The Beall and…End All of the Matter

Dear Mr. Beall,

Mr. David Scott forwarded your responses* to his email to me because I’m well qualified to answer, and correct, your erroneous assumptions. I understand that certain MUFON personnel are volunteers and essentially hobbyists, as your comments to David also indicate, so I’ll keep my responses appropriate to that level of understanding.

I’m sure you can appreciate the difference between an amateur level of knowledge and experience and that of the team of professional investigators into the Billy Meier UFO case, such as Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and Lee and Brit Elders, whose efforts resulted in the first expert authentications of Meier’s evidence (by people like Michael Malin, NASA Mars Mission, etc.), as well as my own 35 years of research and investigation including interviewing Meier, numerous eyewitnesses, other photographers and family members, visiting the actual locations where Meier took his stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, etc., on my 14 trips to Switzerland.

In addition to having such scientific experts as Dr. David Froning publicly support the authenticity of the Meier case at one of my many presentations, a NASA aerospace engineer has now given his endorsement to the Meier case. Your remarks indicate that you’re also obviously unaware of Prof. Rhal Zahi’s two new expert analyses that authenticate Meier’s photographic evidence, regarding the WCUFO and the Pendulum UFO. Prof. Zahi also provided the protocols for duplicating the tests according to the scientific method, which you seem to be unfamiliar with, as well as a clear instructional video for doing so.

On any given day, including the day this was written, MUFON’s home page features photos of nothing more than…lights in the sky, usually taken at least thousands of feet from them. Meier’s recently authenticated WCUFO photos, from as early as 1980, were taken within…20′ of the object. And, of course, you can now authenticate one of them yourself, like any eight year-old child can.

I am unaware of any actual research by you (perhaps you’ve you published it somewhere?) and I can safely assume that you’ve never actually gone to investigate this still ongoing (over 72 years) singularly authentic UFO contact case. Hopefully, you’ll be motivated to do some actual research rather than gleefully relying on hearsay pertaining to the most important story in all of human history, which I’m sure we’d both agree a proven UFO contact case would constitute.

The fact that you’ve said, “Billy is not special nor is his case,” and “We never ignored his case, they just ignored our objective opinion on the case years ago,” simply underscores your amateurish, ill-informed and unscientific approach to the case, since you point to no such comparable case and fail to note that there never was any actual scientific investigation of the Meier case by MUFON.

I find it quite strange that the people who actually join UFO organizations are, too often, the ones who actually – and activelydon’t want to find what they say they’re looking for.

I do have to ask if you find it at all troubling that a prominent MUFON officer tells tales about running over giant lizards, while your own assistant state director tells us that she got into the UFO field because she “heard voices” in her head? Did MUFON render an “objective opinion” about their qualifications and…state of mind? Just asking. Unfortunately, such inept, unprofessional and uninformed comments by supposed “researchers” only lends credence to the claims that MUFON has not only been complicit in its suppression of the truth but that it does so deliberately in accordance with the wishes of the CIA, NSA, etc.

It’s clear that any organization that has the wherewithal to produce a major TV series on UFOs must also possess the same resources that allow even…children to authenticate the Meier case. And with at least 100,000 reports of UFOs in 45 years (all of which haven’t amounted to a Barney and Betty Hill of beans) maybe acknowledging the only still ongoing case with actual, testable evidence is timely…to say the least.

It’s to Jan Harzan’s credit that he wants to open the Meier case to the MUFON membership and others and perhaps you should take the kind of courageous approach that Jan has, as well as emulating the open-mindedness and critical thinking that Lorien Fenton also stands for. They, and others in MUFON, have taken the opportunity to actually look through the telescope. Whatever the outcome, it will be good for MUFON and those within the organization that are actually, honestly interested in the truth.

I hope that you’ll decide to join them.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts



*With permission from David Scott, here is the email response he received from Morgan Beall:

“My honest admission is that Jan did not dedicate our organization to solely look at the Meier case. The problem was when MUFON did take the Meier family serious many years ago they did not like our response or neutral stance of the case rather they took offence to MUFON scientific approach.

