Cause and Effect or Is It any Wonder why “They” Hate Us?

When we support any kind of covert military operations, and are entangled in the roots of terrorism, etc., it does and will continue to come back to us…hard.

Our callous disregard for others takes many forms like when the garbage doesn’t work here we sell it to other countries with utter disregard for their lives, only for the profits.

Maybe, as the lies unravel, we not only understand why “they” hate us but also why we end up…hating ourselves.

Henoch Prophecies Update

As Russia pays Northern Europe, Canada, Sweden and us a visit, as long been foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, is this the…icing on the cake?

And maybe it’s time for the good people in India to read the Henoch Prophecies as they consider this latest development.

UFO Tidbits

The former federal agent, whose information about the connection between MUFON and the US State Department and the CIA was the spark that got Jan Harzan to contact me and subsequently open the Billy Meier UFO case to the MUFON membership, had some comments about former US President Bill Clinton and his knowledge about extraterrestrials.

In response to this by Kenneth Smith:


Bill Clinton is so full of BS. He would not know an E.T. if he saw one.

Billy Meier was informed by the Plejaren that one of the plans conspired by the U.S. Government, Canada, France, Russia and maybe others is to simulate a hostile E.T. invasion as another tool to control the people and take away more freedoms.  They were or are planning on using the flying saucers that have already been developed from captured plans and paraphernalia captured after World War-2 in Germany. Clinton is well aware of these plans!

To which Ray replied:

You’re absolutely right about Bubba.  First of all, and I know this for a fact, Clinton did not have the proper security credentials to even receive a briefing on 51, let alone investigate it.  My former agency and the “Company” conducted all investigations on 51, not even the FBI.  Because of his shady past, Clinton failed his background investigation but was granted an Interim Secret by the DoD.  That’s it.  And he abused that.  Suffice it to say, Bubba is a bum who, as you stated, is full of s***.

Overpopulation News

Interestingly enough there are those who are now expressing concern about the underlying cause of all of the problems we face:

How Do We Respond to a Growing Population

Dick Smith on Population

Urgently Needed Now: A National Policy to Reduce U.S. Population


Another online TV show. (Don’t blame me for the online banner, etc.)

Coming Soon

Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part II


Thanks to Greg, Kenneth, Michael V., and others for all the info.


76 Replies to “Cause and Effect or Is It any Wonder why “They” Hate Us?”

  1. Wow, the commentary here is gripping. I have to point out that the overpopulation is paramount and the secondary is very political . In doing so it raises the question of what can we do about it. Wait, watch and continue to dissect the obvious or make a difference. Yes , Billy afforded us the knowledge that we will be back reincarnated ,but is that a safe haven thought cushion? I believe NO. We have to be strong and find our own place to be the resistance. Be it in small ways or decisions . Accept our views or beliefs as being denials? Delays are not denials and that is what each and every one of us has experienced when trying to share our views with even those we care about. Its a matter of banging heads and pushing beyond delays, not accepting denial. How can I make a difference? That is the question. Doing so in small increments of self and growth are what we need to strive for. Maybe you vote with your decisions or your pocketbook yield valour. Then perhaps you participate in local office and then run that office. Together we are stronger than the might of thoughts. Be. Become. Run with your might of thoughts and lead. This is how we together are more. More than the tyranny, the disgust, the blight of human scourge. Rise. Awaken. Be more than the blight. Small steps lead to a human sanctuary. The evil outline is so well written it engulfs the modern human. Is their not a line that defines the right(light)? Yes their is and it is about to be written if only humankind will stand up and fight for it. Forget about the prophecies write and create our world . It will not happen sitting down. Stand up.

