Of the Utmost Urgency


Russia Is Building a Star Fort on This Strategic Arctic Island*

Any persons who are seriously interested in the truth should engage in a critical examination of all of the evidence and information in the Billy Meier UFO case and decide for themselves.

There are ways to do it that are honest and responsible and those that are completely illogical and ill thought out. Neutrality in examining the evidence requires critical thinking, logic and reason, as well as an understanding of just how real life works…as opposed to the sterile conditions of a test tube.

New Discoveries

In 1988 I opened a local newspaper and read about a “new discovery” by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories linked atmospheric A-bomb tests to ozone damage. The article gave information, including the percentage of damage to the ozone layer, etc. I was puzzled for a moment because, somehow, I already knew that information. It took me a moment to reach under my bed and pull out the first 100 pages of the Contact Reports and, in about a minute, I found the first mention of that same information, which had been told to Billy Meier in 1975. I’d had the original 1,800 pages of the Contact Reports in my possession since 1986, when I got them from a person I met on a visit to Sedona, Arizona**.

I had similar experiences pertaining to other so-called “new discoveries” over the next several years and I started to compile and publish a lot of this information in 2006. I soon also had the advantage of using the internet to search for information, something that Meier of course didn’t have when he started to publish his varied scientific information.

Prophetically Accurate

I’ve referred to the ever-growing body of Meier’s corroborated information as “prophetically accurate” and that it was published before “official discovery”, often by decades. Because we now have the internet to search with, it’s occasionally discovered that some items may have been known to, and/or published by, some scientists before Meier published them. And certain skeptics have jumped on this in an attempt to discredit Meier, accuse him of falsifying or post-dating his information, etc. So this is where the aforementioned real life thinking skills, and the all but forgotten common sense, come into play.

In many cases the information that I cite was told to Meier in a conversational, rather than prophetic context although some of it’s contained in various prophecies, predictions, etc. The main problem the skeptics have is the same one that I had too, i.e. in the relatively few instances where Meier wasn’t the first to publish the information, it usually wasn’t available to be noticed by anyone perhaps outside of a laboratory or science library, etc. And so it wasn’t until years after Meier published it that such information appeared online, as old documents of all kinds are finally getting uploaded to the internet.

This still leaves us with a remarkable situation in which a man who had no access to the rarified information, and which was unavailable to the general public, somehow published it at around the same time, in those cases when he didn’t actually publish it beforehand. Of course the additional and highly pertinent details about the man include that he was also living in a remote part of Switzerland, had no significant formal education, nor any background in the sciences, had no known associates in any of those fields, was fully occupied with numerous duties pertaining to raising his family and of course was also busy meeting with extraterrestrials in order to photograph, film and record their craft…in addition to engaging in lengthy conversations with them in which the aforementioned information was discussed and which this one-armed man also subsequently transcribed.

Real Life

The problems we encounter with the modern day skeptics is that they, like an ever-growing number of people all over the world, are overly dependent on technology. Their main reference points now for almost everything are what they access online through various devices and not through any kind of actual, feet-on-the-ground kind of research. Hence, they also have little to no understanding of such complexities, other than in a theoretical way, if at all. But theoretical familiarity is often devoid of the understanding that results from real research into the messy inconveniences and difficulties of real life. Compounding this problem – and often making it nearly hopeless – is that they don’t know that they don’t know and that, worse, they don’t care that they don’t know that they don’t know. And the same can be extrapolated regarding that they don’t know that they don’t know how to…think.

So while they can “push the buttons” on their computers in search of strictly factual information, they are rendered intellectually inert when confronted with the niggling little, real life details, and the totality of the facts and circumstances, that require a comprehensive understanding of how to apply logic and reasoning in order to deduce the truth.

A couple of years ago, I made similar arguments and listed some specific examples, including information that pertained to Meier being told what the cause of the contraction of the surface of Mercury was, about 32 years before NASA “discovered” it. Some skeptics will say that other people knew the planet was contracting even before Meier’s conversation with Semjase. Well of course they did…otherwise Meier wouldn’t have known about it to be asking her what caused it! But they didn’t know why it was contracting and it was good enough for NASA to claim that they “discovered” the reason…even though Meier beat them to the punch, as is verifiably evident in the copyright information in the book that the transcript is published in.

