Now Beall Bails

I’m letting this have its own page, for what it’s worth. I had sent MUFON’s Morgan Beall a link to the previous blog and he wrote:

Mr. Horn,

Please take me off your email list. Thanks you.

…to which I replied:

Mr. Beall,

Actually you’re not on it.

I did you the courtesy of sending you the link to the blog in which I discussed your incorrect assumptions and unsubstantiated claims about the Billy Meier UFO case.

You certainly not only have the right to know but to respond if you wish to.



…and I received this today:

Mr. Horn,

I understand Mr. Horn. I just wish not to converse with you any longer on any level. Once personal attacks occur and public defamation of individuals is part of your process you lose credibility and professionalism. I gave my honest and personal opinion in a private communication to a meeting attendee. I made no claims of what is or isn’t. I would be glad to read any scientific studies on the case but to be honest I just do not wish to have any further communication with you at this point. You should maybe rethink your strategy on promoting the Meier UFO case. Attacking peoples personal experiences and opinions on a personal level is actually hurting what is left of the Meier UFO case. I wish you luck Mr. Horn and hope you accomplish the positive goals you have set-forth.


…to which I’ll simply say the following. Mr. Beall should have taken the time to read his own comments and realized that it was he who made ridiculous, contradictory remarks that lacked “credibility and professionalism”, such as, “I made no claims of what is or isn’t.” vs. “his case is limited however and mired, no pun intended, in credibility issues with the family”. Clearly, whatever they have been “hard at work every day for many years” has long proven to be pointless diversion and entertainment.

As far as “what is left of the Meier case”, it’s statements like these that show just how the most supremely significant true story in human history has been trivialized by a bunch of loony hobbyist wannabes with too much time on their hands, who pretend to be “UFO researchers” – whatever in hell that really means – so they can dress up, wear their little badges and socialize with each other. Of course there are always people who want to “belong” to something so they can feel important.

And how clever of certain parties to have spent so much time creating and nurturing the UFOCI, knowing how easy it is to manipulate people against their own best interests. Look at the “news” and then go back and read Billy Meier’s prophecies, predictions, warnings, advice and recommendations – spanning more than 60 years.

Is it that much of an exaggeration to say that the intelligence agencies have succeeded  in convincing some people to be suicidal, effectively getting them to attack, suppress and ridicule that which was freely given to them to help them assure their own future survival?



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  1. I think what we need to do here is too focus on finding the right audience and people who are “critical thinkers” who do not jump straight to conclusions without first looking at the credible evidence. What I am saying here is that Mr Beall do not possess such qualities.

  2. Michael,

    I think it’s that your trying to reach to MUFON, however based on the opinions made by the P’s in the past concerning in the group. In other words them being a “front” for disinformation. This is just my opinion, but you me be getting “baited” and they don’t have a “genuine” curiousity about the case and more importantly what it’s vast volumes insight it provides people. Clearly to them they understand the meier case as “worthy competition” meaning they now its real and any way they can discredit it weather or directly or indirectly by attacking you or meier. They’ll seize the opportunity. Take it for what its worth

    1. MUFON is the organization, which is made up of people. Certainly as an organization it’s been slow progress. But I hear privately from a number of people in MUFON who support the case. They don’t yet want to risk being very public about it.

      And MUFON is only one of the groups, focal points “out there”. Certainly those groups are far from the most important thing; they’re just on my overall to do list. And there’s really not much they can do to discredit the case. They do know that any and everything they would try to do would only bring MORE attention to it.

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