You Can’t Handle the TRUTH

Well those funny fellas at “OpenMinds” are at it again.

Our friend Sheila informed me about this page, where I managed to submit one post before I was…banned.

I found out that I was banned when I tried to respond to Alejandro Rojas’s post claiming that I was “vague”. Of course he didn’t want this to be seen by anyone and  open the door to further refutation of all of the disinformation about the Billy Meier UFO case that is a very  significant part, perhaps the central purpose, of their agenda:

Perhaps, Alejandro, for the benefit of all concerned, you would post the “the lies Meier has been caught in”, as I am unaware of…any.

In fact, you’re invited to also post them on my blog…where you won’t be banned for speaking what you think is the truth.

Further, and in the interest of the truth, you should know by now that not only is Meier’s verifiably prophetically accurate information proving to be painfully true – Ebola, the Russian military movements, etc.  – but now anyone can prove the authenticity of the WCUFO photos themselves:

So, for those who have any doubt left about the cynical, self-serving, profit-oriented, truth-suppressing, disinformation-spreading OpenMinds outfit – and other members of the UFOCI – please contrast their endless, idiotic recycling of all UFO related, time-wasting nonsense  with the realities of the day…and how Meier and the Plejaren have tried for decades to help us avoid the very ever-deepning hole that humanity has dug for ourselves.

These people not only can’t handle the truth, they are acting like deliberate enemies of it.


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87 Replies to “You Can’t Handle the TRUTH”

  1. I say don’t believe the hype.

    Sh*t don’t believe anything.

    Put your mind to work sharpen it with all sides of the story.
    Then you may come to understand that the Meier contacts are
    The only real contacts brought forward.

    You really have to understand that it isn’t about Meier
    It is about the information brought forth by him

    People Like Alejandro do not like The Meier case because his business model is threatened by it.

    Without the Meier information him and his ilk can forever feed the established religious delusional minds of Terrans in to yet another morass of sensationalistic servitude. That same mind set is also the one driving this planet to hard times ahead.

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