  2. I read the Henoch prophecies yesterday carefully, and think that perhaps the worst part of them has already been circumvented. They were part of a contact report in February of 1987. I do not think that the Catholic church will collapse, nor that the Pope will be living somewhere else. And most of the prophecy seems to follow from the collapse of the Catholic church, which appears to contribute to the overall collapse of the West. This collapse will not happen anytime soon, as seen from the inside of this church (where I am working), there are many up-and-coming young Catholics who are still filled with idealism and initiative, and many young priests I have met who seem filled with the “holy spirit” and willing even to die for the sake of their church (and their God represented by Jesus Christ). So this immanent collapse will not happen, and not in the next 100 years, most definitely. In fact, it is the Catholics who at the present time are providing the most resistance against aggressive Muslim incursions in the European countries. I have no doubt that Muslim fanatics are going to attack the West, from positions where they have ensconced themselves in our society. I have heard here in Ontario where I live, that they are buying large farms, putting up lots of buildings and outbuildings, and no one seems to know what they are actually doing with these properties. There are always a lot of cars standing around, and a lot of people coming and going. Our Western governments have to take a harder line against immigrants who come here with no obvious purpose, and who contribute nothing to a productive society. That’s all I have to say for today. But rest assured, the Catholic church is nowhere near collapsing at the present time, and if it ever does it will be in more than a hundred years. . . . and this will at least offset or delay the fulfillment of the prophecy. . . . . this may be only a small comfort, but our generation and even the next two or three generations will not see the prophecy come true.

    1. Well we certainly can see the collapse of…consciousness on the part of anyone who’s willing to “die for the sake of their church (and their God represented by Jesus Christ).” Dying for institutions and imaginary beings is not exactly a healthy sign.

      1. Michael, I just heard on the news there young kids within the US in Boston,Minapolis, and Los Angeles trying to join ISIS/ISIL/IS. The Obamaa Adminstration with the help of the police, spychichractric community and so are looking to infiltrate and root out theses young kids 18 to 25 etc? and prevent theses kids from joining such terrorist organizations right here within the US,hows that for such religious fanatisms? “I just hope we can change this world for the better and make the Henoch not come to light for the better to save Earth and its people”!

      2. May I politely point out that the Henoch prophecies seem to begin with the collapse of the Catholic church, whereupon everything else seems to follow from this collapse? Might it not be a good thing to encourage the well-behaving people on the earth to cultivate their belief in an imaginary well-meaning and benevolent deity?

        1. You seem to be missing that Meier warned about the WTC attack, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, fanatics and warriors, the Russian military movements and countries in Scandinavia, as well as Canada and the US, the Ebola epidemic, etc. And all of this has already now begun.

          1. I am not missing any of this, Michael. I only wish to point out that the specific prophecies of Henoch seem to begin at the point where the Roman Catholic church collapses, and many priests and bishops are murdered, and the Pope no longer resides in Rome. This has not yet come to pass, and I do not believe that it will in the dimensions that it has been prophesied. . . . that’s all I wish to say. Yes, Meier’s predictions were accurate and correct. We are now talking specifically about the Contact Report #251 through Quetzal. . . . . the Henoch Prophecy.

          2. Actually the HP do not start in chrono-logical order. More specifically, just a milestone and that’s about it. Let’s quote it:

            “After the turn of the millennium, the papacy will exist only a short period. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable. That will be the beginning of the worst catastrophe that will ever have befallen the human beings and the Earth. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams. But also the reformed version of Christianity will become just as infinitely small, as does Catholicism.”

            Yea, well, depending on how someone reads the HP, I personally don’t take the last pope as being necessarily other than a “Great Bridge Builder” (Pontifex Maximus) as what it states there. Which, in the case today, you can see the current pope doing just that practically fulfilling that building great bridges (even if not literal) which may seem paranormal to some folks that view the HP. So this is highlighted in the HP with “inevitable” which could mean the current Pope can be a great guy without any personal faults or what not but something he cannot essentially turn the tide about.

            Now that’s actually not the deciding role. If you read on, you will see shortly the states the following:

            “In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousandfold deaths to the populations.”

            Most decisive role in English is pretty clear cut. I just wish I had the German text too so I could do my own translation check.

        2. Hi Carolyn,

          Do you read the “Questions to Billy” part of the FIGU forum? Not long ago some questions were posed to him and basically his answers regarding certain elements of the prophecy has changed in regards to the “last pope.” However, he also stated that the aspect of the world war right now is largely dependent on Catholicism and China, if I remember correctly. Not sure if people agree on this, but Catholicism and the Vatican in this context is probably the same.

          Personally I’m curious if Mt. Vesuvius will erupt without the fall of the Vatican following it immediately. Unless the eruption is not a “naturally destined event” like the S.F. Earthquake, but one driven by the consciousness of the people around that area, it would be interesting to see what happens ….

          1. It also has to be said that the Vatican is very involved in intelligence gathering and little things like the CIA. Remember, first and foremost it’s a…business filled with perverts and the usual power hurry degenerates.

