Don’t Despair, Really

Once again the bad “news” rolls in about the ever-degrading condition of our environment, manmade climate change as record-breaking increases of carbon dioxide were measured last year.

So we blindly approach the kind of scenario that Ptaah described to Billy Meier in 2009, pertaining to…atmospheric collapse.

And yet who of those people entrusted with being responsible as scientists, leaders, etc., do anything other than go about business usual?

There’s no shortage of mindless monkeys who, while salivating over the newest toys, will now just line up, bend over and – as specifically foretold by Meier in 1958 – let the…biochipping begin. It seems like humanity’s hell bent to fulfill every single, sad, enslaving, self and life destroying thing possible while we hear all about how the Billy Meier UFO case is just a “hoax” and he “backdated” his prophetic information from those who, ironically, think they can outsmart the prophecies.

If you’re feeling just a bit depressed, surrounded by fools who value everything except that with real value, well…don’t despair. Sure, the prophecies are fulfilling themselves ceaselessly, in accordance with the laws of cause and effect. And the money and power hungry ones for whom too much is never enough seem to be rising like spoiled cream to the top of the bottle. So it also was foretold and so it will also be to whatever degree good people don’t realize that the might of their thoughts is the best weapon, the best means of forestalling, mitigating, avoiding that which can still be muted or transformed in the near future.

Certainly, the unimaginable destruction and horror that humanity, in our collective ignorance, is now just beginning to reap will be the most bitter of fruits. But because there already are those who have been and will continue to be sowing the seeds of the far better, yet quite distant future, it may be some consolation to know that at that still far off point those human beings will have actually learned the real lessons of love, peace, freedom and harmony of which Meier speaks. They will have done so because the success of the mission, of the teaching of the truth, of the life and of the spirit, will have helped to make the deadly, dreadful, mind-enslaving, war bringing, bloody religions and politics of this world a thing of the past.

The knowledge and wisdom of the long suppressed secret sciences, wherein the might of the thoughts, the living in complete self-responsibility and understanding of the laws of Creation and nature will have triumphed and been established and the people of Earth will, for the first time, become true human beings.

All of which of course should motivate us now to overcome our stupidity, as well as our despair.


Thanks to Annie Newman and Olga Starks.


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  1. Hello fellow slave , your replacement is being assembled by a robot to be supervised by a , ahh robot . The disease is crawling ,walking,now running . Oh so nice to overt 10 billion. The ice caps are growing , climate says……..your screwed oh a nice 6 percent oxygen in your prison should keep you . Obama should make sure you , oh , and your friends are in jail . Work camps , under gov , leverage . All quad a , Isis , is ,isil oh we love Obama . Muslim love sponge , implementing the most extensive mind and life %$#! You never had seen coming . Good slave . Fluoride any one ?

  2. Well folks ,to the climate the oxygen level is dropping like a bag of cement . Darn gov has been mess in with it for a hundred years. We really need some help here to live more than a hundred years !

  3. Ahh , more fun . This stressfest is on hold . So , go Scotland ! Loose those Brits. Descendants of Vlad the impailer. 100 mansions ? Really . Just got done changing poor Scotland’s dividing line for what? Oh just 900 oil fields . Go Scotland , take it back and I cannot wait to see the fight to your gold . Snap , total scum . I will paint my face brave heart when you deliver the vote. And look to move into my homeland and kiss the usa bye bye.

  4. Hi Rob, I’ve lost where our thread was about income taxes. I don’t have a solution to taxes other than to keep it simple, but I do have a suggestion – to do away with corporate donations. We’ve done this in Canada and political donations are now limited to $1,100 per individual. Also in our laws people who leave their political office must abstain from being coming lobbyists for 5 years. These two laws have cleaned up Ottawa immensely.

    1. Sounds like a good idea but if I had a wish I would like to criminalize modern forms of politics altogether just like abortion after 21st day and of course all forms of cultic worship and religion.
      We can do without ursury too and the greed for money.
      I would love to replace all this with the spiritual way by genuine spiritual people in office strictly following the spiritual principles as outlined by the spiritual teachings who will create justice peace love harmony freedom knowledge of truth respect for all life equality balance and so forth with the support of the masses who likewise know a thing or two about the Creational spiritual truths and principles enough to give each other the chance to be truly their genuine higher inner selves unrestricted by illogical and irrational dogmas ideas thoughts compulsions coercion and force.

