What Constitutes Spiritual Conduct, Understanding and Leadership?

Because of some recent discussions, it seems like a good idea to have a forum for people to discuss these factors, which could perhaps more correctly be called consciousness-related, rather than “spiritual”, a term that Billy Meier says we usually misapply.

We can also work towards a better understanding of the qualities, behaviors, etc., along with more information on the distinction between the two terms, as delineated in the spiritual teaching. So those people who have criticisms, suggestions, questions, answers, etc., pertaining to this topic can submit and discuss them here.


38 Replies to “What Constitutes Spiritual Conduct, Understanding and Leadership?”

  1. MH, Thanks for the road map. Yet so simple to read for most, but pondering on the full meaning is the real challenge. Taking the steps to a full awakening would mean casting off the past and changing the future of ones self. So many claim that they would take the pill to left the veil, but never take the steps due to fear of the change in ones current view of how reality should be. You are providing a very clear road map here, but not many will be willing to awaken to the truth. things are not what think they deserve. How many could handle moving mountains of clouds or even a key on string with just a thought, or seeing a week into future of a loved one and not being able to change it for the better. Just a day or two of this knowledge would overwhelm most let alone a week a month or years of this would cripple most minds. To anyone reading this fear and disillusions of self can be beaten back if change can be truly be faced and pushed aside.

    Thank You “MH”

  2. Simply ,the rich control the few . Just do not fear . Learn to love off the land purchase your supplies. This stuff is becoming old . Pick a place and go there ,plant a garden and win this. A nice farm and no military. Check put be safe and be ware of the zombies. When secure , you may find walkind dead. Not your problem .

    1. I find that the real zombies are those on anti-psychotic medications and happy pills. They show no emotion and can’t cry.

      1. That’s how anti-psychotic medications stabilize psychotic people. They turn them into walking zombies. I once had a talkative friend who had to go on anti-psychotic medications. He’s talkativeness stopped and he told me the medications had turned him into a walking zombie. He looked that way too.

      2. Why is there all of this angst about psychotropic meds? Even Billy wrote of their usefulness and importance for some individuals’ progress. Psychosis without them for some, including myself, is a giant hurdle to progress.

        To me living dead would be that way with or without meds because it is part of them, like how they never meet the curiosity in their surroundings. Putting the blame on psychotropic meds as the cause is naive in my opinion.

        There is I think too much trying to cheat into the truth here by some watching movies like the Matrix to try and cheat their way into knowledge.

  3. The “truth” has had a rough time lately. Likewise “honesty.”

    Homo sapiens today defines itself by its ability to get more crap. That is called “success.” How you get there doesn’t matter. We are led by psychopaths whose example is to lie, cajole, bully and harass until you get what you want. That’s called “our values.” When someone has something we want they are “threatening our freedoms and our way of life.”

    So the first step toward freedom has to be realizing we are insane, driven by insane cultural values and the peculiar insanity of those who claim to be our leaders.

    The next step is to think about and decide for ourselves who we are and how we would like to live. Then, to pursue that to whatever degree is possible.

    We can choose to walk away from the insanity only when we have realized it in ourselves. (Man, that’s crazy, isn’t it?)

  4. I have spent much of my lifetime releasing the old, the outdated, ineffectual. This has been decades of work The delusions we were taught in youth are gone. This is a conscious effort! Those that are, what may be termed the living dead, go through life doing things by rote, without conscious thought. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, mentioned the automatrons in his reading {definition: “A word used to describe the general sheep like population of a society. Thoughtless worker bees who believe and do what they are told. “]. [
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Cayce%5D. This would describe our modern times. It takes effort, a conscious effort to rise above all this and be a real human being as it’s meant to be. Humanity still has a long way to go but with those that can light the way, great things will be possible and more!

  5. Thanks again Michael! Riveting stuff your posting here in your blog. I think this would be a good forum indeed to discuss or ask questions of consciousness related matters as the spirit teaching applies etc. Think its good to bring this to the forefront so people have a good well balanced grasp of the terminology too.

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