          2. Duke if my memory serves me correct the last pope was a war monger.
            I also took into account that the third from last from John Paul 2 isn’t pope Francis.
            Go figure
            Anyway I think Petrus Romanus is the one after this one.
            You have to remember you had an imposter or impersonator as a pope before so he doesn’t count in my books which further disshevels the over 200 something odd figure for the number of popes throughout history.
            Then you have to factor in the unfinished papacy term for Benedict 16 who should have served until his death or near death.
            So I think Francis term as pope is just a continuation of Benedict’s lumped as one.

  3. No is not, but that’s exactly what’s happening around, if you look into Latin America, the Catholic Church has a very strong hold, the Pope is more popular than ever, and people is blinded by his lies. They think that his some kind of a God.

    1. I have found that the best people I have met in my life of 54 years are certain Catholic priests and believers. . . . the rest are less worthy of notice.

      1. And if you would please remember that Billy’s friend and mentor of his early years was Father Zimmerman, who encouraged young Eduard to talk to the ET visitors and to trust them. . . .

        1. Hello Carolyn.

          I agree with you some respects and have had this discussion with a few on here before. Some people seem to think that all those believers in god are the wicked scum of the earth. It would only be fair to say that it was the so call real gods/iswish that led the people of the earth down this path and we are talking about people who had a great understanding of the laws of creation and so on. In my opinion each one of us here with free thinking can and even in some cases more likely to act against the commandments and laws of creation. Its that fear of a judging god that keeps a lot of these people in line.

      2. That said I would not advocate the continued manipulation the Catholic church continues to use to control millions of people and keep them enslaved.

        1. I see this “control” more as a protective umbrella. I understand how it works, and it does work for the spiritual protection of a large group of people. They are not enslaved. . . .they love Jesus and Mary and the angels and saints. It is a protective and supportive environment, at least for the most part. I totally acknowledge that there have been terrible examples of pedophilia and misbehavior on the part of some clerics, bishops, etc. , which have caused many people to run away from this religion. However, I have also witnessed the good some of its people do, and IMO the good far outweighs the bad, as far as the influence of this church on its people. . . . . I converted to Catholicism, after I had (much like Billy himself) wrestled with other spiritual realities which left me drained, despairing and very tired. I came through a great darkness into a greater light; because of that dark time I see the value of what the Catholic religion aims to teach its people. It aims to provide a bulwark and a protection against the worst kinds of spiritual aggression against innocent and vulnerable souls.

          1. Regarding: “…I see the value of what the Catholic religion aims to teach its people. It aims to provide a bulwark and a protection against the worst kinds of spiritual aggression against innocent and vulnerable souls.”:

            In this day and age, with the ongoing revelations of the unimaginable institutionalized degeneracies, perversions and unspeakable abuses against children and others by this collection of pedophiles and criminals, that ANYONE still would give a red cent, a moment of their time, an ounce of tolerance to this garbage heap is incomprehensible to me.

            How long would ANY OTHER organization be allowed to exist, maintain its fancy buildings, collect tax-free money from the public, etc., in any neighborhood, in any place in a civilized country…before it, before this collective evil was burned to the ground, demolished, bulldozed in order to remove any evidence or memory of its blight on humanity?

            Are there nice people who are still affiliated with this cesspool? What prevents them from going out and doing good works without their collars and robes and other Halloween costumes that have, for centuries, been tied in and deliberately associated with this pukingly pious travesty that is the Church.

            This is simply clear evidence of the insidiousness that bores its way into the human mind from this unrelenting, mind-enslaving, worm-ridden corruption of human consciousness.

            Please don’t in any way equate what Billy wrestled with in overcoming the effects of such toxic belief systems with your or anyone else’s succumbing to such utter insanity.

          2. Which religion are we talking about?

            The one based off of the teaching of the prophet Jmmanuel?

            Or, the one that merged into the teachings?

            AFTER ALL, Dyson was right, in my view, of saying the blunt TJ translation would not be made available to us.

          3. Carolyn,

            See for Yourself what You are going to miss in life, should You allow yourself to just believe. Here is the book, which can easily be found in an electronic form on the net (pdf, kindle), written by Lester Levenson. He went trough self-realization and this book is his autobiography. Life before and after – it is mind boggling. Each one of us needs to prove it for oneself. I am doing nothing else right now.
            “No Attachments, No Aversions: The Autobiography of a Master”

          1. Carolyn… I can only imagine I am not the only one that hopes that the spiritual teachings in some way have helped broaden your horizon even a little.
            As just one thinking creature to another…. there is unimaginable might to be found in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of just the individual. No one can alter the being that is the self if we begin to recognize it, and the power we posses within ourselves is beyond belief.