Please read this page so that you fully understand our approach and Jan’s response.–goals.html

The Meier case is just that one of many interesting cases. I would say his case is limited however and mired, no pun intended, in credibility issues with the family and many that handled his case personally (not MUFON). There so man cases were witness believe they are the only one and they have a message that will save the world. So who is the real profit here? This is why MUFON takes a relative natural stance on these types of cases and claims. We, nor anyone has the means to prove or verify his claims of similar cases with these claims. I am not sure on your stance that we “Finally embraced” the subject. We have been hard at work every day for many years. All volunteers all the time. We dedicate our selves to the mission and goals. Try not to belittle us because of one case. Trust me when I say Billy is not special nor is his case. Their are many more like his and all just as difficult to take seriously but we still do because it is ethical. We never ignored his case, they just ignored our objective opinion on the case yeas ago. All Jan said was we would reexamine the evidence nothing more.”


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  1. I think having a “neutral stance” and being “ethical” because its “fair” doesn’t really help anyone if there is truth presented in the material. It sounds to me that MUFON is a dead end?

    1. Did you notice that on all Mufon’s links there is a “read more” tab that you can click and it takes you right to the closed minds blog? So is the closed minds (well they like to call themselves open minds but it’s obviously an oxymoron) blog linked to the CIA and NSA?
      Seriously their investigators think an acre is the size of several football fields SIL.

        1. Apparently there was a sighting in Maidstone SK recently, what may be an ? craft so I said that they could find out who they were and where they came from if they looked into the Billy Meier material. If I were to tell them what it was they wouldn’t believe it, so it’s best to let them find it themselves.
          They don’t like it when I claimed that the TR3B is actually the large, silent, manmade by the military industrial complex, triangular craft SIL. But looks like it’s catching on…won’t be long until my comments are blocked…because I’m bad for their business.

  2. This is the kind of trash that needs to be called out!
    “… Trust me when I say Billy is not special nor is his case. …”
    I suppose that the word special is the opportune word here.
    If by special you meant “common” then you are correct Mr. Morgan Beall.
    I will give you the benefit of doubt and assume you just miss typed the word “common”.

    If I am wrong and you did mean “special” I would only like to remind you what the word special means. Morgan Beall; the word special as defined by Farlex “Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional:”

    Well maybe I can explain it to you this way:
    Billy Meier:
    The Most documented life on planet earth.
    Writing of the spirit teachings
    On going contacts with off worlders
    Written down henoch prophecies
    The teachings and methods that will save humanity from self destruction
    A warning of an incoming meteor and how to handle it
    A long list a prior to discovery scientific information
    An abandoning of the french foreign legion walking across the desert
    Metal samples of extra -terrestrial origin test by renowned tested by scientist Marcel Vogel
    Over a 1000 day time photographs taken of space ships before the age of photoshop
    Assassination attempts after assassination attempts
    The talmud Jmmanuel a serious correction to the underpinning of the christian religions
    and I have only begun…

    Don’t try to marginalise this human cause the future of our survival depends on our understanding of his teachings.


    1. “Don’t try to marginalise this human cause the future of our survival depends on our understanding of his teachings.”

      Do this exercise: clear your mind and close your eyes and stay quite for 1 minute. Think about that quoted sentence during those 60 seconds and you’ll realize this ufo case isn’t going to save humanity or the world anytime. In fact so far in the 6 other re-incarnations of BM he created CHAOS (religions like Christianity including their wars and so forth) – and t-r-u-s-t me this case is just a CASE it ain’t going to save humanity or even help it (think 200 years from now when ppl living then want still have the solid proof will they believe this case lol or give a shit about a guy that lived 200 years ago)

      We folks should not even have investigated this case because if he is what he claims to be then just handle us the irrevocable evidence and if you want to play games with us piss off. After 70 years still half backed evidence…

      1. ‘t-r-u-s-t me’

        Trust you? Don’t know you.

        ‘.. just handle us the irrevocable evidence ..’

        I assume english is not your 1st language, so no prob .. other than that, your points are in UFO 101, the intro course to the whole subject … I suggest you get started before you continue with your know-it-all meme

  3. What I am trying to say is being neutral and being fair is just being plain lazy and contradictory to their approach and claim to be. If they are serious about what they say they should do their “homework” and examine the material instead of just brushing it off as another “There so man cases were witness believe they are the only one and they have a message that will save the world”. We do not need more wars and man induced “climate change” to finally wake people up and say “we told you so”!?