On this same page there’s information pertaining to the planetoid that broke into two parts and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, which is almost certainly the so-called Fried Egg Crater, which we noted in “as the time fulfills”. We may find that the information, published in this same article, pertaining to Venus is confirmed one day as well. Then what will the skeptics say? But in the here and now there are plenty of examples that Meier published his information before anyone else, indeed long before many of the specifically foretold events occurred.

In Your Face…and Mine Too

 In fact, staring us squarely in the face right now is the inescapable reality of the *Russian military movements – involving the exact same countries specifically spelled out in the Henoch Prophecies. It’s almost as if Russia is following the script to the letter and the other countries are as oblivious as the proverbial frogs in the pot of water, politely going so far as to turn the heat up on themselves in their ignorance of what awaits them…and that includes us.

And if the Henoch Prophecies continue to unfold, as unfortunately seems to be the case, then situations like this represent only a minor inconvenience to Russia – who will ultimately take complete control of France’s military arsenal in the not so distant future, this occurring after France has effectively fallen from within to radical Islamic fundamentalists, as Meier foretold in 1981, as well as in the Henoch Prophecies.

Of the Utmost Urgency

Also taking into account the newly authenticated UFO photos, as well as the oldest available ones, taken by Meier, the intelligent investigator doesn’t waste any time worrying about the least important photos in the case. Nor do they indulge in sophistry and pseudoscientific “research” into the possibility that Meier published some information that may have been known to a few people in the scientific community, though clearly unavailable for him to note, copy, falsify, etc. Isn’t that exactly what those who veer off into such kinds of irrelevant pursuits are actually implying? Indeed, their unacknowledged premise is that despite what real research and common sense reveals, somehow Meier must have faked or hoaxed something…and for reasons completely unknown that would obviously run counter to his own self-interest.

If one takes into account the above information and reasoning, what real doubt can exist that the case is absolutely authentic and that recognition of it is of the utmost urgency to all of us and to our future survival? So while there may be more of these two-steps-forward-one-step-back, ill thought out, self-indulgent exercises in futility, the truly thoughtful, concerned person will decisively determine what they will do once that they are satisfied that they now know…the truth.


Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the update.

**Beyond great UFO Photos: an inquiry into the Billy Meier case



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  1. David I am also a member of an organization calle WESPAC Foundation a Peace Action Network. WESPAC is not only against wars, but we also work for minarity human rights, environemtal issues, food jusice, civil liberties, local issues such as police brutality, international issues in the Middle East such as the Palistinian and human rights etc,etc,etc. Well David my life is right ou there in front of you. “I just wish this pc had a spell checker”!):

  2. Terry , It seem like its a good organization . And you seem like a good guy . Is there something more you wanted to comment on ? I would be proud to have you on my or our side here . I am just unsure what you wanted to comment on . Yeah , this stuff is thick and we are in a mess . I think your a part of the solution , so just clue me in some more if you can . I am here for you my brother . David

    1. David, Yea, I just wish our Plejaren friends would keep an eye on this shameful world so that Earth doesn`t try to shoot and kill each other,expload into another thermal nuclear war 3 or 4 etc. Seems to me most of the people of Eaarth are just making exuses looking for an exit to look the other way.” Earth is turning into a hell-hole because very few people are doing anything about this mess. All these imbasals want is the latest celerbty news and sports,etc. Its the dumbing and dulling of the brain cells and so on! Even the kids in school are being told what to say and do without thinking and questioning their teachers If kids ask questions, they are just thrown into jail for not following the smallest rule,vacinate children so they will comply like automatons whichthese vaccine cause ADD etc.and then turn these kids into military. ‘What an awful world this planet is turning into”! Can`t our Plejaren friends at least send their reconscent telemeter ships over to check and keep an eye on this mess so we don`t blow ourseveles up into smithereens with cancer and radiation sickness? After all Billy once watch the Plejarens stop one one or two nuclear wars in other galaxies on the Great Spacer back in July 1976. So why can`t the Plejarens try to stop these Earth fanatics madmen before a nuclear war breaks out here? Years ago I read somewhere Billy stated the if a nuclear war does break out here on ,the Plejarens Ptaah, Quyetzal and Semjase said that they will intervene should a nuclear world war break out. “I most certainly hope so and I hope that the plejarens haven`t change their minds about this discusting behavore of these bad people who wish us all ill will”. Peace (:

