New! Improved! The Reality Show a Couple of People Are Talking About!

You’ve seen the first Michael Horn online TV show and were dazzled by the hi-tech effects, amazing music, dancing girls and fireworks.  And yes, while you were promised the second episode at the beginning of the week, extravagant productions like these take far longer to complete than one might think.

Well…your wait is over! That’s right, by simply clicking this link you’ll be taken directly to the long awaited second episode. Hurry, this show will only be online until the internet is shut down.


67 Replies to “New! Improved! The Reality Show a Couple of People Are Talking About!”

  1. Hello Michael quick question? In the movie The Knowing with Nicholas cage it showed that the bp oil spill was coming in the movies and behold it happened. Well it comes fast forward the movies Godzilla 2014 shows san frasico being destroyed are the movies being made telling people things are about to get real serious. Even if they used monsters for the destruction and them using a war head. Do you know what was the cause of the destruction in the first place.

  2. I think there should be an English-German omnibus of every possible word ever written by Eduard and spoken by Pleiarens in one file so that everything was at hand to study, like with Bible, only mucho bigger.

  3. Hey Michael- Love the new show! I have another question (unrelated to the show): What is the purpose of the book of names Billy was/is working on? Just curious…
    SF CA

  4. Sorry, one more question: Are the specs for the meditation pyramid at the SSSC available to an average Joe (or William) like me? Would love to build one! Thanks again!
    SF CA

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