The Billy Meier UFO Case: Questions & Answers

This section will be for questions and (hopefully) answers to a wide range of topics pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case and its relevance to the world we live in.

Questions on topics such as these and many others are welcome:

To be clear, I certainly won’t be the only one offering answers to the questions, as I know that there are many people who may be more knowledgeable about certain topics and information than I am. So obviously no one should hold back if they have an answer to a question posted here. Of course we’ll all do our best to check the accuracy of the answers as well and see how this approach goes.

Of course there already may be existing answers in the FIGU forum where Billy Meier answers questions almost every month.

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  1. “My Spirit” or “Your Spirit”

    We often hear this and I am starting to think that we have this the wrong way around. Should it not actually be “The resident Spirit’s current consciousness and psyche etc.”?

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