          2. I have had a mixed experience growing up with many kinds of christians and religious people. Some of them nice (yet still small in wisdom where the universe and its laws are concerned), and many of them wicked and mean and judgmental even to very kind people just because they aren’t practicing “their” religion. So though there are SOME people who mean well in religious circles, it cannot be said that the institutionalized sexual rape of who knows how many hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of children, the inquisition (which lasted 350 years!), the crusades, the institutionalized stupidity such as the church only publicly acknowledging that Galileo was right in 1993!! And on so and on so and on and so on. Even today, still ongoing… I know people who CANNOT accept that these things would happen in THEIR church but they did and they still are en mass. You can barely mention the church without thinking of SOME scandal that it is still in. Saying that condoms spread AIDS in Africa… The stance against abortion even where the mothers life is threatened and could die. The sheer magnitude of the stupidity is so unfathomable that saying “yeah but look at these nice things they do” is tantamount to a murduring child rapist standing up in court and saying, “yeah but what about the christmas cards I send my mother and father each year and the work at the soup kitchen I do and so on?”. I’m sorry, that wouldn’t stand up in court. Why should it stand for an entire institution which holds BILLIONS of people in its clutches? Give it a break. The cat is out of the bag. Wake up and move on.

          3. Faith is just the purposeful suspension of critical thinking. Nothing to be admired. Especially in this day and age where we have REAL scientific and mathematical problems that when handled from a rational standpoint will be handled. Add blind faith in bronze age mythology into the mix and you have your Israels and your Iraq’s and your George Bush’s lobbing 21st century technology at each other. Nothing good about it.

  4. ” of the highest priority is of the human life form is the truth and the universal creative philosophy, existence of creation its laws and commandments and the requirement of all humans to be so responsible of each and every thought and action. Only through a proper life style can one exist to ones fullest potential when one acknowledges the existence of the universal all encompassing universal consciousness through obedience to creations laws and commandments”

    Billy Meier – Interview with Billy from 1988 part…:

    Its very possible and clear that understanding the natural laws and commandments doesn’t mean that one would not or could not violate those laws. Its also clear that by an individual believing in a god, does mean that he or she because of that belief would violate a good moral compass of right or wrong. It is obvious though that religions are used by the those in control of those sects and cults are using them to take advantage of people.

    No it does not mean that those individuals who believe in god are bad or not nice and possible much better than Michael horn as human being but they are misguided, and not living room thier full potential.

    What do youbsay Michael.

    1. Just because a person is or isn’t religious doesn’t in itself make them a good person, someone living up to their true potential, etc., perhaps except that they are unknowing of the real truth. But many very good people have not known the real truth, many have been religious, etc. And we can’t say that a religious person by definition has a bad moral compass. How and what people do with, or in spite of, their beliefs is up to them and there’s plenty of evidence for all possibilities.

      1. My brother is an evangelical pastor (no Halloween customs, at least), and hes just the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. (He’s usually really somber though — from my experience, the highly religious typically appear far less joyful than the others. I suppose it is a pretty depressing mindset when you think 95 percent of the people around are going to burn in hell for eternity).

        But I DEFINITELY agree most religious people will land FAR below their potential exactly because of their false beliefs. Some people say religious indoctrination of the young is tantamount to child abuse — I firmly agree. Though not necessarily bitter about it, I often think of how much time I utterly wasted reading the Bible and praying incessantly, thinking that this was the key to a happy, successful, blessed life, all while disregarding completely what actually is the key to a happy and successful life: work, wisdom, meditation, living in line with Creational law, und so weiter, und so fort…

        1. Andy you are one lucky guy
          Some cannot escape the bondage till death do us a part.
          Yes the religious are also human beings and some are very good human beings who try live their lives in good conscience , morality, virtue, ethics and decency according to the conventional definition.
          Religion stuffs them up in a massive heap of a confusion.
          But hey can we truly blame them for not knowing any better?
          Very hard to say.
          With heredity, indoctrination, societal influence, the mass media, other religious zealots and what not to deal with it really is a very difficult task to get even one of them to align their heads with the real truth.

