You Can’t Handle the TRUTH

Well those funny fellas at “OpenMinds” are at it again.

Our friend Sheila informed me about this page, where I managed to submit one post before I was…banned.

I found out that I was banned when I tried to respond to Alejandro Rojas’s post claiming that I was “vague”. Of course he didn’t want this to be seen by anyone and  open the door to further refutation of all of the disinformation about the Billy Meier UFO case that is a very  significant part, perhaps the central purpose, of their agenda:

Perhaps, Alejandro, for the benefit of all concerned, you would post the “the lies Meier has been caught in”, as I am unaware of…any.

In fact, you’re invited to also post them on my blog…where you won’t be banned for speaking what you think is the truth.

Further, and in the interest of the truth, you should know by now that not only is Meier’s verifiably prophetically accurate information proving to be painfully true – Ebola, the Russian military movements, etc.  – but now anyone can prove the authenticity of the WCUFO photos themselves:

So, for those who have any doubt left about the cynical, self-serving, profit-oriented, truth-suppressing, disinformation-spreading OpenMinds outfit – and other members of the UFOCI – please contrast their endless, idiotic recycling of all UFO related, time-wasting nonsense  with the realities of the day…and how Meier and the Plejaren have tried for decades to help us avoid the very ever-deepning hole that humanity has dug for ourselves.

These people not only can’t handle the truth, they are acting like deliberate enemies of it.


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  1. Hi Michael I was wondering who actually gives these people such as Alejandro Rojas the authority to say that this is a hoax or that is a hoax? Or be empowered to say what ever even though he is mistaken on the Meier subject? I think just cause you got “street cred” on being MUFON Rep or Open Minds writer does not empower a person to make judgement calls on any UFO subject or Meier case and be able to provide “expert” advice and prove that it is a fake. The links I just viewed with the “photoshopped” images of the computer generated UFO’s to discredit the Meier photos is downright embarrassing and laughable

    1. Yes Jeff, you sure aren’t kidding about Michael Schratt’s assessment as being laughable. It doesn’t prove anything, as anyone could take the photos and photoshop them just like that schRATT did. But it’s what he didn’t say. Schratt is well known for identifying UFO craft as being military industrial complex craft. You’ll notice he doesn’t even try to say that. Which means he knows for sure that they aren’t military industrial complex craft – which says a lot without saying anything. Michael Schratt Busted!

  2. Everyone’s comments that didn’t get posted, please post them here. I’m now banned too and must have got the same form letter from Alejandro as everyone else did. All because we dared say the name that the Ashtards cannot bare.
    Thanks for the heads up Dyson, that the Ashtar Sheran group continues to wreak havoc. I can’t say I’m shocked considering that Wilbert B. Smith the head of Project Magnet shared all his information with his American counterparts at Project Bluebook. The blind leading the blind or in this case the telehypnotics leading the telehypnotics. Understandably they obviously don’t know the difference between truth and lies. Should I hold Alejandro’s little tiny hand and walk him through it?

    1. Ashtards! Oh LOL very funny Sheila! That might make even Quetzal smile (and I hear that he’s being a very dour sort these days. . . . . )

    2. Hiya, Sheila,

      You wrote: “Thanks for the heads up Dyson, that the Ashtar Sheran group continues to wreak havoc.”

      HUH? No I didn’t. That webpage contains a translation of one dialogue that occurred 40 years ago and you missed the happy updates:

      “ASHTAR SHERAN – Is the pseudonym for the extraterrestrial leader Aruseak. He was the cousin of the last boss of the Giza Intelligences Kamagol II, who was striving for world domination. Ashtar Sheran was active on earth in a negative and criminal way, on behalf of Kamagol II and his followers, up to the year 1937. Sometime in 1983, Ashtar Sheran and his followers were killed during a failed attack against the Timars (Asket’s planetary nation from our neighboring DAL Universe.) Following the natural laws of Creation, those who died in the DAL Universe will have to incarnate there. Since Ashtar Sheran’s physical body is dead, and his spirit form exists in the DAL Universe, no telepathic or otherwise communication can take place with him or those who exist in the DERN-universe.”