      1. Hi Terry, one should never count on “being saved” as where is the self responsibility in that? Plus it screams religious thinking.

      2. Hello Terry and David…
        I think as far as I have read, the Plejaren have stopped us many times already from self destruction as well as all out annihilation, from those in the depths of the cosmos looking for new homes. It seems as they have in essence created our technology through impulse, they have also had to control us with it. They may have done more than we have been let on to understand also in trying to keep us on a path that doesn’t allow us to utterly destroy this world.
        It seems the rest is up to us…. and what we will do to help change our sick world of thinking creatures thoughts. We are the change we must be and if the world is made uninhabitable because of our actions than that is what we get…. The rest of the galaxy will have at least been potentially saved.
        I for one find much in common with both of you and it is nothing short of utter joy and mental happiness to be here and read others words and insight. We are all on the same path in one way if not another. It seems as has been mentioned, the start is just to throw caution to the wind and let that which resides within, out… in this way one can(hopefully) learn a little more or in that align with someone of like mind. Change seems to be a thing missing within thought with many, stuck in their old fashion ways tell death! Never allow something different to enter the mind until the truth does.
        Thanks guys for having the courage to let the thoughts out and to help move this all forward… even if at snail speed:)

      3. I think they definitely should intervene. After all, it’s not only “guilty” people who are living on the earth at this time! Why perhaps even some Plejarans have incarnated here. . . . we don’t really know, do we?

        1. Carolyn… the point of my last post in one way is that they have been intervening! Personally… and which seems to be more in line with their(Plejaren) overall theme is that this is OUR world, with all the associated problems and joys to go with it. No one needs to hold my hand, to the mess I have personally created on this earth physically, and mentally through thought! Though I like to think I am a few pegs above the norm, in many ways I to have a lot of work to do and a lot of personal responsibility to account for. Like many others?
          It is a challenge I accept with arms wide open… It can be filled with the utmost amount of happiness, beauty, peace, love, respect, etc, etc, to be found on this thinking creatures world. Though I am a stubborn 32 year old creature whom surely does take a few tries at certain things before it is finally apparent that my personal responsibility is flawed in some way.
          This was a ‘prison planet’ in its past so yes all sorts of fantastic souls must have come from here… as well as from others:) I am sure having such a highly evolved understanding of true spirituality also means that certain beings can manipulate the spirit ‘on the other side’ to come back to the material on a different planet if so needed. Though as far as I remember reading I don’t think the Plejaren do this…. only within the physical?

            1. I haven’t read it but I saw the last of the trilogy, which I have retitled the “Budweiser Bladder Invitational”, in honor of what should be a contest to see how long one can stay in their seat without having to get up and go to the bathroom.

          1. I haven’t read any of the lord of the rings mythology’s…. Though I have seen all the very long movies. Yes, very long indeed:) A few head bobs here and there have also been in order.
            Carolyn personally these movies to me represent nothing but the worst humanity has to offer! I don’t want to even get into it, the list is so long of how far gone this religiously oriented violent fairytale goes. We are what we make of it and these movies might represent a correlation to earth creatures but nothing as far as I can tell to that of the real truth!!!!!
            You have asked me this question before?

