Elon Musk and the Coming San Francisco Earthquake

Let’s all reach out to Elon Musk, a brilliant person, who could quite possibly help wake people up and, in the process, save millions of lives.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, is the cutting edge entrepreneur who also has given some thought to the dangers of robots, etc., which echoes information from Billy Meier’s in Contact 251. Musk is also the developer of the Tesla car and his newest information reminds us that he still intends to lead the way in producing cars without side view mirrors, replacing them with camera technology.

The Coming San Francisco Earthquake

This brings us to one of the more controversial elements in the Meier material about the coming San Francisco earthquake. The controversy, which we’ve been discussing for about nine years, centers around 11 photographs that Meier took – on a time travel trip to the future – and that he showed to the original investigative team.

In this article from five years ago, special attention is given to the description of the cars by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens pertaining to their absence of “external projections”, i.e. side view mirrors.

The Photographs

Many people have wondered why the Plejaren took the photographs back from Meier, when at first they were willing to allow him to publish them in order to warn people and thereby possibly save millions of lives.

Keeping in mind that the Plejaren don’t give exact dates for predictions, i.e. events that will happen with absolute certainty, this recent post by Kenneth, an aerospace professional, may explain the underlying reason, which pertains to the ability of our current technology to pinpoint the date with near certainty.

Twitter Time

So let’s introduce the Billy Meier UFO case to Elon Musk who, like all of us, will find ample substantiation and corroboration for the credibility of the Meier case. He may even want to perform the five-minute, prove-it-to yourself, WCUFO photo test himself, as well as review Prof. Rhal Zahi’s 74-page, state-of-the-art analysis of the WCUFO.

He’ll also most certainly find that NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz,* will be more than happy to answer his technical questions, etc.

Here’s Elon Musk’s Twitter contact info: @elonmusk (here’s the short link https://theyflyblog.com/?p=2514 to this article)

I respectfully request that we all…go for it on this one. This may well be a way that we can bridge the gap between those who already know and want to help and those who don’t yet know and would certainly want to help…before that other bridge may just have some problems.

*NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

MUFON Finds Billy Meier UFO “Cold Case” Suddenly Very Hot – and Very Real

See also:

Tesla again seeks exemption from side mirror law for 2015 Model X

Tesla reaffirms Model X launch for early 2015


Thanks to Eva for the Tesla car information


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Ron Wilson

Elon Musk is an excellent candidate for enlightenment of the Billy Meier predictions and teachings, information etc. I have been following Tesla Motors for years, being a member and promoter of Electric vehicles. I drove the model S last year and it was a UFO on four wheels. I believe Elon should be approached the similar way I was. He should be informed of the physics and scientific advances and when he confirms these by himself then curiosity of his will be insatiable. I have been researching and learning Billys teachings for 27 years and I am still blown away. Its my fault because I have unlimited curiosity. But its even saturating me, I have to meditate and assimilate Billys more advanced info in a pleasant manner of course. Thank you for the heads up Mike.


Here is my attempt at a balanced comment. Of all the people Horn has been going after, Musk is excellent. I do not have a twitter account. Go ahead and tweet yourself out, but I’m sure Musk has heard of Billy before. And if he hasn’t, well somehow Musk is doing just fine without him, doing parallels.

This is where Horn and the rest of his Figu posses do not get it. Horn would have you believe that unless people hear about Billy Meier, they will have no idea about a SF earthquake danger. It is common knowledge, or should be, to the native Californian in general that their state experiences earthquakes. I was on vacation in CA and went through an earthquake. Believe it or not they talk about it on TV every time there is an earthquake in CA that a big one is right around the corner. Here is the spiritual lesson for all the religious, the fading religious, the heathens, etc.: it is the self-responsibility of the people living in the state of CA to become aware of their cities, neighborhoods, economies, ecosystems, climates, and tectonics and decide their own risk tolerance.

In my opinion, the reason why people stay away from Billy Meier is because he and his people (Figu members) take the position that unless you know about Billy Meier, you don’t know bleep. In fact unless you hear about the UFO case you are in danger. Californians know or should know that they live in a dangerous earthquake area!!!!! Billy might be good about teaching Californians about warp drive or the connection of spirit and consciousness; but knowing that a great SF earthquake is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ is a part of mainstream California life already.

