I have a new article, titled THE BILLY MEIER SPACE PHOTOS CONTROVERSY, that deals with problems that some supposedly “educated” people have when it comes to thinking, researching, investigating, weighing and evaluating some of Meier’s photographic evidence and the totality of the case.

However, as the pseudo-scientific skeptics have shown us, having a degree, or being what can be called the “product” of so-called higher education, is clearly no guarantee that one can truly think logically, objectively, etc. That is clearly evidenced by the numbers of influential people found throughout politics, government, military and intelligence services, the media, sciences, etc., who are largely responsible for the mess the world is in. Of course in many cases, equally unthinking people have enabled them to continue to do so.

Too often our brain power is also misdirected to create better means of destruction, rather than directed towards things like the spiritual teaching,  which would truly help us solve our largely self-created problems. In a sense it’s the same materialistic, mechanistic mentality that lacks the ability to think comprehensively, to consider the effects of our causes, and the cause  of the effects, which in the global sense is overpopulation.

So when people who should know better get preoccupied with the least important of all of Meier’s photographs – because even if authentic they are impossible to prove – then one realizes what an uphill battle it is to bring the truth to light, to recognize the urgency of the times.

There are some who will argue that there’s no urgency at all, that it doesn’t matter if people get sidetracked and distracted because “everything will work out in the end anyway”. But those who think that way are not likely to be the ones who’ve already gone through the horrors of war, terrorism, famine, starvation, etc. They’re not the ones who’ve already had the opportunity to ask, to cry out, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?” And while wisdom comes from experience, it’s also a sign of wisdom to learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences, to learn from history…and to not repeat it.

So instead of being demanding and immature, insisting that everything conforms to our woefully shortsighted, unrealistic  expectations of “how things should be”, let’s not be the kind of creatures on whom the pearls of love and wisdom are wasted because we’ve trampled them into the dirt.

Let us grant the same consideration to those who selflessly try to assist us as they give to us. Real life is indeed messy; there are no perfect beings who never suffer the pains, trials and misfortunes that are an assured part of being human.

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  • I agree you don’t advertise your stellar products nearly enough — put the “if you want to support my work…” sentence at the end of every blog post! I myself hope to buy some Christmas presents in due time.

    Something to think about: I learned a sneaky marketing trick recently from a Ted Talk. It turns out, more products equals… less sales. They ran an experiment — set up a jam and jelly stand at a grocer, first with like 28 different varieties, then later with something like 4. The 4-variety stand vastly out-sold the other. The idea is people get overwhelmed, paralyzed, etc by the amount of choice.

    I realize may be a little painful to take down some of the developed designs now…but maybe you’d be a little better off if you limited the selection to a small handful of the best t-shirt/mug designs (perhaps, the “who is Billy Meier” written in beard [love it!], the classic ufo shots, etc,?) and did away with the others for now… and then perhaps introduced some of the other great ones a little down the road with a new “New T-shirt Designs!” blog post…

    Jus’ tryin’ to help a brotha’ out…

    Good luck.

  • And since I’m on the unsolicited advice train — and if the advice does in fact happen to be acted upon — I meant to add that the peace symbol design should surely stay too! Beautiful.

    Ok. All the best.

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