  5. Specially based on a dogmatic attitude, who don’t come short to accuse you of heretical, evil, if you disagree with them, in other words they are nice to you for as long as you play their game.

    1. Not really
      At least that comes from my direct personal experience.
      Take religion out of the social context because it isn’t applicable to the situation and you are still left with decent human beings who makes the effort to do the right thing by other people.
      But hey you are right where certain religious zealots are concerned when you are one of them you are treated favourably.

    2. I think your point Silvana could be true across the board . Arguments can always arise from disagreements . I thinks its important we present the truth as we know it and not engage anyone in an argument or disrespectful way. As much as it annoys me that maybe 90% of this earth is faith based including much of my in laws. It wont help us we engage those folks disrespectfully, either in person or on behind their backs on forums. How will we ever bridge the gap by making snide comments. There is obviously many people who come on to this forum who have loved ones who are religious and other visiting may be exploring the Meier material and spiritual teachings with faith based backgrounds. Again, we need to be careful how we speak with these people. If they still have a lingering connections to their faith, our comments just may appear to represent the material we are studying.

  6. These last few blogs have been nothing short of churning the wheels of thought…. have had many a hour of thought under trees, as well as in a meditative state pondering all this. It is interesting the old saying… like minds think alike. I would have to say Michael, you know just what thoughts to keep my ‘belly’ brimming full.
    The lies mixed with our insatiable need to not think about our thoughts. What a mess on a grand scale. Other than overpopulation it seems religion would fall right behind… if not the cause and effect of overpopulation partially within itself.
    My grandpa passed away this last week at the young age of 102.5. A supposed devout catholic all his life(though he smoked and owned numerous bars most of his life, grew marijuana, and embraced those within our family whom are gay). He also was one of the kindest men I knew. Being immersed in his life it is obvious that I for one do not have ‘religion’ in my genes to the extent as many others. This must be the reason for my utter rebellion against it! How peaceful of a world we would have if religion was erased from our minds!…. Or at least learned out of our minds. In my own way, I try to live every day as if it doesn’t exist…. within myself! Personally there is nothing good to be found in religion, either within the buildings, books, people whom spout its nonsense or the like. As we are all just thinking creatures, it shows how mighty we are with or without it!
    At my grandpas funeral, my brother and I waited outside the church as the funeral service went on inside. It is funny how many odd looks and how quickly those of like mind flock to the idea of rebellion from this utterly thought degenerative garbage sprung forth from the bowels of our erroneous lies created from our own self’s within thought.. Religion, something I am more than willing to step forth against for all those willing and close enough to see my foot prints. No closet believer here as most find it easier to be a fool.

      1. For all his faults within religion, and his own thoughts and doings… my grandpa was an awesome man with a very strong psyche. Well, at least with what was presented to further ones thoughts within his life.
        At this point I have much to work on within myself within the physical around me… I have hoped to help here on your blog and try and support it as much as I can muster! I have tried to donate what I can to help alleviate my own burden… which has obviously been of my own fruition. To me(and at your cost) the FIGU board is just not for me. So a lot of my thoughts come here and maybe someday my zeil will shift within my thoughts and I can and will do more on my own beyond the life before my eyes! At this point it is paralyzingly true that there is a lot of inner work to be done… because and for this very moment if not for the future we face.

    1. Philip thanks for sharing your personal experiences.
      Philip I am of the opinion that some religious people managed to have derived the best and what is salutory from religion
      I don’t how they did it but the key points of religion and relegeon must have even been subconsciously activated for some reason.
      You have to remember that at least with these particular religious people in my circle they practically say things that I would expect a student of the Creational spiritual teachings would only say.
      I was impressed but am delving into it further.
      It is my view that among the religious the same restless yearning for the ultimate truth lies deep within their belly just waiting to find the right connection.
      It so happens that religion gives them that avenue.
      Gee only if they knew what they were missing and only if they were not far too gone with that stuff what I can truly do for them in directing them towards the real Philosophers Stone eminating from SSSC.