  4. public antagonist. ok , now that we have identified that problem , maybe doubling up on your meds is not such a good idea , especially when the end of the month come hither ; )

  5. Minnesota MUFON was not to far off as Florida on their assumptions in the end.
    They are so stuck in their preconceived stone hard beliefs that they won’t even admit that they ARE MUFON, when it comes to Billy Meier’s truthful interaction with highly advanced humans. My favorite quote from the little responses I did get from them. ‘Let’s see what the promised re-examination by MUFON comes up with’. Are they not the organization? I assumed I was corresponding with the head folk here at MUFON Minnesota? Either way I am not going to stop trying to interact. I hope to attend one of their meetings in person and go from there. They can chase all the lights in the skies they want! Be it within an airplane, car, bike, on foot, or on their back! Apparently to some these rather human related light blinkings mean more…. The centuries we face ahead of us all.
    Oh to the power of the mind! The thoughts of the human seem to be of an endless ability! Nothing is beyond our ability in some way when we put our thoughts to it! Even now, the beauty of our world can be seen in the smallest, most miniscule things found within our world and thoughts. Truly an awesome thing to be conscious of… the reality of ourselves within what could be called in one word ‘creation’.

  6. Geesh… Lazy investigations these people demonstrate. If they actually weren’t lazy, they would have figured out the holes in their arguments by now instead of calling out an opinion based on NO investigation whatsoever. Clearly not the mark of people who’ve learned to think. Believing isn’t thinking. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything… Ever. Not even Meier’s. CHECK and double check. And check the results of the massive list of massively qualified scientists who’ve researched the evidence. But don’t go off on some mindless rant to those who have looked into it before you yourself have looked into it. Some people’s total lack of insight and research into this case is glaringly and painfully obvious. You make yourselves look like total fools beyond compare. Quit while you’re ahead. Don’t give me the word objective until you yourself have followed the mountains of scientific and legal proof which daily pours out of this case. Choosing not to see is far worse than blindness.

  7. Karl. Hi. Firstly, Billy Meier has not brought chaos to Earth via the previous prophets, and has not created the religions. The prophets are normal Earth humans enlivened (deliberately) with the same spirit-form over and over again. Billy Meier will only exist once just like the rest of us. The prophets are a conduit to disseminate the teachings of the truth to Earth humans. These teachings have again and again been falsified by greedy, selfish, power-hungry delusional Earth humans from which the religions where formed.
    The ET’s do not desire to prove their existence. They know that they exist. Many of us would like the ET people to publicly announce their arrival (existence) before the world’s media. Myself included. But this is simply my (our) own selfish desire. We want to shout it from the rooftops and tell people the truth… about everything! But this would be very wrong.
    You see, religious belief is incredibly powerful. Those that have been programmed with it since childhood simply could not cope with life without it. If you remove the ability to think for yourself then you need someone else to do it for you. You need a saviour. Do you remember how the Islamic world reacted to a cartoon depicting Mohammed? Many of them wanted (and still do) to behead those responsible. Now imagine that our ET friends announced to the world that actually Allah (Gospod) was a more highly evolved Lyrian human being (a king of wisdom) who telepathically communicated with Mohammed the teachings of the truth, but yet again the teachings were falsified by the scribes and the powers that be. Of course some Muslims may be open (albeit reluctantly) to this information, but most would not. Nobody likes to be told that they are wrong. A global jihad to counter this information would ensue. Likewise, the Christians and those of other religions would react in the same manner. A global war, the likes of which have never been seen, could very well happen. Not just fighting between countries but between neighbours in the same street. Such is the power of religious delusion.
    The political, military industrial complex would attempt to strike at the truth to protect the global commercial and banking sectors, which would undoubtedly collapse after the revelations of the truth. Not overnight, but in time.
    The non-religious world would also be caught in this fight and would also succumb to their own greed. They would turn to the ET people for help. “Why do you not fix our environment, our climate? Why do you not cure our diseases? Why do you not give us new power sources, new technology? Weapons to fight the religious believers? You say you love us but you do nothing!” So Earth humans would turn their backs on the ET’s and eventually hate them. The truth would be rejected by all. No other ET intervention would ever be possible again and so mankind’s demise would be sealed.
    Of course this is a worst case scenario, but based on the observations of Earth so far, it is entirely possible. If our ET saviours descended from heaven to openly present themselves to us they are simply taking our belief based thinking (in whatever form that takes) out of one box and putting it in another, achieving nothing and potentially making things unimaginably worse. The ET’s know this. What will happen is that the truth will gradually seep into mainstream thinking over hundreds of years and belief will gradually recede and be swept away. A long slow process. Perhaps in a few thousand years Earth may be declared to be ‘mostly harmless.’
    Karl, you talk about ‘mind power.’ Indeed the might of the human consciousness is exactly what Meier is trying to get across. Best wishes to you.

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