Michael Horn on C2C on…September 11!

George Noory will interview me on C2C and, while the listing says September 10, my segment starts at midnight Pacific Time) on…September 11.

So it’s a fitting opportunity to show that Billy Meier was indeed forewarned about the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, in the…same contact as all of the specific, now absolutely proven prophetically accurate information about the Russian military movements, the Islamic uprisings, computerized weapons, etc.

Any rational, reasoning person should now see the complete irrelevance of arguing about the space photos and realize that it’s of the utmost urgency to be focusing on the spiritual teaching, learning to observe and control one’s thinking and making strong alliances with like-minded people, etc.


I highly recommend my downloadable presentation, “Is Billy Meier the Only UFO Contactee?” and I’ve also put up a Special Offer for C2C listeners, so please feel free to take advantage of it!





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  1. Hi Michael,

    The link below may interest you. I remember in one of the contact notes it was taking about the stone hendges and how it was a place for sacrificial traditions and killings. The article below talks about a burial pit found underneath the stone henge and other info that may corborate with the contact notes.


      1. Thank you Andrew. It was a great interview Michael. I’m glad I didn’t have to sign up to watch it as there is so much garbage on C2C, enough to make a normal person’s head spin.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I’m just reporting a series of broken links that traces back to some formatting changes on your blogsite. Perhaps Nate is aware of it, but for demonstration, click on the links you have ABOVE this page, about SPACE PHOTOS, and OF UTMOST URGENCY … this problem is consistent throughout your blogsite articles and most of the ones referencing this very blogsite are no longer functioning. No sure if anyone else noticed it, but it did created problems with people who saved your site on favorites and bookmarks and coming up with PAGE NOT FOUND. 🙂

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