Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part I

Assume that it’s all falling apart, that the evil elite, the bankers, insaniacs and all the psychopaths of the world are on a rampage, that things will continue to break down and the prophecies will fulfill to the letter, with the religions, governments and entire nations ultimately crumbling and taking a lot of people with them in the process. Accept that you may never know the entire truth about 9/11 or Apollo 11, the Illuminutty or Silly Putty. So what?

Sorry, We Underestimated Your Stubborn Denial

We already know that the Plejaren themselves admitted that they were under the “delusion” that presenting humankind with the prophecies and predictions of the ancient prophets, as well as those from Billy Meier himself would awaken the masses of humanity and impel them/us to take positive, corrective actions. They also admitted that the illogic of our ceaselessly lying to others and ourselves initially eluded and baffled them. Our particular, collective brand of arrogance, ignorance, insanity and denial simply stumped them for a time.

True to form, many people have also complained that it was the fault of the Plejaren for all sorts of reasons, i.e. they didn’t choose to contact a famous or powerful person, they didn’t land or display their ships publicly, they should have interceded directly in our affairs, prevented disasters and catastrophes, etc. In other words, it’s again someone else’s fault that we didn’t learn our lessons.

Many of us though did what we could to try to inform the world at large about the truth of, and contained within, the Billy Meier contacts and alter the course to the positive, for the better. Those seeds will bear their fruits in time but for now it’s time for us to move on, to focus on the spiritual teaching, the inner work, the dialogue with like-minded people and creating and nurturing those connections.


The sources and causes of almost everything that present day humanity concerns itself with are viewed as being outside of oneself. This has led to the sense of powerlessness and frustration and a preoccupation with conspiracies, evil “aliens”, etc., etc. And of course it’s all firmly rooted in the millennia of mind enslaving, deliberately disempowering religions and dead-end political systems, all of which are based on the art of advantage and control over others and convincing us that the power, the faults, the solutions, the…saviors are all outside of ourselves.

But again…so what? If we’ve caught a glimpse of the spiritual teaching we know that we need to come to our senses and realize that we are the ones who are completely responsible for our inner and outer world and that it’s the inner world that most needs our attention now. What images, ideas, feelings and fears does that conjure up for you? If you’ve been strongly influenced by any religious and/or political belief systems it’s likely that there’s some confusion, a sense of being helpless, overwhelmed, powerless, etc., swirling around or even smothering you.

The very peace we seek seems even farther away when we get a glimpse of the muck that dwells just below our conscious awareness and which, as we may come to realize through honest self-observation, is running the show for us.

The good news is that we’re now conscious of…the bad news. Not the outer bad news, the inner bad news, which is the cause of it all anyway. Celebrate because we now have a clearly defined objective. As the old saying goes, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Except that it’s more accurate to say that we have met the enemy and it’s the thoughts, feelings and actions that we create from within our own consciousness, which as we can therefore see, have all largely been unconscious for quite some time.

So how do we regain sovereignty over ourselves, how do we reclaim our consciousness and our real freedom and thereby, eventually, heal the outer world?

Neutral-Positive Thinking

To do this we want to utilize neutral-positive thinking, a process of inner self-awareness whereby we are completely self-honest and self-responsible in seeing things exactly as they are as a prelude to consciously controlling our thoughts and implementing positive changes. In order to see things as they are, we must attain and maintain observational neutrality. As the outer world may appear to become ever more frantic and less secure, we will need to be able especially adept at accessing inner clarity. So now is the time to begin to cultivate, or improve upon, our ability to do so.


To do all of this we need to first…calm down and relax. That presumes that we aren’t calm and in control of ourselves. Maybe we already are calm and relaxed but the very process of finding out requires self-observation, which in itself enhances and deepens it; the process is the goal as well.

You can begin right now by simply observing the breath going in your nose and out of your nose or mouth. Observe means just that. It means accepting your breath as it is and not changing it according to any ideas about how it should be. For some people that may be hard, especially if they have practiced meditation, yoga, etc., so that when the idea of being conscious of their breath is raised, they associate it with some discipline or another, a certain way to breathe, how long and deep the inhale and exhale should be, never being good enough, etc. So for now the real discipline is to just observe the breath…as it is. And yes, you may also start to notice your thoughts and feelings, or absence of them.