          2. I wasn’t talking about the movies, which I watched with fascination and horror. I was talking about the book, the trilogy, which really requires your own imagination to bring to life in your own mind. No, I thought maybe Tolkien’s Elves could represent a race of people like the Plejaran, or Asket’s people. If you read the book, the personality of Tom Bombadil reminds one a bit of Billy, and his friend Goldberry is described looking much like Asket. The Elven ships might be spaceships, the wizards might be people like Ptaah or Sfath, Sauron might be someone like one of these disoriented “sons of heaven” who wreaked havoc on the earth. . . . there are parallels to be found, if you only care to think about them.

          3. Carolyn,

            September 16, 2014 at 12:00 am
            I agree with You as to Elves. I did not read the book, just watched the movies.
            On that note, other possibilities.
            What if the fiery “I” over the mountain is a representation of our EGO (false) I, which rules by 9 rings (9 basic emotions – apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, courageousness, acceptance and peace). Hot red volcanic lava to be our awareness as any ring (emotional energy trapped in the body) would melt in it (in awareness).
            Mountains caves through which the group travels, if I recall in 2nd part of Lord of the Rings, could be our subconscious. In there, going on a staircase, Gandalf fought a Fiery Monster (represents fear in a human). When he drove a sword through his head and killed him, he started a journey through universe. I would say that it was representing a self-realization, which happens when all fear is conquered – we become the Universe.

            Just some quick observations. Nothing deliberate.

          4. Hello Carolyn,
            Hard to think about correlations with all the death, destruction, inequality, power over others, greed, and the all around dark world found in the ‘l.o.t.r’. Something I personally only see here on this earth with human characteristics added.
            The truth as is within me…. this book, movie, whatever has been written off as nothing other than what I have stated above. It is a travesty in my opinion to have what is being said here(by the Plejaren) have any correlation to the likes of the lord of the rings, either within the physical or consciousness.
            The truth as it may be stated in a movie form would be something so foreign to us that we wouldn’t even understand…. let alone at this fragile time would just erroneously trample under foot ones again! The dark pervasive ways of our fragile understanding of the most basic elements of the true spirit seem to get lost in the things we only seem to know. This movie, book, whatever would be something far removed to what we visibly see in front of us if the truth were applied in a logical manor(in my opinion). How would the movie be different if it truthfully followed the ever striving effort of personal responsibility within the spiritual teachings? Yet, to get to a understanding of this one must loosen their grip within religion… Something I have noticed you are not willing to do Carolyn? We can create correlations out of anything and find belief in whatever we want… it is all within the self to create within the might of our thoughts.

          5. Rob,

            It is not from Beam. I do not have access to his spiritual teachings yet. When I am done with my current “project”, I plan to venture “there”.
            I learned about 9 basic feelings from Lester Levenson and his Sedona Method. When I was watching the movie I immediately connected the two ideas.

            After I wrote my comment yesterday something new came to me. The forest in the movie represents ideas/thoughts – and in that case positive ones. Trees were used to create Orks – a representation of negative thoughts, which were created by transformation of positive into a negative 🙂

  3. Hi Terry,
    Ptaah said once that they have stopped sending impulses in such large scale because we are so spineless, arrogant and ignorant.
    I think that we need a truly great cataclysm that we are going to listen and maybe even understand what really matters in this world.
    As far i understand then interveneing is against the laws of Creation, because we learn through mistakes. Of course if we gonna blow up whole planet, then it could be the case.
    In my country is such an old expression: who moves the tale of the dog, if not himself!
    I am new in this thing but hope you get my point.

  4. Yeah , I have peaked lately as you can tell . My awareness level is totally understanding the frustration of the Plejaran . I know they will intervene to keep the planet from exploding or the usage of the black hole weapon . But in these small interventions I post up sometimes the obvious is right in front of our face . Like this one . How many of you regarding taxes allow the government to take your money each week or allow your employer to do it each week with a paycheck that is issued a week after work is performed . Holding and using YOUR money ? Just about all of you . You wait for a tax return ? Screw that . Stop it now . Change your tax status and get paid the day you are owed . Put the money in a coffee can in your house . Or do nothing and let it go to the government so they can use it . How foolish . Then you fund the madness . By default or by not even realizing it . You could have that money in an auto deposit IRA and make money on your own money instead of letting Evil Uncle Sam put it to work for you paying who knows who to do who knows what . We will change this mess . I am going to die doing it myself , one point at a time . Join the yet equal reaction !