      1. Hello Matt,
        Just my own personal opinion but religion does nothing other than stifle what is meant to be a true human. The words of the books and the people might have ones been based on the truth, but have long since passed doing anything but snuff out personal realization of the immense might and truth found within the self, nature, ‘creation’. The mere sight of church’s brings forth feelings of unimaginable anguish for my fellow creatures. So much lost in being deceived to what the real truth of the self holds, with no one but the self as the mechanism for change to the good, better, best.
        I for one cannot wait for the fall of ‘religions’ and everything that represents them! It is to bad though that like everything else found within the deceit of the self that is religion, that it will most likely fall just as barbarically and violently as it has been in existence. Based on exactly what it has mostly always been…. a lie!
        Though if one needs to find it first hand, that is their business:)

        1. Hi Philip I guess we the student of the CST (Creational spiritual teachings) will always see religion for what it truly is and what it isn’t but I think people are slowly evolving with the times and the era in which they are living even among the religious.
          Apart from the extreme examples of extremism from religious zealots it probably isn’t as bad as it used to be when the Giza Intelligences were still around.
          Obviously we cannot discount the horrific byproduct of religious mindset where pedophiles and criminals still roam free but overall the tide of change is also sweeping even the most virulent zealots into some change for progress as societal influence and social forces forces them to change at some level.
          I may be wrong but I feel that without sounding like I am defending religion that religious influence isn’t a stand alone product but works its effect in conjunction with many other influences both positive and negative.

          1. Hello again Matt,
            One has to always admire the true talk about ‘religions’. Seems most are more willing to run away for good, and don’t find just even that beginning conversation to hold any more merit within thought… Let alone alllll the rest of it! We should not be so afraid to talk, think, write about everything as most seem to be!
            It seems as though we are always part of ‘creation’ and its law and recommendations. That religion is also apart of creation… in that we are the truth of the conscious ‘creation’ in itself, so of course even things as ‘religion’ will be defined in these ways, as we have created them. Though obviously as far as I see, this word represents the biggest lie we face as thinking creatures devoid of our self might to be free within ourselves… ‘creation’ does not stop based on our individual rejected/accepted thoughts of what is positive or negative. So it could also be in that the mindset(consciousness) of the ‘religious’ could be seen as a screen that filters out the might that is within the individual conscious thoughts. Yet, it obviously has absolutely no basis in reality though is used to ‘filter’ our comprehension of whats lies behind the screen. The power that we posses within to become free from the enslaving chains of ‘religious’ thoughts, feelings, actions will someday be but a distant memory…. someday!!!
            Today the brutality within certain ‘civilized’ countries might not face the beheading s and utter horror of any form of ‘religion’, and only a delay in ones mere Sunday football… Yet, the signs of the self degradation is pungent within the air. It goes for the individual within the individual…. it does not need to hold the mass paralyzingly to gain control…. it seems individuals continue this onslaught because and from themselves. Yet, how could it be any different being free to make the choice individually… As we are only truly in the end influenced and in potential total control of all our conscious thoughts and their seemingly unimaginable might.
            Just my own thought on it in a way as well Matt…. It is good to get them out and I for one am happy to be here to think about all of ours together:)

  7. If honest people in government do not strive to do more, we will be repeating these very same global actions repeatedly without ever knowing why. People will only recieve impulses as to why things are occuring, never to know what exactly is happening and society as we know it now and as it progresses from the ashes yet again in the future, will simply follow and no one will know, except a very few. There is no escape from this place, even for the elite, for they are not allowed to travel outside certain boundries. It may sound crazy, but it’s the truth. Some want power at ALL cost because they know this is all they will achieve here. We are truly alone and on our own. Michael was right, they will watch us die if we kill each other. Certain religious cults are aware of these activities which is why they pursue their own agendas. Time is becoming short. Take it for what it’s worth.

  8. And, as an addendum, if those in power who do care fail to act, you will simply assist in the repition of the same foulness that occurred before. It’s a sh_t deal, I know, but it’s up to you now. If you of those in power fail, you fail more than just the current linear time, you damn us all for generations, which means more useless time spent solving identical problems for eons. Without a material equilibrium we can have no spritual growth. This is no coincidence either. The clock is ticking.

  9. Yes, forto. The clock is ticking.
    Back in 1964 Billy Meier warned us that we had, maybe, 20 years to clean up our act and start taking our planet and our lives on it seriously. We didn’t listen. He predicted specific consequences like global warming, extreme weather and climate change, floods, droughts, earthquakes, et al.

    We are now witnesses to the unimaginable. It will be difficult to incarnate to a world human civilization has rendered uninhabitable.

    “Where are you going, humanity?”. — Billy’s prophetic question.

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