The Energy Ships: A New Report and Analysis by Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have done a new, in-depth investigation of another of Billy Meier’s most unusual and controversial UFO photos, those of the so-called Energy Ships:   Energy Ship   One of his conclusions, that a particular Energy Ship photo is an in-camera triple exposure:   Triple-X   …echoes exactly what Ken Solomon, a photographic and movie special effects expert told me in 2006. This information was presented in rebuttal to claims that David Biedney made that the photo was a deliberate double exposure, hoaxed outside of the camera by Meier.

When I relayed information from Ken that he wished for his name to be removed from the Paracast site to protect his privacy, naturally these buffoons accused me of authoring the request and refused to honor it. These are the same people who freaked out when I told them, “There’s only one of me…and I’ve got you all surrounded.” Speaking of which, with his analyses of the WCUFO, the Pendulum UFO and now the Energy Ships,

Prof. Zahi has quite nicely surrounded all of the various skeptics and deniers with clear, logical, scientifically prepared and presented documentation supporting the authenticity of Billy Meier’s photographic UFO evidence. Maybe now they’ll finally surrender…to the truth.


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65 Replies to “The Energy Ships: A New Report and Analysis by Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock”

  1. Hi MH:

    Thank you for all the work you do for the Meier case. I bet it is exhausting that after 30+ years, there are still people doubting Meier and ONLY focusing on the UFO’s. Imagine how much better off these people would be if they got over themselves and focused on the REAL reason/core of the Meier case?! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for this site and for the abundance of work you do.

    1. Well thank you Jae. While it can be a bit frustrating, it really is…bizarre. Billions of people on the planet and such a relatively small number seem even interested in thinking through these things. I wish I could say something more profound but…

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