Cause and Effect or Is It any Wonder why “They” Hate Us?

When we support any kind of covert military operations, and are entangled in the roots of terrorism, etc., it does and will continue to come back to us…hard.

Our callous disregard for others takes many forms like when the garbage doesn’t work here we sell it to other countries with utter disregard for their lives, only for the profits.

Maybe, as the lies unravel, we not only understand why “they” hate us but also why we end up…hating ourselves.

Henoch Prophecies Update

As Russia pays Northern Europe, Canada, Sweden and us a visit, as long been foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, is this the…icing on the cake?

And maybe it’s time for the good people in India to read the Henoch Prophecies as they consider this latest development.

UFO Tidbits

The former federal agent, whose information about the connection between MUFON and the US State Department and the CIA was the spark that got Jan Harzan to contact me and subsequently open the Billy Meier UFO case to the MUFON membership, had some comments about former US President Bill Clinton and his knowledge about extraterrestrials.

In response to this by Kenneth Smith:


Bill Clinton is so full of BS. He would not know an E.T. if he saw one.

Billy Meier was informed by the Plejaren that one of the plans conspired by the U.S. Government, Canada, France, Russia and maybe others is to simulate a hostile E.T. invasion as another tool to control the people and take away more freedoms.  They were or are planning on using the flying saucers that have already been developed from captured plans and paraphernalia captured after World War-2 in Germany. Clinton is well aware of these plans!

To which Ray replied:

You’re absolutely right about Bubba.  First of all, and I know this for a fact, Clinton did not have the proper security credentials to even receive a briefing on 51, let alone investigate it.  My former agency and the “Company” conducted all investigations on 51, not even the FBI.  Because of his shady past, Clinton failed his background investigation but was granted an Interim Secret by the DoD.  That’s it.  And he abused that.  Suffice it to say, Bubba is a bum who, as you stated, is full of s***.

Overpopulation News

Interestingly enough there are those who are now expressing concern about the underlying cause of all of the problems we face:

How Do We Respond to a Growing Population

Dick Smith on Population

Urgently Needed Now: A National Policy to Reduce U.S. Population


Another online TV show. (Don’t blame me for the online banner, etc.)

Coming Soon

Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part II


Thanks to Greg, Kenneth, Michael V., and others for all the info.


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  1. I have to admit I flew through twenty posts to disclose what I just realized . Man , I gotta be alongside many just flat out missing the obvious . In the wording of the Henoch text it states third from the JPII era. Hello am I wrong? We have another pope to go yet. Aside from hell in a handbag just bearing down with laser precision just hammering us into oblivion.

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