In case you are wondering, I’m actually suggesting that you take a little time to do this…now.

Noticing the inflow and outflow of your breath without imposing any ideas or efforts to otherwise control it – other than to not hold it – may be a challenge in itself. It’s also how you will want to breathe as you practice neutral-positive thinking. If you…think about it, you don’t want to impose anything on your breathing, though you may want to discover why you feel any urge to do so. In practicing neutral-positive thinking, anything and everything can be an object of contemplation and self-awareness.

No Wrong Answers

If you took the time to put your focus on your breath, you can now assess how you feel and even compare it to how you felt before. There are no wrong answers since you’re doing this for yourself and not anyone else. Take another moment before reading further to observe and accept your breathing, thoughts and feelings about yourself as you are.

We used the frequently bandied about term, consciousness. So, what thoughts and feelings arose and/or are present that you are conscious of now? To answer that question requires you to become…conscious. My old joke may apply here: When that voice in your head asks, “Who am I?” You can answer by asking, “Who wants to know?”

Evaluating just what you are conscious of is a conscious process that takes you out of any form of automatic, unconscious thinking. If you see your thoughts and feelings exactly as they are, without attempting to impose any preconceptions or changes upon them, then that is the neutral self-observation aspect.

From that point we can proceed to the making and implementation of conscious, positive choices, i.e. consciously chosen and controlled thoughts, feelings and then actions. Sometimes neutral self-observation presents that which requires no modification, improvement, alteration; sometimes we decide that it does. Ideally we want to consciously engage in neutral-positive self-observation – and control of our thoughts – 24/7, all around the clock, awake or asleep, whatever we are doing. It’s a daunting task but one that, as you may now have some small sense of it, is increasingly rewarding.

This is a starting point and one way to approach neutral-positive thinking. The next blog will go into more depth about other aspects and applications of this approach.


The Standing in Spirit Workshop presents a step-by-step, mind-body program for applying neutral-positive thinking to everyday life situations.

124 Replies to “Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part I”

  1. OM 2339. He who is afraid to ask is ashamed to learn. In the book of The Psyche under Concentration are given the first steps to take to the work on the consciousness awareness. But where can one find the a description of what the changes to the flame mean to conscious and balancing of thought? Billy’s paper “The secrets and that which is mysterious” says that we must recognize the secrets for ourselves. Does that also mean working out the first steps falls completely on our own research?
    Thanks Michael

    1. Hi Bill,

      I do not know where in Billie’s work to find the answer, I have not found it myself, but I will give You my take on it.

      “What the changes to the flame mean to conscious and balancing of thought?”

      As a human you receive a limited amount of energy for use every day. Your desires (thoughts/feelings) as energy in itself, which is suppressed in the body, uses some of that energy and I am guessing from my experience, not a small amount. Each one of us has his/hers own set of desires – so not method is available since it is made custom. By “flame” I understand total energy available which is then spread out to suppress all active desires. By giving up some of those desires you free the energy and you increase “the flame”. Since desire is a thought, you need a thought opposite “charge” to zero it out 🙂

      I hope it helps.

      1. Thank for your response, after studying the might of thoughts I try very hard not plant my convictions on to others. My understanding is the flame is showing me the moments that I have locked into it’s energy, then it appears to open up, reach-up and shows different colors as if acknowledging my energy of concentration reaching to the flame. But as to fully understanding what is being shown to me an what else I am at a getting I do not know, other than time speeds up the longer I can maintain my concentration. As for you thoughts on limited energy per day, I not clear on. For me if my will power is focused the energy keeps coming, If someone can explain from Billy’s table side chats, contact notes, books or other that can enlighten us what we should be seeing it would be great.


  2. Nice piece Michael,
    we need to be reminded to get some balance in our lives on a regular basis (slow learners humans), I think pieces like this will help everyone to make better decisions around their lives, the Meier material and how to process it and also let people know about it. It takes a lot of forward planning and careful thought to get this message out in this world and not be seen in your community (wherever that may be) as some sort of fringe lunatic.

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