      1. Hiya to you too Dyson, sorry for my confusion. I didn’t mean to put those words in your mouth. Yes I am aware of all that. But in contact report 563 it explains how Wilbert B. Smith was an Ashtar contactee. The same Wilbert B. Smith who started Project Magnet and shared all his information with his American counterparts at Project Bluebook. Talk about starting projects based on false information. Fast forward to now and you’ll see that MUFON and rest of the UFO industry form all their opinions based on information from Project Bluebook. Even though Ashtar is gone, his disinformation still remains.
        For sure the Bilderbergs are part and parcel of the whole control freak realm. One only has to look at the names of the attendees to see how controlled we are. Bankers, insurance, politicians, media, military all have their greasy little fingers in the pie. I understand the gag order (I have one on me too but it pertains to personal matters where my brother was trying to steal the inheritance and I signed a gag order saying I can’t talk about it lol. Weird that he just got diagnosed with cancer – caused by leading a parasitic life). But I do understand the spotlight is on you and you are being watched as to what you say. The Five Eyes are above the law. And I will continue to speak out against those freemasons and their weird ass rituals. Damn goat effers. My friend’s boyfriend was approached to join their local chapter of freemasons because they are all dying out (good news) and need new blood. Well they do need blood for their rituals and apparently the shriner hospitals aren’t providing enough. He didn’t go for it but should have because he’s a real piece of sh!t so he would fit right in.

  3. You either know what billy and friends are saying is true or you do not. It really is just that simple. Trying to convince others that cannot see the value in what has been offered to us. Is a waste of time. We have very little time left, before the real show begins. Im thinking that at this point, it would be important to start to plant some seeds for the future. Because for us elders we have been to late to help. It is now up to the coming generations to start fixing the crap we have created. I wish them the best of all creation can deliver to them. As for the rest of us, we still can do something. We can start by passing the truth on and make them aware of how things can change. Not follow in the footsteps of the dark foretold. The truth will come out, a little late for some of us, just in time for rest. Salome, Robert.

  4. Hello, Dyson,

    I am not agreeing with you Dyson how you react towards, what you call, the “clueless, stubborn English-only” mob.

    A person is not against the truth if he / she is not striving hard to learn the German language, everybody has his / her right to follow his / her path towards the truth, and its not up to you or me or anyone who is capable of reading and writing the German language to bully anyone into learning the German language.

    Its up to them (the English only speakers) to decide if they want to do that or not, its an consciousness-related evolutionary process, and when they understand that there is vastly more information in the remaining spiritual teaching in the German books and writings and in the exclusively German spirit-lesson course (I estimate 95% more), then they will understand and accept that learning German is a relatively minor hurdle to overcome since the ‘reward’ will be full access to all what is published as the spiritual teaching.

    However you can’t force people and you can’t insult them by calling them hypocrites.

    Think of Genesis; page 92: verse 114-115

    114. Achte deiner Mitmenschen, der Tiere und der Pflanzen, und suche in ihnen nach dem Ehrwürdigen.

    115. Kritisiere und tadle deine Mitmenschen nicht in erniedrigender Form, sondern in der Form der Ausgeglichenheit, so du ihnen ihre Fehler klarlegst in ehrlicher Liebe und Achtung, um nur feststellend, weisend und helfend zu sein.

    ROUGH English translation:

    114. Respect your fellow human being, the animals and the plants, and look out for the venerable in them.

    115. Do not criticize and rebuke your fellow human being in a degrading form, but in a form of equalisedness, so you clearly explain their error in honest love and esteem, to be only realizing, guiding and helping.

    And this; Genesis: page 100: verse 179 – 180

    177. Das Grundgebot der Regel zur Erlangung der Ausgeglichenheit des Gemüts ankert darin, dass du in Ehrfurcht alles Ehrwürdige achtest, was besagt, dass du Ehrfurcht e m pf i n d e n musst.

