Here is a brand new, two-hour interview conducted by Lorien Fenton, from California MUFON Radio, in which we touch upon all sorts of things pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case, the new developments with MUFON’s recognition of the Meier case, my upcoming appearance at a conference next spring, etc.

I also found Lorien’s attitude towards the case very open-minded, as she offered good questions, insights and recognitions that I think are indicative of the attitudes of an ever-growing number of people in MUFON, especially now that there’s a place on the MUFON site (where it’s acknowledged as “1964 to Present”) to discuss it. I should also add that there are some new, additional and  hopeful, developments in the wind.

More and more, people are wanting to get into the heart of the Meier case, the prophetic information and the…spiritual teaching. So I thank Lorien for creating this opportunity to reach them.

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  • my belief, as well as those on freeworldcharter dot org that have signed, is that the only way to change our world would be to remove the evil monetary system worldwide. anyone who thinks not might just look in the mirror and see Gollum of ‘The Hobbit/The Lord Of The Rings’. money is hell and without it will be paradise. there are two futures for Humanity, one with money leading into darkness or one without leading to true Harmony, Liberty, Freedom, Knowledge, Technology, Medicine, Integrity, Justice, Leadership, Creativity, Understanding and LOVE/light.

    • It isn’t things per se that are our problem but rather our consciousness and attitude towards them. We encourage that people learn Neutral-Positive thinking as a means to see more clearly.

      • but isn’t our consciousness being manipulated or chained by disinformation, deception, fluoride and other chemicals based on money/control? in my opinion, to see more clearly we need to understand all three sides of a coin and be in balance, or how you term it “Neutral-Positive” but/and Negative thinking (Middle-Front and Back or Present-Future and Past thinking) because you can’t have two without the other and have it whole. black projects, secrecy, rulers/gods, ‘under lock and key’ mentalities are a monetary result that has not worked in over ten thousand plus years. and it is never going to work because its’ pulse/frequency has gone up and down. Jmmanuel stated ‘money is the root of all evil’, did he not? so, how is it that this thing/attitude is not our worldly problem? our consciousness will soar by removing the one evil that causes so many of our worldly problems. or am I wrong to know in this?

        • It’s up to each person to see things as they are. While that may include all of the real and imaginary negativities, conspiracies, problems, etc., it’s from first seeing clearly that we can take the next steps in correcting and controlling our thoughts, which is what produces our feelings, which leads to other thoughts that compel us to action, etc.

          Logically speaking, if we were all just “victims” of these things and circumstances everyone would effectively be imprisoned by them, hopeless, fearful, etc. But since we have choice, since we know that our thoughts lead to our feelings, etc., we can exercise those choices, control our thoughts so that how and what we think starts to change our feelings and our actions…and ultimately our world and the systems that we use to navigate it, etc.

          We do more damage to ourselves, our consciousness, our health by believing that we’re just helpless, oppressed, overly fluoridated, deceived, controlled pawns of the “elite”, rulers, etc. Certainly there are negative people, forces, actions, situations. But you can also take one (or many) of those pieces of paper called money and get a good book, something to eat, clothing, etc. At this time in history we exchange through money. So we can choose to view it neutrally and use it appropriately, or we can get all worked up and angry, fearful, frustrated, etc. And that just isn’t very much fun at all.

          We do have choices.

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