I did not have anybody to ask for explanation/help and had to bare it myself, so maybe what I posted here, for some of you will fill that need.

    If people want to know more about the Sedona Method they can check out these links:

    “The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being” which as pdf is included in “Basic Course” audio release, with 13 audio files.

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