The Energy Ships: A New Report and Analysis by Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have done a new, in-depth investigation of another of Billy Meier’s most unusual and controversial UFO photos, those of the so-called Energy Ships:   Energy Ship   One of his conclusions, that a particular Energy Ship photo is an in-camera triple exposure:   Triple-X   …echoes exactly what Ken Solomon, a photographic and movie special effects expert told me in 2006. This information was presented in rebuttal to claims that David Biedney made that the photo was a deliberate double exposure, hoaxed outside of the camera by Meier.

When I relayed information from Ken that he wished for his name to be removed from the Paracast site to protect his privacy, naturally these buffoons accused me of authoring the request and refused to honor it. These are the same people who freaked out when I told them, “There’s only one of me…and I’ve got you all surrounded.” Speaking of which, with his analyses of the WCUFO, the Pendulum UFO and now the Energy Ships,

Prof. Zahi has quite nicely surrounded all of the various skeptics and deniers with clear, logical, scientifically prepared and presented documentation supporting the authenticity of Billy Meier’s photographic UFO evidence. Maybe now they’ll finally surrender…to the truth.


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  1. For truth what Billy is saying is true everyone should listen for the time is now for I to have been contacted and I was told the same as Billy the humans of this planet better wake up. ..the ship’s are real the pleiajern are real. .I have been in one of the craft my self. .please awake from your slumber.

    1. You are allowed this one delusional comment, simply as a matter f courtesy. Any other comments continuing unsubstantiated claims of contacts with extraterrestrials will not be posted.

      The Management

    2. Hi, my name is Michael, its nice too meet you.
      Please contact me about your experience with the Pleiajern at my interent address. I have been studying UFO’s and Billies contacts for a considerable time.

      thank you,
      Michael R. Leathers

      1. Hi Michael,

        I’ll post this as a courtesy but of course the person who claimed contacts with the non-existent “Pleiadians” failed to provide any evidence, naturally.

  2. The humans of earth need to partake not of the seven sins then and only then Will the earth human learn the true ways of peace …

    1. Okay, at least we’ve gotten past the contact thing. Now why not tells what that means to…you, in your own words, etc.?

      It would make it more interesting I’m sure and provide the other participants with a sense of who you are, what you’re interested in, etc.

  3. As do I extend a courtesy to you of forgiveness for speaking of that which you do not know for they speak not of my contact with anyone for my mission here is not to prove anything as profit but to Baer witness when the time is come

    1. Well that’s very nice and didn’t anyone tell you that there are no…”Pleiadians”?

      So we have a little blog/forum/chat here and the atmosphere has evolved to one in which people freely express their views about all sorts of things. But what we have left behind us is pretentious, “mysteriousness” and all that. So why not just drop that stuff and conduct your self openly with your peers so that you don’t end up getting ignored, ridiculed, etc.?

    1. I’m sure we’d all agree. Please also notice the topic and contribute any comments you may have about it. It helps to keep the comments on topic.

      1. As to the craft and there method of propulsion one must understand the true physics of energy and that the whole of the universe is that of an atom of energy and thought think of the earth as a ship floating in the sea of electrons. .

  4. Those that try and claim that Billy faked the photos have not been educated in the true spirit of our connection to all things and have a deep rooted fear of the truth so they choose to debunk the truth rather then except it….

  5. I am dropping this in here from The Friends of Billy Meier Facebook page ( because it contains a little additional information not in the paper. The longer one looks at these photos the more one continues to find corroborating they are genuine. The full discussion can be found at the Facebook website:
    There are many problems with the DE (double exposure) hypothesis for this photo: As before stated to you [the person doubting and asking about the possibility of a DE], the background has a high dark/light contrast in the center and very little at the sides. This means there was some very bright light in the scene, or the camera was taken to a darkroom, the film removed and the center of just this shot exposed to more light, then the film put back in the camera and wound on to exactly the right spot with no bleeding over borders, and two more shots of lights added. That is just in the HOPE of achieving the required background. If the lights were two shots superimposed onto the background the background would be virtually black with probably no mountain details at all, and certainly not with the light/dark divergence of contrast we see. The vertical “scanning” lights (note the plural) do not disperse as ordinary light does; they remain with vertical edges fairly clearly defined, a bit like laser light except these gradually fade out at distance. So how do you construct those lights to get on your DE of the negative — note, not the print? Sure, a sophisticated developing lab or Hollywood might be able to create that, but there is zero evidence of such being available near Meier’s place. Believing that is what took place is stretching credulity, IMO. I am not interested in convincing skeptics. People doubt whatever they want. Some doubt the world is round. All we are doing is presenting our case and research for anyone to consider. People can make their own conclusions about our findings.

  6. Hi MH:

    Thank you for all the work you do for the Meier case. I bet it is exhausting that after 30+ years, there are still people doubting Meier and ONLY focusing on the UFO’s. Imagine how much better off these people would be if they got over themselves and focused on the REAL reason/core of the Meier case?! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for this site and for the abundance of work you do.

    1. Well thank you Jae. While it can be a bit frustrating, it really is…bizarre. Billions of people on the planet and such a relatively small number seem even interested in thinking through these things. I wish I could say something more profound but…

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