Horn wants to be a busy body and pretend that California has no idea about a great SF earthquake possibility. There are only two reasons for doing this (1) Horn does not know any better and is this ignorant. (2) Horn is intentionally trying to hype up the whole ‘CA is in the dark about earthquakes thing’ so that he can have a busy day at the Figu office.


“However, since Anthony doesn’t like what I do and how I do it.”

Not True. I am balanced so there are things I like about what you do and there are things I don’t like. Here are the things I like: I love the “Silent Revolution of Truth,” “As The Time Fulfills” and “Did they Listen?” movies. I will buy every Billy Meier movie you put out. I put you up there with Spielberg and I love Spielberg. I especially like new interview footage with Billy. Get this man and his Swiss people on film as much as you can!!!! This is what I look for as a TheyFly products customer; and of course I would like new beamship material. But that is NOT possible because the Ps treat us all like children and they are probably right no matter how much that sucks.

I like your products page. You have the best Billy Meier store. You do that right with Paypal. I am waiting for the new DVD to come out. I do wish you would ship these things media instead of Priority. I can wait 3 or 4 extra days before I get my DVD. As you say the Sky is not Falling…..

I like this blog that you are doing. I like the new design with the big beamship picture. So you see Horn, you are not seeing a full picture of reality if you think that I do not like “how” and “what” you do.


I don’t like you calling me a “griper” because it is not accurate. I could care less what you do or how you do it. I just want a DVD like I said.

I am NOT a Figu member nor do I follow everything that Billy Meier has said. There are things I do not agree with Meier. Pure and simple. I am a UFOnthony, a UFO fan, and Billy Meier is ONE of the cases I’m interested in. I agree with you that it is “the most important story in all of human history.” But it is not the only story.

I think you Figu people are like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. You translate things, yet often it is redundant information. Okay, nothing wrong with more info, but you (the Figu people) treat it like it is a matter of like and death? I’m sorry but you and the rest of your Figu posse are like fools working 8 hours tweeting and e-mailing people over obvious and ridiculous warnings. A smart guy like Musk would take your dire call to action (barrage of tweets from your posse) to warn California (the people) about the SF “big one” to be a bunch of overly zealous Billy Meier geeks who have too much time on their hands!


I agree. Repetition or practice is how we get better. People should be reading the Figu books over and over and over and over….

In my opinion, Billy and the Plejaren have given too much. It has made people too dependent on “what Billy says” or what the “Ps say in the contact notes. From my understanding, it is better for the Meier student to get good at a few of the things in the Meier case, rather then try to learn it all.

If a student is interested in the spirit teaching the redundant subjects to think about, meditate on, read and write about, etc are: What is Creation? How does this differ from religion? How does the Law of Love teach us about one and how we are all a part-piece of Creation? How can we see the law of reincarnation in nature? and on and on. We gain experience when we read about them over and over again, and also when we think about it over and over again. It is that simple. It can happen with more or less books that have the same repetitive information.

Paul R

Hi Anthony,
I appreciate your comments. My response is ‘yes and no.’
As a new student I am overwhelmed with the amount of information to digest. Yet I am grateful it is there and that core principles are reinforced from various angles.
What I wish for is a concise guide or ‘course outline’ that would cover the basics (Spiritual Teaching 101) and could be used as a roadmap to explore the teachings.
Unfortunately for me life doesn’t always come ‘in order’ best understood by the student. It happens in real time (whatever that is).
I enjoy this blog and want to participate. If my comments seem stupid I apologize for that.


Paul R,

Although not entirely to your wish, you may want to consider reading CR10 and CR11 every six months. I see them as the course outline of the spiritual teaching and reads them myself whenever I need to be refreshed. It is short and down to the point.

Students of numerology probably have no problem seeing the connection why Semjase opened the CR10 conversation to Meier the way she did, in hindsight.


I just realized that the version at the future of mankind website omitted the first two lines of the conversation. Just so that people understand my point of reference, I’ve copied the first two lines from the Wendelle Stevens version that I bought from MH, on page 141 and reproduced them here:

Semjase: 1. It is now time to speak about important objectives, meaning the spiritual development of Earth humans. 2. In this respect I don’t want to submit to any questions unless they pertain to the exposition itself, a matter which you should understand, please.

