With a simple retitling by MUFON of the link to the page pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case as “1964 – present”, it appears that a major step has been taken towards their inevitable, official acknowledgement of Meier’s singular authenticity as a UFO-extraterrestrial contactee.

While the more than 120 previous posts were mainly answers to commonly posed questions, links to information and evidence, etc., this new page is now open for even more direct, critical examination of the Meier case and the staggering implications of its unique, historical significance to humankind.

The Handwriting on the Wall

It still may take a little longer for the members – and the executives – at MUFON to overcome their timidity but I think that many of them are also aware of the handwriting on the wall and the demonstrable futility of pursuing pseudo “investigations” of reliably inconclusive, substance less “UFO cases” and reports. As previously mentioned, they’ve had around 100,000 of them in the past 45 years and not a single one contained proof of anything of extraterrestrial manufacture, nor anything of lasting importance. With Meier’s recently authenticated WCUFO photos – some taken within15 ‘ of the object – and the easily self-testable nighttime WCUFO photo,  there’s a very compelling reason to stop causing lights in the sky, i.e. doing the same thing and getting the same results.

Certainly this recent article is yet another indicator of the dull, redundant and essentially pointless type of events that MUFON and other members of the UFOCI have essentially milked dry and which no longer really serve anything but a financial purpose, most probably also to the point of diminishing returns.

The Truth Will Set You Free

So, if even by default, what better time for all to align with that truism, “the truth will set you free”?

It seems that our friend Jan Harzan, as a friend of the truth himself, has opened the door a little wider. The room appears to be a bit empty…which is certainly preferable to one cluttered up with disinformation, denial and distraction. So let’s honor the opportunity and await our guests, who are also effectively our hosts, in further exploring that which they’ve long been looking for and which they will also now find is free for the taking.

(NOTE: I’ve reached out to other MUFON executives like Robert Powell, Roger Marsh, Debbie Ziegelmeyer and special effects professional Marc Dantonio to participate as well and I am awaiting their comments. )






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