NEW: Michael Horn Online TV Show

The first episode of my new online TV show is here. It’s being hosted and produced by More Talk in the UK.

We recorded four shows and this is the first.  A few things. There’s nothing like seeing and hearing yourself to cause one to start making notes. I haven’t seen or heard this or any of the four shows we recorded before they’re put up, so I know I’ll make some changes as to how I do the next ones.

I certainly intend to focus more on the spiritual teaching and its application in everyday life so sending me questions/challenges for upcoming shows is welcomed. Just to be clear, I’m not directly involved in the production process, i.e. the banners, choice of some images, etc. The background also should be a bit less cluttered from the fifth show on. So I hope to improve and grow the show, I may even decide to breathe between sentences, etc. Please feel free to share it with anyone interested.

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  1. Spiritual progress is a good direction. If it doesn’t collide with your program, will you mention about certain stupefying conspiracy theories, such as chemtrails or repitilians, and talk also about the real ones ? What I miss are well-thought out, organized solutions to the global problems, that for example Jacques Fresco from the Venus Project offers. Talking about our bad condition is not enough, I think it’s equally important to encourage people to make changes by showing positive examples of those mortals who have succeeded in repairing our reality.

    1. It’s funny you mention it, I have a new blog coming up called Conspiracies & Consciousness, and another one about Loud Clothing that covers some of what you mentioned. Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Michael, there is a black banner covering almost half of the screen which doesn’t do anything except distract and cover up the very important message contained therein, including some of Billy’s very important spiritual quotes, and of course, your message!! Thanks!

    1. Hi Nicky,

      Yes, that’s not going to be in the subsequent shows, form what I was told. I don’t put these together, I just do the…talking part. But I requested that the banner be reduced in size, hopefully it will be form here on.


  3. Great job Mr Horn, you’ve been helping a lot to bring my interest up into the Billy Meier case. Thank you so much!
    Joseph Bernier

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