    1. Hi David, taxes are used for infrastructure, schools, hospitals, fire dept, and the po po. I am of the opinion that everyone should pay their fair share.

      1. Sheila,

        Do you think the taxation system needs a revamping? For example, more transparency, more direct control by the people who are paying them…?

        1. Hi Rob, I would like to see a flat tax where everyone above a certain income level pays the same all across the board. No deductions or non refundable tax credits so everyone can do their own damn taxes. No I don’t want taxpayers to decide how their tax money is spent, for the most part people are too stupid to look at the big picture, mostly their only concern is: how big is my refund? When it’s not big enough, that’s when I get the: my buddy made the same as me but he got more back, dumb mentality. I would like to see more transparency by city/town/provincial councils who abuse the tax system for their own personal reasons and friends. The worst tyrants live in your own neighbourhood and should be held accountable. On a federal level I’m quite happy that the tax rates have not increased since Harper took over in 2006.

          1. Yes, that would be better than what is going on now.

            However, insofar as people deciding where to put their tax money to use…I think forcing them to “review” all the possible places to allocate their tax money would force self-education to an extent, no? For example, if someone doesn’t want to contribute to healthcare, they still have to decide where to put their tax money … eduction, transportation, etc. etc. Perhaps we should consider a taxation where the local gets the bulk and then the county, state, then the feds? It would seem to be most logical to allow people’s tax money to affect their local area most. Perhaps a minimum contribution % for each category but the rest the people can direct themselves?

  5. dubhaltagh,

    Right, I was aware there is some evidence for this. Mercury is certainly bad news for the brain. Thing is, at least from what I remember from looking into the subject, it has been removed from virtually all vaccines.

    Yet, I am open to the possibility that vaccination can in some cases cause harm. But to say vaccination is bad wholesale, is like saying medicine is bad. Because there is a ton of different medicines, and there is a ton of different vaccinations, such blanket statements are inappropriate. Medicine can be bad, some more so than others, but medicine also saves/lengthens a lot of lives.
    Vaccines have been hugely beneficial in curtailing instances of certain diseases, thus to suggest they are used as some means to cull or retard the population, as David did, doesn’t seem to fit the facts. Not to mention, like with the above (mercury being mostly removed from vaccinations), the potentially problematic issues with them are apparently actively being attempted to be rooted out.

  6. Andy , thanks for the participation . I agree with you believe it or not . I think the genetic engineering is a wonderful technology and I agree that the vaccines on the most part are really a benefit . I just get shocked running into studies and articles regarding the pure evil that shows up in the mix . I used to just believe that the world was really very positive . But that’s not going to change , its just the discovery of even the possibility of such bad stuff to materialize is a real let down . The road I have chose to take as a result of some of your commentary as well is that , yes their may be bad in this life , however their is an immense positive . Although it does not show its light immediately when bad happens it will . And by each of us just focusing on sharing the good light , together we are more .

  7. Yeah the 12000 China troops are very interesting . Aside from Japan , when can you recall them being so active outside their own country . Today The Russians actually pulled a Top Gun style fly by and buzzed the Canadian warship in Canadian airspace today . How lovely . The other scary part is the Ebola is adding 500 a week and that number doubles every week as a result . So we now have dogs in Africa snacking on the dead laying in the street and soon looking at the number infected a week you quickly see that this is a million gone by the end of the year . But the fact is according to the FIGU Canadian Laundgrouppe population calculator , just like the national debt calculator it just keeps on running away . 17 trillion on the clock ( more like 175 trillion total liability ) and a solid just shy of 9 billion on this planet . Is their enough oxygen ? water . Probably not .

    1. Hi David, the Canadian warship was not in Canadian airspace, it was in the Black Sea. But the Russians have buzzed Canadian airspace many times before. This isn’t anything new.

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