Poor Stuart Robbins. His need to try to marginalize the Billy Meier UFO case because of its undeniable authenticity is eating away at his rather expensively acquired false sense of authority and security.

Now it seems that when he’s writing one of his little blogs he has the need to mention me in it though I have absolutely nothing to do with the topic, as Sheila points out in her second unpublished* response to him on his blog:

Wow you really have a thing about Mike H, don’t you? Since you believe everything NASA says, how about commenting on NASAs Matthew Wieczkiewicz, a career aerospace engineer, who has publicly endorsed the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case, ongoing in Switzerland for over 72 years. Come on Stuart what say ye? Don’t be shy.

Comment by Sheila — September 22, 2014 @ 6:58 am

I should also point out that Matthew has researched the Meier case for 35 years, quite possibly almost as long as Stuart’s been alive.

It’s also telling that while Robbins exhorts his readers to, “Challenge my ideas, but if you do so, make sure you back them up!”, he unceremoniously and quite cowardly *refuses to post comments that challenge him on his own failure to do so, such as this first one by Sheila:

Stuart, why do you expect more out of others than we can expect from you? You stated that Dr. Judy Wood was factually wrong. Now, shouldn’t you point out exactly what she stated and where it was you think she was factually wrong? Make sure you can back it up with links to the facts. You can’t just say she was factually wrong but don’t point out anything. Where’s that investigative mind you like to brag about hmmm? As for the rest…sounds like a soap opera…and it was so boring I skipped over it.

Comment by Sheila — September 21, 2014 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

Haunting and…Annoying

How annoying it must be, as evidenced by his reference to me, to see the growth of this blog, the endorsement of the Meier case by Matthew Wieczkiewicz, not to mention several other aerospace professionals, a former Navy SEAL and a defense department officer in the Pentagon, all of whom know that the Meier case is authentic and who understandably prefer anonymity for now because of their sensitive positions.

But wouldn’t a real, truthful…honorable scientist, who has a public presence, do all he could to openly examine and report on such developments?

If Stuart cares about the truth at all, these things haunt him…whether he consciously recognizes it or not. After all, how is it that so many of us who haven’t invested a small fortune in attaining degrees in the sciences, etc., can not only find the truth but so easily make a solid and convincing case for it? The answer lies within the question of course, i.e. the truth makes the case for itself.

How disturbing, frustrating and infuriating to have spent so much time and money to attain some credentials and presumed expert status only to have one’s own beliefs demolished by the intrusion of the inconceivable and unwelcome…truth. And perhaps additionally haunting is the realization that others know, that his façade is both flimsy and transparent.

Let’s Talk to Aliens

While Stuart has been repeatedly pointed towards, and reminded of, the truth most of the participants at this recent NASA event may be unaware of it…except for the ever present Seth Shostak who’s been provided with the Meier information for years. What would happen if they were made aware of it and, instead of indulging in pointless mental masturbation about “alien life”, they recognized their greater moral and ethical responsibility to humanity to announce the most important true story in all of science…and human history?

What would happen if such a group decided to publicly announce these facts and their huge relevance to our very threatened future survival, which is of far more immediate importance than pondering what it would be like to chat with “aliens”?

Halloween Is Coming

The painful irony of it all is that those of us who know the truth, who have seen and are seeing the prophecies unfold before their very eyes, are ourselves…haunted. We are haunted by the frustration that we haven’t been able to awaken more of the sleepy masses. We are haunted by our knowledge of what is coming and of the futility of the greed and denial of this world to do anything but exacerbate and amplify the negative effects of our misdirected causes and creations.

There are those who know the truth – and who are in the position to actually positively affect the mass consciousness – but who have consistently defaulted on their responsibility to do so. We can see that Stuart Robbins, like many others, still clamors for some sort of attention and recognition, in his case by taking on the easy targets in the conspiracy shooting gallery. And try as they all may to pretend that it isn’t so, and that they can get their transitory rewards and run out the clock, the truth will ultimately haunt their consciousness.

Halloween is coming; perhaps this is a good time for such people to actually take off their costumes, exorcize their self-created demons of conscience and recognize that we are all in this together.



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  1. And now, without a single discussion about it in Parliament, without a single vote, or even a single word to any Canadian, without asking ANYBODY’S consent or even anything remotely close to a word let alone a discussion, prime minister harper announces VIA U.S. MEDIA OUTLETS AT A GOLDMAN SACHS MEETING before canadians knew about it that canada is going to war in Iraq.

    At least the previous party had the balls to ask first.

    Right wing politics is everything Billy and so forth have said it is. Garbage to the highest degree possible.

  2. Hi Michael, I just couldn’t get over the fact that Stuey, even when he’s not thinking about you, is thinking about you. You’ve obviously made quite an impression. I would continue with whatever you are doing because something is bound to sink into that pea brain. I would have to disagree with Marko about this being a useless endeavor as one never really knows where it might lead. Plus sometimes a gal just needs to have fun. And yes this is my idea of fun because he obviously reads them even if he decides not to post the comment. Plus I would have no qualms about saying the same thing to his face. It doesn’t hurt to put doubt into someone’s head that is surrounded by “yes” men, as I’m sure Stuart is surrounded by people who only like to agree with him. You can tell by his inability to explain why Dr. Judy Wood is wrong, that he never gets any hard questions. In my book, that’s not good enough. If he wants to publish crap then he better be willing to explain his crap. In the meantime, I will continue to send him comments that he won’t publish.
    A big thank you to Michael for showing the true face of a pseudoscientist whose only concern is his ego and thanks to everyone on this blog for your comments and support, we are all in this together.

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