    178. Daraus resultiert, dass du all dein Denken, Sprechen und Handeln so einrichtest, dass du niemals in den freien Willensentschluss (Zielsetzung, Ziel, Bestimmung) irgendeiner Lebensform eingreifst.

    179. Immer musst du darauf bedacht sein, nur belehrend, jedoch niemals zwingend zu sein.
180. So also hast du dies auch für dich selbst zu halten; nie darfst du dir einen Willen durch Zwang bilden, sondern einzig und allein durch Belehrung.

    ROUGH English translation:

    177. The ground rule to obtain the equalisedness of the Gemüt (counterpart of the Psyche in the spirit-form), lies in that you in deference, heed all that is venerable, which says, that you must perceive deference.

    178. From this results, that you have to organize all your thinking, speaking and acting in such a way, so you never regulate the free volition (culmination-point determination, culmination-point, determination) of no matter which lifeform.

    179. You should always be mindful to only instruct, however never be forceful.

    180. So you also have to do this for yourself; never should a will be formed by force (Zwang), but solely by instruction.

    In an ideal world, everyone who would come in contact with the spiritual teaching and FIGU, would start learning German, however, this is not the case, there are many reasons why this is not happening, and we need to make the best of this in the framework of what the natural-creative laws and recommendations allow us to do about this.

    We can only instruct and explain and its up to the people themselves to make the decision to take the hurdle or not, we need to respect their decision, because its THEIR decision to make and not ours (those who read/write/speak German).

    I am not a real fan of the translation into English, because it is a very inadequate language to work with and very frustrating to explain the true meaning, however I have rather this then many people go without the spiritual teaching at all.

    My 2cts


    1. Thats very well put Jacob,
      with work commitments a family to support leaving me a couple of hours a night to enjoy this blog and study the meier info it would be virtually impossible for me personally to learn german such a high standard needed, maybe when iam retired if we are all around by then! Iam affraid dysons left me feeling a tad alienated no pun intended.

    2. Thanks, Jacob.

      IMO, as different individuals with very different experiential insights, the different ways we all interpret the practical applications of the vast treasury of the original texts and our gentlemanly/gentlewomanly disagreements about how it should be understood, represent a great strength for learning – a nascent manifestation of Gaia’s (“Terra’s”) true “we-form” and, according to Billy, the prime reason we humans have language, which sets us apart from the rest of the animals, and allows us to verbally communicate (share) complex spiritual ideas, as you know.

      I don’t pretend for a moment – far from it! – to embody some sort of shining personal exemplar of the Teaching of the Truth/Life/Spirit. I’m just a battered old Earth barbarian who only first discovered Billy 12 years ago when I was already 52, and we had to teach ourselves German before we could even read it, let alone translate it. I’m still doing all I can under increasingly difficult personal circumstances due to the endlessly continuing decade+ of defamation/religious-vilification litigation against us, and our stifling damn gag orders, which silence the self-same inconvenient truth now starting to even emerge in detail in the corporate press and in another new book by the corporate publishers. So the sand is now quickly running thorough the hour glass for these Great Lies, and I feel very optimistic, but I wasn’t born yesterday .

      I only ask that I be judged by my “fruit” (work), not my “leaves” (words).

      Worte sind wie Blätter, Taten aber wie Früchte. OM 32:2414
      (Words are like leaves; acts are like fruit.)


    3. While I hesitate to suggest the following for the very reasons BEAM stated about idolization, until one has better control of one’s own thoughts, it may help to always think in terms of:

      — How would Billy himself respond in the same situation.

      before reacting to a comment/remark/discussion/topic. Even this will take some practice … but it may be helpful to some.