The rest can be found at:


I’m surprised to find those two lines missing at the future of mankind site, but then the last time I checked their version I didn’t know what I know now, as this does offer some additional planning insights.



I do not have the CR information handy at the moment.

The Cheiro’s book on numerology was mentioned and I suggest getting a copy.


Sorry, the explanation would be rather lengthy and I’m afraid something would be “lost in translation,” and I’d rather not start another debate like what happened with astrology, since I am aware of what Billy has said about it as well.


Yes, at the meeting would be better, as least to get some basics communicated across quickly.


Is the meeting this weekend?

Also, Rob, please do share about the numerology thing! I won’t jump on you I promise! I have actually found numerology to be fairly penetrating in cases, and I am moderately interested in the topic. Curious what you meant with your comment. If you can/care to make your point concisely, please do.


Ok. I see how it is — conveniently scheduled when I am 1,500 miles out of the area again. Why you trying to duck me Horn?


I like this idea about rallying the readers to have a targeted messaging.
I actually sent a tweet to Musk — well, I got my girlfriend to, as I am tweeter-er-less — but I wonder if getting Musk to speak publicly on Meier is kinda a long, long shot.

Someone mentioned Joe Rogen. There is a guy who is open-minded, already open anti-religion, fairly non-mainstream and rogue(n), and generally seems pretty unafraid to offend or speak his mind. This just may allow him to 1) give the material a fair look and not be among the majority who would make a snap judgement in the negative (as all religious and skeptic-religious do), and; 2) be courageous/free/independent enough to do a show on the matter.

He just may be the right blend of non-mainstream and yet having-a- big-following, to be among the current largest-possible platforms that could maybe be reached.

Maybe, I’ll mention it on the FIGU forum. A dozen or so e-mails I would think may get him to step 1 above; whether he finds merit and moves on to step 2, less certain.

People often ask here what they can do to help. Startin to wonder if a couple of these coordinated efforts, if well-directed, may be a tangible, potentially really worthwhile/successful something to do, i.e., result in MH getting an interview on a large-ish platform, or an otherwise Meier-endorsement from someone with name-recognition. I don’t know, I am just musing again I guess; thoughts anyone?



I am just a student of numerology. I’m going going off my own observations. I do not want to start off something I cannot handle.

I welcome the opportunity to interact with other who have done some self-study as well.

If anyone still wants to chat, email MH so we can do that off-blog via email or some other means.

Thank you for your understanding.

Paul R

Thank you. I have read CR 10 & 11 and will now read again.


Hi Paul,

A course outline. It is much simpler than most people think. Once a person drops religion and begins thinking about the Creation, you are doing it 101. By spending time each and every day contemplating or reading about the ONE of, the infiniteness, the timelessness, the physical and spiritual realms, etc., a person is building a foundation for a spiritual life. It is really that simple. No matter your intellect, as long as you are building an understanding of what Creation is, by reading about it and thinking about it each day, you have begun the spirit teaching, because you have taken self responsibility and begun the process of controlling your thoughts to find mistakes and make corrections — evolution. This is the beginning, abandon religion and build an understanding of Creation. There is no special way. Make your own Whopper sandwich “your way” with all the ingredients you find in the Figu material that talks about ‘Creation.’

Here is a little hint to developing your own course outline. Notice that when you read the Meier material you often encounter the terms Creational Laws and Directives. Notice that Billy often makes reference, yet he seldom tells you exactly what they are. Sure Billy has written about the Law of Love and talks about a birth rate directive for the planet Earth, but this is not something that Figu has a list for and TELLS you what they are. If fact, it would be impossible to have an all encompassing list for the Creational laws and directives because they are infinite. Even races like the Plejaren still are discovering Creational laws and drafting new directives. Remember, nobody knows it all.

These laws and directives, they are for us to discover on our own. So how do we do this? First it is important to identify the difference between a Creational law and a Creational directive. Laws are the logic and constants in the material realm. Things like cause and effect, gravity, time, becoming and passing away, etc., are verifiable facts of our physical universe or things we can observe in nature.

