Get Them Out of Here!

The agonizing idiocy of political correctness

Life Is Ruff

Okay, I’m not a “dog person” per se, though I’ve come to appreciate them a lot more as I meet various breeds walking their owners through the forests here. In fact, I’ve seen some truly magnificent looking creatures and some adorable little ones, as nature seems to package the young of almost all species so that most human beings will find them somewhere between cute and irresistible, which probably helps (or at least used to before so much degeneracy set in) to keep human beings well cared for until their eviction date, sometime after puberty.

The problem I have isn’t actually with dogs; it’s with the politically correct, bureaucratic idiocy that allows animals designated as “service animals” into places they don’t belong, such as grocery stores and restaurants. Suddenly, the designation “service animal” is enough to force these businesses to allow animals to be present where quite wisely they never were before. So health rules that were put in place to protect people from the unnecessary risks of having their food contaminated by animals have been trashed so as to protect/not offend a small minority.

Aisle Be Darned

Before the tomatoes start flying in my direction, let me clarify a few things. I have compassion and understanding for people who have serious disabilities. We all know that guide dogs have proven to be invaluable for so many blind people for a very long time. And there may be people with other disabilities for whom such animals also provide comparable assistance. I honestly can’t think of any such conditions off the top of my head but feel free to suggest them; some just may not be obvious.

Having said that, I really can’t remember seeing any blind people in grocery stores shopping with their dogs. Maybe it’s because in these situations dogs can’t really be helpful. However, I see an increasing number of, mainly, women with service dogs now wandering the aisles of the grocery stores I frequent, as well as other non-food related places. So far as I could tell, none of these women were physically disabled; certainly they weren’t blind. But as they were roaming around the romaine and cruising for cucumbers they had the dogs in tow.

No, I haven’t yet asked anyone why they’re pulling a pooch through the aisles, although some dogs had a little sign on them about being service dogs in training, advising not to pet them, etc. But then whom are they being trained for, that actually require a dog in a grocery store, or a restaurant for that matter? You should know that while federal law forbids the employees and/or owners of these establishments to ask such questions, I don’t think that anyone else is – or can be – forbidden to. By asking we can find out if there’s something we really don’t know about any legitimate needs that certain not obviously handicapped people may have that do require them to bring their dog into a grocery store.

Eschew! Dog Bless You!

I’m particularly sensitive to this whole “needing” a dog thing because many decades ago I started to notice something curious concerning women with dogs. While I’ve already upset a few people with my perceptions and conclusions, I’ll risk gaining a whole new audience of offendees by saying that what I first noticed when I was about 18 has become an ever-growing trend, one which I don’t think bodes well for the already fragile state of man-woman relationships. To the point, it seems that more and more women are…replacing men with canine companions. Now I’m not talking about so much about married women, or women in families with children, etc. I mean single women, spanning a fairly wide age range, who seem to eschew the company of, or at least close relationships with, men for the more risk free relationships with dogs, which are quite often formidable creatures (unlike many of their human male counterparts today).

I see some differences in the kind of situations for women in more rural areas that have dogs and go hiking with them, etc. There are exceptions of course. I happen to know a couple of women with dogs who actually are in relationships with men…or who…were. And of course there are women who were raised on farms, etc.

But I also think that there just possibly may be women who have been diagnosed with some emotional “disabilities” that are now getting service dogs for their condition. I haven’t checked this out yet but honestly, I can’t figure out why a good number of seemingly able bodied women otherwise have service dogs that they traipse around with in grocery stores, unnecessarily (and now legally) compromising the health of people that decades of sane and sensible laws have formerly served to protect.

I’m Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations

There are other things going on in this world of surrogacy, some that have become so aberrated that it warranted comments from the Plejaren…some thirty years ago. And Meier himself nailed it more than fifty years ago, when he said, “The constantly climbing mass of overpopulation leads to apathy and the softening of the people whereby the genuine interpersonal relationships grow cold and disappear while the masculine gender, however, still slowly, unstoppably becomes less potent.”

So perhaps we can also see how and why so much confusion about what we are as men and women, as human beings who are different and distinct from animals, contributes to a rush to leap frog our way over the necessary evolutionary steps to becoming true, fully human beings and which leads to things like embracing transhumanism as some kind of magical “solution” to our incompleteness.

We need to understand that we’ve created problems for ourselves by confusing temporary sensations with deep feelings, and anthropomorphized affection for animals, as well as romantic affection for people, with love. Billy Meier draws a distinction between this affective kind of love and what he calls effective love, which focuses on seeing the inner value of a person. In her introduction to her translation of a section of Meier’s writing on Creation’s Love, Robyn Foley says, “Effective love on the other hand is a love that is based in our innermost being and is in no way transient, can never transpire. This effective love is the love that Creation is, and that we also can sense/perceive and feel.”

A lot of life seems to be about getting our priorities straight.


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78 Replies to “Get Them Out of Here!”

  1. On TV I seen animals such as sheep, donkeys, goats, ect being brought into old age nursing homes because they say it cheers up the elderly residents.

  2. Hey Gang , I am as country as it comes and I am fighting a computer hack so bear with me . I love animals and will live with them until I die . However the public acceptance is an example of overpopulation . If you stay with me and read Ishmael . A great book to demean your life and show you how to live , it talks of the caging of animals . You may think your poodle is in its life state , but really? No more than your neighbors pit bull or shepard . They are crate ridden , house staden slaves . Jack your pet , pull the leash . Feel good ? Shame on you . The only ones are the ones that are trained to hunt with you . Birds and Dogs . Other wise your missing the point . The bird and dog relationship is one of respect . Can you imagine that ? thousands of years of evolution and to this day a bird or a dog will bring back the dinner to the friend . To share . Simple stuff .

    Otherwise , sleep with your dog and cat and let it kiss you and at times it wil bite your face like my model x girlfried . shocking , but , its just a dog . and deal with your insurance and your weekly meal bills and vet bills . What is this leading to ?Yes people feel better but the name of the game from the Plejaren is that if you touch them you can be toast . . See its simple , listen . The actions continue to toast . My ex girlfriend was over my suggestions and feeding cats . Soon there after a few other strays were dead and her own dog . The one that loved me was alive and still shaking every time she saw me , but her sister was dead . I cringed putting that dog down , I had known of other treatments , yet , the pet owner knows all and it went down . To the point of a relationship lost . I still love that girl , and that boxer , but I will never be the same and I try to grow from it .

  3. Ok , I have slept on the concept and the reality is that I loved a beautiful dog my girl at the time lost . We did sleep with her and shared everything like a child . I knew it was not right , but I loved my girl . She herself exemptlifies the topic , a pet lover . She allowed her life , open and loving , to be infiltrated in front of her watch . The stray cats she fed could have killed her and I . I had told her that , and she was just riding on the wave that she was doing good . I told her she was creating a disaster and then her own dog got sick from it . It was that close to killing the two of us . Who knows what the disease was . The end result was it split the two of us up upon the death of her child , a boxer . I said too much . I was…..

    1. People have become more and more spineless, cowardly, pleasure and entertainment seeking, few will stand up for anything. Note the number of…screen names, as well as so many that give some image of a falsely heroic, important, powerful, mysterious person, etc., when in reality it’s just largely people being afraid to do or be anything of significance…and to be held accountable for their actions.

    2. Also, if you have been to America, particularly in the south, then you will have an up close look at the softening — and expanding — of the people.

      1. A large number of people seem to have turned into chunkers of one form or another, very odd shapes predominating in many areas.

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