    4. I have some random thoughts. To me, spirituality transcends language and the most spiritual experiences I have occur when unaware of the separate “I” and of the language used to describe this realm (the spiritual) and experiences when connecting to the great spirit that connects us all. As Krishnamurti said (I think), paraphrasing, the word is not the thing. Expounding, the word often obscures the thing and experiencing its true nature insofar as it is possible on this plane. For me, spirituality transcends language. Despite saying this, your argument about the superiority of German for this particular man’s spiritual understandings and teachings, you do quote scripture. Do you speak or read Hebrew and a little Aramaic? I am not being sarcastic but can you see that reading the Septuagent/Torah in the original Hebrew might give you an entirely different experience than reading it after its been translated into Greek then German, or directly into German? Verbal language is subjective (as opposed to mathematical language which is much less subjective). Each of us has a sensation when we think of heat, cold, archaic, weepy, steeped, pick any word. How can we know the same transcendent feeling exists for all people uttering or reading a word, even if they are contemporaries and are reading the exact same text? There are people who know nothing of Billy Meier and nothing of German yet have strong spiritual (not religious) centers and seem to be antennae for the transcendent nature of spiritual concepts. Truth is in the heart in my opinion, not in the syllables. Yes, I am sure something, perhaps a lot, is lost in the translation of BM’s work into English. However, I don’t think that the barometer of understanding spiritual concepts lies in a particular language. In fact, sometimes I think language gets in the way. How can we even define love, let alone try to help another experience the sensation through words. A person unsighted since birth perhaps has an entirely different experience of red than someone who is sighted. One of the salient points I took away from Alan Watt’s The Wisdom of Insecurity is the phenomenon of limitation through naming. By naming something or defining specific characteristics about its nature one moves from a realm of infinite possibilities to a very finite definition, which can filter out a lot of information about the “thing.” This is not intended to be sarcastic, disrespectful or flippant – just to examine another facet of the relationship between language and experience, and hopefully to convey that ultimate transcendence perhaps does not or cannot lie in just words, no matter how articulately stated or insightfully interpreted. This is just my .02 worth. Thank you.

      1. Hi,

        In terms of the Meier material, we would probably substitute the words “consciousness related” for what you are calling “spiritual”. According to Meier’s information, it will be some time, evolutionarily speaking, before we are actually consciously connecting to what is spiritual.

        Also, please use your first and last name when posting.


  5. I recommend that people study German in order to be able to READ German, its not necessary to be able to write a ‘500 page essay in High German describing the relationship between Socrates and Plato’.
    Everything beyond that, like writing and speaking German is a bonus.


  6. Thats it ive got it, iam gonna embrace this baby talk language and use it to convey the teachings to my children on there level!

  7. Hello Dyson,

    Nice to talk to you, I do understand where your coming from, basically I do agree with your principles that people should learn German, however your approach reminded me of the following phrases:

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t MAKE him drink.” or converted to a human perspective: “You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can’t MAKE him think.”

    What I have learned that we can only provide a set framework for people, provide information, but people themselves have to think and make their own decisions, and sometimes those decisions are different then we have hoped for, but that their right, every person has the absolute, inalienable right to control his / her own consciousness-related evolution.

    Notwithstanding I think your motivation is basically good, you absolutely mean well and try to help the mission.

    I study the spiritual teaching since I was 14years old and at almost 41 years, I am anything but a shining personal exemplar of the spiritual teaching, regardless that I am studying it for 27 years, but thats life and I accept it. I regard it as a huge privilege to have found the spiritual teaching early in this lifetime.

    Its also mentioned by the way, in the spiritual teaching, that negativity from other people can only harm you when you let it, ergo provide a ground for it, this is expressed in the article victors and losers, which is highly recommended reading from Billy, it helped me a lot to master situations in my life.

    Here is the article:


  8. I say don’t believe the hype.

    Sh*t don’t believe anything.

    Put your mind to work sharpen it with all sides of the story.
    Then you may come to understand that the Meier contacts are
    The only real contacts brought forward.

    You really have to understand that it isn’t about Meier
    It is about the information brought forth by him

    People Like Alejandro do not like The Meier case because his business model is threatened by it.

    Without the Meier information him and his ilk can forever feed the established religious delusional minds of Terrans in to yet another morass of sensationalistic servitude. That same mind set is also the one driving this planet to hard times ahead.

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