  5. Recently , combining some of the Meier contacts and politics I have an example to share regarding the Rolling Fires that encompass America . The practical application of this provides a scenario . Rolling fires most likely equate to a pyroplastic flow down from a volcanic eruption . Their is three areas of concern regarding this . Yellowstone is the largest volcanic concern , one in California and one further east near the Rockies . Here if we were to have such a San Francisco event , it seems to me that disruption would be in concert with volcanic activity . Here in conjunction with the effects of the quake the volcanic eruption would unload immense amounts of ash and sulfuric acid and set the surrounding areas on fire with a massive pyroplastic flow which is hyper heated rolling air creating massive fire and destruction that would be unable to be contained . The ash would circumvent the planet and begin to lower the temperatures in a way that would cause plant life to cease to continue . Hence the food chain would be increadibly impacted . Killing mass humans and animals with starvation and poison from the air and the water . The reality of such a disaster is very possible and the fact it was predicted is reason alone to have a disaster plan . Currently we have no such plan . At all . You would need to have indoor growing including hydroponics and aquaponics and raise sustainable livestock under close care as well , aside from stored food stuffs , which is currently non existent . So we actually face a potential extinction of such plants , flora and fauna in addition to wildlife , crops and animal food stuffs . So why no concern or more aggressive preparation ? Even an EMP from a coronal mass ejection from the sun could impact us just as badly . Why ? My theory is that the very wealthy , those that govern all the continents are only prepared themselves . In bunkers and deep safe colonies to allow them to survive . The overpopulation is of concern to them and it shows in many facets of our lives that they have a reduction plan ( although sinister ) already in place . Should one of these disasters happen , then they ultimately have one of their ‘concerns’ come to fruition . All the tools to be prepared for these potential catastrophies exist , however , they seem to never see the light of day . Its very frustrating to see this continue , on and on and on . We have to realize their is no one that is going to come to save us . We have to take the initiative to do it ourselves . These scenarios are very survivable , however , its only our own forthought and mindfulness that will allow it to be an option . It seems to explain in a large way why the things we as rational thinking people are frustrated with the overall conduct , response and treatment of humans as a whole . Government conduct is becoming almost unbearable with level of geopolitical intricacies , agendas and partnerships . Decisions are made for their own benefit and the populous has lost its rational ability to actually believe in them any longer . Enough of the political rhetoric, posturing and maniacal scenarios . It is so very un necessary and intolerable any more . How much more do we have to be shaken to awaken ?

      1. Yeah I was just going to say the same.
        If I remember correctly it was due to an act of war this ‘rolling walls of fire’ apparently.
        But interesting perspective nonetheless David

  6. Michael , I agree , its very possible . My point was that its a scenario that points to a rolling fire , so we plug it in . Who knows where , when , but the terrorist part is something I shy away from because its too opportunistic . I would not want to offer ideas of ‘how to’ although its probably on the radar . The preparations component was my message . We have the tools to fix problems and that we cannot wait or expect our gov to implement them . We can infiltrate the political machine and make small , yet forward changes all over the world and we can . But the contrast is the fact that we lost controls of the reigns of the horse . Now we have basically happenstance . And the wealthy and uber powerful have got themselves prepared to endure the most impactive events . So its a sick game that is unfolding . We need accountability , prosecution integrity standards and persuit as well as the implied and implemented solutions to the path to the correct stature . Enough is enough is now . I see a sad Ebola response in two ways . Opportunity to allow losses to occur in an area of high populous and respect for life and an opportunity to tailor the weapon to the points of high target environment . Remember I spoke of the Atlanta hub . It means no point on earth has more outward dispersion . Its Fed Ex , UPS , United postal service and international airport hub . With an airborne component . This is no game here . Its planned . The disease would ordinarily be flying in biological concerns to a designated openwater medicalship with the proper sequestrational facilities . Not into the largest shipping hub in the world . And if we overlook this fact we are just as much to blame , because we accepted it . The mainstream media have evolved into Jay Carney . A carnival barker . To any channel that just sells you the ‘talking points’ . The daily spew . Its not the news its the spews. Presstitutes , striving for tv time and fame . Might as well be an honest you tube report on your own and if it sticks to the wall . When the Shi* hits the fan , then you can at least call it your own . No , we have human robots . Talking points please? oh ok , now I can go on air . Its wonderbread . But its all plausible . We still have to wake up , nobody is coming to save us . We have to save this on our own . Responsible people , accountable for their actions . Up to and including rejecting the insane geopolitical organizations and suggestions of their maniacal talking points .

  7. Here is one of the best video clips I have ever seen . This firefighter exemplifies what it is to be an American and his heart hangs low as does mine as I share this with you . Simply awesome ….

    had me pretty teared up as I lost friends that day , and was awaken by my wife after a very long day at work . I was exhausted . She was crying and fearful her brother was going to be a victim . And he was . I walked into the living room to see both buildings on fire and she clung to me , I tried to wake up until I was just shocked to see a building collapse . And then it happened again . My family came here from Ireland and Scotland and began Ironworkers local 373 in New Jersey . My Grandfather built those buildings and even Yankee stadium . My dad won’t talk about it , my uncle went insane and we lost hundreds of friends and family members that day . For me to find out who did this and why was one reason I pushed further and found the BIlly Meier material . Its very hard to digest these things in life . So I just ask you to please watch Rudy in this video he is a real hero .

    1. Hi David, yes Rudy does bring up things that need to be addressed like the fact that Larry Silverstein wanted building 7 “pulled”. I used to be in the insurance biz and followed that trail. As an insured, your only job is to secure what hasn’t been destroyed and also to try and protect the rest – not create more damage. Rudy was right, it’s not the insured’s call whether a building is pulled or not, that’s the role of the insurance adjuster. Funny that every single commercial policy will not pay out within the first 30 days and Silverstein’s policy was in effect for 6 weeks, lucky him. He also received a double payout. But the clincher is because of this event, did you know the U.S. government is now self insured for the first 25 billion? This means that any future catastrophe will not be paid out by insurance companies unless it exceeds 25 billion dollars. The U.S. itself is responsible for coming up with the first 25 billion dollars. This isn’t something too many people know about.

  8. Wow Sheila , so awesome to connect with you. I had been shocked by Silversteins payout and the timing of it . He clearly had an advanced notice and a compliant participation that I can say it affords him a nice burning in hell. What a %$#&*%$-++ m . I really would have liked to tell you exactly like I feel . However out of respect for my true friends , I yield in honor.We are more than that.

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