Directives are man made recommendations that are in line with the laws of Creation to improve a situation. Take for example the Figu directive of 500 million population for the planet Earth. The reason directives are in place are to bring human actions in line with the laws or logic of the Creation. So if we have a healthy population of 500 million then man fits into the planetary balance with respect to all other lifeforms and we are not breaking laws. We are not over exploiting or using dangerous resources when there is a healthy population of humans fighting for survival. So directives bring order.

Then once you have recognized and begin regularly thinking about the Creation, no matter what level you are, you then begin looking for laws and then creating directives around those laws to make a better world for everybody. This is self responsibility, this is controlling ones thoughts, this is looking at things balanced, etc., when you are discovering the laws and directives of Creation.

This is an outline. This is how simple it is to begin a spiritual life. Billy does not spell it out because we are meant to create our own outline based on our own unique personalities. Remember we must always be self responsible and doing it for ourselves.

Matt lee

If I had a suggestion on twittering elon and others it appears that if you provide the link address to this site, FIGU or Futureofmankind all at once it may be identified as spam and so maybe just writing Billy and Michael’s name among others and not putting .com at the end of theyfly and theyflyblog may keep your tweets alive on theirs.
Just a suggestion of course

David Scott

this happened so quick I never had a chance to iteract , but the truth is that contracts for the development of buildings that are in the PM abstracts are h appening . The buildings will go up . That is the gauntlet . So get out , run , if you wil . its going to happen , I am sorry and the best we can do is assume it has already happened . Enough , your toast . best synops given .. out;… usofa.

Lotus H

Hi all. In regards to Tony V, Professional Astrologer, I’m wondering if it’s the same ‘Antonio Vazquez’ from this article….

Tony V? Is this you?

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer


Bill Wilson

As we each evolve the earth will make us pay for the mistakes of the past generations. We are now starting to pay a high price for the mistakes of world war 2(3) (if we count the late 1700’s). Even with the great knowledge we have at our finger tips it still takes 60 years or longer to change a rubberband law (stupid) in the U.S.A.. And we have finally given corporations freedom of speech in elections with the power of money, with out any fear of humans closing them down no matter what they do. Just look at the BP oil spill, humans will suffer yet they still buy the products made by these group. One would think that the stock of this company would be worth less than toilet paper. But with a tightly woven spiders web of physiological warfare by superhumans of mental knowledge that has lasted from the first written word, no wonder we act as mice. Even if the vast knowledge acquired in different groups is released it will go unnoticed by the well trained mice. No matter how you feel about this site, Grow your knowledge, gain your own wisdom and you must learn to say no more to just one controler. Any time a election is held vote out the old guard until they stop supporting companies, and are no longer hiding their dirty deeds. Our ship is full of rats well trained in the art war it will take along time to fix. Hopefully a change will come before they turn everything to cinders. This is what they are willing to do, if they cannot have what they want they will deny life’s bread itself. If we live in fear of anything then our self education has failed and the more will be lost to the dust of time.

Good luck to all

Andrew J.

I have not stopped on any BP station since their oil spill. We may be minority, but there are some of us that use our wallets in the right cause. It will grow in time. I think after the retirement accounts will “go up in smoke” in no more than a few years, more people will wake up and join in. Question is how many legal tender notes will they have left for gas?


You have no idea which companies are buying BP products and selling them as their own.

David Scott

If you can contact Joe Rogan he is going to be on the Alex Jones show in the next week . If you can peek his interest , he would be an amazing advocate . I think he did some MK ultra commentary that is a sign of him being already in the ballpark and probably knows of Billy . I would say its a stellar proposition and for him a career home run . Loved him in the UFC too . Fun , fair , honest and definately able to reach the mainstream . Slam dunk Joe , do it , no fear !

Maxime Bergeron Falardeau

I am not sure where to share this, im posting it here…

Driverless car
no external projection
glass up to the roof
bubble shaped
… in SF!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Some people in San Francisco peered into the future last week.

The new driverless concept car by Mercedes called the F015 Luxury in Motion cruised the streets.

And, there was no driver behind the wheel.

Source: http://6abc.com/automotive/-mercedes-driverless-car-turns-head-in-sf/553518/